Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me from 6pm as we bring you the clash between the Giants and Devils from across the Irish Sea

Score predictions as usual before face off time to

Score prediction in so far favour a DEVILS VICTORY

Carl says the Devils will win 3-2 in O/T whilst Jonathan calls it 5-4 to the Devils

Matthew T predicts a 4-3 Devils victory and a dust up between Voth & Keefe

As much as Russky wants the Devils to turnover the league leaders he sees our beloved Devils losing 3-1

Sue the eternal optimist thinkd Devils will win 4-2

u18 Devils win 7-1

Soph predicts a 3-2 Devils victory and a fight between Frank and Keefe - we shall see

No news on any team scratches yet the texters I have tonight like their food and are in McDonalds

Those of you at The Pilot are you taking the Giants webcast or glued to MNL

Our Giants texter Jester is delayed in traffic and Ger-Devils is in Rockies

There you know why its been quiet

tat00-addict thinks Devils will win 4-3 after penalties

Andy L thinks Giants will thrash us 6-2

Thats Ruth for your support Ruth thinks Devils will win 3-2

Jester has just entered the O

Giants scratches - McBride and Crane

Donna & Megan call it 2-1 for the Devils

Warmup is done and dusted - Zamboni on the ice

Clock at O says 17 minutes to face off

Slight delay

Sky cameras are at the O

Ruth exercise is bad for you

Beatutiful day in Port Huron says Sarnia sue who predicts a 5-3 win for the Devils

Unconfirmed so far that is ref

10 minutes to face off

Ice ready

The O is filling up well, crowd in excess of 4,000 expected

Remember that face off for Sundays game has been put back to 6:30 at the request of the Devils

Giants mascot takes to the ice, no it is not a Dwarf Mr Tindall

Giants intro

Bec at the Pilot thinks Devils will win 3-2

Devils on the ice

You will all be glad to know Ger-Devils is in the building

Presentation time at the O

Ceremonial face off

Game on we are underway

Just Mark Smith not icing for Devils

That was a false start by the way

There is a minutes appreciation applause for a Giants fan we died recently

Now we start

Lyle save

Early pressure from Giants

Devils icing @ 0:43

First time puck left Devils zone

End to end but no SoG for Devils yet

Batch shoots high & wide

Giants offside

Devils icing @ 2:49

Puck out of play

Good play by Devils for no reward

Lyle save


Another Lyle save @ 4:57 from Dowd

Lloyd throwing some big hits

Matzka goes close

Dobben goes close

Murphy save @ 7:25

Devils penalty @ 7:40 - Birbraer - tripping


Lyle save from Mason

Giants miss with a great chance to score

Gametime 8:31

Devils clear their zone on PK

Murphy stops a Macrae sh breakaway

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Murphy save


@ 9:26

Scored by Hill

2nd texter says Matzka scored

It was Hill, assist Matzka

Giants penalty @ 11:50

Correction Devils penalty - S Smith - slashing

2 saves from Lyle

Giants offside @ 13:01

Devils PK in good working order I am told

Devils back to FS

Great PK by Devils says Gavin

Lyle save @ 14:12

Giants penalty @ 14:12 Dowd - holding

Giants clear zone

Lets have a PPG u Devils

Murphy covers puck with 28 secs left in pp

Giants back to FS

Good pp from Devils, yes I will repeat that - Good pp from Devils

Devils penalty @ 16:58 - K Smith - delay of game


Giants hit pipes

Lyle save

Ben Davies impressive on PK duty

Glove save Lyle

Another Lyle save

Devils back to FS

Devils penalty @ 19:01 - Davies - delay of game


End of 1st period Giants 0 DEVILS 1

SoG 9 apiece

All Giants but Devils standing them up at blue line

Giants will start 2nd period with 1:01 of pp

5 mins to go before 2nd period

Ice ready

Teams are back on ice

2nd period starts

** ENL Devils 2 Chelsford 2, Devils goals from Harding & Jones

Murphy save

Murphy covers puck @ 20:51

Devils back to FS

Big Lyle save from Awada

Devils icing relieves pressure

Giants penalty @ 22:11 Hutchinson -

Hooking was the call

Get that pp into overdrive u Devils and give us a goal

Devils go close

Murphy denies Devilsd as they pile on the pressure

Giants back to FS

Batch clears zone

Then Batch floors a Giant

Puck out of play

Dowd shoots high after good work by Doucetr @ 5:29

Devils penalty for slashing - Macrae @ 25:39


Giants Goal

Scored by Mason @ 5:49 assists Doucet & Clarke


Devils 2nd goal scored on a delayed penalty

Devils 2nd goal scored by K Smith assists Pierce & Birbraer @ 6:40

Devils penalty @ 27:36 - Batch - hooking

Apologies for ommitting the 2 on those goals

Lyle covers puck @ 28:19

Giants goal was @ 25:49

Devils 2nd goal was @ 26:40

Devils net if off its moorings

Devils back to FS

Adams gets sticked in face - no call - are you surprised I am not

Adams goes off gingerly

Game is still end to end played ar a frantic pace but Devils D holding firm

Adams back on ice

People are asking who the ref is well it is or 20.15.13 to his friend

Lyle save

Heard a rumour that the ref was travelling back with the Devils if so drop him off halfway will you lads

Big hit by Birbraer

Gametime 36:50

Voth charges up the ice but final pass lets him down

Devils penalty @ 37:44 - Frank - interference


Gametime 38:50

Good penalty for Frank saved a certain goal

Gametime 39:10

Double save by Stevie Lyle

Devils back to FS

End of 2nd period Giants 1 DEVILS 2

***Still ENL Devils 2 Chelmsford 2

SoG for 2nd Giants 9 Devils 7

*** Adam Harding puts ENL DEVILS 3-2 with 2 minutes left in 2nd period

** Correction Deacon scored ENL Devils 3rd goal

** Chelmsford equalise now 3-3

Giants fan ejected for hand gestures to Devils fans

As Arnold said "I'll be back"

Ice is ready

Teams return to the ice

3rd period starts

3 quick saves by Lyle

In case I forget later our thanks to Jester, Gavin and Ger-Devils our texters at the O

Game time 41:59

Giants shoot high & wide

Late hits all over the ice

Ref not calling them but he will call something stupid soon

Matzka now shoots high & wide

Giants have upped their pace this period

Voth floors a Giant with a massive hit

Davies tries a wrap around

Lyle covers puck @ 45:10

Devils must adjust their sights as another shot goes high

Devils icing

Lyle save @ 47:11

Devils icing @ 48:44

Come on U DEVILS U can do it

Giants icing

Devils offside

** Luke Piggot gives ENL Devils 4-3 advantage

Ger-Devils not impressed by the O - the bars have shut

*** Jamie Heys makes it ENL DEVILS 5 Chelmsford 3 @ 43:12

Gametime 51:58

Dignard goes close @ 53:23

Lyle save follwed by handbags

Giants icing @ 54:37

Puck stuck in net in Giants zone @ 54:46

Devils icing @ 55:24

Red ARMY chant starts

Lyle glove save from Dignard @ 56:21

Gametime 57:02

** Chris Jones makes it 6-3 to the ENL DEVILS

Final 2 minutes

Murphy save


Giants pull Murphy

Final score Giants 1 DEVILS 2

What a win!!!

SoG (total) Giants 26 Devils 19


Giants MoM _ Nick Kuiper

A big thank you goes to Giants fan Jester and our very own Gavin and Ger-Devils for bring us the news from Belfast

** Now ENL Devils 6 Chelmsford 4 @ 53:30

If you can get along to the BBT on Sunday and cheer on the Devils as they return from Belfast with the spoils

Remember face off is now planned for 6:30 not 6:00

** Final 2 minutes at The BBT and its ENL Devils 6 Chelmsford 4

Final minute and ENL DEVILS score

*** Final score ENL DEVILS 7 Chelmsford 4

Thats all from me (OJ) if you can't get along to the game tomorrow then join me here at MNL