Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 2 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

Chris hosting tonight, as always I can be shouted at using

Predictions in already, that's a bit quick! Ruth says Flyers 2-8 Devils...

Russky says Flyers 2-5 Devils tonight...

Just noticed we don't have a logo for Fife on here, oh well, only one team matters anyway :P

Jack Reacher says Flyers 1-7 Devils and some other stuff, it's mostly gibberish though... :P

Stephen also says Devils to win Flyers 1-7 Devils :)

Not much faith in the Fife team we're facing tonight then, although I guess that's to be expected seeing as they've only signed half a team

My internet is extremely shifty at the moment, so if it goes quiet for a couple of minutes, someone in my flat is downloading and i've gone to give them a slap and get my connection back :)

Chris predicting a Devils shutout! Flyers 0-5 Devils!

Fans not allowed into the rink until 6:30pm so fans have found the nearest pub to shelter in, should be fun trying to decipher texts later then :)

Resident Flyers fan SparkyMark has put on the forums that the Devils arrived in time for a proper warmup tonight...

Alan predicting a Flyers 0-6 Devils win and Lyle man of the match, you may have just jinxed it... :)

Andrew from North Bay, Ontario(!) predicting a massive Flyers 0-12 Devils win, he wants to say hi to Ruth and everyone else he's missing from Cardiff as well :)

Ellis says another shutout win for the Devils, this time Flyers 0-8 Devils

If you're looking for a write up on last weekends games, then check out Devils fan Holly's blog which has a review of both games from last weekend by clicking

Keighley watching MNL from Toronto(!!) says Flyers 1-6 Devils tonight

Ruth says "Hi Andrew" and with that, both teams are out for the warmup in the frozen, rainy north :)

Confirmed that Fife are missing their #1 netminder Garrett Zemlak, up steps Blair Daly to hopefully not stop too many Devils shots :D

In news for tomorrows game, the Steelers are warming up against the Blaze in Sheffield without Huttel, Clark or Phillips, hopefully they'll all still be out for tomorrows mega game!

Just incase anyone missed it, the last game the Devils played against the Flyers was 12th February 2005 in a EIHL/BNL crossover game in Fife, Devils 6-4 Flyers!

The last time we lost in Fife was waaaaaaaay back on 21st December 2002, Flyers 2-0 Devils in a BNL league game :)

I won't keep rambling on about stats, but if you've not seen it, thanks to Finny and James a record of just about every Devils game ever played can be found on

Confirmed Matzka is back for us, that's a relief :) I have him and Pierce in my fantasy league team and need them both to score about 20 points this weekend to ensure our rubbish, gibberish talking mod Steve stays bottom of the inferno mods mini league...

Got that Steelers jersey ready yet Steve? :P

Not much news coming from the rink yet, having never been to Fife is it safe to assume it's not as terrible a place as Murrayfield?

A grand total of 4 Devils fans have made the journey up

Wamrup over up in Fife, only Mark Smith missing for the Devils, unsure about Harding and Piggot though

Just testing, it could end in disaster or it could work spectacularly... ENL updates will be in red hopefully

Oh yes, go Chris :D

No Harding or Piggot for tonights EIHL game, presumably they'll be helping the ENL guys win instead then :)

Sparkymark says it's a really poor crowd for Fife, a combination of Scotland playing some other rubbish sports game and possibly fans getting fed up already...

The Fife scoreboard has more broken bulbs than working ones so timings might be a little suspect tonight on penalties/goals/whatever

Carl in Carmarthen predicting Fylers 1-9 Devils :)

Fife zamboni has to leave the ice early for a refill, whether that'll delay the start by a couple of minutes I don't know...

Amazing, the game hasn't even started yet and an Edinburgh fan has lost the plot already at me asking if Fife was better than Murrayfield :)

Zamboni back out to finish the job, what would it have gone for a refill of?

Aha, it went for another canister of gas, not beer as Ruth suggests :)

Fife missing Zemlack and Muir for tonight, Devils missing M Smith

Donna and Megan going for Flyers 1-9 Devils tonight :D

ENL Devils 1-0 from Hayes after 4mins

Officials are on the ice, followed shortly after by the Devils :D

Ref tonight is called Wilson, never heard or seen him...

Fife out on the ice now

ENL Devils now 2-1 up, goals from Hayes and Harding so far

And I think that's the EIHL game running up in Fife, although i'm not entirely certain...

Ah yes, we're definitely off with the 1st period now :)

I've clearly made the right choice tonight to host MNL, Edinburgh are currently beating Nottingham up here in Nottingham...

Literally no news coming from Fife at the moment...

Hill dumps Siddall mid ice :D

Devils having a lot of shots, Daly standing firm so far though :(

Only Dundee and Braehead not playing tonight, everyone else in league action I think...

Flyers fans making loads of noise, Lyle making some good saves, end to end stuff so far

ENL Devils 3-1, Hayes again - 14mins played

Devils penalty at 7:06, Frank 2mins for slashing

Davies very close in a shorthanded breakaway

9mins played up in Fife and the puck is out of play...

Lyle saves the puck, a Flyer falls over and Frank gets another penalty, this time 2mins for interference at 9:16 :(

Another Devils penalty coming...

Not sure what the penalty is, but i've been told it's a Flyers 5on3...

Devils penalty timed at 10:40, bench penalty for too many men, Pierce sits...

the 5on3 is killed, Frank is back \o/

End of the first, ENL Devils 3-1 up :D

Lyle making some good saves and then Pierce comes back \o/

Pierce and Matzka linking up well, both very close when play resumes

Batch floors a flyer in the corner timed at 15:27, hopefully no penalty coming...


No goal details yet so far sorry

Devils 1st goal timed at 16:14, Hill from Macrae and Frank :D

20seconds lest, good save from Daly denies us a second

End of the first period, Flyers 0-1 Devils!

Mark says the 2nd period is typically when Fife are not so good...

Shots on goal for the 1st period, Devils 14 Flyers 7

Other scores at the moment, Stingrays 2-1 Giants, Panthers 3-2 Capitals and Steelers 0-0 Blaze

And here we go with the 2nd period, hopefully a few more Devils goals coming :)

Very quiet from Cardiff and Fife at the moment...

So after getting up at 6am this morning to watch Wales win, it's up at 6am again tomorrow to watch the Formula1, hopefully Vettel will miss out on the points :P

Unfortunately I have nothing to talk about from Fife, but in Cardiff...

ENL Devils 4-1 at 28minutes, Hayes with his hat-trick goal

Daly playing pretty well up in Fife and stopping the Devils so far in the 2nd...

The 2nd period has started slower up in Fife, Flyers called for icing at 21:48

Straight from Fife - "Flyers lacking invention up front. Devils taking more shots, but they're from distance"

Pierce goes half the ice on his knees after being brought down, but Wilson can't be bothered to call a penalty despite watching it, now who does that remind me of...

Pierce taken down again, at the same time Horne skates off injured, but Mark isn't sure what has happened to him...

Siddall floored Frank and then Horne went to the changing rooms followed closely by the doctor...

K Smith gives the puck away infront of net, but Lyle makes a brilliant save to deny the Flyers

Flyers penalty timed at 27:23, Fowley 2mins for hooking

Very quiet from both rinks again

Daly making save after save, Flyers went close when shorthanded, now they're back to full strength though...


Carnage in Cardiff, fighting erupts and several players thrown out

Devils 2nd goal timed at 31:49, Batch from Voth and Macrae :D

Is that Batch's first goal for the Devils?

Handbags after our 2nd goal, Voth and a random Flyers player...


Just waiting on details for our 3rd goal, in other news ENL Devils 2nd period abandoned with 3 minutes to play after "the ref lost the plot"

Devils 3rd goal timed at 34:08, Pierce from Birbraer and Matzka :D

Oh, Carl and Ruth, no one cares about Button, everyone knows it's about Alonso and Di Resta these days :P

Devils penalty at 37:24, Adams 2minutes for hooking

In other news, Brad tried to force the puck through Daly... I'm not quite sure what to make of that comment :P

Another Devils penalty, Dobben 2minutes for holding at 37:48

And Fife score on the resulting 5on3 :(

Flyers 1st goal timed at ... Stewart from Hamilton

Flyers goal was timed at 38:54

Right the actual details for Flyers goal are... Flyers 1st goal timed at 38:54, Stewart from Cohen and Hamilton - PPG

Shots on goal for the 2nd period, Devils 16, Flyers 7

Or, shots on goal according to the Flyers fan, Devils 7+7, Flyers 14+16, sounds like some dodgy counting to me... :P

Aha, i've got the shots on goal the wrong way around, at least the Flyers fan knows what he's doing. Devils have had 14+16, Flyers have had 7+7, that doesn't sound remotely dodgy :P

Devils 3rd goal came from a mistake by the Fife netminder Daly, puck rebounded and as he dived to poke check it, Pierce arrived at the speed of light and scored...

In Cardiff the ENL game resumes, 3minutes of the 2nd period to play and then straight into the 3rd period, hopefully with less chaos...

The most exciting aspect of the night up in Fife, chuck-a-puck!

Not sure I should say who's just told me, but i've been assured that Fife is miles better than Murrayfield, i'm sure that's Jinty I can hear going ape... :P

Both teams out for the 3rd period and we're off!

Not a problem Claire, our primary aim is to help Devils fans who need a big of "disgustingly biased" coverage in their lives :P

Daly scrambles around but makes the save. denying the Devils a 4th :(

What the, Fife score a 2nd... :(

Flyers 2nd goal timed at 41:09, Hamilton from Horne and Stewart

Flyers go close, Devils gain possession and then go close at the other end of the ice...

Voth gets nailed and Flyers ice the puck, unsure what time though

Voth tries to get revenge, misses the check but kills the boards

And goes straight off the ice, followed by Macky...

Voth comes back, phew!

Flyers penalty timed at 46:33, Cohen 2mins for roughing

Devils offside, Flyers are playing some good hockey according to texters

Flyers kill the penalty with ease

Frank absolutely nails an unfortunate Flyer and Lyle makes a brilliant save, sounds like we might be under a bit of pressure from texts...

50mins played up in the frozen north

ENL Devils currently leading 7-1 in Cardiff, Harding and Piggot have both scored

Another good save from Lyle, too much action at our end of the rink though...

Davies floored by Flyers #14 who has no name on his jersey, shortly after Voth sees his shot saved, and then Pierce has a shot saved...

Hill and Siddall have words after Siddall plants Hill into the plexi

Another big save from Lyle, 56mins played

56minutes played in Cardiff also, ENL Devils lead 7-3

Flyers penalty timed at 57:17, Wands 2mins for slashing after Lyle save...

Into the final 2minutes up in Fife...

Pierce hits the crossbar :(


No details for 4th goal yet, but Fife have called a timeout straight afterwards...

Devils 4th goal timed at 59:07, Matzka from K Smith :D

Devils penalty timed at 59:35, Flyers pull Daly after...

Devils penalty timed at 59:35, Frank 2mins for slashing

But it's all over, Devils keep up their winning run against Fife and win 2-4 :)

2nd assist on Devils 4th goal goes to Pierce, should now read... Devils 4th goal timed at 59:07, Matzka from K Smith and Pierce

Devils man of the match goes to Dobben

Final score in Cardiff, ENL Devils 8-3 Dynamos

Flyers man of the match goes to Daly

Final period shots on goal, Devils 9, Flyers 10

That's all from me, join Gazza272 tomorrow for coverage of the Devils v Steelers mega game...

Hope everyone enjoyed, Chris out.