Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Braehead Clan

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the battle between the Devils and the Clan as both teams attempt to register a 4 point weekend.

OJ here in the MNL cubby hole trying to establish were the Devils are at the moment as they travel back from their big win in Belfast last night.

Team landed at Cardiff Airport at 16:11 collected equipment and are en-route to the BBT to arrive in good time for a 6:30 face off

MNL had texters on the same flight

Shows how organised we are at MNL

Score predictions as usual to

Devils team at BBT - Kenton Smith getting stuck into a hot dog

Before anyone asks Clan arrived at 4:30

Russky thinks Devils will win by 2 goals

Keighley calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Andy Carson is the referee tonight

No Mark Smith, Luke Piggott or Adam Harding for Devils

Warmup underway

Sophie thinks the RED ARMY will win 5-1

Predictions slow tonight, fans might be getting over the shock of that great win in Belfast last night

Warmup done & dusted

Lets bag 4 points this weekend I will be missing the back to back games against the Blaze next weekend

I am sure that Chris or someone will fill in for me

Its the 3rd Thursday in November this week and we all know what that means don't we.

Email me or go on Twitter if you know

If you know that answer you will know where I am off to this coming week

Sarniasue (Matzka) calls it 3-1 from a warm and windy Port Huron

Sue it is quite mild here but there have been from freak rain showers

Wales Rugby League 8-0 up against Aussies, what next

Beth n Dad go for 5-3 with Pierce bagging a hat trick

Where am I going Thursday?

I will have to give clues in a minute

Steelers take a 1-0 lead at home to Stingrays

Teams are out

Heaven forbid we are going to start on time

Devils 2/1 on with William Hill to win, 7/2 Clan and 4/1 for a draw

Fair odds 14% margin

Blaze lead 1-0 against Stars

Betting margin only 10% in Panthers v Flyers but Panthers 3/50 still you won't get 6% from a Bank

If I told you that last week I went racng at Ffos Las, Bangor on Dee and Ludlow and next Sunday I shall be at Auteuil. You should now be able to work out where I am going but WHY?

Fans must think I am mad, I am not but I have got you to face off time

Intros taking longer than usual tonight

Puck is dropped and we are away

Clan offside

Devils icing

A minute silence was observed prior to face off

BBT very quiet tonight

Ausralia now leading 12-8

Devils penalty - @ 2:35 - too many men - served by Pierce

Devil back to full strength (FS)

Devils haven't got out of 1st gear yet

Puck out of play @ 4:37

Clan wander offside

Pierce showing his skill unfortunately no Devil could get on the end of the defence splitting pass

Its currently end to end

Gametime 7:30

Panthers take the lead at Fife

Galbraith winging at the ref - no surprise there

Apparently someone has nicked one of his pies

Devils icing relieves pressure

Panthers have a 2nd goal washed out

Frank the Tank florrs a Clan member

Save by Suomalainen (sumo in future)

Frank nails Jorgensen, then Voth nails him as well

Macrae misses open goal

Sumo save but Devils fail to capitalise on rebound

Another Sumo save

Sumo playing really well and kepping Devils out

Devils shoot wide

JohnWildthing says its a quiet game

Lyle save for a change

Hill goes close

Clan's Jorgensen is being roughed up by everyone including Ben Davies

Devils penalty @ 15:02 - Voth - interference


1 minute of PK gone

Sumo save followed by handbags

Devils penalty ' 17:49 - Matzka - slashing

Final minute of 1st period


Lyle denies Clan

Clan PP very organised

Devils spend all PK in their zone

Devils back to FS

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Clan 0

Nobody guessed why I am off to France this week, well its BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU Thursday and then Paris for the weekend to drink the crap wine or maybe this year it will be a vintage year for French wines

Teams are back

we are off for 2nd period

Game stopped - electic failure

Lets hope it is a blown fuse not the baliffs from Southern Electric

I haven't signed any entry warrants I promise you

Mexican wave in the darkness - that won't generate enough energy I am afraid

Line up four rows deep and take photos in turn with your mobile - just like at The Alamo and Rorkes Drift

DJ now playing Tom Jones to lift the gloom, I suppose it could be worse and Cliff Richard leads a singalong

Deliah now

What about Living next door to Alice?

Max Boyce now

Thank God Waffy doesn't play anymore, we had a problem at the WNIR and Waffy tried to mend it, need I say more

Clan fans singing Donald where your trouser

WE have lights

Game re-starts

Clan icing @ 20:33

Sumo save

Clan offside

Nick Davies knows his 3rd Thursdays in November

Devils penalty @ 21:13 - Hill - interference


Devils back to FS

Lyle save

Another Lyle save

Galbraith doesnt stop complaining about something or other all game

Wales 14 Australia 56 - final score

Big save Sumo

Clan penalty @ 25:15 - Phillips - holding

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Devils go close

And again before Clan clear their zone

Devils offside pp very poor

JohnWildthing thinks we need a big hit or a fight to get us going

This is like watching paint dry

Clan icing

Gametime 30:02

Shooking game to put in fron of newbies

Scrappy game at best


At last

Ger=Devils says it was voleeyed in

Devils 1st goal scored by Pierce @31:54

Assists Birbraer & Macrae

Devils penalty @ 32:30 - tripping - Hill

Cheap shot on Voth ref Carson does nothing

Frank thrown out

He nailed Bannister

5 + Game for check from behinf @ 32:39

Match penalty not Game

Clan have nearly 2 minutes of 5 on 3


Lyle save

Frank got sticked in the face hence reaction

Carson of course didn't see it

PPG for Clan @34:16 scored by Bayrack assists Galbraith and Jorgensen


A SHG must be

Scored by Birbraer @ 35:51 assist Richardson

Lyle save

Devils have a goal disallowed

Clan goal @ 37:45

Baytrack assist Galbraith

Not a ppg as Devils were back to FS some 6 secs earlier

Final minute of 2nd period

Sumo save

Devils go so so close

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Clan 2

Jay Latulippe is at the BBT

It was Macrae's goal that was offside, video cearly shows him onside - poor call

teams are back

Come on U Devils lets get those 2 points

3rd period starts

No argument on penalties for Frank right call

Clan Goal @ 41:58 Bayrack (hat-trick) asists Mcpherson & Galbraith

Pierce hits pipes then puck goes out of play

Clan shoot wide

Sumo save

Puck out of play

Very open end to end game few clear chances for neither team

Gametime 49:02

Puck out of play @ 50:04

Save Sumo

Apologies for not bringing you SoG I have tried to get them nobody seems to ne able to help

No coverage of game on EIHL website

Devils don't look like scoring says JohnW

Clan offside

Winner of 50/50 is ticket number 64415

Thats a first for MNL

Time for someone to step up says Ger-Devils

Gametime 53:59


It was Ben Davies @ 54:32

Assists Richardson & S Smith

Clan breakaway thwarted

Clan icing

Come on U DEVILS lets get that winner

Sumo save

Final 2 minutes


Its all kicking off at the BBT

Devils penalties @ 58:13 Voth & Matzka roughing minors

Clan penalties - Bannister & Macpherson roughing minore - same time

Co-incidental penalties

Final minute

End of 3rd period DEVILS 3 Clan 3

O/T here we come

OT starts

Lyle save

4 out of sin bin

Lyle save

Double Sumo save denies Devils

1 min of O/T gone

** Slough 2 ENL DEVILS 2 after 2 periods

Sumo save @ 63:03

Devils go close again

Sumo save

Last minute of O/T


Stupid clearance stright to Clan

Final score DEVILS 3 Clan 4

Mistake by Birbraer gifts Clan winner

Clan MoM - Bayrack

Scorer of winning goal not announced I am told


Our thanks go to Sharlrne, Andy, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthing, DevilsDom and Spearsy for their excellent work

If you can't make the games against the Blaze next weekend make sure you join us at MNL

Thats all from me (OJ I will be back with you for the midweek game against Hull a week Wednesday - I am off to test the wine