Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 2 Braehead Clan

Join me from 5pm onwards was MNL bring you the end episode of this weekends clashes between the Devils and the Clan

Send your score predictions as usual to me (OJ) at to arrive before face off please

Just checking on my texters

Russky thinks the Devils will triumph 4-1

Warmup in progress

Apparently no sign of Scott Matzka

If he was injured in 1st period last night my texters didn't notice - I apologise

Gareth says Devils 3-0

Mark D calls it 4-0 with a massive scrap won by the Devils

Steelers 1 Flyers 0 after 1 period

Devils been told to change sweaters and will wear their CHallenge Cup white

Michael Hicks made them change out of Black. To be honest I am surprised that this hasn't happened before as the rules say that the Home team must wear the lightest colour sweaters

Warm up completed

Keith calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Ice looks awful as usual

Predictions slow tonight

Ruth have you finished your Marathon yet?

This is my last MNL for a few weeks, No I am not off the New Zealand by racing and South of France are calling

Another small crowd at the BBT

Had a good winner today - I took 85/1 on him although his SP was 50/1 - Kie 14:40 at Kelso

It helps to pay the bills

Michael Hicks as expected is the ref

Scott Matzka appears to be a scratch through injury

Lucy Fur back for the Devils

Jed calls it 3-2 Devils after OT

Teams on the ice


DElay for some reason

Maybe waiting for 6pm

FO delayed for vital maintenance I am told

Away we go for 1st period

Lyle save

John there is a cracking goal in the footie

Devils go close again

DEvils go close is a standard message on my keyboard

Clan icing after a period of end to end hockey

Clan wonder offside at 3:12

Devilk creating chances - bury that biscuit please

Now Devils go offside

Save by Clan - Suomalainen (Suo in future)

Apologies but Mobile Network problems has reared its head already

Devils with most of the early pressure

Gametime 7:02

Scott Matzka is ill apparently not injured

Clan penalty coming

Galbraith - hooking @ 7:14

Need to shoot more on pp

Clan return to full strength (FS)

Gametime 10:50

Clan penalty @ 11:29 - Zajac - interference

Suo save

Clan kill penalty and are back to FS

Gametime 15:02

Steelers 3 Fife 0 after 2 periods

Scramle in front of Clan net

Scramble even

Clan penalty @ 16:07 - Wedderburn - delay of game

How many pp opportuniities do you need Devils?

Voth floors Bruce

Kyle Bruce went for Voth but ends up flat on the ice

Voth might be in trouble here

Clan penalty - Bruce - roughing @ 17:15

Voth 5 + game for high sticks @ 17:15


Hit F5 if MNL is showing last nights score

Devils 1st goal scored by Pierce, assists k Smith & Macrae @ 18:00

Final minute of 1st period

Clan back to FS

Clan on pp for 3 minutes

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Clan 0

Voth was deemed to be unlucky to get 5+Game for high sticks as all he did was raise his stick for protection when Kyle came steaming ib after Voth had delivered a legan hit on a Clan player

As Andy says Matzka is ill and Voth is confused after that call

As Bruce was given a roughing minor he was clearly the instigator

Matzka now reported as having mild concussion - a head ache - should be back next weekend

Clan's Bayrack didn't ice last night or tonight - still waiting for visa I am told

Latest scores - Blaze 1 Stars 2; Steelers 3 Flyers 0: Stingrays 0 Panthers 0; Capitals 0 Giants 0

Teams are back

2nd period underway


Devils 2nd goal @ 21:06 scored by Adams assists Birbraer & Daves - a shorthanded goal

Devils go close

Lyle save

Devils back to FS

Clan penalty @ 25:42 - Bruce - Roughing

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Puck out of play

Gametime 28:44

Devils pp unit is not firing on all cylinders

Clan penalty @ 28:52 - Krestanovich - hooking

S;lap that pp into overdrive

Devils shot blocked and puck goes out of play

Clan return to FS

amtme 31:03

Lyle save

Clan icing


Devils 3rd goal @ 33:47 scored by Macrae assist Richardson

Steelers 5 Flyers 0 - final score

Macrae goes close again

Suo save

Devils looking for their 4th goal


I told you it was coming

Devils 4th goal @ 38:32 scored by Pierce assists Birbraer & Dobben

Final minute od 2nd period

Devils penalty @ 39:38 - Adams - holding

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Clan 0

A good solid 3 goal period

JohnWildthing if you are tuned into MNL let me know, missed my star texter tonight

Ice ready

teama back on ice

3rd underway

Clan goal

Clan goal scored by Campbell assists Wedderburn & Phillips @ 41:48

Clan penalty @ 42:55 - Jorgensen - hooking

Devils hit pipes

Another Clan penalty coming

Clan penalty @ 44:36 - Krestanovich - tripping

Devils 5 on 3


Scored by Richardson @ 44:45

Correction 44:46

A ppg

Devils ppg was scored on a 5 on 4 Clan back to Fs

Assists on Devils 5th goal go to K Smith & Pierce

Galbraith thought about going with Chris Frank but chickens out

Suo save

Myers replace Lyle in Devils net

Time of n/M change 51:15

Clan Goal

Clan 2nd goal @ 53:18 scored by Krestanovich assists Campbell & Bannister

Devils still pushing for more goals

Myers save

Another MYERS save

Suo save

Last 2 minutes of game

Final minute

Low key ending to game

30secs left

Final score DEVILS 5 Clan 2


awaiting Devils MoM

Our thanks go to our texters tonight - Sharlene, Ger-Devils, Any and DevilsDom


Thats all from me OJ until the next time