Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 2 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL as the Stingrays come to Cardiff Bay to take on our very own Cardiff Devils

If you can't make the BBT join me here at MNL as the Devils seek another TWO league points

Score predictions as usual to before Face Off

athorne213 calls it 3-1 to the Devils

No news from my texters yet - will bring you team news as soon as I have it

Sue in sunny Port Huron calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Sunny on Thanksgiving Eve that must be a first although I was in Paris las weekend and it was beautiful even more beautiful with 4 points for the Devils

Ger-Devils tells me Luke Piggot is icing tonight along with Adam Harding I assume

Warmup in progress

Very quiet, apologies from texters who are making their way to BBT after tea/work etc

Elvis might not be in the building but Ger-Devils is

A win for the Devils is called for to go with those hard earned 4 points of last weekend.

Well at least the Devils got something out of the weekend I didn't get near a winner at Autueil racecourse in Paris

The jockey who rode the winner of the big race was let out of prison for the day so he could ride the favourite "Le Segnora". He was in prison for driving without a valid licence

No Rodin for the Stingrays but Bakrlik ices for them

Michael Hicks has the whistle (without a pea we hope)

As an afterthought maybe its better he has a pea of he will be hip slapping all night

Not a bad turn out for a mid week game, big delays in parking

S Borinetti calls it 6-2 to the Devils

Brad's dad joins us from Alberta, grab a quick lunch you son & heir will be in action soon

Anyone further away than deepest Alberta let me know at

Our coach is icing so only scratches for Devils are M Smoth and Franks

Teams on the ice

Donna & Megan call it 5-1 Devils

Anthem time

We all OK for GO

Anthem done & dusted

Puck is dropped and we are away

Stephen press F5 that will cure the scoreline

Puck out of play after 18 secs

Campbell getting abuse from the home fans

Stingrays penalty @ 1:31 - Cloutier - hooking

Devils hit pipes

Get that PP into overdrive u Devils

Devils go close again

Stingrays back to full strength (FS)

Not enough shooting on pp is the comment

Puck out of play @ 3:33

Devils offside @ 4:30

Hull goal

Good goal by all accounts @ 5:04

Hull goal scored by Osman assists Silverthorn & Ondrej

Get that goal back u Devils

Devils penalty @ 6:29 - Batch - hooking


Good crowd in tonight but quiet

Hull penalty @ 6:39 - Dulle - hooking


@ 7:29

Devils penalty Birbraer; Stingrays - Campbell both roughing @ 7:28

Not pretty hockey but Hull as usual effective

Hull penalty @8:34 - Davies - tripping

Devils back to FS

Dulle returns Devils now on a 5 on 4 pp

Boucher save

Pierce fires a rocket from blueline - save Boucher

Hull back to FS

Voth shoots high @ 10:53

Hull offside

Devils hit pipes on breakaway

Burrows flattens Watkins @ 11:29

Its end to end hockey

Boucher save

Devils have to up the quality of their shots

Batch goes coast to coast @ 13:27 but has nothing to show for it

Where is McEwen when we need him

Hull go close

Another big hit from Burrows

Hull hit side netting

Hull icing or dull Hull icing as ger-Devils texted

That Hull icing was @ 14:53

Still missing some texters held up in traffic

Some fans only now gaining access to BBT

Traffic rather than pay desk problems

Another save by Boucher

Hull goal

Shot from behind net goes in off back of Lyles skate = poor D

Hull 2nd goal @ 18:44 scored by Tendler assists Cloutier & Davies

Final minute of 1st period


Penalties coming

Voth floors Campbell and is then sticked by Hull bench

Penalties whatever they might be timed @ 20:00

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Stingrays 2

Whats the betting that Hicks doesn't call the stick from the Hull bench?

Hull coach gone to refs room

SoG Devils 14 Stingrays 11

Cambell got a hiding off Voth

Here we go

Devils penalties - Voth - major for fighting: Birbraer - roughing minor

Stingrays penalties - Campbell - major - fighting: Chamberlain 5 mins + GAME for butt ending

One texter says penalties not confirmed others quite clear on penalties

The argument seems to be on whether Chamberlain got 5+Game or 2+Game for butt ending

I think it must be 5+Game

5+Game confirmed

There now seems to be a doubt on whether Birbraer got a minor penalty al all

Teams are back

Birbraer is in sin bin

After 2 mins Devils will have a 3 minute pp

We are off for 2nd period

Boucher glove save

Lets get back into this game U DEVILS

Devils penalty @ 21:19 - Batch - interference

Bang goes the powerplay

Told Devils are back to 4 skaters - that doesn't make sense

As Batch penalty doesn't start until 22:00

Devils FS

Bouchewr save @ 23:42

Apologies if I am wrong but I didn't think you could hace co-incidental major penalties

Who am I to know I have been off the bench for 12 years now

Devils still on pp

Stingrays back to FS at 25:00

Whistle and Voth & Campbell return

Devils penalty @ 26:03 - Adams - hooking


Hull penalty @ 26:57 - Silverthorn - boarding

Devils have a 1:06 pp coming up

So long of nobody else is naughty

Devils go on pp

WE WANT A PPG from U DEVILS we want it now

That was a wasted plea as Hull are back to full strength

I need some help here just as I need with my horses

Hull penalty @ 29:15 - Landre - kneeing

Ondrej that should have been

Lyle save

Crowd still quiet even after that fight

Devils penalty - Pierce

Apologies Devils have a penalty shot

Pierce hits post on penalty shot

No Voth major for fighting on EIHL gamesheet

Hull penalty @ 31:59 says Chamberlain but hes toast

McCluskey it was

Lyle save

Demands for another penalty shot as Hull lay on puck in crease

Devils penalty @ 33:08 - Pierce - high stick

Devils need to wake up says Ger-Devils

Who are this team in White says JohnWildthing

Watching paint drying is more exciting I am told

Hull penalty @ 36:36 - Mizerrak - holding

Slam it into overdrive U DEVILS

Devils are not creating quality chances making it easy for Boucher to keep them out

Dobben now on pp line

Hull back to FS

Another wasted pp opportunity

Hull penalty @ 38:46 - Osman - hooking

I think this is Devils 8th pp of the night

Hull penalty @ 39:30 - Campbell - tripping

Devils penalty @ 39:46 - Macrae - tripping

Slashing was the call not tripping

End of 2nd period Devils 0 Stingrays 2

I've done a quick calculation so far the Devils have had 11:52 of a pp advantage whilst they have ony had to kill 1:07

Someone explain to me why we are losing 2-0

Teams are back

3rd period starts

Hull back to fs and go on pp

Devils back to fs

Nothing much happenning so far in this period

Devils penalty @ 43:23 - Richardson - tripping

Hull penalty @ 43:39 - Bakrlik - holding



Macrae unassisted @ 44:47

Hull back to FS

Big save Boucher

SoG after 2 periods DEVILS 32 Stingrays 20 Devils outshot them 18-9 in 2nd period

Devils keep wandering offside

Devils go close but Boucher saves

BBT roar as Devils move up 5 gears

Gametime 50:02

Now Stingrays go offside

This game is there for the taking U Devils

But we need to find a way past Boucher

Lets not have O/T get 2 goals U Devils

I've been working today and I am knackered

Hull penalty @ 51:03 - Silverthorn - 2+10 check from behind

Hull penalty @ 51:48 - Osman - interference

Devils 5 on 3

Devils time out

After retiring 7 years ago I have gone back to work - how stupid is that I ask

Boucher save followed by pushing and shoving in front of Hull net

1 minute of 5 on 3 wasted

Hull time out


Devils 2nd goal scored by Kenton Smith

A ppg by K Smith assists Richardson & Birbraer @ 53:08

Osman returns

Boucher leeps like a salmon to deny Pierce

Gametime 54:05

Pierce goes close again

Respite at last as puck goes out of play

Gametime 56:02

Stingrays icing relieves pressure on their net

Huge Boucher save yet again

He earned his extra large Grimsby Cod & Chips tonight

Final 2 minutes

Boucher pad save followed by Stingrays icing

Voth goes close as Devils seek winner

Hull icing, they are under immense pressure

Gametime 59:13



End of regulation DEVILS 2 Stingrays 2

O/T here we come

O/T underway

Save Lyle

30 secs of O/T gone

DEvils seem to e the only team looking for a winner

Gametime 61:40

Boucher bats a goal bound shot away with his blocker

Silverthorn is back

Birbraer goes close @ 62:44

The dreaded penalties beckon

Richardson misses empty net from close in

Hull penalty - Campbell - hooking @ 64:16

End of O/T DEVILS 2 Stingrays 2


Hull - Davies misses

Devils - Dobben - wide

Hull - Osman -scores

Devils - Richardson - misses

Hull - Bakrlik - scores

Final score DEVILS 2 Stingrays 3

Our thanks go to our texters - Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Ger-Devils, Spearsy. DevilDom and Damian Diafol

Thata all from me (OJ) join us again at MNL on Sunday when Fife fly into Cardiff Bay

Stingrays MoM - Sam McCluskey

Devils MoM - Kenton SMITH

Thats all see you Sunday from 5pm onwards