Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcolme to MNL as the Cardiff Devils make the long arduous trip to Dundee

Thanks to a couple of Stars fans who have come to our aide we will be able to bring you coverage of this league encounter

Score predictions as usual to

Checking up on texters

Konkle and Ceman not icing for Stars who have signed Adam Reynolds to a 2 way contact and he will be icing tonight

Russky predicts a 3-1 win for Devils whilst PAK2305 says it will be 4-2 to the Red Army

Both Daniel and Luke predict a 6-2 win for the Devils

Ger-Devils (on ENL duty) says Devils will win 6-3

Its a 5-2 win for Kavell

Mark calls it 6-1 to the Devil

Carl in Gods County calls it 4-1 to our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

David E says Devils will win 5-2

6-2 to the Devils is a popular prediction tonight as Beth and her dad go for that score

My texters have warned me that they will be arriving at the rink minutes before face off as they were in Dheffield last night

Avs tells me that he and Steve sponsored Adam Reynolds when he was at Peterborough, that said he calls it 3-1 to the Devils

We will be brining you regular updates of the ENL Devils v Bristol game as some of my texters have gone there instead of travelling to Dundee - why I don't know

Otter YumYum calls it 6-2 Devils

Can't be many 6-2 left in the box

Stephen B calls it 5-2 Devils for a change

Gareth J also goes for 6-2 Devils

Texters reported in that warmup has finished

William Hill have Devils 1/5 to win

Edinburgh lead Braehead 2-1

Jurynec fights King

no scratches for Devils other than Mark Smith; Po=iggtt & Harding on ENL duty

Devils come onto the ice

Stars intro music on

A mention before we start to our texters in Dundee - Spaceman and Gair A Stars fans through and through but happy to help us out at MNL - THANK YOU LADS

If they had seen the 6-2 sore predictions they might have had second thoughts - personally I think it is going to be a tough grind to get those 2 points

Ben says 5-2 Devils

Donna & Megan go for a 7-3 Devils victory

No news on ref yet

Anthems time

We are underway

Simon P says 2-1 Devils

Referee is Wilson

I have turned down the bias control in deference to our guest texters

Birbraer feeds Dobben in front, poor shor save Whitley

Jeff Pierce hits pipes

Good save Lyle from McGoff shot

No score in Blaze/Steelers game after 1 period

Stars icing @ 6:49

Mostly Devils so far

Stars penalty @ 6:58 - Hutchins

Holding was the call

Welcome Chris hope you enjoy MNL a 4-1 Devils win would do very nicely

Get that pp into overdrive U DEVILS

We want a ppg

Stars return to full strength (fs)

Devils pp didn't really get going, it was terrible but needs to be more clinical

big shot from K Smith tipped over bar @ 10:07

Devils penalty @ 10:30 - Batch - boarding


Lyle makes double save from Maclean

Stars Goal

Stars ppg scored by Turner assists Mitchell & Dolan @ 12:05

Scored by Stars 3rd line

Devils penalty @ 12:54 - Voth


Slashing was the call

Devils penalty @ 13:12 giving Stars 5 on 3

Frank - slashing was the 2nd Devils penalty

Voth returns Devils back to 4 skaters

Devils back to fs

Gametime 15:20

Stars icing @ 15:47

Save Whitley @ 16:34

Stars finishing the period stronger

Lyle save from Hutchins

Gametime 18:04

Burrows & Davies combine well but Whitley saves

Devils penalties @ 19:58 - K Smith - holding: Birbraer 10 minute misconduct

End of 1st period Stars 1 DEVILS 0

SoG 11-13

***ENL game underway

SoG 11 By Devils 13 by Stars

Texters agree Devils started well but Stars clawed their way into game and finished off period strong

Devils will start 2nd period with 1:58 of pk

2nd period starts

Devils back to fs

** After 10mins it is 0-0

penalty Stars @ 23:09

Delayed whistle as Devils retain puck

Stars penalty - Maclean - slashing

Lets have a PPG u DEVILS

Carl I assume its abuse of official, it can't be anything else as he didn't get a minor

You argue with the ref - you have a long stay in the naughty boys room

Stars return to fs

Davies hits the post @26:02

Big Whitley save from Pierce

Gametime 27:37

At this rate this game could be over in under 2 hours

Both Burrows and Davies force saves by Whitley


2nd goal for Brendan Turner @ 30:02

Big shot by Turner save Lyle, puck somehow falls for Turner to score close in

Lyle sav e denies Zarb

** End of 1st period ENL DEVILS 0 Bristol 0

Gone quiet in Dundee

Gametime 34:03

Come on U Devils its a long trip home if you lose

Now Stars arguing with ref

Stars penalty @ 35:18 - Maclean - delay of game

Stars return to fs

Handbags involving Voth & Zarb

Bit of cuddling really

Having a cwtch as we say in Wales

Penalties for both of them coming

Devils - Voth - roughing @ 36:44

I assume Zarb got a roughing minor as well

No penalty for Zarb

Stars on pp

There are 3 Devilks in sin bin with Zarb in as well

Devils back to full strength

Final minute of 2nd period

That batch of penalties have not been announced


Devils 1st goal @ 39:54

** ENL DEVILS 0 Bristol 1

Devils goal scored by Matzka assist Hill

Those missing penalties @36:44 - Devils - Voth - holding: Frank roughing + 10 min misconduct: Stars - Zarb - holding

End of 2nd period Stars 2 DEVILS 1

SoG for 2nd Period Stars 14, Devils 5

=2nd assist on Devils goal for Adams

Steve our Devils fan based in the Scottish Borders has joined us from Dundee so we might get a bit more biased now

Joking apart this game is there to be won by either team

*** ENL Devils 0 Bristol 2

John I assume Chris got a 10 minute misconduct for abuse of official

Devils and Stars return to the ice

3rd period underway


Matzka unassisted

@ 40:42

Game on

Maclean hits post

Lyle pad save on a Stars 2 on 0

Gametime 43:15

Batch was turned over Lyle save, lucky escape

Both teams have picked up the pace

More on Scott Matzka goal, goes stright up the middle, shot saved, dives and nets reboubd

Glorious Pierce brekaway one on one, Whitley saves

*** ENL Devils 1 Bristol 2 - Chris Jones scores for ENL Devils

Its end to end at Dundee

no cake at either end though

Gametime 49:06

Frank returns

*** Another Chris Jones goal makes it ENL DEVILS 2 Bristol 2

Voth takes out Matzka in open ice - what next?

Gametime 50:56

Stars shooting from distance

Voth apparently sticks Zarb from bench and gets away with it

Devils penalty @ 50:57 - Voth

Frank loses it in sinbin breaks his stick and is ejected

That penalty was Frank not Voth

Stars see an opportunity

Frank got holding minor plus Game (abuse of official)

Devils back to fs

Gametime 54:30

Voth trying to get Turner to drop his gloves

Gametime 56:46

Good play by Matzka, Whitley freezes puck

Stars penalty @ 57:01

Penalty for Hutchins

Get that ppg now u Devils

Intererence was the call on Hutchins

Whitley out of his net behind goal but somehow Stars survive

Stars back to fs

Final minute

20 secs left

Apologies these countdown are for the pK

Devils hit bar

Devils penalty @ 59:53 - Dobben

End of regulation Stars 2 DEVILS 2

Stars start O/T with 1:53 pp

O/T starts

*** ENL Devils 3 Bristol 2 - Hayes

Pierce has great chance but Whitley saves

Devils back to fs

Gametime 62:44

Gametime 63:04

49 secs left fo in Devils end

6secs left fo in Stars end

Timeout Devils

End of O/T Stars 2 DEVILS 2

Its penalty shots time

Birbraer misses

Stars Maclean scores

Matzka Misses

He hit the bar

Stars score and win

Hughes it was who scored1st not Maclean, Mitchell scored 2nd penalty shot

Final score Stars 3 DEVILS 2


Stars MoM - Brendan Turner

Our thanks to Dundees finest - Spaceman and Gair A for texting along with Steve-Borders Devils

Thats all from me (OJ) join us next Saturday for MNL