Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 5 - 3 Cardiff Devils

MNL is on for tonight game at Sheffield due to some new volunteer texters coming to our aid. More on that later.

Score predictions to before face off please

Join me - OJ - from 5pm as we bring you coverage of this Challenge Cup encounter with the Steelers

Gazza thinks it will end 3-3

Russky thinks Devils will lose by the odd goal in 5

Ruth thinks Devils will lose in O/T

Dan & Kavell predict a 4-2 Steelers win but hope they are wrong

At least PAK2305 is confident and predicts a 3-2 Devils win

Tonights game is not at the Sheffield Arena but at the Sheffield Ice Rink where according to Mark it is cold and dismal

Full team of texters have reported in.

They are all new texters well new to me anyway so well done to Mark, Ash Kelly, Rachael and Gavin & Amy

I think we might have a busy night in front of us

Angela L says Devils 4 Steelers 3

Andy L says 4-3 Devils with BIG BAD VOTH getting the winner

Keighley says 5-4 Devils in O/T

**We will be bringing you coverage of ENL Devils v Isle of Wight which is a 7pm face off at the BBT

I assume Stuart Macrae and Mark Smith are scratches - checking whether there are any others missing

Piggott and Harding are icing for Devils not ENL Devils

Warmup well underway

AJ says music is shocking

Thats warmup done

No scratches for Steelers

Jonothan Phillips is of course a longtime Steelers scratch

Come on u Devils whip their arse

At least there is no penalty in hockey for too many strikes of the whip

Can you imagine a tight hockey game coming into the last 2 minutes and Brad Voth can't throw anymore hits as he has had his quota

Things are going from bad to worse tonights referee is *****ll

Jist the man to get a grip on a feisty Devils v Steelers game


Good point Carl no O/T in a CC game

Carl calls it 3-2 to the Devils

We have a dispute between Mark and AJ as Mark likes the music

Devils take to the ice

Steelers follow onto the slippery stuff


About 50 Devils fans have made the trip to S Yorks

They will make themselves heard in that venue

Teams line up for face off

Puck is dropped we are away

Finnerty miss hit

That miss hit by Finnerty was an attempt to flatten Burrows, a complete miss

Feisty already in opening minutes

big shot from Sarich took a deflection and hit post

Game played at breakneck speed

Steelers penalty @ 1:57 - Legue - cross check

Matzka penalised as well

Steelers go close

Davies and Tait have words

Both teams back to 5 skaters

steelers penalty @ 3:58 - King - hooking

Pierce it was who was hooked as he was about to shoot


a ppg

@ 4:12 scored by Birbraer assists Pierce and K Smith

Devils penalty @ 5:12 S Smith - hooking

save Lyle @ 6:19

Matzka has gone to dressing room

Steelers goal @ 6:49

ppg scored by Legue

Assist A Tait

2nd assist for Ramsay

Steelers penalty ' 7:02 - Hewitt - slashing

2 big saves from DeCaro

A lull at last

Matzka back probably equipment problems

Gametime 8:54

Devils penalty @ 11:01 - Frank - 2+10 check from behind

Devils pk doing well

Lyle save to relieve pressure on Devils net

Devils penalty ' 12:45 - Davies - hooking

Steelers 5 on 3 for 17 secs

Devils back to 4 skaters

Gametime 14:00

Steelers goal @ 14:11

Steelers 2nd goal a ppg scored by King asasists Finnerty & Hewitt

Quality shooting from Steelers but Stevie playing really well

Ref is hit by puck - arse

Matzka it was clearing his zone

Steelers penalty ' 16:50 - Squires - tripping

Lets have another ppg U DEVILS

Another big save by Lyle

Devils penalty @ 18:35 - Voth - charging

Final minute

Birbraer nails Clark

End of 1st period Steelers 2 DEVILS 1

Apologies for the delay in posting that last update - waitress brought my tea

Richardson has the "C" again tonight

People are asking who the ref is well I did post it earlier I wonnt mention his nameand in a simple arithmetic code it is

Both teams back and I have finished my tea

2nd period starts

Steeler down hurt, there didn't seem to be any great cntact

Clark it was now helped off ice

He clashed with Dobben - no penalty

2nd period slump in clear, both teams slow to the puck

Frank returns after his 2+10

People on Twitter can't work out who the ref is, bless them

Alcoholic tea on a Sunday Ruth!!!!

Gametime 23:55

Steelers goal scored by Esders

@ 24:33

Lyle beaten by a deflection

Steelers throwing some nice hits

Devils penalty @ 26:46 - Dobben - hooking

Steelers penalty @26:58 - legue - interference

Steelers dominating at the moment

Matzka has great chance, shoots wde @ 27:33

Bth teams back to full strength

*** ENL Devils 1 IoW 0 - Sadler ppg @ 1:50

SoG for 1st period Steelers 13 Devils 6

Steelers penalty @ 30:58 - Huttel - holding

Might be hooking minor texters giving different calls

Lets have a ppg now U DEVILS

Hill hits bar


@ 32:36 unassisted a ppg

Huttel took a minor @ 31:00 for interference hence pp

Gametime 34:25

Texts arriving out of sequence causing me problems

Big glove save Lyle @ 34:40

Adams goes down after being hit by a puck and stays down

To the face we think

No to the body it was

G got hit in a mans tender spot

Will the twitter people understand I ask

Frank called for charging @ 35:21

My texters say it was a good clean centre ice hit our ref thought otherwise

Steelers penalty @ 37:06 - Hewitt - slashing

Steelers SHG scored by Legue

No details on Steelers 4th goal so far

Decaro save from Pierce

Gametime 38:47


ppg scored by Voth assists K Smith & frank @ 38:48

End od 2nd period Steelers 4 DEVILS 3

I must congratulated my virgin texters who are doing a great job

Put your hands together or raise your glasses for Kelly, Rachael, Amy, Gavin, Aj and Mark

Apologies Ruth I seem to have missed out the scorer of the Devils 2nd goal it was Scott Dobben unassisted

*** ENL Devils 1 IoW 0 end of 1st period

View from sheffield is that this game could go either way but to get a win Devils must stay out of the naughty boys room

Players are back

Adams is back on the bench after the accountants counted his assets

We are away for 3rd period

Steelers penalty - Squires - boarding @ 42:08

Get that pp into overdrive and get us a goal

Steelers back to fs

Another big glove save by Lyle off King

Gametime 46:30

Lyle save from Legue

Devils penalty - Richardson - hooking

That was a penalty I should have given you @ 43:23

Steelers penalty @ 48:40 - Legue - hooking

Correction time of penalty 48:14

King hasn't stopped moaning to ref all night

Steelers kill penalty

Good save Lyle

Devils penalty @ 51:14 _ k Smith interference

It wasn't Kentobn but Frank ref picked the wrong guy

*** ENL Devils 1 IoW 1 after 30 minutes

Steelers go offside on pp

It would be interesting to know how many minutes Clt King iced tonight as he seems to be on the ice all the time - moaning mostly

Gametime 55:02

** IoW take a 2-1 lead over ENL DEvils

Good save Decaro

Gametime 56:25

Steelers icing

Devils pushing for equaliser

Lyle foils a 2 0n 1

All pressure now on Decaro

Steelers break out and score

Scored by King assist Hewitt @ 58:22

2nd assist to Legue

Adams has not iced this period

Stuuu back in 1 or 2 weeks we need him

Final score Steelers 5 Devils 3

Adams misses handshakes and goes to dressing room


Steelers MoM COLT KING

Thats all from me, big thanks to our texters Kelly & Jason, Gavin & Amy, Mark, AJ and Rachael

Join us next Saturday when the Coventry Blaze visit Cardiff Bay, better still if you can go along and shout for them they need our support

Thats all from me OJ until the next time

*** Enl Devils tie game at 2-2 at 39 minute mark

** ENL Devils 3 IoW 2 after 2 periods

That is sorry it for me other duties calling