Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 6 - 1 Cardiff Devils

G signing in. Join me from 6:15 ahead of the warm up

Any score predictions for tonight's game? Send them to

Qweeb thinks 5-3 Panthers

Ruth C thinks 3-2 Devils

One of our texters has arrived at the rink. Still waiting on the others to surface

Bec and Si from the Pilot pub in Penarth hoping for a Devils win 3-2 but thinking it could be a 5-3 Panthers win

Chris S has checked at the arena. Still waiting for the other two texters

Dan stuck in work think's a Devils win 4-3

Hello to the Matzka family- They're going for a Devils win 4-2. Also wishing the team the very best and another winning season without injury or difficulties.

Steve and Rempel16 both checked in meaning our team of texters are in.

Mark Davies calls it Devils to win 2-1

Mr Hicks is tonight's ref

Rhys Ingram calls it Devils to win 3-2

WelshGrizly calls it Panthers to win 6-2 after seeing the confirmed Ref

Bec and Si from the Pilot have also changed their prediction with the ref announcement. Their score is a bit too much to post on here......

Mark (the placid casual) think's the Panthers will take the game 6-2

Another change of prediction since the ref was confirmed- Rhys Ingram think's the Panthers will win 4-1. Be positive!

Warm up has started. Devils wearing Black Jerseys

Hello to Michelle in Manitoba. She's going for a Panthers win 5-3

Russky predicting a Devils loss but hoping they prove him wrong!

Anymore score predictions? Send them through to

So we have the Matzka family checking into MNL, are there any other players families keeping upto date with Match Night Live tonight?

Gazza Davies going for a 6-5 win in OT for the Devils.

Aberdevil trying to get a rink style LETS GO DEVILS going via MNL! JOIN IN!

Warm up complete

So Panthers will be raising their CC banner before the game starts

About 300 Devils fans have made the trip to Nottingham. Great effort!

No Max Birbraer for the Devils tonight. Possibly to do with that fall in Coventry on Wednesday

Intro time. C'mon Devils!

Devils on the ice

Adam Harding and Luke Piggott are in the line up for tonight's game. Great to see!

Panthers being introduced

Anthem time

Very late prediction from Alan Thorne with Hicks reffing- Panthers win

Hello to Chris Frank's uncle in Washington State. As he states, let's take it to them tonight!

Game underway

Devils start with Matzka Pierce Dobben K Smith and Richardson

Panthers pen Levers 2mins Slashing @ 0:22

Panthers pen Francis 2mins Holding @ 0:38

Macrae goes close

C'mon Devils let get an early goal!

Powerplay looking very controlled. S Smith standing in front of Kwall

Kwall save @ 1:52

Maxi running the bench, no Francis


Devils goal scored by Sam Smith. @ 2:20

Assists as I get them

Panthers back to full strength

Devils offside 3:05

Ace save by Kwall from Matzka. Devils fans very very loud!

Assists by Richardson and Frank

Devils pen Matzka 2mins Tripping @ 5:11

Panthers very close

Devils pen Adams 2mins tripping @6:28. 5 on 3 PP for Panthers

24seconds left of 5 on 3 then 1:33 to kill with 5 on 4! KILL that pen!

Panthers miss open net then fire straight at Lyle

38seconds left 5 on 4

Clear that zone Devils!

Devils back to full strength. Gametime 8:30

Just been informed that Franny isn't on the bench due to a match penalty at the end of the playoff final for comments aimed at Hanson!

Lyle save @ 8:51

Panthers icing @ 9:30

Voth Burrows and Davies as one of the lines tonight

Panthers goal Fox from Francis and Champagne @ 9:53

Panthers icing @ 11:11

Neilson floors Matzka mid ice. Who's going to repay the favour to old Corey?

Voth and Lepine having words

Fox nails Sam Smith

Kwall save from Pierce @ 13:09

Hill looks really timid at the moment.

Devils pen K Smith 2mins Hooking @ 14:09

Panthers very close! Kill this pen Devils!

Good save Lyle

Lyle save @ 15:48

PK for 22seconds

Panthers goal Beauregard from Benedict and Fox PPG @ 16:00

Devils pen Adams 2mins Hooking @17:11

Puck out of play @ 18:0. PK for 1:07

Devils offside 18:16

Scramble save in front of Lyle @ 18:59

13seconds left on the PK!

Adams back

End of the first. Panthers 2-1

Great start by all accounts but we don't look confident since conceeding. Fox is almost unplayable- very fast and superb hands

Latest from the O- Sheffield winning 1-0

Sheffield leading 1-0 at the end of the first in Belfast. Keffe after Thomas- could be an interesting 2nd period by all accounts!

Texters have gone very quiet so apologies for any lack of SOG updates

Late prediction from Andrew is Panthers to win 5-3

Gavin, Lucy and Baby Ethan calling the game 4-3 Devils!

Gareth Davies calls it Devils 4-3 and he hopes Frank does a Weller on Neilson!

2nd period about to start

SOG for the first Panthers 14 Devils 8

2nd period started

Devils all over the place in D. Gametime 22:00

Lyle good, defence- not so good

Panthers pen Champagne 2mins Elbowing @ 22:29

1 minute left on the PP. No shots on this PP yet!

Puck out of play @ 23:59

Panthers full strength - PP not good!

Gametime 25:00

Panthers icing 25:13

Panthers offside @ 25:47

26minutes gone, we can't pass

Devils offside @ 26:52

1st line looking good

Davies very close. Gametime 28:00

Panthers oddside @ 28:17

Sorry offside

Good save Lyle

Clarke floors Batch

Very late offside call as Pierce in on goal @ 29:35

Our D not up to much at the moment it seems

Devils pen Voth 2mins Roughing @ 31:38

Panthers goal Lachowicz from Benedict and Fox @ 30:55 PPG

KWall save 31:24

Silly pen taken by Voth on all accounts

Devils pen Voth 2mins- high sticks @32:17

Hicks fails to give a penalty shot on Pierce

Hicks calls Pierce for a dive when he was clean in on goal and was hacked down behind.

5 on 3 for 1:11

Fans going mental.

Richardson deflects a pass straight through Lyles legs

Still 5 on 4 for 25seconds

Panthers 4th goal given as Beauregard from Heerema and Clarke @ 34:14 PPG

Pierce back

Devils offside @ 34:50

Almost everytime we get into their zone, we're offside

Panthers 5th goal Beauregard from Levers Hat Trick goal @ 35:13

Panthers hit pipes

Batch and Adams just look at each other

From one texter- we look so bad, it's unreal

Lyle save @ 36:36 . Defence is a joke

Devils icing @ 37:17

Devils pen M Smith 2mins Slashing @ 37:55

Final minute of the 2nd period

Devils full strength

End of the 2nd Panthers 5-1 Devils

Lyle being hung out to dry by the D. Forwards not much better it seems

SOG Panthers 12 Devils 5 for the second period

Fans will be pleased to know, Mr Hicks won't be reffing tomorrow's game

Update from the other league game tonight. Steelers still lead the Giants 1-0 at the end of the Second

Teams are back for the 3rd

Puck dropped for the 3rd

Over 300 Devils fans made the trip tonight. C'mon Devils, give them something to cheer!

Panthers pen Francis 2mins Slashing @ 41:18

Devils have changed the lines arouns. Will update as I get the info

Voth very close

Puck out of play @ 43:23

Panthers full strength

Some line info Piggott Davies Burrows

Gametime 45:00

Pierce Matzka Dobben the same line- Looks good

Panthers icing

Voth Macrae Hill

Gametime 46:00

End to end stuff, no real chances for either team in the 3rd

Panthers offside @ 47:37

Official attendance 5400

Lyle save @ 48:26

Kwall save @ 49:06

Devils pen K Smith 2mins Hooking @ 49:33

Pad sade by Lyle

Panthers offside @ 50:10

Devils pen Voth 2mins Slashing @ 50:45

5 on 3 for 48 seconds

Silly pen by Voth once again. Voth put his stick on Kwall- wasn't a slash but was completely pointless given Hicks is the ref

Dan Green in net for Kwall

Devils return to full strength then Panthers get their 6th

Panthers goal Clarke from Benedict and Lepine @ 51:37

Gametime 53:00

Update from the O- Giants score. Now 1-1 in the 3rd

Gametime 55:00 Green has only had to make 1 save so far....

Panthers hit pipes

Final 2minutes of the game

As we all know, we are missing one of our cogs in the wheel- Tylor Michel!

Final minute of the game

Panthers pen #2 2mins tripping @ 59:34

Final score Panthers 6-1 Devils

In the 10minutes Dan Green was on, he faced 3 shots...

Devils MOM Richardson

Panthers MOM Fox

That's it from the Devils game. Safe journey back to all the Devils fans who the trip up and thanks again to our texters Wildthing, Steve, Becca and Chris

We will back on from 5pm tomorrow for the return leg of the Cup game FO 6pm.

MNl will stay live until the end of the Giants game for anyone interested in that score

Hopefully the updates were ok for everyone. My first time running MNL so it's been a bit manic with 4 texters sending info through to me but thanks for baring with me. Giants still 1-1 with under 2minutes left in the game

Giants 1-1 Sheffield now going into OT

2minutes left in Giants OT

30 seconds left in OT

Penalties coming up for Giants and Steelers

Pens update Ramsey scores for Sheff

Mason for Giants.......Saved

Legue misses

LeBlanc misses the net. End of 2nd round 1-0 Steelers

Burnsall scores. Steelers win

That's it for all coverage tonight. Thanks again for tuning in and OJ will be back tomorrow(I think) for our home game v the Panthers.