Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 6 Belfast Giants

Good evening!

Apologies for delay starting, my internet has been absolutely useless this afternoon :(

Chris here by the way, as always I can be emailed using

In team news, Voth plays for the Devils, but we miss Mark Smith. Pelle plays for the Giants meaning they have a full quota of ridiculously overpaid imports skating around on pure gold...

Absolutely no news from the rink which isn't all that helpful, but I think it's Darnell as ref tonight

Keighley predicting a Devils 5-4 victory, all the way from Toronto!

Very quiet on the predictions and from the rink, i assume everyone in the rink is frozen and everyone at home is still mourning this mornings welsh loss to the cheese eating surrender monkeys :(

Wahay, Sharlene is alive \o/ phew :)

Fortunately no John, I don't :)

Bec Says Devils to win 3-2 :)

Jester, probably in an attempt to wind everyone up, says Giants to win by 4 goals, Pelle to get a hat-trick and Voth to get a match penalty plus a ban... I'll await the carnage on the forums :P

Peter is complaining about non-existant complaints on here, apparently sarcasm is lost... Still, he's predicting a Giants win by one goal :(

Just to confirm, Pelle did warm up and is due to play tonight, I think this is his first league game of the season as he was injured in a warmup game?

Jack Reacher, the gibberish talking one says Devils to win 3-2 :)

All the texters have defrosted and settling in, Devils missing Mark Smith... Unfortunately no Harding or Piggot for the EIHL team again :(

Apparently the Devils have changed their jersey colours, tonights programme says the white = home, black = away and red = cup...

John is hoping for a Giants win, but suspects no match fitness might hinder Pelle... There's always hope :P

Stephen predicting a Devils 3-5 loss tonight :(

Anthems done, puck is dropped and we're away!

Handbags between Matzka and Keefe before the puck is even dropped...

Turns out it wasn't Keefe... LeBlanc was the Giants player involved...

Steve says Pelle may be getting limited mins tonight, he's not made an appearance on the Giants 1st or 2nd lines...

Devils penalty timed at 0:53, Macrae 2mins for delay of game...

Pelle gets his first shift on the Giants powerplay...

Devils kill the penalty, am not getting any time details from any texters unfortunately, but I guess we're 3mins+ in now

Devils apparently gone close a couple of times, but unsure when that happened

Murphy gives up a massive rebound after a shot from Macrae, but Devils can't capitalise on the chance :(

5mins played, a "good fiesty" showing from the Devils according to Diafol

Devils penalty timed at 5:12, Hill 2mins for holding

And the Giants score :(

Giants first goal timed at 5:40, Pelle from Kuiper, powerplay goal :(

Giants penalty timed at 7:07, LeBlanc 2mins for holding

Murphy making save after save as the Devils try to level the scores

Alas, the Giants kill the penalty and we're back to 5on5

Frank nails someone :D

Murphy still making save after save :(

It's all gone very quiet from the tent, apparently the ref tonight is Wilson...


As always, if things aren't showing up hit f5 and it should fix it. I'm fed up of asking for MNL to be fixed and being ignored now, I think we'll be looking at replacing this nonsense with CoverItLive shortly

Damnit, this makes no sense, people are texting me things and i have no details, apparently we haven't scored?

Giants have a penalty coming, I know that much, everything else is a complete mystery

Right, so we have scored, and Batch from Voth and Hill at a random time...

Giants penalty timed at 14:22, Lloyd 2mins for roughing

Devils penalty timed at 14:51, Hill 2+10 for checking from behind

Frank and Pierce went close, but Giants are now back to full strength

Apparently it's Carson referee tonight, not Wilson, sorry guys getting very mixed messages here :/

Lyle save timed at 19:00 exact

End of the first, Devils 1-1 Giants...

Apologies for the random nature of the updates there, things went a bit manic but hopefully the 2nd period will be better...

Seems our first goal is down as being scored at 13:27, but we've updated the gamesheet as it being Voth who scored, not Batch... Confusion reigns...

Devils 1st goal details now changed, it should read... Devils 1st goal timed at 13:27, Voth from Batch and Hill

Here we go with the 2nd period

Birbraer nails a Giants player and Keefe takes exception

And the Giants score a 2nd :(

Giants 2nd goal timed at 20:34, Pelle from #5(??) and LeBlanc :(

Giants penalty timed at 21:05, Keefe 10minute misconduct...

Giants website has no one wearing a #5 on their roster, but he was announced as an assist on the 2nd goal? What number is Awada wearing if he's playing?

Giants penalty timed at 22:31, Mason 2mins for slashing

Devils powerplay better than usual, that must mean we're actually taking shots

And then we get a penalty... Devils penalty timed a 23:22, Birbraer 2mins for tripping

Turns out it is Awada wearing #5 so details should read... Giants 2nd goal timed at 20:34, Pelle from Awada and LeBlanc

Giants back to 5 skaters, and then the Devils back to full strength

Sounds like end to end stuff at the moment, Giants icing the puck to break up Devils attacks it feels

Giants penalty timed at 26:18, Lloyd 2mins for holding the stick

Murphy makes a save with his face and on the whistle Hill finally returns to the game!

Devils penalty timed at 27:23, Voth 2mins for hooking

Giants penalty timed at 28:02, Doucet 2mins for tripping

Giants are awarded a penalty shot after netminder interference...

Whoever took the shot has it saved by Lyle, score remains Devils 1-2 Giants

Voth penalty killed, allsorts of angry responses to that penalty shot from the texters...

Giants penalty timed at 29:34, Dowd 2mins for hooking

Murphy is really standing on his head tonight, although not literally unfortunately :(

Giants back to 5 skaters and the Devils go extremely close


Devils 2nd goal timed at 31:42, Dobben from Hill and Davies at 31:42

Giants penalty timed at 32:52, Lloyd 2mins for holding the stick

Puck goes out of play and shortly after the Giants are back to full strength...

puck out of play again, must be somewhere near 35/36mins in

Devils breakaway, but play stopped as Adams had floored Pelle beforehand...

Lyles turn to make save after save!

Devils penalty timed at 36:46, Hill 2mins for holding

Giants score a 3rd :(

Giants 3rd goal timed at 38:07, Mason from Doucet at 38:07 PPG

Gametime 39mins...

Giants score a 4th...

Firstly, Devils penalty timed at 39:22, Matzka 2mins for interference

Giants 4th goal timed at 39:55, Pelle unassisted - PPG

End of the 2nd period, Devils 2-4 Giants :(

That 4th goal was also Pelle's hat-trick goal :(

According to texters no one from the Devils is keeping an eye on Pelle :(

Seemingly the players who played alongside Pelle last year learnt nothing and have no idea how to stop him... Oh the joy :(

Both teams back for the 3rd period...

And we're off with the 3rd period, please let it be a better showing from us :(

Keefe returns for the Giants

Voth floors an unsuspecting victim

Puck goes out of play shortly after...

Giants score a 5th :(

Giants 5th goal timed at 41:53, LeBlanc from Pelle and Awada *sigh*

Puck out of play at 44:26, Devils playing with no spark or energy again :/

Not quite the result I was expecting tonight :(

Giants penalty timed at ???, Awada 2mins for something, seems announcement was a bit vague

Giant tries to nail Birbraer who just waves the hit off...

Lyle save timed at 47:44

Giants score a 6th, damn you Jester, Damn you!

Giants 6th goal timed at 47:53, Keefe from Lloyd and Garside

Apparently Voth had a penalty timed at 45:50, 2mins for charging

"Before all the one eyed Devils fans claim the ref is a disgrace - that was definitely a goal." - text from the game regarding the Giants 6th :(

Devils penalty timed at 49:03, Matzka 2mins for tripping

Texters asking why the Devils haven't learnt how to play smart :(

Davies go close

Am slightly more concerned with our misfiring first line, not a single point from any of the 3 players yet in this game :/

Devils penalty timed at 51:09, Voth 2+2 for high sticks

I'm not so fine Jester, my fantasy league team is stacked with Devils players who aren't registering a single point, Steve might overtake me this weekend after I called him a humiliating loser last week :(

"Another good call by Carson, Voth deserved the penalty" - another text straight from the game, I get the impression the forums might be in meltdown after this game :/

Seeing as you're not at the game, and we don't stream games, how can you possibly have any idea what Voth did was a cheapshot for that penalty Peter?

Murphy save, and afraid not Jester, am in Nottingham with uni again now and rather skint :(

Lyles turn to make a couple of saves :S

Gametime 55mins...

Aparently tonights showing is far far worse than i'm describing, Macrae also not been spotted in the 3rd period :/

Voth penalty has been killed with no additional goals which is always good...

Texters calling for a shake up of the lines and the team, Birbraer the best player by far on the ice, although Davies and Dobben aren't as thoroughly terrible as the rest of our team :/

Birbraer nails Leblanc

Gametime 57:41, handbags...

Devils penalty timed at 57:46, Burrows 2mins for charging

Murphy denies the Devils again :/

Penalty killed, it's almost all over thankfully

Final score, Devils 2-6 Giants :(

Just waiting for man of match announcements, then i'm off to cry

What a terrible day, woke up to find Hamilton qualified on pole, then Wales lose to the cheese eating surrender monkeys, then the Devils actually surrender to the Giants :/

Giants man of the match goes to Pelle

Devils man of the match goes to Davies

Well i'm off to cry and protect the forums from catching fire, hope people enjoyed the coverage :(

Chris out.