Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 1 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to match night live for the Devils first game of the weekend against the Capitals. Send in your thoughts and ideas to Hopefully the devils will be able to add to the brilliant result achieved by Wales. Good news today came in that Vother will be recieving limited ice time at Edinburgh today and at Phoenix tommorow

Andy from Bristol emails in saying hi to everyone at match night live and is an exiled Devils fan happy with the fact that Vother will be getting back on the ice tonight.

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Rhodri Thomas says hello predicting a comfortable 6-1 devils win with the devils conserving their energy for a tough game with the phoenix tomorrow. I totally agree with you Rhodri that a devils win will back up the great rugby result

Harriet from Bristol has dropped into match night live to say hello and is predicting an Edinburgh win to help her get over her hangover after a heavy night last night. BOOOOOOOOO Harriet

Hello to Gareth from the cold cold Ogmore valley who predicts a 3-2 win for the devils for all those who have travelled up on the coach for the weekend, who i am told are having a bit of trouble finding the rink

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The temperatures in the rink is deffinatley colder than those out, theres not even 200 fans in the rink and 50 of those are Devils fans. Come on boys do us proud

Liam predicts a 5-2 win for the Devils, with Silverthorn grabbing 2 and a Prpich hat trick

Guess who the ref is...... that's right Hnason, however did you guess

Ahh the number of devils fans has risen to around 70

Vother and Cowmeadow icing for the Devils, i feel this will be a good night for the Devils

Starting line for the Devils of Latulippe, Campbell and Prpich

It's 1-1 in the game between the Stingrays and the Phoenix

Devils putting the Capitals under immediate pressure forcing the Capitals to ice the puck in the first 17 seconds


Devils goal - Vother - 1.10

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The assist for Voth's goal was possibly Jarvis but the tannoy and and announcer are pretty poor

Devils penalty - Stone: 1.45 Boarding

Geraint emails in to predict a 4-1 win for the Devils, with Voth grabbing 2 and Latulippe and Prpich scoring one each

4 minutes into the game and neither netminder has had to make a save yet. The only shot coming from Voth's goal

Capitals penalty Interference - 4:47 Hurtubise

Keith and family from Aberystwyth say hello to all MNL users. Hi guys hopefully the devils will do us proud

Fulton comes extremely close but a scrambling save denies him

Devils Penalty 7.22 Fulton - Hooking

Some dodgy passes have led to a few chances for the Capitals but they have squandered them all. 8 minutes in a huge check by Campbell

Devils kill the Penalty and Hartwick is forced to ice the puck

Russky James predicts a 5-2 Devils win but urges the Devils not to take the Caps to lightly especially with Hanson

Hartwick not having a great game gifting the capitals a breakaway which they miss by letting the puck go through his legs

Devils Penalty 10:06 Prpich - Holding

Mr Phillips from the echo is up at Edinburgh watching the Devils, I wonder if he will fly back for the South Wales derby tomorrow

Capitals go offside wasting a good chance, 26 seconds of the penalty left to kill for the Devils

Devils successfully kill the penalty with a good save from Aubry

Another good save by the Caps netminder, Fulton looking good infront of the net

Another great save by Pasi, Fulton must score soon surely. Why do netminders have such great game against us

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Francis hits the pipes at around 14:30

Brilliant save from Aubry at 15 minutes

Devils bench penalty 15:23 - Too many men - Served by Cowmeadow

Latulippe is playing extremely well and will surely grab a goal tonight

3 minutes left in the period, the Caps look lost with the Devils just cruising through the game

Devils kill another penalty

Hurtubise recieves a 2 minute penalty for Interference and a 10 minute penalty for Misconduct at 18:41

Final minute of the period

Sorry the final minute of the 1st period,


Bullet of a shot from Prpich at 19:26

Unsure on the assist of Prpich's goal, the announcer isn't having a great game

Gareth emails in to say he wishes it was last minute of the game as this result would do us. I know Gareth so do I, i went through a nightmarish couple of minutes then

End of the 1st period. Devils look like they are saving themselves for the game with Phoenix tomorrow. Latulippe and Fulton playing well, whereas Hartwick has forgotten how to pass

Andy from Bristol has emailed in again. He is enjoying the great devils display and would just like to take this time to promote thogging, Not sure what that is andy but im sure it sounds fun

2nd period starts. Devils penalty 20:02 Latulippe - Tripping

Fulton goes close again at 21 minutes, surely hes got to score soon

Hurtubise who recieved 2+10 is for some reason is back on the ice. Devils is back on the ice

Devils Penalty Maciver 22:15 - roughing

Capitals have seemed to wake up with all of these powerplays

Devils are still in control after 24 minutes gone , another good save by Aubry

Penalty killed by Devils, the caps fans are chanting against Silverthorn but their chant makes no sense

25 minutes gone and Cowmeadow enters the ice for his 1st shift

Russky emails in to thank everyone at match night live. No problem Russky its a pleasure

Campbell goes incredibly close after 26 minutes but no luck yet

Devils stray offside after sustaining a period of pressure


Devils goal by Francis at 27:45 with assists going to Teplitsky and Voth

Scores from around the rink: Stingrays 1 - 2 Phoenix Bison 1 - 1 Steelers Panthers 0 - 0 Vipers

Prpich hits the pipes at 29:10

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Capitals goal 30:09 Christiansen

Hanson not calling any penalties against the Capitals suprise suprise

Sorry a mistake on the texts the first goal was scored by Neil Hay unassisted, Devils defensive mistake with 3 Capitals players sitting infront of Aubry

Aubry makes another save after 33 minutes, Devils defence is suddenly starting to panic

Puck gets forced out of play no penalties called

The sound of bagpipes are starting to get to the Devils fans it seems. Devils ice the puck at 35 minutes

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Handbags at the game with a lot of pushing and shoving going on

Campbell started the issues pushing a caps player over to which maciver and latulippe got involved

Penalties at 35:08: Devils Maciver - Roughing Capitals Hurtubise - Roughing

Pasi saves again Fulton going so close again

Aubry pulls out 2 cracking saves after 36 minutes

Rhodri emails in pleading with the Devils not to let the Capitals get to them and hold on for the win

Devils Penalty Latulippe Interference 36:52

The Latulippe penalty was apparently utter shambles as the Caps player was holding on

Stefishen is not icing for the Caps, they are getting checked hard and they don't like it

Phoenix are 4-1 up against the Stingrays

Vipers 1-0 up against the panthers with Campbell and Bergin dropping the gloves with eachother

Penalty killed, final minute of the 2nd period

Capitals penalty Hurtubise 39:10 Interference

Phoneix now 5-1 up against Stingrays

Pasi pulls out 2 more cracking saves. Stones passing is leaving alot to be desired at the moment

Buzzer sounds for the end of the 2nd period on a Capitals breakaway

Devils falling for the Capitals tactics and taking stupid penalties, its getting colder in the rink and frostbite may set in

Phoenix are now 7-1 up against the Stingrays, that will be interesting tomorrow

3rd period start with 1.10 left on the powerplay

Penalty killed and Pasi makes a few good saves

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The capitals new signing doesnt appear to be playing but we may be wrong

44 minutes gone, its a really scrappy game no real chances for either team

Devils penalty Jarvis 46:09 Holding, Capitals player was holding Jarvis stick and then dived

Handbags at the game again

Aubry saved and Capitals players rushed the net which resulted in Handbags, no penalties

Devils kill penalty 48 minutes gone

Capitals shot goes high and wide, since being 5 on 5 capitals look weaker

Pasi saves the puck with his face, around 10 minutes left in the game

Devils penalty 50:03 Silverthorn for roughing

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50:34 Capitals player hits puck out but yet no penalty

Phoenix win 7-1 against the Stingrays , looks like tomorrow will be tough for the Devils

Devils kill penalty, no doubt another rediculous call will come in soon

Bison 1 - 3 Steelers Panthers 3 - 1 Vipers

Campbell puts in another huge hit on Neil Hay, he was down but fortunatley up and not injured. 7 minutes left

Bison have pulled a goal back against the Steelers, come on you can do it

Devils penalty Jarvis 52:59 - tripping, Hanson up to his usual tricks

Aubry rebounds and then saves 54 minutes gone


Devils goal - Prpich 54:51 shorthanded assisted by Teplitsky

4 minutes gone, Capitals fans gone awfully quiet

Panthers are now 4-1 up against the vipers, i can forsee some fighting up at Nottingham. Devils fans having taken things into their own hands and start a mexican wave

Devils fans start a conga hopefully that will spark some life into the atmosphere into the rink


last minute of the game

Pasi makes loads of saves in the last minute

Final score Capitals 1 - 4 Devils. Additionl assist to Prpich's goal - Fulton

Devils man of the match - Teplitsky Capitals man of the match - Pasi

Thank you everyone. tune in tomorrow for updates from the devils game against the Phoenix