Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, nearly game time. As always you can contact us with your comments and shout-outs at Tonight it's me, Steve in the hotseat with Chris Stone, thestub, ger-devils and wildthing at the rink

Not icing tonight for the devils #23 Max Birbraer, the devils are once again joined by #21 Piggot and #4 Harding from the ENL team.

The Devils will want a stromg showing tonight after the 6-1 loss at the NIC last night, and the D will be looking to prevent Beauregard and new-man Jordan Fox in particular from running riot in our barn.

Dan wants to know how long we'll be without Max? and thinks tonight will be an OT win for Devils. Don't forget to get in touch, especially if you're from somewhere exotic! It's always nice to know someones tuned in!

Gareth Johns predicts a Panthers win 4-2 :(

The Jenkins family in Pershore are all tuned in - nice to see all of you predicting a Devils win, thanks all.

We are the only game in town tonight - Blaze and Rays are involved in Challenge matches against Danish opposition but this is the only competitive game, and counts for the Challenge Cup only

GMB Nottingham Panthers take to the ice

The Devils are being introduced - white jerseys tonight

Apparently the numbers are also white - quite difficult to see the numbers, just a thin white outline otherwise all white! We'll make the the excuse if Chris Stone gets all the players wrong!

anthem time

Tonights referee Tom Darnell

Starting line McRae, Voth and Hill

S Smith, Burrows and Davies on a line together

Matzka, Pierce and Dobben take the ice, 2 mins played

Penalty Panthers

Clark 2 mins holding at 02.13. devils PP

3 mins gone

K smith and Pierce go close

PP looks sharp

44 seconds left on PP

Mark - ill ask about the attendance and get back to you

devils penalty - Hill 2 mins slashing at 03.34

Voth shoots - saved

Big hit Frank on Levers

1.00 Penalty Kill left, come on Devils

Panthers go close, Lyle gets a foot on it

even strength

6.00 played

All my texters are struggling to see the players numbers, luckily most of our guys are returnee's

Our first line playing well

Lyle makes a save at 07.10

Devils penalty

Stand by...that may have been a text out of order

Yep, no penalty now 07.55 on the clock

Young Piggot getting ice time with Voth and Hill tonight

Somethings happened - i cant repeat the word just used to describe Darnell...

Devils penalty Voth 2 mins slashing at 08.33.

Apparently Voth got boarded by Lepine, Guy drops the gloves but Voth doesnt fancy it

Some texters say Brad was boarded, some saying he took a stupid penalty

1.05 left on the penalty kill

Panther penalty

Neil Clark 2 mins tripping at 10.04

Kowalski (Kwall) makes glove save at 10.41

Devils now on PP

Dobben shoots, deflected out at 11.02

Big check Hill on Corey

30 seconds left on PP

Panthers back to full strength

kwall make another save at 12.18

Another kwall save on Matzka 12.27

Frank showing more aggression tonight

Lyle makes a good save, Clark makes a late hit but gets away with it

Panthers penalty

Benedict 2 mins tripping at 13.16

Handbags follow a Lyle save

Lacowitz sprays Lyle after the play, rightly gets asked to account for himself, no pens

Quite right Jake - its David Clark for the Panthers not Neil

Devils PP less effective this time around

15.00 played

Panthers full strength

Panthers ice puck just after the PK ended

And they ice it again at 15.58

Devils offside at 16.45

Dobben is skating well on the first line tonight

Voth goes offiside at 16.50

Mark Smith big check on Benedict

Lyle save at 17.39

All texters saying a much improved performance so far

The stub states Devils holding the panthers up well in the neutral zone

Josh Batch makes awesome dive to save a clear 2on1 breakaway

Into the last minute we go

Batch - "great poise and patience"

Kwall covers up at 19.34

Burrows makes a nice play getting inside the D, his shot deflected wide

Frank nails the linesman!! (accidnetal)

Thats it, first period in the books.

A stated already, a much better showing tonight.

Thestub states that the Panthers are struggling to build anything, hopefully we can keep frustrating them all night

A warm welcome extended to John in Washington - sounds like your man is getting into it now, a much more physical performance!

I'd like to be ablt to bring you scores from around the country, but i've no idea how Coventry or Hull are doing - if you know, pass it

Panthers have brought a large crowd amd sold out the away block, generally the crowd is poor - a typical non season ticket night.

Thanks to Mark i will keep my eye on the P&O Cup updates thanks to the magic of Twitter (which i will pretend i understand!) Blaze v Tillburg starts at 7.00

Hull have again showed they are a threat this year - they've won the P&O cup following a 7-1 win against Galeen Eaters earlier today!

Its 4 mins till period 2 in Cardiff

Keighley talls me Dundee are 1-0 up against Fife in their final warmup game

Poor simon is glued to MNL whilst stood on the A40 waiting for the AA man :( sorry to hear that

The teams are back on the ice

Puck drops

Panthers ice it after 7 seconds

Lyle makes a big save at 20.28

Panthers showing some pace early

Panthers ice it at 20.48 - come on, our ice isnt that small!


Panthers :(

Scrappy one in front of net, put away by David Clark

Clark from Myers and Neilson at 21.14

Panthers icing at 21.42 - maybe they have a plan!

The sudden increase in Panthers soeed causing us problems

Sorry i meant speed!



Kwall saves on Davies, we think Burrows nets the rebound. Standby...

Burrows unassisted at 22.28

Immediately followed up by a Panthers attack, good save Lyle

Voth sprays Kwall, nice!

In fairness, panthers players have a word with him. No penalties.

Lepine again goading voth

Danny Stewart pulls one back. Fife 1-1 Dundee

Phil Hill goes close

Before Lyle makes anoter fine save

Devils clear the pressure by icing it

The temperature is rising on the ice "it could go off,"

Stuuu forces a kwall save

Game time 25.07

My fingers are also hotting up

Uh oh - Ben Davies floors kwall!

Its getting rough!

Another goal up north - Dundee 2 - 1 Fife

Matzka "oh so close" chris says

Matzka now floors Champagne - having a stormer tonigh is Scotty!

Kwall makes 2 saves, didnt know much about the 2nd one thoughw

Devils have increased their speed thankfully, now able to match the Panthers

Voth forces another kwall save at 27.32

Blaze take an early lead through Greg Owen

Looks like Kowalski is having another one of those nights, an excellent player whoever you support

Panthers hit the pipes followed by a Lyle save. Its end to end!!!!

Kwall gets one on the mask

From another Matzka shot

Voth hits the pipes

Voth smashed sexy Corey stright into kwall

I wonder if Neilson has seen the posters of him in a baywatch costume dotted around the rink - nice work guys

Blaze now 2-0, the twitter thing is #pandocup



Kwall gives a rare rebound. the scorer is Jeff Pierce from Matzka at 29.58

Matzkas original shot was "genius" but it was Pierce who put it in

Our young brits showing great pace once again

A fantastic atmosphere by all acounts - Rhythm has been doing 'block wars' which has gone down well. Block 2 are at a heavy disadvantage though - i'm not there!

Pierce skating very fast tonight, causing the Panthers D problems

Stuuu goes close

Panthers net comes off its moorings at 33.32

Thestub "dear lord i've missed hockey' - i guess things really have improved overnight then!

Game time 34.00

Great save Lyle 34.42

Panthers manage some sustained pressure

Tonights game has been 'run and gun'. If so i'm just glad we've managed to keep the D tight

Good Lyle save at 35.40

Piggot makes a good hit in their zone, forechecking well at 36.00

Pierce shoots wide but looks threatening, Dobben, Matzka and Pierce coming together nicely

Kwall makes a huge glove save on voth - stops a certain goal at 37.00

Thestub "save of the night"

Blaze 3-0 up vs Tillburg

38.57 gametime

Panthers penalty

Benedict 2 mins holding at 39.07. Devils PP

Panthers hit the pipes short handed

End of te 2nd period

I'm going to put my hand in a bucket of ice!

All my guys are hailing a much improved performance tonight. The Panthers came out strong in the 2nd, but tonight we were able to step it up and continue to be competitive. Many positives to take from tonight.

Apparently block 2 are officially louder than block 3 - and thats without me!

Elsewhere Blaze have scored 4 without reply at home vs Tillburg, and Dundee and Fife are sharing the goals 2-2.

I will take this opportunity to promote the new elite fantasy league that has been set up for this year.

If you want to pick a fantasy team of your own, you can do so at with registrations starting next week. The people behind it have put up a 500 first prize and have got it licensed. Entry is 5 per team with players being given puck values - your aim is to pick a team with a maximum value of 100 pucks - not as easy as it may sound!

If you're interested please become a fan on facebook at and again on twitter at @EliteFantLeague. I'd really appreciate it as the guy running it has sweated blood to get it running for us fans this year, spread the word!!!

One of the main themes of the night from texters seems to be the jersey numbers - can't be that bad surely :/

The Panthers are out

And so are the Devils

Rempel16 says Voth was smart not to fight Lepine and has been a big part of turning the game in our favour

Remember Devils are on the PP for 1.08 still

Early chanve for Matzka, easily deflected

Panthers now full strength

Not a great PP

Its gone quiet on the emails, am i talking to myself?

Lyle makes a save at 42.00

Dundee take a 3-2 lead vs Flyers - how will they cope this year?

Panthers hit the pipes once again

Dobben tries to split the D and brek free - didnt quite come off

break even!

44 mins - Panthers hit the pipes again!!!

Kwall come out of the net and makes save, followed by a Lyle save. Its end to end again

Hill floors Kwall at 44.42

Kwall nearly gives up the puck in front of his own net

Piggot, Davies and Burrows very effective tonight

Another Kwall save at 45.37

Only the 1 whilste in 6 minutes!

Hill hits pipes, kwall stops a rebound effort

47 mins already

Another kwall save

And another kwall save. Yup - he's doing it again!!

Mark - if Hicks was out there we'd still be in the 2nd perod!

Batch makes a big hit, not sure who on

Penalty Devils

Hill 2 mins tripping at 48.48

A very lazy penalty apparently

Kwall denies Pierce and a rebound

49.20 handbags

Frank tries a rugby tackle around the neck - hell he's only been in Wales a week or so!!!

Sorry John - a british thing i guess - 'handbags' describes those non-fights that turn out to be nothing!

Davies was clear through on goal but Darnell makes a stinker of a call

Sounds like Darnell has changes his mind after speaking to the linos, doesnt put Davies back in on goal tough does it!

Lyle pulls of a massive save on Beauregard

Fox floors Dobben

Another Lyle save at 51.21, major pressure from Panthers

52 mins.

Davies hits Stephen Lee 53mins

3-3 in Dundee, sounds like a good game

Sparkymark reminds us Fife only have 4 imports!

Hill smashes Wilson behind the panthers net, followed by Lyle save at the other end

Panthers go close

Point blank save made by Lyle to kee us on top

Devils icing at 56mins

Kwall saves gives a rebound and...


Dobben first goal for the Devils

Dobben from Matzka at 56.13

An awesome goal apparently, no further description sorry

and that makes it 4 - g g g g goal

An absolute peach apparently...

Pierce from Richardson at 57.01

This time kwall gives a soft one


Typical Kwall - takes ages to beat him, then he starts to loose his edge

Lyle save at 58.42, nearly there!!!!

Last minute

"were gonna win" being played!

18 seconds left


Devils take the honours 4-1

Make sure you check out the inferno for post game comments - its bound to be a happier place than last night!!!

A much better performance, lots of physicallity and a great showing by the D. Hopefully were now seeing what we can expect from the likes of Frank and Dobben.

Panthers MOM goes to Kwall and they leave the ice

Devils MOM goes to Lyle

Well thats it from me, thank you for joining us once again. MNL visit numbers continue to grow and grow and we really appreciate your comments and feedback. Cheers for the emails, just to remind me you are all out there. We'll be back next weekend for Devils v Giants

Chris, Ger, wildthing, remple16 and james have all been texting tonight, thanks guys

Oh and dont forget,

Good night all. Out.