Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 0 Sheffield Steelers

Make sure you jpin me (OJ) from 6pm as we welcome (I am such a liar) the Steelers to Cardiff Bay.

Score predictions as usual to to arrive before face off at 7pm please as I think I am going to be busy tonight

Hope those Devils fans at the Pilot in Penarth are behaving themselves .

If you are having a pregame drink/food at the PILOT and you have a Blackberry/IPod or similar send MNL a mesage -

Paul & SamiDevils if you are at home following MNL send me a textl as I miss my star texters.

Any Devils fan or for that matter Steelers fan or neutral able to text us from tomorrows game at Sheffild please get in touch

Beci at the Pilot calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Apparently one of my texters (Ger-Devils) is still at the Pilot, it makes a change as he is usually in Pizza Hut

WArmup starts

My texters have reported in and those not already there are making their way to the TENT

No Max Birbraer and Warren Tait icing for the Steelers as replacement for Jono I would assume

Katrina calls if 4-2 for the Devils

Mark D says 3-1 Devils but also predicts a fight

Warmup completed - Zamboni chasing its tail

Its intro time

Dean Smith is the referee

The game will most probably flow with him in charge

Devils have a full roster other than Max Birbraer

Legue is new Steelers Captain

Minute silence for the 4 miners who died

Anthem time

Anthems done

Here we go for 1st period

Save Lyle

Steelers have 14 skaters + 2 netminders

Voth nails Thomas

Crpwd estimated as around 1,500

1 minute played, end to end

Devils offside

Steelers penalty @ 1:37 - Finnerty - hooking

Devils offside @ 2:04

Devils go close on pp

Chances being created by Devils on pp


PPG scored by Hill @ 3:05

Assist Voth

Lyle save @ 3:53

Puck out of play @ 4;20

Lyle save @ 4:36

Good save by Decaro @ 5:10

Devils penalty @ 5:34 - Macrae - hooking


1 minute of penalty killed

Lyle save @ 6:37

Voth goes close shorthanded

Devils back to full strength (fs)

Devils being turned over in neutral zone

Frank nails a Steeler

Burrows, Piggott 7 Smith line doing well

Devils penalty @ 9:05 - Hill - holding


Holding the stick was the call

Gametime 10:02

Lyle save @ 10:55

Devils back to fs

Pierce and Macrae go close

DeCaro save

@ 11:51


Mark Smith I think

or possibly another for Phil Hill

It was Hill @ 12:22 assists Macrae & Voth

Lyle save @ 13:03

Steelers offside @ 13:13

gametime 13:44

Dobben & Finnerty have words

Voth nails Sarich

Coventry 1 Hull 0

Awesome save by Lyle @ 15:11

Devils offside @ 15:35

Steelers icing @ 16:05

Mad scramle in front of Decaro after he coughed up puck, relieved by Steelers icing

Save DeCaro @ 16:26

And another Decaro save

Dobben nails Birnstill

Ben Davies goes close

Gametime 17:45

Devils clear leader in "Chances" coumt

Steelers penalty @ 18:28 - Birnstill - interference

Final minute

Decaro save @ 19:24 also Steelers penalty - Finnerty - interference

Devils 5 on 3 for 1:04

devils ggooaaalllllllllllllllllll

a ppg ' 19:46 SCORED BY pIERCE

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Steelers 0

Assists on Pierce ppg are K Smith & Matzka

More of the same called for, 2 powerplay goals, that extra practice on Thurday & Friday paid off

Devils start 2nd period with 1:24 of pp

Officials back oin the ice

Steelers return to the ice

They must be keen as there is still more than a minute left on clock

Devils are also back

Puck dropped for 2nd period

Less than 30 secs of pp left

Steelers back to fs

Gametime 22:04

DEvils still creating chances

Steelers finally manage to clear their zone after intense Devils pressure

Big save by Lyle

Gametime 24:03

1st Period shots Devils 13 Steelers 9

Burrows foils a Steelers breakaway, great defensive play

Devils offside @ 25:58

Great Lyle save @ 26:09 followed by handbags

I hope none of the Devils are rugby fans, its going to be a short sleep tonight

Lyle making a series of saves, latest @ 26:47

Puck out of playt @ 27:30, it hit a fan by DJ stand

Steelers have lifted their game this period

Save Decaro

That DeCaro save @ 28:09 was from a Pierce shot

Gametime 28:59

Steelers penalty @ 29:55 - Hewitt - 10 minute misconduct


Frank and King

Frank the Tank scream the Devils fans

Fight still going on

Its a 10 rounder

Penalties @ 29:45 Frank (Devils), King (Steelers) 5 minute majors for fighting

I have a feeling that that fight will continue later

Steeles offside @ 30:31

Some big punches thrown by each player in that fight

Neither players got floored just rang out of puff

Davies shoots wide

Devils penalty @ 31:41 - Batch - hooking

Set your watches for 34:45 for the next instalment

Getting very rough out there

Devils have 1 minute of pk left

Devils back to fs

34 minutes played

Decaro save @ 34:17

All eyes on sinbin gates

John my texters tell me it was probably a draw as both threw some heavy punches

They are back - no continuation - Yet!!

Macrae back hander goes wide

Gametime 37:30

Gametime 38:03

Devils offside @ 38:10

Steelers icing @ 38:29

Legue having words with Frank who just laughs at him

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Steelers 0

John I will try and get as inpartial report of fight as is possible, remember this is the hugely biased Devils MNL

A draw is the considered verdict on fight between Chris Frank and Colt King. Cheap shot by King got immeadiate answer from Chris Frank

John your nephew did you and the Devils proud

Officials are back

Chris says that despite being goal less that 2nd period was very entertaining

Both teams back on the ice

All I know is my cold is getting worse and I am in a nice warm office

3rd period underway

Icing Steelers

Remember MNL is still on the lookout for texters to cover Sundays game in Sheffield, if you can help email me at

DeCaro save @ 41:53


Scored by VOTH

Devils 4th goal @ 43:01 scored by Voth, assists Macrae & Adams

Burrows and Piggott do not stop skating putting Steelers under pressure

Lyle save

Lyle save @ 45:00

Steelers have upped their game again by Devils stand firm

Devils go close thru Davies

Piggott now goes close

Devils icing at 46:35

Welcome back to MNL to Sue Matzka

No fire in the belly of this Steelers team which is a surprise with Finnerty as coach

Steelers offside @ 47:46

Devils seem to be playing more defensively at the moment

Puck out of play @ 48:21

Decaro save @ 48:34

its end to end and Devils seem to have cut out their turnovers in neutral zone

Gametime 50:04

51 minutes played

Puck out of play @ 51:40

Puck out of play @ 51:58

Handbags @ 52:13 - nothing sold or called

Lyle makes another save

Gametime 52:30

Steelers wander offside @ 52:50

Lyle save @ 52:57

Good DeCaro save from Davies @ 53:39

Latest scores Belfast 7 Edinburgh 1: Coventry 3 Hull 3

Devils penalty @ 55:25 - Richardson - interference

Gametime 56:25

Devils kill penalty and return to full stregth

Macrae goes close

Gametime 57:40

Voth nailed someone mid ice

Decaro double save denies Devils 5th goal

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Fans going mental

Final score DEVILS 4 Steelers 0

A brilliant result - thank you Devils

Will text the rugby team that its up to them to round off the weekend

Very profeesional display by Devils my texters tell me

Steelers MoM - Mike Ramsay

Waiting for Devils MoM - anyone care for a wager

Devils MoM - BRAD VOTH

Ger-Devils thought it had to be Lyle or Voth, shut out on one hand whilst Voth by all accounts had a brilliant game tonight

Many thanks to our texters - Sharlene, Chris S, Ger-Devils, Andy and JohnWildthing (who got out of his sick bed to help us on MNL).

If you are not going to Sheffield tomorrow than join me here at MNL from 4pm onwards (5pm face off). We are still looking for additional texters from Sheffield if you can help PM me (Nott Simpson)

Thats it for tonight join me tomorrow