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Coventry Blaze 0 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join us at MNL from 5pm as we bring you the Devils visit to Coventry

Score predictions always welcomed to before face off

MNL texters en-route to Skydome

Mark Cavendish - World Champion

In addition to the game at Coventry MNL tonight will feature the ENL DEVILS as they take on the Bracknell Hornets at the BBT

As usual ENL Devils comments and scores will start **

Luke Piggot on ENL duty tonight

Danny predicts a tight game with the Devils winning by the odd goal in five

Russky also thinks the Devils will win by a single goal

Any server failure and MNL will continue on twitter @infernoMNL

Famine in Penarth - no food tonight at The Pilot

No drought though

You can't please Chris S - last night he was bored now he is complaining that it is freezing in the Skydome

A single goal Devils win is populat tonight, Ruth calls it 3-2 Devils

Simon predicts a 4-2 Devils win sealed by an ENG

Happy Birthday for next Tuesday - Ruth. I suppose another day off. What about my BT shares?

Both teams on the ice for warmup

The Skydome in engulphed in an ice mist

That takes me back

Bfore you all shout at me, tonights game is a Challenge Cup game NOT a League game

Bfore you all shout at me, tonights game is a Challenge Cup game NOT a League game

I don't know how to change the Header without losing everything

Both teams are in White for the warmup

Chris S has frostbite

Uni students often get frostbite, well they did in my days up North

No scratches for the Devils full squad of 16 skaters + 2 netminders

As was reported earlier Luke Piggot is on ENL Devils duty

Half warmup completed

Michelle, that what we want to hear, scoreline is irrelevant so long as Devils win

Carl calls if 4-3 to the Devils with a Frank fight

Dick & Sue Matzka calls if 5-2 to the Devils

The Matzkas also wish the players, coaches and fans "A Happy & Productive Fall"

No Ruth not that the type of fall you have after you have been drinking

All the Blaze players are skating around and shooting other than John Gordon who is finishing off his bucket of chicken

Warm up completed

Donna is going for a 3-2 Devils win

Sky Sports filmimg for next weeks highlights programme

Not many in Skydome so far

Blaze want The Pilot to pay 150 to show the game - tell them to sling their hook

Michael Hicks is ref

Alan T calls it 3-1 Devils

Carl suggest the low attendeence is because Blaze fans are at Dale Farm protesting

Very poor crowd at Skydome

around 30 Devils fans have made it to Coventry

Officials take to the ice followed by Devils

Intro time for Blaze

Blaze intro compared with a rubbish childrens disco

Blaze are in light blue and white pyjamas

That down to Jimmy Hill and the Sky Blues

Anthem time

Blaze make noise during the Anthem

Devils fans sing ours

Time to Rock & Roll

We are off for 1st period

Birbraer floors Dave Phillips

Pierce goes close already

Puck out of play @ 0:59

Hill floors Gordon

Does someone help him up

Macrae flattens Domish

Davies floors McLean

Fulghum gets revenge and floors Davies

Blaze go close, its end to end action

Devils fans easily outshouting home fans

Good save Hirsch from Pierce

Gametime 3:57

Mandy has a 4-3 win for Devils

Blaze hand pass @ 4:29

Carl questions whether Ben Davies could floor anyone

Lyle save @ 4:51

Another Lyle save @ 4:55

My understanding is that Ben has been doing a great job penalty killing

Voth floors Kralj

Blaze penalty @ 6:23 - bench penalty for too many men

Fantastic save by Hirsch

Another hot netminder is just what we need!!!

Puck out of p[lay @ 7:13

Half of pp gone

Hirsch save frpom Pierce @ 7:50

33 secs of pp

Blaze return to full strength (fs)

Linos giving some dodgy offside calls to both teams

Devils offside @ 8:55

Fife take a 1-0 lead against Hull

Sam Smith unlucky

10 minutes played

Blaze have a goal disallowed @ 10:48

Goal Judge put his light on when the puck was in Lyle's glove

Blaze much more threatening going forward

Frank hits pipes

Puck out of play @ 12:41

Chris says its so quiet you can hear every word the players are saying

Voth goes close on the 14 minute mark

Devils penalty @ 14:04 - Hill - hooking


Hill stopped a breakaway with a hook

Phillips now floors Birbraer 1 each

Apologies its Hull 1 Fife 0

Devils penalty @ 15:08 - Voth - hooking - Blaze have 5 on 3 for 56 secs

Hill returns

Devils creating sh chances

Devils back to full strngth

amazing Lyle save @ 17:49

End to end as both teams go looking for that opening goal

Final minute

Devils offside @ 19:36

End of 1st period Blaze 0 DEVILS 0

Whats happening at The Oval?

Capitals 1 Clan 1 after 1 period

Better game that last night but the lack of atmosphere ruins the game

There might have well be no Blaze fans present as far as vocal support for their team is concerned

Hull 1 Fife 0 end of 1st

West Indies batting

Somerset just beat KK Riders in Champions IPL in India

Ice is ready for 2nd period

Some nasty things being said about John Gordon I will not repeat them, Many years ago I had to apologise to a club for saying in the programme that the only thing their big D was good for was for the team to skate around him in practice

Officials are back

Both teams return

On the Blaze 5 on 3 Devils were the most threatening

here we go for 2nd period

Blaze icing @ 20:12

Jurynec, Voth & Birbraer have words

Blaze penalty @ 20:53 - Jurynec - roughing

He took a cheap shot at Max and Voth went staright over

PP not in gear tob=nite let alone overdrive

Blaze back to fs

Devils pp a total waste of space

Fulghum nails Davies

Hirsch save @ 23:22

Good save Lyle

Blaze offside @ 25:02

Dobben hits pipes


Devils 1st goal @ 27:11 - Matzka, assists Birbraer & Pierce

Devils icing @ 28:01

Blaze go close

Puck out of play @ 28:30

As mentioned earlier MNL will be covering ENL Devils v Bracknell Hornets about to face off at the BBT

Devils offside @ 29:02

Devils icing @ 29:23

West Indies 44/3 after 10 overs

Blaze penalty @ 29:59 - McClean - boarding

Decline the penalty and have a scrum instead you might as well with our pp

Hirsch save at 30;05

Adams floors Fulghum

PP coming to an end

Blaze penalty @ 31:17 - Cowley - slashing

Devils 5 on 3 for 42 secs

Hirsch save @ 31:53

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Gametime 34::02

Matzka goes close

Frank and Fulghum having words

Blaze offside @ 36:01

Devils penalty @ 36:14 - Batch - tripping

Blaze shot goes out of play @ 36:35

Farmer goes for Matzka @ 17:02 M Smith scares him away

** ENL DEvils 1 Bracknell 0 - Hayes assists Deacon & Lockwood

game time 38:02

Devils back to fs

WEst Indies 68/4 after 15 overs - pathetic

Final minte of 2nd period

Forgot can't use the word pathetic it gets me into trouble, well in Belfast anyway

Hirsch save as buzzer goes to end period

Blaze 0 DEVILS 1 after 2 periods

SoG for 1st period Blaze 11 Devils 9

** ENL DEvils 1 Bracknell 0 after 1 period

Officials back

AWay we go for 3rd

Hirsch save @ 40:14

Lyle save @ 40:44 and another @ 40:50

Devils offside @ 41:39

Very scrappy game at the moment

West Indies get 113/6 in their 20 overs

Blaze icing @ 42:32

Where is Keith tonight?

No racing at Ffos Las for me tomorrow - Judicial duties call

Krajl having words with Frank, not a wise move

Gametime 44:02

Chris thinks Blaze announcer is the most annoying evers - what about Simmsy

Blaze offside @ 44:56

Davies nails Griffin Lyle save @ 45:27

Next goal wins it says Johnwildthing

Hirsxh save from Pierce @ 45:51

Next goal wins it says Johnwildthing

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Its turnover after turnover from both teams

Hirsxh save @ 47:16

Those of you watching the webcast - how accurate are my texters?

Gordon falls over all by himself

Tweet me on texters

Chris is getting more fustrated by the minute - its either the game or that he has to go back to UNI

K Smith foiled on clear shot - his stick broke

Gametime 49:03

Hill nails Cowley

Last 10 minutes

I wander how many Friday cars made in Coventry made it to their 1st birthday?

Lyle save @ 50:16

Devils out shot Blaze 13-5 in 2nd period

Ben Davies playing well

** ENL DEVILS 1 Bracknell 1 after 28 minutes

Devils penalty @ 51:33 - K Smith - tripping

Davies skating all over the ice on PK

Fife netminder 5+Game for roughing with blocker

Blaze penalty @ 54:00 - Phillips - interference

** ENL Devils 2 Bracknell 1 - 2nd goal C Jones . assists Ha & Dixonrding

** eNL DEvils 2 Bracknell 2

Devils pp sucks

Blaze back to FS


@ 57:20 scored by Sam Smith assists Davies & K Smith

devils offside @ 57:47

Lyle save @ 58:28

Blaze fans leaving

Devils penalty @ 58:28 - Matzka - slashing

Blaze timeout

Final minute

Blaze offside @ 59:07

Gametime 59:30

** ENL DEVILS $ Bracknell 2

Final Score - Blaze 0 DEVILS 2

Good shutout for Stevie Lyle


That must have been around a 25 shot shut out - well done Stevie

** ENL Davils 3rd goal from Deacon, 4th goal - Luke Piggot

Nothing on Blaze MoM yet they are doing birthdays, don't they realise fans have gone


JohnWildthing though Ben Davues was outstanding

our thanks go to our texters at Coventry - Chris S, JohnWildthing, Devils2001 and Diafol

If you wamt to keep up with the ENL game that are tweets on twitter from Ger-Devils - the InfernoCoUK and CardiffDevilENL

Thats all from me (OJ) back next weekend for back to back games against Braehead Clan