Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 2 Hull Stingrays

Why not join me (OJ) from 6pm as we bring you the Challenge Cup encounter from BBT when the Hull Stingrays visit Cardiff Bay.

Score predictions before face off to

Time permitting I will be tweeting as well. Yes I have caught the bug

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the Challenge Cup tie bewtween the Hull Stingrays and our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Russky predicts a bucketful of goals for the Devils

Hopefully our MNL server will not let us down tonight - in the event that some disaster does strike we will continue on Twitter please become a follower on InfernoMNL

Texters reporting in - they are keen although I expect one of them is still at The Pilot suffing his face

Any texters at The Pilot

No further predicions

If you are going to Coventry on Sunday and can help us out at MNL get in touch

believe Dean Smith is the man in charge tonight - awaiting confirmation

Warm up starts

Devils in White; Stingrays in Blue & Yellow

DEan Smith confirmed as ref

Max Birbraer is out there for warmup

Very quiet on MNL emails and few tweets @infernoMNL

Half of warmup completed

N o Luke Piggott for Devils tonigh as he is on ENL duty

*** Chelmsford 1 ENL DEvils 1 after 1 period

Warmup over

Fletch was well fed at The Pilot by all accounts

Zamboni has done its business

No Cheryl it hasn't broken down and left a mess on the ice - that was the Camels earlier

Michelle in Manitoba calls it 5-2 for the Devils

Officials take to the ice

Stingrays take to the ice

It looka as if we will start before time - will the result be void then as in horse racing

Intro time

Poor crowd again

Devils intoduced

Big cheer for Max when he is introduced

Anthem time

John Frank just wants a Devils win

Don't let him down or his nephew will want some words with you

Englan think they are worldbeaters again after beating a poor Romania side - Bless them

We are away for 1st period

Boucher save

From Pierce that was

Voth goes close @1:02

Devils offside at 1:17

Another Lyle asve @ 1:33

3rd lone of S Smith, Dobben & Davies

Hull penalty McCluskey - hooking @ 2:55

1 minute of pp left

M Smith goes close

30 secs of pp left

Stringrays return to full strength (fs)

Frank floors a Stingray

Lyle save @ 5:36

Boucher save

From Macrae

Gametime 6:39

Stingrays icing @ 7:44

Another Stingrays icing

It shows how interesting the game is

Withh 5 games tonight thern't any goals anywhere yet

Pierce goes close

Gametime 9:03

I must have missed a penalty as Stingrays return to fulkl strength

Sam Smith nails Ondrej

Stingrays penalty was to Cloutier @ 7:58 - text came through now

Devils hit pipes

Stingrays penalty @ 11:42 - Harper - hooking

Double save by Boucher

Gametime 12:07

Boring, boring game says Chris S

Boucher keeping Devils at bay

Devils penalty - Pierce - hooking @ 12:36

** Chelmsford 2 ENL Devils 1 after 2 periods

Davies goes close

Devils shorhanded squad doing well

Devils kill penalty

Gametime 15:01

Boucher goes tumbling - handbags follows

No penalties called

Stringrays wanted penalty against Voth for running Boucher - he barely touched him

Stingrays offsde @ 15:47

Gametime 17:02

Voth misses in front of goal

He should have scored then

Chris Frank accidentally hits linesman who goes off

Lino back

Campbell floors M Smith mid ice

Final minute of 1st period

Boucher save @ 19:06

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Stingrays 0

Can't be many "Boring" left in the text word sack as thats all my texters are saying especially Chris S and Ger-Devils

Chris S will not be bored next week as he will be back at Uni with plenty of work to do

Enjoy the last weekend of your 3 month vacation - Chris

Latest scores : Sheffield 0 Covenrty 1: Fife 0 Edinburgh 1; Belfast 1 Nottinham 0, Braehead 2 Dundee 0

Chris is so bored he just texted me that the 3rd period was about to start

2nd period underway

Boucher save

SoG for 1st period - Devils 15 Stingrays 4


Devils 1st goal scored by Voth, assists Hill & Macrae @ 21:39

Now Pierce goes close

Gametime 24:02

Sorry meant 23 minutes gone

Stingrays offside

Pierce will score soon, hes been close so many times

Lyle save @ 26:24 - bet you that woke him up

All Devils pressure at the moment

Double Boucher save from Voth

Gametime 27:10

Bodyline action is called for - shoot fast and high

Devils icing @ 28:37

Boucher save

A few shots from point are called for with a brave Devil in front of net

Stingrays breakaway foiled by good save by Lyle

Pierce shot dflected out of play @29:42

Stingrays icing @ 29:58

Boucher save from Macrae @ 30:41

Devils penalty @30:46 - Dobben - hooking

Boucher save @ 31:40

Devils pk for 1 minute

** ENL Devils lose 5-3 to league favourites Chelmsford

Devils return to fs

If you are not travelling to Coventry on Sunday why not go down the BBT to support the ENL DEvils 7pm face off

Devils offside

Gametime 34:23


Goal scored by Dobben assist Davies

Scored @ 35:04

No assist for Ben Davies

Campbell doing his usual, trying to wind up the Devils

Devils penalty @ 35:39 - Voth - charging

Birbraer hits pies whilst Devils shorthanded

Voth floored Boucher for that minor penalty

Lyle save

1 minute of pk left

Stingrays penalty @ 37:03 - Osmsn - holding

Devils back to fs and go on pp

Devils on pp for 1 minute

Boucher save '@ 38:16

Final minute of 2nd period

Voth goes close

End of 2nd period - DEVILS 2 Stingrays 0

Dobben apparently was lying flat on the ice when he scored Devils 2nd goal

Why Ben Davies didn't get an assist for brilliant work in the corner we will never know

SoG after 2 periods - Devils 33 Stingrays 14

3rd period underway

Gametime 41:02

Devils offside @ 41:57

End to end start to 3rd period

Lyle save @ 42:42

Matzka not happy about a non call from ref Smith after being slashed

Stingrays goal 43:14

Rodin allowed to go coast to coast @ 43:14

Lyle save @ 43:37

S Smith nails Ondrej again

Gametime 46:00

Devils penalty @ 46:59 - Birbraer - interference

Ger-DEvils is still bored


A shorthanded goal for Devils

Scored by Dobben asist Batch @ 48:06

Devils back to fs

Lyle save @ 49:21

Nice finish by Dobben

Lyle save

Frank wants Campbell but Campbell chickens out

Penalties Frank (Devils); Campbell (Stingrays) - @ 49:29 both for roughing

50 minutes gone

Both teams back to fs

Lyle save @ 51:39

Burrows gets first shift

Hill nails Silverthorn

Stingrays icing @ 53:27

Gametime 54:03

Game finally getting feisty

Adams floors Bakrlik

Lyle save @ 55:19

Pierce goes close yet again


Devils 4th goal @ 55:32 scored by Ben Davies, assists Dobben & Sam Smith

Devils penalty @ 55:45 - Frank - interference

Devils penalty @ 56:06 - Adams roughing

5 on 3 for Stingrays

SHG goal for Stinrays scored by Tendler

Stingrays time out

Devils on pk for 1:20

Rodin floors Birbraer

Less than 1 minute of pk for Devils

Mizerek down clutching face @ 57:36

Blood on ice

Whatever happened to Mizerak there are no penalties

Devils have 30 secs pk

Stingrays 2nd goal was timed @ 56:47 - tendler, assists Silverthorn & Bakrlik

Devils return to fs

Campbell goes for Macrae

Last 2 minutes

Lyle save @ 58:50

Final minute

30 secs left in game

Final score DEVILS 4 Stingrays 2

Stingrays MoM - Dimitry Rodin

devils MoM - Dobben or Davies ?


Our thanks to the merry team of texters - Sharlene, Chris S, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthing and Andy

Join me tomorrow nigh as we bring you MNL from Coventry, thats all from me - OJ