Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 3 Dundee Stars

Join me (OJ) from 6pm as we bring you the Devils battle with the Stars

Score predictions as usual to before face off.

The general advice to anyone going to the game - get there early as parking is going to br a massive problem

My texters have reported in and are now making their merry way to the BBT

Russsky says Devils will win 5-1

Face off delayed until 7:30

Andy Carson is the referee

Those of you at the Pilot have an extra 30 minutes drinking & eating as Stars have not arrived in Cardiff Bay yet and are not anticipated for at least 30 minutes

Keighley says 6-2 Devils

Stars have just walked into the BBT

Delay will be probably less that 30 minutes

Lawrie Hill - Stars drummer calls it 6 or even 7-1 to Devils

Face off confirmed as being at 7:30 so would assume warmup at 6:50

Devils on ice for warmup

Ruth says 5-1 to Devils

Devils under 18 just won 5-0 at Streatham

Daniel & Kavell say 5-1 Devils

No Brent Hughes for Stars, no Start Macrae for Devils

Luke Piggott and Adam Harding icing for Devils

Adam Harding wearing no 50

Hattrick for Zak Shanhan in Devils u19 win with shut out for Gwyn Davies

Horse Racing administration in the UK is on a par with EIHL

Mark Smith is also a scratch for the Devils

Still selling tickets for the game I am told

Joshua calls it 3-3 in regulation

Curley Shirley at NIC calls it 5-1 Devils

Clan take a 1-0 lead against Fife

It will soon be game time despite this delay due to Stars arriving late in Cardiff Bay

Lets get a clear cut win tonight to set us up for a big game in Sheffield tomorrow

Warm up has finished apologies for not mentioning it

Two weeks away and I am a bit rusty

Can you believe what it was like for me last Saturday watching the RWC semi in a rugby car in Montpellier

Although I must say that the majority felt that they had got away with daylight robbery and that Wales were by far the better team

Ice is almost ready

Stars take to the ice

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Mark Richardson has the "C"

The Inferno featured in the Devils programme - well I never

Phil Hill's 500th competive hockey game says Ger-Devils


Capitals 1 0 up at Hull

Away we go

Devils icing @ 1:04

Matzka Voth Hill is one line

Devils icing @ 1:04

Stars penalty @ 1:21 - Turner slashing

Spaceman (Stars) calls it 5-1 Devils

Puck goes out of play @ 2:47

Get the pp into overdrive u Devils

Birbraer Dobben Pierce another line

Stars return to full strength (fs)

Heavy hit by Voth

Franks goes flying down the ice gets a rebound but it comes to nothing

Stars icing @ 4:26

stars offside @ 4:36

5 minutes gone

Good save by Whitley in Stars net

Lyle save @ 5:19

devils go close

Stars goal off its moorings

Clan 3 Flyers 1 after 1 period

Sam Smith floors Mitchell

Davies then nails a Star

Zard elbow Birbraer in face, no call

Batch fires over @ 8:31

Stars foil nice play by Devils, save Whitley

Apologies its Mark McGill in net for Stars not Whitley

Devils are firing shot after shot

Stars penalty @ 10:28 - Zarb 2+10 check from behind

I am now totally confused I was right the first time it is Chris Whitley in net for Stars

Devils are all over them but nothing to show for it

Stars back to fs

Devils pp is nothing to write home about

Whitley save from point blank shot

Ger-Devils says Devils go close, thats not good enough

Stars penalty @ 13;33 - Wishart - hooking

Devils pp is a complete joke

One has to question the theory that visting netminders are hot in Cardiff, or is it crap shooting

Devils icing @ 16:27

Stars icing @ 16:41

Whitley save

It we want bumper crowds we must entertain them, a few goals would do it

Come on u DEVILS give us a goal

Handbags after Frank floors a Star

I'd rather have a Devils goal

I can see handbags in John Lewis

Lyle save @ 18:51


Devils 1st goal scored by Birbraer @ 19:19 assists Davies & Pierce

Lets have another one I am greedy

Puck out of play at buzzer - 1 sec

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stars 0

We need to get our pp working you can't record a pp success of 10% or lower as the Devils are doing at the moment

SoG for 1st period Devils 17 Stars 11

Blaze take a 1-0 lead over Giants with a ppg

What are ppg?

Both teams back on the ice

2nd period underway

Blaze now 2-0 in Belfast

0-0 between Steelers and Panthers although the lid could blow any minute, very niggly

Whitley save

Play stopped @ 21:32 - puck stuck in net


Adams and Turner

Thats woken up the crowd

Adams got plenty of nice punches in

Good scrap edged by G

Both Turner & Adams get 5 minute fighting majors @ 22:07

Zarb back after his 2+10

Panthers 2 Steelers 0

Whitley pad save

Lots of Devils pressure

Gametime 26:20

Batch floors a Star

Ger-Devils not impressed by Pierce

Whitley save

Adams & Turner return

Devils offside @ 28:54

All the Devils Brits are playing well

Stars icing @ 29:29

Halfway in game

Stars penalty @ 30:16 - Hutchins - holding the stick

This is Devils 4th pp opportunity of the game lets get something to show for it

A ppg would do very nicely

Guess what says JohnWildthing

Devils pp is crap

Stars back to fs

Lyle save

Gametime 34:49


Devils 2nd goal a wonder goal scored by Pierce

Assists Dobben and Birbraer @ 35:07

Phil Hill who got hit by a puck is back on the ice

Franks floors Hutchins but get called for it

Charging is the call @ 36:22

Pierce takes the puck out at mid air drops it stright down a fires it past Whitely

Even Ger-Devils was impressed

Devils penalty @ 37:20 - K Smith - interference

5 on 3 for Stars

Stars ppg

Stars ppg scored by Ceman assists Maclean and Zarb @ 38:10

Stars still on pp

K smith returns as Devils are back to fs

Stars penalty @ 39:32 - Hutchins - tripping

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Stars 1

Colt King thrown out at Nottingham with 2+10+Game

Now Giants 0 Blaze 3

Capitals win 3-2 at Hull

SoG 2nd period Devils 11 Stars 10

Teams out for 3rd period

3rd period underway


Believe it or not a POWERPLAY GOAL

Scored by Pierce assists Richardson & Dobbeb @ 40:34

Ben Davies impresses with his back checking

Lyle save

Puck out of play

Stars penalty @ 44:50 - Hutchins - holding

Satars penalty @ 45:47 - Mazur - roughing


Birbraer on penaltry shot


time of Devils 4th goal 46:14

Penalty shot was for covering puck in the crease


Stars netminder Chris Whitley given a 10 minute misconduct @ 46:14

Devils 5th goal scored by Pierce (Hattrick) assist Matzka a ppg @ 47:17

Stars goal

Stars 2nd goal scored my Maclean assists Konkle and Mazur @ 49:51


Scored by Burrows assists Davies & S Smith @ 51:23

McGill replaces Whitley

Brits doing well, Harding now standing out, his dad will be proud

Stars icing @ 53:31

K Smith now given assist on Devils 5th goal

Gametime 54:27


Devils 7th goal @ 55:11 scored by Luke Piggott assists Matzka & Burrows

That Matzka assists should go to Harding

Now corrected

Devils icing @ 56:33

Some of my texters wanted Lyle to be lifted but I argued its better to have Lyle in net if you are going to ice Brits

FIGHT Voth v Turner

Voth likes this one

5 minute majors for Turner & Voth

Turner gets a Game as well for 2nd major

Voth also had boarding minor along with a 2+10 instigator penalty @ 56:51

Devils penalty - Lyle - delay of game @ 57:23

Stars goal

Stars ppg @ 58:14 scored by Mazur assists Dolan and Ceman

Final score DEVILS 7 Stars 3

Stars penalty @ 58:59 - Mitchell - slashing

Stars MoM - AJ Maclean


Our thanks go to our gang of texters - Sharlene, Ger-Devils, De vilsDom, Diafor, JohnWildthing and Spearsy

Join me tomorrow night as the Devils make it a terrible weekend for the Steelers

Thats all from me OJ until 5pm Sunday