Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 7 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Oj here for the Devils visit to Coventry for their final warm up game

Score predictions welcomed to

Checking whether my trusted texters have made it to the Sky Dome

Rachael at the rink

Rhys in Coventry but at the moment still in the pub

Well at least I have 2 texters

Rempel on route

Alan in Newport says the Devils will win 3-1

At least that will have the Devils going in the right direction following a loss and then a tie

Warm up underway I am told

By my reckoning only 6 of the Blaze squad were there at the start of last season

Compared with a massive 13 for the Devils

Heard a rumour that the Devils were trying to get Merve Priest on loan from Gwent Police and Steve Moris from Saga Utd

I think Michael Hicks is the referee awaiting confirmation

Warmup completed

Welcome Carl, yes a 4-2 Devils win would be nice

Pete thinks we will have a goal feat with the Devils winning 7-4

Rempel has arrived and reports that the Sky Dome is practically empty

Well done Rachael we have finally solved the sweater nunber for the industrious 4th loners, Harding wears 12, Piggott wears 25

Hicks confirmed as referee

It would appear that a sizeable number of Devils fans have made the trip 50+ at least

Lights are dimmed awaiting teams

Away block is the fullest by far

50 Devils fans can out shout 2,000 Blaze fans

Not that theres going to be that many

Rempel says that there are almost as many Devils fans as Blaze supporters

Approx 300 present

Devils take to the ice

Ruth is back where have you been she predicts a 3-2 win for the Devils

Muppett theme being played for the Devils entry

We should play Fireman Sam when they come to the Tent

Blaze finally appear

Bryan Jurynec looks tiny

Gordon the new Pease look alike

Come on we can't all be slim


Anthems done we are ready to face off

We are away for the first period

Lyle save @ 21 secs

Blaze moving the puck well

Devils penalty @0:56 - Pierce - hooking


Blaze goal a ppg

Scored by Jurynec assisted by Owen & Fulghum @ 1:43

Good hit by Burrows behind Blaze net

devils icing

Big shift by Voth hit on Philips @ 3:43

Blaze offside

Hits being thrown by both teams

Devils penalty - Hill - hooking @ 5:26

Lyle save @ 6:17

Blaze exerted pressure on pp

Devils back to full strength (fs)

Blaze goal scored by Domish @ 7:55

Frank missed him on an attempted hit

Blaze oosdide @ 8:35

Puck out of play @ 8:43



@ 9:08

Assist Birbraer

Devils penalty @ 10:05 - Voth - roughing

Pierce breakaway - missed

Devils kill penalty and return to full strength

Davies goes close @ 12:36

Blaze penalty @ 12:36 - Venus - hooking

Is her sister playing as well?

Blaze penalty @13:08 - Phillips - slashing

Devils 5 on 3 for 1:29

Blaze goal - a shg

at 14:03 Jurynec from Dimish

Matzka coughed up puck for breakaway

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Blaze back to full strength

Blaze penalty @ 15:20 - Fulghum - tripping

Get the pp into overdrive u DEVILS

Blaze penalty - Hirsch - delay of game @ 15:54

Devils have another 5 on 3


Devils go close ' 16:32

Good pressure from Devils but Blaze holding firm

Hirsch save from Macrae

Not shooting enough on 5 on 3

Blaze back to 4 skaters


Follwing Blaze breakaway

Jurynec and Frank scufflke, linos jump in

Penalties @ 17:46 - Frank - roughing, Jurynec - slashing

Devils penalty Voth

2+2 for borading @ 18:12

Last minute

Lyle save @ 19:26

End of 1st period Blaze 3 DEVILS 1

Alan wants to know why so many penalties - HICKS

Apologies Devils goal was scored by Scott Matzka

Why that never appeared I don't know

I do know it was my fault as I am watching the cricket & Tennis at the sametime

KP gone for 33

I've got the racing from Kempton on as well

Saratoga races from my favourite area of upsate New York later

Well it is only August way too early for hockey

I say that but in 1989 as the Devils prepared for their first season in the Premier we played our 7th warm up game on 31 August

Devils owner PR in away block with Poper

Teams back on the ice

2nd period starts

Crowd estimated as 800

Blaze goal scored by Fulghum assist Owen @ 21:08 a ppg

dEVILS ICING @ 43:57

Blaze penalty @ 44:48 - Gordon - tripping

Hirsch save

Blaze save was @ 25:24

Dobben misses after good play by Davies

Blaze back to fs


Scored by Pierce @ 7:01 assist Matzka

Panthers coach in crowd

Hirsch save @ 27:26

Josh Batch steals puk anf Frank nails the loser

Blaze goal @ 29:39 - scored by Guthrie

Assist Cowley

Keith the Ffos Las issue is just posturing, last year the same thing was forecasted but the number of meetings went up

Lyle save @31:43

Smith nails Jurynec

Blaze penalty - Gordon @ 12:53 - hooking

Lyle save 33:13

Another Lyle save 34:33

Blaze breakaway goal waved off

Dissallowed goal was @ 35:00

Game gone a bit flat

Devils penalty @ 37:23 - K Smith - hooking

Devils penalty @ 39:22 - Batch - delay of game

Devils back to 4 skaters

End of 2nd period Blaze 5 DEVILS 2

This will be a good game to win from here U Devils

Back to back games against the Panthers is a tough start to the new league season b ut its got to be done

Join us on MNL as we cover both games it will not be yours truly in the chair as I am off for a few days hope ful back by the following weekend

I am sure Chris or Gazza will be here to host MNL as the Devils start their 2011/12 campaign

Englan need 10 off the last over to beat India

Andy Murray closing in on a victory in the 1st round of US Open

Teams back on the ice

3rd period starts

Matzka goes close

DEvils back to fs

England win

Blaze icing @ 41:58

Blaze penalty @ 42:16 - Phillips - hooking

Voth line starts pp

Birbraer shoots - saved

Blaze back to fs

Lyle save @ 44:47

Murray wins 7 6; 6 2; 6 3

All we need now is Devils goals and Mr Style in the next race at Saratoga

Hirsch save @ 45:24

4th line playing with their usual intensity

Lyle save @ 46:49

Devils 1st line can't seem to get out of Devils zone

Devils penalty @ 47:13 - Frank - roughing

Farmer also binned for Blaze

Farmer for holding

Frank offer declined by Farmer

Blaze penalty @ 47:49 - Gordon - interference

Correction - Jurynec took that last penalty not Gordon

Blaze net off @ 48:38

Frank & Farmer back

5 on 4 for Devils

Devils penalty - Voth - holding stick @ 49:34

Mr Style was 2nd

Pierce looks good going forward says Rhys

Save LYle @ 59:59

Voth returns , Devils at fs

DEvils penalty @ 51:49 - Macrae - tripping

You would have thought Devils had learnt how to play when Hicks is about

Blaze goal @ 53:07 ppg scored by Weaver assists Phillips & Guthrie


Dobben , asists Voth & davies @ 54:08

Blaze icing @ 54:49

Blaze goal @ 55:17

Devils D is leaking tonight

Blaze 7th goal scored by Kralj assists Fulghum & Owen

Devils penalty @ 56:09 - Dobben - hooking

Handbags behind Devils goal

AAron Nell & Luke Piggott involved

Both Nell and Piggott get 5 minutes for fighting

Birbraer not seen since we went down earlier

Lyle save @ 57:37

Devils penalty @ 57:55 - Frank - delay of game

Dobben back but Blaze still on pp

Keith D didn't we tie Sundays game

Last minute

FInal score Blaze 7 DEVILS 3

DEvils MoM - Jeff PIERCE

Blaze MoM - Bryan JURYNEC

Many thanks to our texters at Coventry - Rachael, Rhys & Rempel

Thats all from me OJ, make sure you join us at MNL again soon