Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 4 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Hello all, Skippy here with MNL tonight as our normal hosts are busy, will be starting coverage at around five with face off at six. Just a quick test now to make sure I'm doing it right (:

Texters are starting to get to Coventry and the team coach has arrived so we are all systems go for later on. Feel free to email in any comments and score predictions on

First Email prediction coming in "after last night could be some penalties but the devils will win 3-2 good luck and a safe journey there and back" from PAK2305 ( sorry no name on the email )

If your in Cardiff and the surrounds and fancy a more social evening than sitting in front of a computer waiting in an update there's two options ( hockey wise) The Pilot in Penarth will be showing the Blaze game webcast or the Devils ENL will be taking on the White link raiders in the tent

If your a Twitter type new to Twitter Luke Piggot might be worth a follow @Piggsie21 ( I'm just rambling really I clearly started way to early)

Ruth thinks 6 - 2 Devils

Jon and Co thinking 4 - 1 Devils again

Jon and Co thinking 4 - 1 Devils again

Clearly way to in the habit of checking MNL, I keep checking to see if there have been any updates...

More Predictions coming in Daniel thinks Devils to win 3-1 with scorers Hill (2) & Voth

Just heard from Bob up in Coventry, about 30 tickets sold in the away block at four so looks like we could have a good amount of people heading up

Keep your score predictions coming in

Latest figures on the away block in Coventry are 70 sold with some standing.. Red Army on the road today it seems

Jess thinks score: 5-3 to the mighty red army but with lots of handbags cos the boys might wanna finish some business from last night! c'mon you red men!<3

Jess thinks score: 5-3 to the mighty red army but with lots of handbags cos the boys might wanna finish some business from last night! c'mon you red men!<3

Red Red Raz thinks 1-3 Devils win tonight

Soph and Matt think that Devils will win (3-2) RED ARMY!!

About half an hour till face off now. We all seem to be expecting a Devils win after last night.

More predictions of a Devils win.. 5-2 devils win and a bench clearence in the 3rd period. devil_bluebird

Carl in Carmarthen is thinking a Devils 3-1 win! With hopefully someone (Voth) smashing the ( you can guess this part) out of Jurynec!!!! #justsaying

Donna and Megan think it will be 2-1 to the devils

In other news Panthers losing 2-0 at the end of the first in Steeler land. Not long till face off now

Natalie thinking Blaze 2 devils 4

No Injuries reported after last night for the Blaze Jurynec has a nice black eye apparently

Texters reporting a low turnout for the Blaze unless they are all in the bar

Ross Venus warming up for the Blaze

Devils are on the Ice about 60 Devils fans in their seats

Mike Hicks is our ref for tonight

Carl's said..Let's hope Voth or Adams can match it with other eye tonight! Well we don't want him looking unbalanced with just the one black eye!! #pandaface

Sue Matzka following along from Port Huron Michigan thinks it will be 4 - 2 Devils.

Anthems being played not long to go now

Starting for the Blaze Kralj Guthrie and Fussey start with Wood & Phillips on D

Game on

Early Icing for the Devils at 2:12

Nothing to report as yet.. Let's go Devils

Blaze Penalty Cowley 2 mins @ 3:45

Cowley pen was for Interference

Goallllllllllll Max scores on the PP @4:46

Score 23 from 26 and 17

The Blaze MNL plays music when someone scores ... I'm amazed..

Blaze shot on Goal end with a Broken stick for Farmer

Blaze Penalty 11 Shea Guthrie Slashing @ 7:36

Come on Devils make em suffer !

Devils go close on the powerplay @8:02

Very quiet at the Skydome

Devils Penalty Matzka Hooking at @9:21

Time for some PK we've had loads of practice there... Kill Devils kill

Amend that might not be a PP still five on the ice

Blaze pen Fussey holding @9:21

Game playing like last night, Devils look stronger, Blaze hitting hard and Hirsch already having a mare @10:00

Devils penalty Adams Slashing @11:10

Delay of Game Kenton @11.41

Blaze 5 -3

Texter on Devils Penalties worried about his battery with Hicks reffing

Devils back to 4 Skaters..

Devils back to full Strength

Good PK from the Devils

Time 14:03 (ish)

Reports saying the PK 5 on 3 was brilliant

Blaze Penalty Phillips tripping @14:31

Phillips Trip was on Voth. Hirsch save on the shot

Devils Power play

Gone a little quiet


Goal from Matzka assist 17 on a four on four ( not sure who are pen was)

Devils back to Full Strength our Pen was to Max for Holding

Sounding like last night part 2

Pierce goes close @18:10 after a steal at the Blue line

Lets go Devils !

First Period Ends Blaze 0 - 2 Devils ! Get in

In other games Panthers fighting back now 2 - 2 in Sheffield and Caps 1 -0 up on the Clan

Blaze look poor I'm told Devils deserve to be in the lead

Devils second goal was @ 15:04 ( sorry missed it earlier ) assist to Richardson

The Blaze MNL playing " Things can only get better "

Nice to see the Blaze MNL following us (:

Reports in saying that the game is pretty much the same as last night so far.. Lets hope so

First Period shots 13 on Hirsch and 11 on Lyle

First period Penalties very even 8 minutes a team

Just to recap Devils Goals 1. Birbraer from Voth, Richardson @ 4:46 (PP) 2. Matzka, from Richardson @ 15:49

Devils coming back out for the Second

Second Period about to get Under way

Devils penalty @20:38 Richardson Hooking

Gone quiet the PK must be working

Back to full Strength @2:39 Good Devils PK

Blaze with one shot on the PK


Devils goal 3 on 2 break away from 25 assist 27 and 15 @23:20

So that's Hill from Smith and Matzka

Blaze fans very quiet even with the DJ trying to get em going


Cov lose the puck on their own Blue line and Devils score

Scorer MacRae from Pierce @24:45

Time out Blaze

Carls spotted a Blaze fan saying thommo is training them too hard during the week as they seem to be playing on half a tank ?? Any Thoughts on that ?

No updates coming in at four goals up I'm happy with that

Blaze Goal

Blaze Goal timed at @27:43 Fussey

God awful music to celebrate there

Fussey got past Dobbin there to score, Fussey to quick

Blaze second goal...

Blaze Second goal waiting on scorer @27:51

GOAL 2-4 Wood Guthrie @ 27:51

Blaze gone up a gear, report that the first Goal for them was on a poorly timed devils line change

Blaze fans waking up now

Devils Penalty Sam Smith Hooking @32:03

Devils PK sounding good

Devils Pen Matzka Hooking @33:21

Blaze up a gear all pressure on Stevie now

42 Seconds of 5 - 3

Devils back to 4 skaters

Matzka back on the Ice

Lyle making good saves, Blaze putting lots of pressure

About 5 mins to go in the Second

Blaze Goal

Blaze Third Goal @37:01 Guthrie from Kralj and Phillips

Blaze Penalty @37:48 Jurynec

Bryan Jurynec - 2 minutes for Roughing at 37:48

Devils Penalty @38:19 Richardson High Sticks

Blaze Goal

Scratch that was an out of sync message (:

Mixed messages may not be a goal

No goal

4 - 3 end of Second

Right just to confirm 3 - 4 Devils in the lead think there was a disallowed Blaze goal

Sorry about that got mixed messages there

Devils seemed to melt down a bit towards they end of the Period

Blaze scorers 1. Fussey, (Guthrie), 7:43 2. Wood, (Guthrie), 7:51 23. Guthrie, (Kralj, Phillips), 17:01

Devils score details 1. Birbraer, (Voth, Richardson), 4:46 (PP) 2. Matzka, (Richardson), 15:49 3. Hill, (Smith, Matzka), 3:20 4. MacRae, (Pierce), 4:45

Second period penalties 4 for the Devils 1 for the Blaze

We need no more goals from the Blaze in the third the goal music is horrific

Devils coming back out for the third

Devils will start with 20 seconds of PK

Third under way - Devils back to Full strength

Some assists amended for the Blaze goals otherwise quiet from the game

Nothing coming in on the update front

Blaze penalty guthrie interference @ 43:19

Quiet start to the period..

Kenton hits the side of the net @45:02

Side Netting always makes me smirk..not sure why

Nothing coming in

Fans of both teams quiet

Game time 47:25 nothing to report

Burrows with a shot on Hirsch, Glove save @47:25


Goal scored @49:59 Shoes off ! Brad Voth

@53:04 Hirsch saves a shot from Voth

7 minutes left

Having some issues with my connection 5 minutes to go

@55:11 Hirsch save from Matzka

Devils Penalty @56:01

Pen Blaze same time also Slashing Krajl

Last two minutes

4 on 4 for the rest of the game

Voth in the Box for the Devils

1:28 left

Both sides back to Full strength I'm told

Blaze Pull Hirsch

Blaze fourth Goal @59:02

Blaze goal Owen with assists for Krajl and Fulghum

Blaze pull net minder again

Seconds to go

Break away shot from Max misses the goal from the point

3 seconds left

Face off Devils zone

Devils Win !

Final Score Blaze 4 - 5 Devils

Blaze really strong there at the end but just to late

Devils man of the Match Scott Matzka

Hope the updates were ok for everyone ? My first time doing updates so I hope it wasn't to patchy

Blaze man of the Match Matic Krajl

Texters saying a good game

4 point weekend for the Devils.. Bring on Hull midweek !

Many thanks to tonight's texters - Brilliant Job

Thats all from me - Safe trip home everyone who made the trip up