Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Sheffield Steelers

Evening all. Gazza272 here this evening to talk you through the game against the old Enemy the Sheffield Steelers

As always we want your e-mail messages, we can be found at Tonight I'm looking for your favourite steelers vs Devils memory of years past. Fights, Goals, matches, incidents send them all in and ill get through as many as I can :)

Also would love to hear from anyone listening in different places around the world. I saw Devilsmania on the forum saying he was in Toronto watching the Leafs. Anyone else out there keeping up with MNL in different time zones?

First prediction of the night and Ruth Cochran is going for a 4-3 Devils win :D

Havent heard any word from my texters yet. But Devils still without Mark Smith for this evening, Steelers were missing, Huttel and Neil Clark for last night so chances are they will be missing this evening and Jono Phillips still out long term

John Frank is joining us from Washington state and predicting a two fight minimum. I'm sure the Devils faithful would love to see Frank vs King round 2 and 3

Devilsmania has also been in touch to say she is in fact female not male like I intimated. Whoops! sorry about that! she is predicting a 4-2 devils win. While Helen is watching the gaem in Nottingham and is predicting our game could go to overtime and penalties

Both teams and officials are now on the ice

Darnell is our official this evening (sorry everyone :() and Harding and piggot have dressed for the game this evening which is most excellent news :D

Atmosphere is said to be very good in the tent this evening. Very loud was the description given.

Anthem over let's get down to business :D

Puck dropped line 2 starts with Frank and Kenton smith on D

Devils pressure early on, decaro with a save from Ben Davies

Decaro saves but leaves a rebound which the devils cant put away but they have gone close

End to end game at present

Devils icing call

Steelers penalty. Legue Hooking

Decaro saves

Devils throw the puck accross the crease but no one there to put the puck away :(

Decaro saves. Puck was loose but Darnell blew the whistle anyway. I have a bad feeling about whats to come now the Devils players have complained :P

Devils penalty, Matzka interference at 5:49. being described as a phantom call. What did I say about having a bad feeling :P

Devils back to full strength

yet another decaro save from Davies and yet another rebound but yet again no Devils player to put it away. Decaro working hard

Steelers ice the puck

Another decaro save

the save was from Pierce who did a 180 degree spin centre ice and drove to the net.

Lyles turn to save this time.

Puck straight out of play but not delay of game called. And Decaro with yet another save.

and another Decaro save!

It was pierce once more who is getting very favourable reviews this first period from my texters.

And another Decaro save. Is the puck on a string connected to his glove?

this time its Lyles turn to save. I'm told despite the high number of saves decaro is making, this game is end to end.

Steelers penalty. Jason Hewitt for hooking at 13:18

Devils cycling the puck well making Decaro make more saves.

Devils penalty. Voth Charging @14:11

Lyle Save

Richardson with a huge block

Steelers have the puck in the net but Darnell waves it off. Birbrear penalty for Cross checking, Finnerty penalty for diving.

Devils back to 5 skaters Voth out of the box

puck out of play

Steelers shots coming from the point as they enter the zone. not much set up apart from on the powerplay

Devils offside

Decaro makes one last save. But the period ends Steelers 0 - Devils 0.

So the back row of Block 12 attempted to go downstairs to play a massive game of table football in the period break, however Lucy Fur has taken on all comers and the table is full. Better luck next week Fellas!

so scores from around the league so far: Nottingham 3 Clan 0

Edinburgh 2 - Fife 0

Belfast 3 - Coventry 0. Coventry out of the title race already?

Both teams back for the start of the second period

Puck dropped and away we go

Lyle makes the first save of the second period

Steelers go close, rebound from the post saved by Lyle

gone very quiet

Devils penalty. Kenton smith hooking @23:16. followed immediately by a Decaro save

Intensity lacking in this game this period

another Decaro save and the Devils return to full strength

Chris Frank goes on a rush and almost scores! Twinkle toes Frank causes Steelers to ice the puck

Devils icing this time.

Steelers goal

steelers gain a 2 on 1 Lyle saves initial shot but Sarich puts the rebound home. Sarich scores from Tait and Ramsay

Steelers second goal. Esders from Tait and Finnerty. Sloppy Devils play forces Adams to call a time out.

Puck goes out of play

Devils come back from the time out with more intensity. Pierce forces a save from Decaro

Icing call by Steelers. Darnell and linos miss a too many men call on the Steelers

Piggot is getting a regular shift out there this evening. He goes close and then there is a penalty called on Steelers. Legue Hooking

Devils shooting but none of the chances are quality chances.

Decaro Save. Matzka and pierce running the powerplay


Scrum in front of net and the puck is forced in. Scorers to follow :D

Phil Hill credited with the goal \o/

Time out from G seems to have woken the players up

Piggot has taken Sam Smiths place on the 3rd line for now. Texters unsure if it is injury or a tactical change.

Phil Hill checks Finnerty and Darnell calls interference. Texters claim there was nothing wrong with what happened.

Adams has been credited with an assist on Phil Hills goal. Ben Davies puts in a great PK shift and the Devils are back to full strength

Devils putting huge pressure on the Steelers. Pierce gets an accidental high stick to the face but no call.

Yet another Decaro save.

Shot goes wide for the Devil but the pressure from them remains.

Hill hits the post! :(

Then Decaro makes a double save, second shot looked goal bound. I fear the second period break may be to the Devils disadvantage

Had a text to say that there are a few people in the tent that thought Hills shot that hit the post crossed the line. But this is as yet unconfirmed.

And thats the end of the second period. here's hoping the Devils can carry their momentum into the third period.

More texts coming in to say Hills shot crossed the line. Sadly the fans as yet have no replay system to look again to make a desicion.

Players back for the third

before the game action begins texts reaching me suggests the club will have a new GM and new Sales and Marketting person on board sometime this week

Devils go close!

and now a big save from Lyle!

steelers icing

Gone quiet again :(

The goal light flashes on! But play continues :(

Lots of confusion. Light goes on Darnell not reacting, goal horn goes on and now confusion reigns

No Goal. Goal judge not even consulted.

Steelers penalty. Hewitt Delay of game

Apologies for lack of times with these, i'm not getting any from the texters who's fingers are on fire for the quickness of texts

Lots of Devils pressure. They must take these powerplay opportunities.

Sheffield should have had interference call, called against them. but nothing called. Decaro making save after good save on the powerplay

Now a Lyle Save

Puck goes out of play

Pierce coasts past 4 steelers players and hits the post. But Draws an interference penalty on Colt king. Time running out. Power play goal please!

Another Decaro save. Getting bored of typing that now

Max goes close on PP. Texters feel time may be running out :(


Darnell waves the goal off. Possibly :(

Man in the Crease :(

Score stays 2-1 Steelers

3 goals in all tonight that Darnell has not awarded the Devils :(

3:38 remaining in the game and Darnell calls slashing on Ashley Tait. Devils powerplay in a crucial moment of the game.

Another Decaro save. odds have been stopped on him getting MOM for the Steelers

2:10 remaining

Damn I almost jinxed Decaro he almost gives up the puck to create a scoring chance. But no such luck :(


I'm pretty sure this time it stands

In all this Sarich has alos been given 2+2+10 for attempted Buttending.

But it's 2-2 folks! \o/

trying to get confirmation if goal was on a 5 on 3 powerplay

Goal was 5 on 3. Devils still on a 5 on 4 powerplay

Dobben credited with the Goal :D

1:15 left.

Decaro makes another save. Game time 59:22

Dobben goes close. but thats it for regulation. Devils 2 - Steelers 2. Overtime looms

23 seconds of powerplay left for the Devils

Mark Thomas and Brad voth recieve roughing calls at the end of the period.

Decaro saves a sure goal as teh puck goes accross the crease.

Decaro with another double save!

Steelers return to full strength

Guess what? Decaro save!

Dobben is hurt

Devils go close again!

final 2 minutes in Overtime

Decaro Denies Frank. Frank seems to have been involved in a lot of offence this evening.

Voth and Thomas return from penalty box.

Dobben went straight off after a face off. Possibly slashed, he went straight ot the bench.

Last minute in OT

Game stopped as Finnerty wants to take on the tank. Dont think Finnerty is that stupid.....

Frank cleans finnerty out of the crease they have words after Whistle and Frank Slashes Finnerty twice. Frank gets 5+game and can have no complaints. 13 seconds of the game left.

Penalty shot. Texters wondering what finnerty must have said to get the reaction he did from Frank.

Birbrear, Pierece and STUUUU the shot takers for the Devils

Ramsay for the Steelers....

Misses \o/


Misses :(


Misses :)


Misses :(


Misses :)

so back round we go

oh no wait. Stuuuu can win it with this next shot

MAccrae misses :(

Ramsay Scores! Steelers 1-0 up on shots. Birbrear must score to keep the Devils alive

Max misses Steelers win

Awful penalties from the Devils lads by all accounts.

Apologies for the dodgy updates, I was updating too quickly. If you hit F5 they should all appear.

Well thank you for joining me for MNL this evening. a 3 point weekend for the lads not to be sniffed at too much. I've been Gazza272 look forward to all the reaction on the forum. My thanks to Sharlene, Ger Devils and Vladimir Khalidov in Block 12 for the updates this evening. Join us next week here at MNL for Devils updates :)