Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the return legs of the Festival of Hockey

OJ here in the MNL box planning to bring you highlights of the Legends game and then full coverage of the Devils v Steelers game

Got to check on my texters to see who is available this summer Bank Holiday weekend

Sheffield Legends arrived late

Warm up underway with only Devils Legends on the ice

Sparse crowd at the Tent

Score predictions for the main game to please

Steve Moria on the ice but no sign of Brent Pope, Ian Cooper or Nicky Chinn

Nicky Chinn is on the ice

Will try and get a list of the Devils Legends

Sheffield icing a new lot of Legends from last night

Teams welcomed onto the ice with the old intro from WNIR

As far as I can make out icing for the Devils are Jason Wood in net, on D Shannon Hope, Brent Pope, Lee Carson, Paul Heavey and Jason Stone

Forwards, John Lawless, Nicky Chinn, Steve Moria, Merve Priest, Brian wilkie, Archie Nelson, Robbie Morris, Neil Francis Doug McEwen, Hilton Ruggles

Paul Farmer is possibly a scratch

Frank Evand on Devils Legends Blue Line

Devils Legends being introduced

Ian Cooper is not icing but is bench coach

Legends announcements still going on

Finally game underway

Gareth Hubback drops the puck and we are off

I assume it is 2 periods on 20 minutes again tonight

Lee Carson goes close and hits the post

Now Wilkie hits the pipes

This is not good enough lads - bury the biscuit

Tim Cranston shot saved by Jason Wood

Peron scores for Steelers Legends

DEVIL LEGENDS 0 Steelers Legends 1

Cowley saves from John Lawless who had Hilton Ruggles free in a better position

JL wants to shoot the clock

Cranston makes it 2-0 Steelers after 13 minutes

Wayne Cowley stonewalling Devils Legends

He is as good as ever

Steelers score again now 3-0 Sheffield


DEvils Legends goal scored by Robbie Morris assist Brian Wilkie

That famous 2nd line that got us promoted in 1989 at Telford


Merve Priest makes it DEVILS LEGENDS 2 Steelers Legends 3

Assist Steve Moria

I dread to think what Robbie Morris' kit smells like thesedays it was horrendous when he played for the Devils

On the way to Solihull the bus broke down and the team had to change on the replacement bus. We made the driver leave the passenger door open to avoid being gassed by Robbie's kit

End of 1st period - DEVILS LEGENDS 2 Steelers Legends 3

A much better game than the one in Sheffield yesterday says Chris

I was going to make a re-appearence at Devils games today but MNL duties call

MNL goes from strength to strength with close on 1,200 viewers for last night pre-season game

Teams return to the ice for 2nd period

2nd and final period underway

Steelers 4th goal @ 21:13 scored by Blaisdell

Now - DEVILS LEGENDS 2 Steelers Legends 4

Very quiet no texts

Steelers penalty Lefebvre - holding


now Steelers 4 DEVILS 3

Merve Priest assist Vezio Sacratini

Sign him up Gwent Police don't need him we do

Time of Merve Priest's 2nd goal 29:01

Now 4-3 to Steelers Legends

Come on u DEVILS LEGENDS you can do it

Mo hits the bar with Cowley beaten

a coast to coast from Doug McEwen is called for

This takes me back!

WE have an injury time out for Steelers Legends - Tim Cranston has fractured an eyelash

Delay - Wayne Cowley has left the ice - Woodhouse replaces him


Making it 4-4

Hat-trick for Merve Priest

Seriously there was an injury - what and to whom we do not know

Assists for Vez and Mo on Merve's hat-trick goal

5 minutes left in game

Looks like an exciting end to Legends game


They are on fire going 5-4 in front

Merve Priest again

Its all Merve Priest I'm not sure whether it is 4-4 or 5-4 with 4 goals for Merve

It is 5-4 with 4 goals for Merve, assists Mo & Vez on his 4th, legends 5th

Final 2 minutes


Now DEVILS LEGENDS 6 Steelers Legends 4

Scored by Sacratini assist Pope & Moria

I wonder who Devils LEGENDS MoM will be

Final score DEVILS LEGENDS 6 Steelers Legends 4

Thanks to Chris S, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthing and Nigel D for the texts

Devils v Steelers main event will face off at 6:30 instead of 6pm due to delay in Legends game

I will be back for the warmup at 5:45

Some tea is called for

To round everything off from the Legends game Steelers Legends Mon - Wayne Cowley Devils Legends Mom - MERVE PRIEST

Warm up underway

would appear team rosters are as per last night

ice looks like a giant puddle

No wet cut will be possible as the hot water would probably melt the whole pad

Hockey in August what can you expect

warm up over Devils leave the ice before RNLI arrive

Where are these score predictions - Ruth, Keith, Carl, Bridgent Girls et al

Devils come onto the ice for the first time this season down in Cardiff Bay

No news yet who has the whistle

Harding & Piggott are icing with the full Devils squad

John Frank in Washington State predicts a 4-1 Devils win with Jeff pierce 2+1

Theres poor me thinking there was no one out there dont be shy email me at

We had 1,200 viewers last nice - not bad for a warmup game

My texters are in place - Chris S, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthing and Nigel D

Anthems done

Dean Smith has the whistle (without a pea I hope)

devils start with K Smith, Richardson; Pierce, Matzka & Birbraer

Hare running and tyhe puck is dropped

Opening minute fast and feisty

Given them hell they are not our half brothers any more

Devils going with 4 lines

Decaro save at 2:49

Steelers (Finnerty) offside @ 3:15

Lyle save @ 3:38

Mark & Gemma at a wedding in Morecombe calls it 3-2 Devils

steelers penalty @ 3:35 Hewitt - interference

First handbags of the season

Puck out of play @ 4:41

WillsBlueBird calls it 5-3 Devils and a hattrick for Pierce

Devils go close on pp

Steelers kill penalty back to fs

Pierce hat-trick that is small fry - Merve Prioest got 4 in Devils Legends 6-4 win this afternoon

Gametime 7:10

Thanks John pressed the wrong button

Joe Hattersley calls it 4-2 Devils

Stephenson nails Ben Davies

Birbraer goes close @ 7:58

Kenton Smith nails a Steeler behind Devils goal

No more predictions I have to concentrate on game

Adams goes close

4th line impressing Chris

Some big hits going in

Batch chippy with Finnerty

Devils penalty @ 10:48 - Pigott - hooking

Birbraer goes mighty close shorthanded

1 minute of penalty killed

Nigel says Finnerty was holding Luke Piggott stick

Devils back to full strength

Bethannie4 wants to know how the Steelers are looking - they are rubbish as usual

MNL is one-eyed and proud of it

Batch winds up Hewitt who then has a tantrum

Batch floors King, Hewitt wants to fight him - Josh just smiles at him

Lyle save @ 14:10

Steelers icing

Steelers icing @ 15:20


Waiting for details

Devils 1st goal scored by Scott Dobben assists Voth & Davies @ 15:34

Lyle save @ 16:38

Good save Decaro

Pierce floored on Steelers blue line

Devils in Decaro crease @ 17:37

Gametime 18:02

Batch flattens a Steeler again

Devils looking sharp says JohnWildthing

Steelers penalty @ 18;38 - Stephensen - x-checking

Lets have another goal u DEVILS

Save Decaro

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Steelers 0

Even Ger-Devils impressed with the Devils - that is praise indeed all we need now is for Chris S to lavish praise on the boys

Chris S says its not like the usual friendly pre season game - too much intensity and big hits

Welcome Keith I was wondering where you were.

It would appear that the love between Devils & Steelers is still at the minimum level

Good riddance to that false honeymoon of last year

For those of you who haven't a clue what I am on about, in mid season the Devils owner rescued the Steelers and tried to run two teams - that episode is now well and truly behind us

So we can go back to our usual stance as far as the Steelers or squealers as they are known in these parts

John Frank wanted to know who the Steelers enforcesrs are - I assume Matt Stehenson and Colkt King maybe Hewitt

Noone to trouble the Devils with mighty Brad Voth, new boy Chris Frank and young Josh Batch

Teams are back

More of the same

Another pre season game on Wednesday as the Devils travel to Coventry to take on the Blaze

Three warm up games - in 1989/90 we played 8

2nd periuod underway

steelers back to full strength

Yes 8 warm up games and the Trafford tournament before we went and won the Premier league in our first season

Gametime 22:01

Those were the days although I believe I have suffered premature ageing after looking after that bunch

Lyle save at 23 minutes on the nose

Piggott or Harding goes close - no numbers

Decaro save @ 24:14

Devils 4th line fighting for every puck


A ripper by all accounts

Devils 2nd goal @ 24:59 scored by Sam Smith assist Birbraer

Correction it was Mark Smith not Sam Smith

A fantastic goal by all accounts

There are scorch marks on the net

Devils go close

Steelers penalty @27:15 - Finnerty - holding

Mrs Wildthing enjoying the game at home, well John thats where I think she is

Pierce shot out of play @ 28:01

1minute of pp left

Steelers back to fs

Blaze losing 2-0 at Hull

Now Hull 2 Coventry 1

Woodhouse in net for Decaro

Everybody telling me whats happenning elsewhere, pity they can't tell me who will win the 2;30 race

Davies goes too high @ 30:07

deCaro pulled himself I am told

Birbraer rattles the pipes

Harding putting in some big hits, bless him

Gametime 33:03

Devils penalty @ 33:48 - Voth - high sticks


I can't remember wahat Harding's first name is can u help me

Lyle save

That save was @ 34:51

Kenton Smith goes close shorthanded

Woodhouse save from a Macrae breakaway

Devils back to fs

Steelers icing @ 36:01

Devils penalty @ 36:48 - Adams - inteference

Well worth it G as he floored Tait

Nigel says it was a dive by Ashley Tait

Gametime 38:04

Dobben goes close

Devils back to fs

Final minute of 2nd period

Devils go very very very close says Ger-Devils

Steelers icing

End of 2nd period - DEVILS 2 Steelers 0

5 minutes before restart

Whats your high point of Devils v Steelers?

I suppose there are many but not many to surpass that April Sunday in 1994 - Championship Final at Wembley

For those of you not there Devils defeat the Steelers 12-1 in the play off final

WWhen the Welsh line scored that 12th goal I was left on the bench with just physio Heather and eqipment manager Taffy as all the players had jumped onto the ice

Officials are back as are the teams

We are underway

Everyone is keen tonight

Save Woodhouse @ 40:22

How he stopped that we will never know

Devils offside @ 41:01

no news on why Decaro went off but he didn't look steady

Welcome back JohnWildhing

Woodhouse save @ 42:32

Lyle save @ 43:19

Bethannie4 to lose by the odd goal is not embarassing losing 12-1 in a Final is

Lyle save @ 43:52

Game has lost its intensity

Devils penalty @ 43:52 - Mark Smith - slashing


Dobben goes close SH after going coast to coast

JohnWildthing impressed by Dobben

Steelers goal

Steelers 1st goal a ppg @ 45:42 Tait assists Hewitt & King

Joe Myers in for Lyle at sametime

Puck out of play @ 47:03

Hull 2 Coventry 2 - final score

Frank floors a Steeler

Who is now squealing

End to end at the 48 minute mark

A hit on Colt King to see how dodgy that shoulder of his is

Devils icing @ 49:00

Macrae goes close

Then Devils wander offside

Awesome save by Woodhouse on Macrae @ 49:29

Devils penalty @ 49:44 - hill - holding


Josh Batch looks a great find loads of talent - needs a bit of refining

Stellers penalty @ 50:425 - Stephenson - tripping

Devils back to fs

Apologies to Steelers netminder its Woolhouse not Woodhouse

Steeler kill penalty

Save Myers @ 52:48

puck out of play @53:01

Steelers penalty @ 53:01 - Huttel - delay of game

Gametime 54:22

Penalty killed Steelers back to fs

Woolhouse save @ 55;02

Another Woolhouse save

Puck out of play @ 55:34

Another good Woolhouse save @ 56:13

Thanks for your kind comments John Frank

Myers save @ 56:24

Gametime 57:02

Nice check by Sam Smith

Good save Myers

Myers looks to be much improved

Final 2 minutes

Devils offside @ 58:20

Final minute

Steelers time out

at 59:01

woolhouse pulled

at 59:03

Devils icing @ 59:14

Steelers goal @ 59;42

devils offside @ 59:57

Final score DEVILS 2 Steelers 2

Ramsay scored assist Phillips

Steelers MoM - Colt King


our thanks go to our texters - Nigel D, JohnWildthing, Ger-Devils and Chris S

MNL will be back with you on Wednesday night when the Devils travel to oventry to take on the Blaze

Good night from me - OJ - join me on Wednesday from 6;30pm (FO 7:30)