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Braehead Clan 3 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we report on the Devils first visit to Scotland this season.

OJ here in the MNL box trying to make contact with our intrepid texters in Glasgow.

Whilst I do that why not send me your score prediction to

Russky thinks it will be a hard earned Devils victory - no score prediction forthcoming

In the event of server problems coverage will continue on Twitter @infernoMNL

Ger-Devils is in Glasgow for us, so it be quiet pre-game at The Pilot

Hopefully MNL will be able to bring you some coverage of the ENL DEvils v Oxford at the BBT

GrizzlyBear predicts a 5-1 Devils victory

From a quiet Pilot the prediction is Devils 4 Clan 2

With three games in Scotland tonight it will be interesting who our referee will be. Just hope Darnell hasn't got a passport

I have managed to get a prediction out of Russky 3-2 to the Devils

Reports from Glasgow that face off will be delayed due to travel problems

Jed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia thinks Devils will win 4-3 in OT

Trying to find out whether the Devils team have arrived

Devils have just arrived at Braehead

No scratches reported for Devils other than Piggot and Harding on ENL duty at the BBT

I don't know whether Rhys is winding me up by saying that Michael Hicks is the ref.

E-mail me if you know of someone at the BBT for ENL game

Clan are on ice for warm up

Kat calls it 4-1 to the Devils whilst Steph thinks it will be a close 3-2 win for the Red Army

Danny is very specific with a 5-3 win for the Devils with the 5th goal being an ENG

There is always one doom and gloom miser - Jon thinks the Clan will win 4-3

Devils now warming up

John Frank thinks one of our beloved Devils will get a Gordy Howe hattrick tonite

John I can't see us losing if we get a hat-trick

Donna & Megan the eternal optimists calls it 6-2 to the Devils

Apologies to everyone I assumed that a Gordy Howe hat-tyrick was a staright 3 goal streak apparently it is a goal, an assist and a fight.

If that is the case who are the likely candidates - my top three would be Brad Voth, Chris Frank, Max Birbraer who are yours?

Keith wants a big win tonight

I assume the delay in FO will only be a few minutes

Ger-Devils has not spotted any other Devils fans at Braehead. What about BordersDevils does he still live in the area?

**ENL DEVILS v Oxford City Stars at the BBT tonight

Ceremonial fac e off in that game to be done by actor Matthew Rhys - star of US hit series Brothers & Sisters

Clan leave the ice

Hollywood actor Matthew Rhys was a member of the Junior Devils IHC when he lived here in Cardiff during the late 1980's

Face off now scheduled for 7:15

Car calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Confirmed - Michael Hicks is the referee

Andy Carson is the ref in the Nottingham v Coventry game

K-Wall not starting for Panthers - Green in net

Ice is ready

Darnell has Steelers v Stingrays

Staniforth is referee in Stars v Capitals game

Lets hope this mean we have Dean Smith in the BBT tomorrow night

Ramsay puts Steelers ahead @ 1:30

Officials on the ice

Clan take to the ice followed by your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Rhys says that Hicks will be in charge on Sunday as well

Anthem time

Anthems done

Game starts

Devils go close with first attack

Game starts end to end

Devils go close again

Clan offside

Lyle save

Devils offside

Bruce tries to hit Matzka but comes off worse

Clan run Lyle

Lyle save

Suomalomen (Suo) save for Clan

Devils penalty coming

Matzka tripping minor @ 7:00

Blood everywhere - game stopped

Shot blocked and hit in head

Clan pp shot hit Frank in mouth we think awaiting confirmation

Clearing ice

Game restarts

Lyle save

20 secs left on pk

Devils back to full strength

Devils go close

Voth shoots wide after Clan turnover in neutral ice

Gametime 9:44

Devils penalty @ 11:20 - Hill - hooking

Lyle save

1 minute of pk done

Clan Goal

Scored by Bayrack @ 12:59

Correction goal scored by Adam Walker unassisted

Devils penalty @ 14:33 - K Smith - slashing

devils have had clear chances which thry should have converted

Chris Frank is back ob the ice it takes more that a little puck to stop him

Clan PPG at 15:23 scored by McPherson assists Campobell & Bruce

Gametime 17:45

Suo save, rebound cleared

Clan's Haywwod taken a knock, game stopped

We are off again

Devils breakaway - Suo save

Final minute of 1st period

Devils go close yet again


End of st period Clan 2 DEVILS 0

John all I know is that he got hit blocking a shot, went off for treatrment and not back in the action.

Told Devils were outshot 14-3 in the 1st period

Texters reprt that Chris Frank is fine

** ENL DEVILS 0 Oxford 1

2nd period underway at Braehead

Sam denied by Suo save

2nd period starts with high pace end to end action

We want a goal u DEVILS - we want it now

Devils penalty @ 22:51 - Dobben - slashing


Puck out of play @ 23:12

Clan pressure but Devils clear

Gametime 24:25

Lyle save

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Another Lyle save @ 25:08

Pierce does everything other than scoring

Batch floors a Clan member

Its getting feisty

Ruth is running a marathon in London at 8:30 in the morning we are taking bets whether she will have finished before Sundays 6pm face off

Devils 2 omn 1 foiled, we should have scored

Gametime 29:23

Devils not winning enough face offs

Brit line of Burrows, Smith & Davies now icing

Panthers 3 Blaze 4 after 30 minutes

Clan block 3 shots and finally clear zone

Clan penalty @ 31:14 - Wedderburn - holding

Let that PP into overdrive u Devils

40 secs of pp

Clan back to FS

Gametime 33:36

** ENL DEVILS 0 Oxford 1 at end of 2nd period

** ENL DEVILS all over Oxford but can't seem to be able to score

Is that a Club disease I ask myself

Devils shoot wide

Clan icing

Gametime 36:03

Now Panthers 3 Blaze 5

Devils stroll offside!!!

Lyle save

Final minute of 2nd period

Hicks missing many offences

Birbraer tripped nothing called

End of 2nd period Clan 2 DEVILS 0

At the end of 2nd period its Panthers 4 Blaze 7 - Owen Fussey has scored 4 including a straight hatrick between 33:59 and 38:02

This game is there to be won

It will make the long trip home go much quicker if we can get something out of this game.

Looking back I don't klnow how I managed those trips back from Scotland/ Newcastle/Durham and then into work on Monday morning.

Remember my job was to stay awake and speak to the driver so he wouldn't go to sleep. If the talking stopped Mo would appear from the back of vthe coach to see what was happening.

Going to work wa one thing going to Court was another matter

Teams back for 3rd period

3rd period starts

Puck out of play within seconds of restart

** Luke Piggot scores for ENL Devils

** ENL DEVILS 1 Oxford 1

SoG for 2nd period Clasn 13 Devils 11

Lyle save, then he is roughed up


Clan icing

Give us a goal U DEVILS

Devils pressure - but nothing to show for it

Pierce floors a clan

Devils go close @ 49:03

Clan penalty on the way

WEdderburn interference @ 49:34

WE want a ppg


Devils ppg scored by Birbraer assists K Smith and Richardson @ 50:43

Birbraer almost gets Devils and his 2nd goal

Come on U DEVILS lets get another goal

Sam Smith goes close


Clan look absolutely cream crackered

Devils pressure

Now its Dobben's turn to go close

Suo save with his helmet, game not stopped


Ben Davies maintaining his good form says Ger-Devils

Another Devils pp coming

Clan penalty @ 57:14 - Wedderburn - interference

Come on u Devils give us a PPG now

Last 2 minutes

Devils toime out

@ 58:38

Game restarts

*** Final score ENL DEVILS 2 Oxford 2

** Jamie Hayes got ENL DEVILS 2nd goal

ENG goal for Clan

End of game Braehead Clan 3 CARDIFF DEVILS 1

Clan ENG scored by Bannister assist Galbraith @ 59:46

Devils MoM - PHIL HILL

Clan MoM Jaakko Suomalainen (net minder)

Our thanks go to our texters at Braehead - Ger-Devils, Borders-Devil and the Clan's very own Chris D

Join me tomorrow night when these two teams pick up their sticks again in Cardiff Bay

Good night from me OJ - rember to get up at 6am to support the boys in Wellington