Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 3 Belfast Giants

Join me (OJ) for MNL from 6:00pm as the Belfast Giants visit Cardiff Bay

Score predictions as usual to

Giants fan Steve calls it 3-2 to the Devils

John Frank in Washington State, USA is making me envious, he will be following MNL at a picnic in a hot 34C

Checking on my texters

Those of you at The Pilot in Penarth intending to attend game better get your skates on

Where are ll those normal pre game predictions

Ger_Devils is in the Tent along with Elvis

Sian, not that Elvis but the one from Fireman Sam

Forgot to tell you warmup has stated just under 10 minutes left

Warmup draws to a close

Warm up completed

H in Nottingham predicts the Devils score FOUR goals and win by one ot two

Penny fears her Giants will lose, HOPE SO

Jester says Giants by four - we shall see

John calls it 5-2 to the Devils

SimpleS predicts a Devils win by the odd goal in 7

Sinead thinks her Giants will pull it off - doesn't say what

No news of who has the whistle yet

Lets get that first league win of the season

Peter C calls it 3-1 to the Giants

Giants fans have got a whole ton of anguish to come tonight.

Sinead calls it 4-2 to Giants

Keith in Aberystwyth calls it 4-2 to Devils

Intro time

Remember there will be a 2 minute silence before the Anthem to mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the tragic air diasaster that killed the whole HC Lokomotiv team

Both teams on the ice

Pilot Hotel calls it 3-2 to Devils

Tim Darnell is in charge

No Max Birbraer for Devils

Harding & Piggott play

Beci says all fans have now left The Pilot, let me know how many you've seen today

2 minute silence

Now Anthem time

can't believe its 10 years since that awful day in New York

New York means a lot to us as a family, my wife worked there, I spent time there conntemplating attending University at Syracuse but then one OJ at Syracuse was enough

We are ready to start

He we go, Devils start with M Smith & Richardson, Voth, Macrae & HIll


1st Devils goal @ ):52 Sam Smith assists Davies & Burrows



Devils 2nd goal @ 1:22 scored by Pierce

Assists on 2nd goal to Batch & Matzka

As JohnWildthing says 2 shots 2 goals

Pull Murphy

Devils icing @2:57

Voth declins Keefe, rightly so who needs a fight

Giants icing @ 3:32

DEvils penalty @3:55 Matzka - slashing

Giants goal

PPG by Peacock @ 5:13

Assist for Doucet

Murphy finally makes a save @ 5:19

Murphy save @ 5:35

Giants penalty @ 5:52 - Dowd - interference

Murphy save

Macrae goes close

Puck out of play @ 7:12

Devils pp putting pressure on Giants

Delay as lino repairs ice

Jeff Pierce impressing Chris S

Giants back to fs

Giants offside

Richardson misses open net

Ben Davies goes close

Devils penalty @ 9:00 - Macrae - slashing

Lyle save


Murphy coughing up rebounds galore

Gametime 10:02

Good save Lyle @ 10:27

Giants back to fs

Giants offside

Devils back to FS

Lyle save @ 11:11

DEvils creep offside @ 11:56

Federer wins 1st set 7-6

Awesome save by Lyle @ 12:28 followed by handbags

Colt King give Steelers 1-0 lead against Dundee


3rd goal scored by Voth

Save Lyle @ 14:04

Burrows floors LeBlanc

Devils 3rd goal was @ 13:18

Devils icing @ 15:15

Sam Smith, Davies & Burrows line playing well as an unit

Keefe misses check on Voth and floors himself

Keefe getting a lot of grief from Devils fans

Giants icing @ 15:48

Its getting niggly

Assist for Hill on Voth goal

Sam Smith nails Diginard

Gametime 17:05

Voth floors Mcbride

Giants go close

Devils offside @ 18:56

Correction that was 17:56 - Chris S is still learning how to tell the time

Giants claim they scored after the pushed Lyle and the net was off its moorings

Matzka get 10 minte misconduct @ 17:57

Final minute

darnell whistles dowen play claiming Frank handled puck, he never touched it

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Giants 1

Its Steelers 1 Stars 0 after 1 period

Giants out shot Devils 19-3 in that period

Which means Murphy didn't stop any

Don't blame me but that is what the EIHL scoresheet says

A load of rubbish

2nd assist on Devils 3rd goal goes to Macrae

SoG Now corrected to Giants 19 Devils 15

It would appear that the Stars could only manage 2 sog against Steelers in opening 20 minutes

Heavy rain here in Cardiff and John Frank is having a picnic in 34 degree heat

3minutes to start of 2nd period

This heavy rain will changing the going at Ffos Las tomorrow

Its Flat racing not my first choice

Federer serving for the 2nd set at 5-4

Teams are back on the ice

2nd period underway

Federer wins 2nd set to lead 2-0

giants icing

Batch usu=ing his size well

Gametime 22:02

Giants running a lot of interference/late hits which Darnell is not calling

Get a couple of goals Devils and take revenge

Pierce and Davies go close

Voth shoots wide

Gametime 24:03

Bad attendence tonight

Giants goal

Giants 2nd goal @ 24:54 - McBride, assist Mason

Giants have upped their game

Adams nails Dowd mid-ice


Huge hit by Frank, Keefe takes offence

Voth floored someone, Keefe jumps in

Penalties coming for both teams

Darnell as usual is losing control

It was a Voth hit not Frank

Voth sin binned

Keefe gets 2 mins for roughing as does Voth @ 26:23

Giants Rebek also got a roughing minor

Matzka returns after his 10 minute misconduct

Lloyd floors K Smith with elbow - Darnell as usual doesn't see it

Devils at fs as Voth returns

Game back at even strength

Lyle save @ 30:19

Macrae hits a post and Devils fans thought he had scored

Devils penalty @ 31:17 - K Smith - holding

Darnell as usual is letting blatant fouls go and then calling rubbish much to the amazement of both teams

Devils penalty @ 31:59 - Adams - high sticks

5 o 3 for Giants

Devils back to 4 skaters as K Smith returns

Devils back to fs

Lyle save @ 34:08

Steelers now winning 4-0

Batch floors Keefe

Devils penalty @ 35:14 - Franks - x-checking

Gametime 36:05

Good save Lyle @ 36:12

Devils back to fs

Devils penalty @ 37:14 - K Smith - high sticks

Network playing up texts arriving out of sequence

Gametime 38:02

Standing ovation for a Lyle save @ 38:05



Give Darnell first choice

Two players from each team getting roughing minors @ 38:23

Dowd & Leblanc for Giants: Hill & Frank for Devils

Giants penalty @ 39:00 - Peacock - boarding

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 2

Chris S asking me why the 2nd period ended 4 on 4

Well then Hill & Frank got their minors ar 38:23 Kenton Smith was in the sinbin so Hill or Franks minor didn't start until 39:14 when K Smith's penalty expired. Kenton could onlt leave on the next whistle

Devils will have a 46 second pp at 41:14

Djokovic wins 3rd set to trail 1-2

nshepard thinks he will pick his games based on who is the referee

Beci thinks her 3-2 prediction might be on the nail

2 minutes to start of 3rd period

Teams back on the ice

Devils out shot 18 5 in that period

3rd period underway

Devils back to fs

Devils on pp


Giants return to fs as Peacock returns

Ace save Lyle

Jester my info is that the Giants have had 37 shots to Devils 20

Gametime 43:03

44 minutes played

Devils penalty @ 44:28 - Davies - delay of game

Giants offside 44:55

Giants ppg @ 45:59 scored by Garside asits Mason & Dowd

Gametime 47:00

Voth goes very close

Giants icing @ 47:48

Murphy save @ 47:52

Giants penalty - Lloyd - hooking @ 48:10

Gametime 49:04

Matzka & Voth combine and go close

Giants return to fs

Last 10 minutes

Keefe floors Matzka mid ice and Darnell laughs

Giants penalty coming

McBride - boarding @ 51:44

We want a ppg now Devils

Devils pp not even in 2nd gear let alone overdrive

Murphy save @ 52:48

30 secs of pp left

Devils Time out

Giants penalty @ 52:53 - Crane - slashing

Macrae hits pipes

Giants back to 4 skaters

Murphy save @ 54:03

Only 2 shots on pp so far

Djokovic wins 4th set

Giants back to full strength

Lyle save @ 55:43

Devils need to pick up heir game - NOW

Gametime 56:02

All Giants at the moment

57 minutes gone

Puck out of play @ 57:22

Giants time out @ 57:22

Final 2 minutes

Devils icing @ 58:56

Murphy save @ 59:05

Devils go close

End of 3rd period DEVILS 3 Giants 3

O/T we go

O/T starts with Devils icing K Smith, Richardson, Pierce & Matzka

Puck out of play @ 60:23

Gametime 61:03

Giants penalty @ 61:28 - McBride - hooking

Murphy save @ 61:34

PP terrible

1 minute of pp left

Come on u DEVILS give us a goal

Giants kill penalty

murphy save @ 63:59

Matzka goes close in final minute

Richardson hits pipes

End of O/T still DEVILS 3 Giants 3

Penalties next

Douchet misses

McRae misses

Mason misses

Pierce misses

McBride misses

Matzka saved

Douchet scores

Macrae misses

Giants win 4-3

Final score after penalties - DEVILS 3 Giants 4

A game Devils could and should have won my texters tell me

Giants MoM - McBride

Devils MoM - BRAD VOTH

Our thanks go to texters Sharlene, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthging and Chris S

Thats all from me until the next time - OJ