Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 1 Coventry Blaze

Join Me (OJ) from 6pm as The Inferno brings you MNL coverage of the league game between our very own Cardiff Devils and Coventry Blaze

Score predictions before face off to

All set up, Texters reported in and making their way to the BBT

No score predictions yet, where are you all.

MNL still trying to find some texters to cover Sundays game at Dundee. If you or know someone who can help us out e-mail me at

Warm up underway, at least Devils take to the ice

Blaze now on for warmup

Stuart Macrae ices for Devils is the referee tonight

That drove people on Twitter mad last week ans noboby understood the code

Keighley predicts a 6-4 Devils win

JP says its too close to call but his waters tells him Devils win in O/T

Gerad Adams icing for Devils

Ruth were are you - no prediction that is not like you

Warmup over

Its very quiet tonight maybe people forgot to turn their clocks back one hour at 1 o-clock

Keith press F5

Keith predicts a 4-3 win for our beloved Devils

Those going to The Pilot for the gig after the game might be in trouble with in charge

I will not mention his name because he is not a referee by any means and brins discredit on the profession

Lights are dimmed

Officials take to the ice

Followed by the Blaze

Its entry time for your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Followed by the Blaze

Stingrays missing FIVE skaters tonight

No Piggott and Harding tonight

Mark Smith only Devils scratch

Anthem time

CurleyShirley calls it 5-2 to Blaze

Two Blaze players having a chat during Anthem

We are off, puck is dropped

Save by Lyle

Dobben, Pierce and Birbraer on 1st line

Blaze icing @ 1:54

2nd line Voth, Hill and Matzka

3rd line Macrae Davies & S Smith

All three lines have created chances in opening 2 minutes

Gametime 2:55

Game being played at super fast pace

devils penalty @ 4:33 - Dobben - hooking


Devils pk unit working well

Blaze penalty - Owen _ hooking @ 5:53

Blaze goal

Dobben I believe was back so a shg

Scored by Dustin Wood assists Jurynec and Nell @ 6:24

If those times are correct it was a 4 on 4 goal not SH


Devils 1st goal scored by Brad Voth @ 7:27

Assists Macreae and Matzka

Devils penalty - Adams - roughing

Blaze penalty - Phillips also got a roughing minor @ 7:54

Nice check by Birbraer

Devils want those points tonight

Glove save Hirsch @ 9:57

All 4 on 4 spent in Blaze end

Blaze seem rattled, they can't string 2 passes together without being turnedover

Hirsh denying Devils yet again

In truth both netminders looking shaky

Still end to end at BBT

Giants lead 1-0 at Nottingham

Around 1,250 in BBT tonight I am told

Devils offside @ 15:16

Hirsch save

Dundee take a 2-1 lead at Sheffield

Fife 1 Hull 0

Birbraer hits post @ 18:24


Devils 2nd goal scored by Pierce @ 18:53 assists Birbraer & Dobben

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Blaze 1

To cleat up one issue, Brad Voth's goal @ 7:27 was a ppg

Didn't want to miss a ppg they have been rare so far this season

Bad boarding in Fife, Nicholson driven into boards by Chamberlain who got a Match, Nicholson en-route to hospital according to un confirmed reports

Team back on the ice

2nd period starts

Lyle save

Nicholson was conscious when carried off ice, so lets hope hospital visit is precautionery

Good pressure by Devils in Blaze zone

Pressure doesn't win points, goals do

Dobben has clear chance in front, couldn't get his shot away

Blaze penalty @ 23:33 - Fulgham - slashing

Devils now hit pipes

Bury that biscuit

44 secs of pp remains

Blaze back to full strength (fs)

Birbraer denied by pad save

Lyle save

Devils forechecking tnight

Blaze relieves pressure with icing

Gametime 27:16


Another for Pierce

Pierce does a 360 spin around and scores a beauty

asiists Adams & Frank @ 28:29

Devils penalty @ 29:15 - Richardson - hooking


Good save Lyle

Voth goes close shorthanded

Devils kill penalty

Pierce goal a candidate for Goal of the Season

Gametime 31:47

Good save Lyle

Hirsch denies Devils at back door

Devils icing

Blaze wan der offside

Steelers new signing Flath has scored 2 goals already but Steelers still train Stars 3-4

Frank the Tank floors a Blaze in open ice

Blaze player takes a dive when he sees Frank coming and ref calls Frank for x-checking and check to the head ie 2+2+10 @ 37:54

Correction time of penalty 37:30

Phillips check from behind not called - what a surprise

Final minute of 2nd period

One minor killed

devils penalty @ 39:54 - Dobben - delay of game

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Blaze 1

Devils will start 3rd period with 1:30 of 3 on 5

I am getting varying times for Frank penalty but clear that there will be close on 90 secs of 3 on 5 facing the Devils at the start of final period

Apologies for error in title - this game is not a League Game but a Challenge Cup game

The biggest challenge facing the Devils is

5 on 3 will be for 1:14

Team s back on the ice


3rd period starts

Save Lyle

SoG for first 2 periods Devils 22 Blaze 19

Devils sh breakaway foiled

Now 4 on 5

Another Devils breakaway, Hirsxh saves

Devils return to full strength

Puck out of play @ 42:18

Puck out of play again @ 42:37

Lyle save

Hirsch save

Ganetime 47:06

Both netminders being called upon to make saves

Big save Lyle

I seem to have nework problems, only one texter getting thru

Devils penalty @ 48:22 - Birbraer - tripping


I am listening to my texts I will turn that off and return to normal


Scored by Macrae @ 49:02 assist Davies

Gametime 50:04

Devils creating many chances

Matzka goes close @ 50:12

Devils return to fs

Frank returns after his 2+2+10

Steelers now leading 6-4

Devils penalty @ 52:31 - Batch - holding


Blaze penalty ' 53:40 - Owen - tripping

Batch penalty was interference not hooking

Blaze penalty @ 54:06 - Phillips - hooking

Devils back to fs

Pierce goes close as Devils on 5 on 3

Hirsch save

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Lets have anoth ppg U DEVILS

Blaze back to fs


Scored by Kenton Smith assist Davies @ 56:34

Hirsch has saved Blaze from a cricket score

10 Devils got at least a point so faR, GOOD ALL ROUND PERFORMANCE

Lets not give cheap goals away in closing minutes tonight

Final 2 minutes of the game


Scored by Matzka @ 58;47 assist K Smith

Final score DEVILS 6 Blaze 1

Blaze Mon - Dustin Wood

Blaze better check as that is a sign of woodworm


Our thanks go to our texters - Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Andy, Ger-Devils, Damian Diafol and Spearsy who performed as well as the Devils - what a team

Whatch this space as were are still trying to bring you MNL of Sundays game at Dundee. We are still on the lookout for texters.

That is all from me (OJ) until the next time, good night and enjoy that extra sleep or stay out later