Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 2 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

Chris hosting tonight, as always I can be reached before/during the game at

Russky predicting a 1-4 Devils win for tonights game...

Ruth also predicting a heavy defeat for the Stingrays, this time 1-6 Devils is the prediction

'PAK2305' is just predicting a win... That'll do I suppose :P

With the Steelers winning last night 2-3 in Hull, I think that makes tonights game even more important for our CC hopes, if we win does that give us an edge over the Steelers for 2nd place?

Donna and Megan hoping for a 2-5 Devils victory :)

Stephs predicting a Devils 2-4 victory, Dan is predicting a 3-3 tie... Absolutely shameful Dan :E

For those of us with fantasy league teams, the Panthers appear to be struggling to beat the Flyers tonight here in Nottingham, this could be a disastrous weekend...

If the game sheet is right, Kowalski has only faced 5 shots and conceded a goal... Lowest points scoring weekend so far perhaps?

If you've not got a fantasy league team, then you need to be asking serious questions of yourself and you also need to quickly register at

You'll be at a disadvantage for sorting, but join The Inferno minileague, TheStub and Ger-Devils are terrible at it, you'll soon be beating them... :P

Confirmed Silverthorn is missing from the Stingrays team again tonight, Stingrays also have players in jerseys #4 and #5 with no names on and they're not in the programme...

Turns out #4 is Andy Ford, and #5 is Dominic Osman who usually wears #9...

Very quiet from the rink, they've either risked the dodgy chip spice or the 'arena' is even more boring and rubbish than usual

Some of the Stingrays fans think Silverthorn is the player being gassed to make way for Dulle...

If you're thinking of heading to the Sheffield away game, then check out Bob's tours on the away section of the forums, Spatzy has just said there's only 5 seats left so be quick :)

Devils on the ice, crowd estimated at 400...

Anthem time up in Dull, sorry Hull... Campbell is mouthing off at someone already...

One texters first time in Hull, he doesn't appear to be rating it very highly at all...

Stingrays start with their 3rd line and we're off! Goooooo Devils!

Devils make a better start than the Stingrays...

Less atmosphere than Sheffield and Newcastle in Hull tonight...

Carson is our ref for tonights game, only just found that one out, do we trust him?

"Pierce is tracking back, another Devils icing" - not quite sure what that means :E

Devils icing again, that's the 3rd or 4th one already

Not getting timings through, but it's roughly 2-3 mins in, Boucher has just saved a Matzka shot on the line...

End to end stuff at the moment

In important fantasy league news, it's Panthers 2-2 Fife... WE'RE DOOMED!

Richardson misses an open net, it's all Devils at the moment!

Boucher is so angry he's on the verge of bursting a vein in his head, whilst the Devils are called for icing again

Devils called for icing 3 times in about 15seconds according to texters

Davies gets absolutely nailed by a Stingray...

Devils penalty timed at 5:50, K smith 2 mins for interference

Texters are all jumbled up, apparently there's only 30seconds left of the PK

Devils penalty timed at 8:30, S Smith 2mins for slashing

Penalty timed at 8:35 sorry, NOT 8:30, those 5 seconds could be crucial :P

Devils PK very very good, we're back to full strength and puck out of play at 10:51


Devils 1st goal timed at 11:01, Davies from Dobben and S Smith :D

Devils penalty timed at 11:38, Batch 2mins for hooking

Good save from Lyle denies the Stingrays with 20seconds of PK left...

Devils back to full strength, Stingrays playing well and Birbraer doesn't look 100% according to texters... 14:51 gone in the first

Devils get another 3 icing calls against them... Line changes are a bit messy tonight

Staniforth the linesman is doing his best to kick everyone out of the faceoff circles, Carson is stood there shaking his head as another player is kicked out

Davies is all over the Stingrays, they're going all out to hit him every chance they get, none of our players responding...

Dobben catches Clouthier with his stick, Carson refuses to call anything much to the Stingrays annoyance

19mins played...

End of the first, Devils lead 0-1 :)

Quiet period from Campbell and Pierce, texters say you wouldn't know they were playing, on the other hand K Smith and especially Davies are playing very very well

Other texters suggests it's Voth and Davies who are the standouts, PK working very well and led by Davies...

Shots on goal for the 1st, 6 shots on Boucher, 9 on Lyle. Most of Devils shots going wide says Peter

Well Panthers managed to win 3-2 after penalties against Fife which is slightly better for my fantasy league team, but hardly a convincing win for the Panthers...

Belfast are losing again, Blaze 3-1 up at the moment, my fantasy league team is going to get about 5 points from this weekend :(

Luke has just emailed me to say shots on goal for the game in Nottingham... Panthers had 76, Flyers had 11, that is absolutely insane!

Both teams and the officials are back out for the 2nd period

Problems with the net at the Devils end causes a delay to te start of the 2nd

Staniforth has got the squeegee out...

Turns out the ice at the Stingrays end of the rink is basically a small lake...

Staniforth and his excessive squeegeeing are now being employed at the Devils end of the rink...

Players finally line up for the 2nd period, Devils start with Voth, Matzka, Hill, K Smith and Frank... And we're off

Campbell has words with Voth as soon as the puck is dropped, Hill sweeps in and the Devils gain possession :)

Texters reporting the ice is an absolute joke, the small lakes at each end of the rink are getting bigger and deeper, puck is bouncing all over the place and now a sheet of plexi has fallen out...

Plexi fixed, play resumes and the Stingrays score :(

Stingrays first goal timed at 21:54, Tendler from Cloutier

Yes Christian, our rink is perfect... I forgot just because all the other teams fans think the Devils love our rink we're not allowed to comment on how utterly rubbish some of the other venues are in this league...

Boucher saves with his face shortly after restart, our fans thought the puck was in :(

Davies getting nailed all over the lake again, no one stepping up from our team yet...

Devils penalty timed at 24:24, K Smith 2mins for holding

According to texters, Stingrays goal came after Pierce tried to do some fancy nonsense with the puck in our zone, lost possession and they scored...

Frank marshaling our D tonight, 50seconds on PK left...

Apparently the Devils fans need to suck it up and get on with having a rubbish rink, like we haven't been doing that for the past however many years... Your rink still sucks Christian :)

Devils back to full strength, a fantasic save from Lyle denies Tendler

Both teams struggling with the layer of water covering the ice and the extremely dodgy bounces

Second period not as good as the first from either team yet

Chamberlain is 1on1 with Lyle, but Batch arrives out of no where and regains possession :D

Stingrays take the lead :(

Stingrays 2nd goal timed at 29:38, Davies from Campbell and Ondrej

A terrible terrible line change from the Devils see the Stingrays with a 3 on 1 with only Davies left on the ice resulting in their 2nd goal :(

Stingrays piling on the pressure, Devils are giving lots of shifts to Burrows tonight

Defence has gone missing, Lyle makes a save clover to the blue line than the crease, then a great glove save denies the Stingrays

Glove save timed at 32:25

Stingrays first penalty of the game timed at 33:10, Bakrlik 2mins for hooking...

Boucher makes a save and it's handbag time! Carson doesn't call any penalties though *i think*

Great save from Boucher denies Richardson :(

Stingrays back to full strength

Voth checks someone and the plexi falls out again...

wildly bouncing puck is caught by Boucher, 36:13 played...

Lyles turn to save a backhand effort from Tendler

37:22 played, game has gone a bit quiet...

Boucher saves a mega shot from Voth, 37:50 played

Matzka gets possession in Stingrays zone but Davies can't control the pass and then Devils end up with a penalty :(

Devils penalty timed at 38:55, Frank 2mins for interference

all 3 texters are less than impressed with that "needless penalty" - their words not mine :)

Rays hit the pipework and that's the end of the 2nd period, Stingrays lead 2-1 :(

"Terrible second period for Devils defence gone missing"

ENL Devils updates to be in this rather fancy red colour...

ENL Devils 2-0 up against Bracknell Hornets 17minutes into the 1st period

Shots on goal for 2nd period, 7 on Boucher, 11 on lyle

ENL Devils lead 2-0 at the end of the first period

It's gone very quiet from Hull, no word if Staniforth and his excessive squeegeeing skills are needed again yet

Staniforth has been replaced by the Zamboni going around again I presume to do a dry cut

Zamboni isn't meeting a great deal of success...

Texters report that if the Devils cut out the silly mistakes and get hold of Tendler then we've got a chance, Stingrays aren't playing all that brilliantly...

Both teams and officials are finally back out, Stingrays start the final period with 55 seconds of powerplay

And here we go with the final period...

Devils back to full strength, we had more chances shorthanded than Stingrays had on the powerplay

Devils penalty timed at 41:33, Frank 2mins for high sticks

Peter says it was a strange call on Frank, no one seemed to see it the same as him

Rays setup in front but a Devils player somehow manages to clear the puck

One penalty killed and immediately K Smith gets called another penalty...

Devils penalty timed at 43:44, K Smith 2mins for slashing

Texters at the game are thankful the Stingrays powerplay doesn't appear to be working so well

ENL Devils leading 3-1 at some point in the 2nd period

Despite being in the lead, Cloutier is going nuts on the Stingrays bench

Stingrays penalty timed at 45:09, Dulle 2mins for holding the stick

Devils back to full strength it's about 1:20 of Devils powerplay now

Boucher saves another shot from Richardson :(

Dobben goes very very close, but Boucher saves off the line :(

With that save, Devils have another 44 second on the powerplay

Stingrays back to full strength and Boucher makes another save... 47:11 played

Stingrays penalty timed at 48:01, Campbell 2mins for hooking

In important fantasy league news, it was Blaze 3-2 Giants end of the 2nd I think

Devils getting closer and closer to a goal, Boucher denies Dobben again and then Voth deflects a shot just wide :(

Boucher making save after save, finally stops the puck at 49:57

Boucher denies Dobben *again*, Stingrays back to full strength

S Smith flat on ice, Stingrays fans accusing him of diving...

Devils bench going mad, S Smith down injured, Carson not calling anything...

Birbraer misses an awesome opportunity :(

Stingrays under pressure, Devils sending shots in from all angles but Boucher is keeping them in it

Voth the latest player to be denied :(

Lyle's turn to make a save, timed at 52:48

A massive hit from Frank on a poor, unsuspecting Stingrays and Davies gets jumped in revenge... Because that makes sense...

Adams is going berserk, Frank and Voth look to have been given instructions according to texters, prepare for chaos... maybe...

Penalties coming all timed at 53:12, Chamberlain jumped Davies and Frank annihilated someone...

Apparently Chamberlain got nailed by Frank, tried to fight him but couldn't so went for Davies instead...

Frank ejected from game...

Lost my internet there, it's still chaos in Hull!

Chamberlain still going nuts at Davies in the penalty boxes, Frank has been ejected though, texters suggest for the Stingrays own safety

Penalties timed at 53:12, Davies 2mins for roughing, Frank 2+10 checking from behind plus 5mins fighting

Stingrays penalty at same time, Chamberlain 5mins for fighting, fans at a loss as to how Davies got 2mins for roughing, Voth is on the warpath though apparently

Stingrays lines are made up entirely of imports, Brits seem to have been told to stay on the bench... Campbell trying to wind Voth up but Voth doesn't appear to want to go with him...

at 55:35, something else has happened, according to texters "it's all gone mad"

Pierce taken out when through on goal, Devils bench goes into meltdown as Carson refuses to call anything

I guess Frank wasn't actually ejected, but with only 7minutes of the game left and his penalty coming in at 17minutes he was told to leave the ice?

57:48 played...

Stingrays fans saying they don't understand the penalties on Frank, and we're into the final 2minutes


Devils 2nd goal timed at 59:01, Adams from Richardson and Hill!

I think it's the end of the game, although it sounds like Voth has gone for Cloutier and then Campbell jumped in...

Adams goes for Campbell, but the game is all over and finishes 2-2...

Handbags between Cloutier and Voth, Campbell jumps Voth so Adams goes for Campbell... Also Boucher made a fantastic save with 3 seconds to go to deny Voth :(

Cloutier and Adams having words at handshakes, Voth was kicked out before handshakes took place...

Campbell also kicked out before handshakes, but not sure what the penalties are...

Devils man of the match goes to Adams

The penalties are all a bit of a mess at the end sorry, everything went a bit turbo

Am not sure who the Stingrays man of the match has gone to, but that's all from me

Hope everyone enjoyed, even if we didn't win! Chris out.