Match Night Live
Manchester Phoenix 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Not long to go now! Our small army of coach travelling fans have arrived in Altrincham safe and well. The Devils can rely on good away support again tonight thanks to the efforts of Spatzy and Bob in arranging the trip this weekend. I'm reliably informed that Mr Hicks will be in the stripes this evening, and am hoping (and praying) we see fewer penalties handed out than last night!

The puck drops at 5.30pm! A certain Mr. Voth will be icing! And we've got a great chance of making this weekend a 4-pointer. Don't forget to tune in for the MATCH NIGHT LIVE service this evening. As usual, if you want to get in

Tonight's other games see the Steelers vs Bison, the Blaze vs Vipers and Stingrays vs Belfast. We're all hoping the Bison can repeat last nights victory over the Steelers in their own back yard, although guessing what the excuses will be like on monday morning maybe not - just kidding - i hope they get pumped!

Tonights game sees the Pheonix fresh off the back of a 7 - 1 demolition of the Hull Stingrays, with David Beauregard netting goals 25, 26 and 27 of his season. Beauregard now has a league leading 47 points in 24 games!

The Devils secured a 4 - 1 victory in Edinburgh last night with returning captain Brad Voth scoring first, followed by Mike Prpich (2) and Neil Francis!

Game time draws ever nearer folks. Welcome to Brad who thinks Jay's in for another man of the match performance tonight and the Devils will win 4-2. Medwyn's thinking about goings-on up in Squeeler land and hoping the Bison can pull another win out of the bag. The Steelers are playing at Ice Sheffield tonight as there are problems with the ice at the Hallam...although from what i've heard ice problems are the least of Bob's worries when it comes to the Hallam arena deal ;-) shhhh!

Face off is delayed by 5 mins - can't get the fans in fast enough!

The Devils are on the ice!

Phoenix fans are singing 'heads, shoulders, toe, knee, hand!'. Worthy of mention Tony Hand scored his 4,000th domestic point last night.

Please feel free to message MNL tonight - usuall address, Don't forget to say where your messaging from, i'm nosy see! MNL tonight is coming to you from the hills of Mid-Wales, which are particularly cold tonight!

Phoenix are on the ice!

Rebecca from belfast! thinks 5 - 2, while Russky thinks the points will be shared after 60 mins!

It seems the face off is being delayed further for some "Tony Hand love". The crowd is pretty thin apparently, maybe 1000ish?

But of course Russky thinks we'll get the extra 1! ;-)

Chris Stone says - "they have cheerleaders! woop, woop" errr. Chris when i was up there a couple of weeks back they had cheerleaders aswell - they were about 10....nevermind!

GAME ON - Latulippe, Prpich and Campbell start.

Campbell shot on the breakaway, saved Murphy!

Franny puts a shot in. Saved Murphy. 2mins.

"Devils started very well, lots of pressure on the phoenix zone". Aubry makes a big save on 4 mins.

POWER PLAY. Boothroyd takes a 2minute break. Interferance at 4.52.

Prpich gets the best chance yet, deflected by Murphy on 6 mins. Also, Silverthorn shoots - saved.

Murphy takes a puck in the mouth from Silver! 6.20.

Penalty killed by Phoenix at 7.00.

Aubry makes a save and handbags are compared in the crease.

Phoenix Power Play. Voth takes a 2 minute slashing minor at 9.20. Uh oh.

Hill shot deflected at 10.30 - short handed.

Did we kill it?...Yes we did.

POWER PLAY. Alex Dunn takes 2 for interference at 11.55.

Hill goes close again at 12.30.


Tyson Teplitsky from Mike Prpich at 14.01.

Prpich and Latulippe with golden chances just before the goal, with Tyson making sure!

Devils fans are out chanting the Phoenix fans! (Although my source is hardly impartial)

Phoenix Power Play. Jarvis 2 minutes holding at 15.22.

Aubry save at 15.52.

Phoenix are pressurising!

Controversy as Phoenix think they've scored. Hicks waves play on, puck was still in play. Penalty killed.

We've got a 'stuck puck' at 18.00. I don't know either, i'm sure someone will explain!

No...ah well. Final minute of the period.

Devils offside at 19.28.

Phoenix Power Play. Stoner takes a delay of game call at 19.51. End of period.

General consensus seems to be an impressive start for the Devils coupled with a solid showing by Aubs. the PP and PK look to be pretty organised. Staying out of the box will be key this evening with the firepower that Manchester have.

OK, time to take a break methinks. Thanks to Colette in Caerphilly who thinks the Devils will win 4-3, and to the Bennett family in Cardiff who are expecting stand out performances from Fulton, Latulippe and Aubry! Keep the e-mails coming, particularly if you're looking in from accross the pond (i can see you!), drop us a line!

No goals in the other games yet, but its still early. Come on Bison!

Geraint in Aberdare was spot on last night and is predicting a 4-2 win tonight. Geraint has just got back from the City derby this afternoon! Woop woop!

We are back underway, and straight off the bat Aubry makes a big save at 20.30. Stone is still in the bin remember!

The penalty killed succesfully!

A certain Mr Longstaff has just put the Vipers up at the Sponsor Dome!


Phil Hill from Hartwick and Silverthorn at 22.26.

Blaze pull it back to 1 - 1 :-(

Phoenix hit the metalwork on 24mins!

Good job it didn't go in as the lino missed a blatant off-side just before!

"You've been Campbelled!!!!!!" The DC train just rolled over someone!

Huge save by Murphy!

Tony Hand on the breakaway....

...No trouble for Aubry! 25.55.

Hartwick and Clouthier are getting to know each other...

Voth and Clouthier are now having a chat.

28 mins gone. Campbell is patrolling the neutral zone burying anything that comes close!

POWER PLAY. Bruce takes 2 for slashing at 28.23.

After 30 mins it seems the Phoenix have woken up somewhat - it's end to end stuff folks!

POWER PLAY. Alex Dunn takes 2 mins for high sticks at 30.28.

PP unit is going well with the puck, we just need to find the net.

Pheonix have killed the penalty, although the Devils are controlling the puck well.

2on1 break for the Phoenix...

...which Aubry saves at 33.08. Shame on you if you expected any different!

Campbell shot deflected by Murphy (just!) at 34.00.

Carlyle Lewis nets a power play marker in Coventry. 2 - 1 up against Newcastle.

"It's all gone quiet over there". It seems the Phoenix fans are a little subdued!

"36 mins gone, playing really well. Aubry first class" from Chris Stone.

POWER PLAY. Parrish 2 mins delay of game at 36.54.

Guess what...

POWER PLAY GOAL - Jay Latulippe, unassisted!

Ok, folks conflicting info here. Definately a goal, but could be Pirps, could be Jay. Give me a second.

Last minute of play in the second.

3rd goal has been confirmed as Latulippe unassisted.

3rd goal has been confirmed as Latulippe unassisted.

It would appear that Doug MacIver has sustained an injury and requires a doctor (he is in the changing room, not clear what happened on the ice). As usual more info as soon as it arrives.

A huge hello to Rhi and Darren this evening who are following developments from Dayton, Ohio having emigrated to the states. They are going for a 4-3 regulation win for the devils tonight. Enjoy the service guys!

Doug has been seen up and about so it can't have been too serious!

It's gone a bit quiet on the e-mail front. Always good to hear from people, keep the messages coming - even Mark in Edinburgh who thinks the Phoenix will win 5 - 3!

It would seem that the announcer is 'having a mare' this evening. The third goal has now been changed again. Goal should read Prpich from Teplitsky - but don't bet against any more changes!

All the players are out and ready to go for the third!

Rhodri in Camarthen is hoping for a 4 point weekend for the Bison as well as us! So am i Rhodri, so am i...!

Big save Murphy from Phil Hill at 40.54.

And the Dominoes Pizza goes to...a Devils fan - fair play Phoenix, fair play. I wish there was a dominoes around me :-(

Pressure on Murphy's goal by the Devils once again.

Campbell and Prpich come close!

Aubry stops Hand at 42.16.

Barrie Moore increases Coventry's lead against the Vipers to 3 - 1.

Fisty cuffs...

Any bets on who's scrapping?

Hmm, Jarvo gets 2 mins for crosschecking. Can't have been much of a scrap then?!? Phoenix Power Play.

Haha, a couple of quick predictions on the e-mails. Russky and Paul both going for Clouthier funnily enough! I think it was the Jarvis cross check incident described as a fight! Hopefully Douggie will go soon anyway!

Drummer-ricky tells me it's Steelers 2 - 0 Bison :-(. D'oh.

An extra 2mins assessed for the Jarvis cross-check.

Ok guy's here's the breakdown...

Kyle Bruce gets 2+5+game for roughing. Jarvis gets 2+2 for cross checking. Voth gets 2+5+10+game for roughing/unsportsmanlike conduct.

Nathan Ward is assessed a 2 minute roughing penalty also. All penalties are at 43.25. I have no idea who is on the powerplay and my head hurts!

Phoenix goal.

Luke Fulghum from David Beauregard 44.11 Power Play Goal!

Anger towards Hicks apparently for not calling any penalty on Clouthier during the incident, but throwing Brad out.


The super line strikes again. Derek Campbell from Mike Prpich and Jay Latulippe at 45.02.

Goal Phoenix David Beauregard unassisted at 46.30.


Murphy kicks the net clean off preventing a certain goal!

Do we get the call...i think not. In fact worse, Murphy just kicks the net off a second time as Silverthorn shoots the puck. What a shambles!

Time check. 47.12.

Sylvain Dechatelets nets a hat-trick. Blaze now 7(seven) - 2 up against Vipers.

Devils are soaking up a massive amount of pressure. Aubry is standing on his head!

Keith raises the question of Brad's suspended sentence - let's hope not Keith, i think the terms of that suspension require a similar incident to take place as opposed to a general roughing misconduct. Lets hope so.

Phoenix Power Play, Fulton high sticks at 49.44. Another questionable decision apparently.

Penalty killed successfully.

A quick hello to Jeff Campbell, a regular MNL viewer from afar! Good to have you.

52 mins gone, Devils are starting to exert some of their own pressure. Murpy makes another big save.

Silverthorn and Fulton generating chances in front of Murphy. 53 mins.

Phoenix are all over the Devils zone!

Poenix goal Fulghum at 54.34

Devils paid the price for failing to clear the crease.

Last 5 minutes - this is a thriller!

Positive response from Devils as Campbell and Latulippe go close, and Silverthorn hits the pipes!


Jarvis from Campbell and Latulippe at 57.18.


"Jarvis goal was bloody awesome" Nice!

Ethan in Rhiwbina is having apaplexy and Geraint wants someone to bet with! Idon't think anyone will give you much of a price now Geraint! Come on Devils!

Murphy kicks the net off as Campbell shoots - this is starting to get boring Murphy!!! Grrrr.

Final minute.

It's all over ladies and gentlemen. DEVILS WIN.

Your goals this evening scored by Prpich, Hill, Latulippe, Campbell and Jarvis. A 4 point weekend, away on the road! You can't ask for much more!

Devils man of the match is Mike Prpich.

The Devils move to within a point of 5th place in the league, and are starting to make the kind of assault on the league we all expected. Anyone still doubting what we can do with a full roster?

I would like to say a big thank you to the texters this evening. Also, special mention should go out to the guys who organised the away trip this weekend, providing the Devils with massive support on the road.

Thanks to all the contributors on the e-mails, you have kept my fingers very busy indeed. I try and reply to you all, if i failed it's not personal!

News from Ice Sheffield is that the Squeelers are still 2 - 0 up against the Bison. Lets all focus our positive thinking up there to help the Bison!

This has been Match Night Live. We look forward to next wednesday when the Hull Stingrays visit the Cardiff Ice Arena. Please come and support if you can - and remember it is a 'nostalgia night' so if you've got any retro Devils gear get it on. The Devils organisation will be supporting Cancer research and paying tribute to the late great Bob Humphreys, BBC Sports Correspondant who died this summer.

That's all folks. Night night.