Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Join me (OJ) was MNL brings you the league encounter between the Nottingham Panthers and our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Score predictions always welcomed at

She bring you all the pre game news from 6pm onwards

Good evening our texters are reporting in for this eagerly awaited game

Russky d=calls 4-2 to the Devils

Elliswf thinks it will be 4-1 for the Devils

Mar D is not so confidents and thinks the Devils will win by the odd goal in 7

No Matt Myers for the Panthers tonight - longterm injury

Nathan Crisp is the backup netminder for the Devils

Keighley W calls it 5-3 to Devils

Warmup underway

We are still trying to get coverage of Sunday's CC game in Hull. Your usual texter at Hull is taking the sun in Florida, foresaking Hull for Florida what next Keith

So it doesn't come as a shock to you later I am only hosting MNL for the first 2 periods Ger-Devils will then host MNL live from the BBT

I hope it goes OK but family commitments mean I have to be away by 8:30 for my son & heirs 40th birthday party

No Piggott or Harding for the Devils and of course Mark Smith is on the longterm injury list

My texters and others have been encouraged to tweet on twitter tonight especially covering the final period

Donna I agree with you it is going to be a tight game and a 4-3 win for the Devils would do nicely thank you very much

Score predictions to before 7pm please

Any tips for Ffos Las for Sundays racing are also welcomed

Can I repeat my fantastic day at Ffos Las last month I ask, I almost needed Securicor to take me home

*** Oxford 0 ENL DEVILS 2 after 1 period

Warmup finished

Not many in BBT, what did they expect its like down town Tripoli outside

It will be interesting to see how many do turn out tonight

Our referee is

Hos name won't pass my lips or my keyboard until he qualifies to referee in this league

*** Oxford 3 ENL DEVILS 3 very poor period for ENL Devils

Edinburgh 1 Coventry 3 after 1 period

*** Sedlak and Chris Jones (2) scorers for ENL

Michelle predicts a 5-3 victory for our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Waiting for teams

Apologies teams were out, Anthems done

The war outside is gettinf worse

Puck is dropped

Game starts with a mad end to end open game

Devils penalty @ 2:06 - Batch - hooking


Devils PK unit seem up for the task

Panthers penalty - Neilson - hooking

@ 3:52

Devils go on powerplay

Give us that PPG u Devils

The ref is having a shocker already

Devils penalty @ 5:00 - Pierce - holding

4 on 4 over, Panthers on pp

Panthers have a goal disallowed

Devils back to full strength (FS)

If I didn't know better I would say that the fireworks are causing network problems

Gametime 9:30

Devils soaking up a lot of pressure

Usual cheap shots from the Panties

Panthers penalty @ 9:18 - Fox - tripping

Someone must be looking at the wrong clock

Lets have that PPG now U DEVILS

Ger-Devils if you are watching this text me

Caps 2 Blaze 5 after 2 periods

Our pp was not very good according to JohnWildthing not his exact words but MNL is a family show

Apologies for the lack of coverage but 2 of my texters have gone AWOL or network holding onto to their texts as often happens

Frank(Devils), Clarke (Panthers) both roughing @ 13:19


Devils 1st goal scored by Birbraer

Assist Batch

Richardson gets 2nd asist on goal timed @ 13:50

Found DevilDom whose on the sherbert tonight

Teams back to FS

Bad turn out tonight thanks to GF

There doesn't seem to be any game coverage on ih-update or the EIHL website

But you lucky people have MNL

*** Oxford 5 ENL DEVILS 8 MoM Adam Harding

Its seems Macrae and Dobben have swopped lines

I hope not or the Drug Squad will be here

Thanks to Michelle and Mark D for the ENL Devils updates

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Panthers 0

Looks like ih-update id dead no score updates tonight for any of the 5 games

Caps 2 Blaze 5 after 2 periods

Stingrays 1 Steelers 1 early in 2nd period

Read this twice CLAN 3 Giants 0 after 1st period

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Panthers start period with a lot of pressure on the Devils

Panthers penalty @ 24:50 - Wilson - tripping

Might have been interference that call

Get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

20 secs of pp left

Panthers back to FS

devils penalty @ 26:31 - Matzka - holding


Birbraer goes close

Kowalski looking dodgy tonight

Devils kill penalty with ease

Frank destroys Heerema

Ref for once calls nothing - good clean hit

Devils playing a road game at home hence Panthers pressure

King gives Steelers 2-1 lead

Now 3-1 to the Clan

despite looking shaky at times K-Wall keeping Panthers in game

Gametime 32:02

Gametime 35:09

There has hardly been any stoppages for the last 10 minutes of play

Gametime 36:20

There has hardly been any stoppages for the last 10 minutes of play

Remember Ger-Devils will cover the game live from the BBF at the end of 2nd period

There will also be updates on Twitter

A thank you to my texter Andy, DevilsDom, Sharlene, JohnWildthing and Spearsy

Will have to leave you soon

Panthers penalty @ 38:10 - Lee hooking

Penalties @ 38:47 roughing minors to Voth & Lepine

Correction Voth - holding: Lepine - slashing

Panthers penalty @ 39:06 - Beaurigard - interference

Ger-Devils takes obver at 2nd period ends DEVILS 1 Panthers 0

Ger-devils now taking over from OJ. Live from the rink

Scores from the league and cup- Fife 0- Dundee 1 Braehead 3- Belfast 1 Hull 1- Sheffield 2 Edinburgh 2 Coventry 7

Teams are back for the 3rd

Underway for the 3rd

Panthers back to 4skaters. Handbags in front of Devils net

Devils go close

Panthers full strength

Good pad save lyle

Pierce goes close @ 41:48

A panthers gets floored

Kwall save

Kwall save. Macrae was very close to making it 2

Devils go close @ 44:18

Puck out of play

Kwall save@ 44:37

End to end game.. Game time @ 46:00

Panthers icing @ 46:41

Hill goes close

Kwall big double save just after the chance

Panthers offside

Gametime 49:40


Devils goal birbraer from.Macrae and pierce @49:18

Panthers icing

Devils go close

Kwall save @ 50:39

Very end to end. Devils playing well

Kwall save @ 52:27

Devils icing

Devils pen dobben 2mins hooking @ 52:56

Panthers go close

Devils go close short handed

Frank the tank goes close on a breakaway.

Devils full strength

Devils offside @ 55:54

Birbraer floors champagne

Gametime 57:15


Devils goal Sam Smith from Frank and Batch @57:22

Final 2minutes of the game

devils go close

Kwall save

Handbags Voth and Lepine. Nothing from it

Gametime @ 59:00

Devils go close

Panthers goal

Panthers goal beaureguard from fox @ 59:42

Devils win 3-1

Panthers MOM Lachowicz

Devils MOM Lyle. Deserved

Hpe the live updates from the rink we're ok. Hopefully MNL will be live for the away trip to Hull tomorrow. Confirmation tomorrow morning

Thanks again for tuning into Match Night Live. Ger-Devils signing out