Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Basingstoke Bison

Welcome to match night live tonight, first time for me but hopefully everything will go smoothly, send your emails and score predictions to

Carl from Camarthen believes the devils will win 6-2 tonight with Fulton, Campbell and Latulippe racking up some points. Cheers for your support tonight

It's currently all square in the game between panthers and stingrays, matt myers and kostadine exchanging a few words and blows

The player warm ups are nearly over, Warren Tait ices for the Bison who have 11 dressed skaters, unfortunatley no Voth or Cowmeadow for the Devils

It's a little cold in the rink tonight, with temperatures equivalent to those outside, at least the tent will keep the rain off your backs

Referee for tonight's game is Mr Matt Thompson

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Both sets of teams out of the ice, for which promises to be a very entertaining game of hockey

Average crowd down at the tent tonight although the Bison drummers as usual are creating a huge amount of noise. Bison line up with 11 skaters and 2 netminders

Latulippe, Campbell and Prpich start for the devils, and we are off

4 minutes into the period, devils looking good. Fulton looking sharp early on, lets all hope he is the answer we have been looking for

GOALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Devils, Fulton at 4.43, assisted by Stone and Silverthorn. A lovely deflected goal

Campbell hits the pipes 5 minutes into the 1st

7 minutes into the game and the Devils are looking imense, with the Campbell, Prpich and Latulippe line looking awesome

Bison penalty, Braff 7.35 - delay of game

Phoneix 1-0 up against the Capitals Alex Dunn with the goal

Devils have seemed to stop shooting on the powerplay and it's only Reiter keeping them from going further behind

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Devils waste the powerplay oppertunity, seemingly playing better when it's 5on5

Another save by Reiter from Silverthorn, the netminder seems to be the only thing stopping the Devils

Reiter saves another Silverthorn effort, surely he can't keep this up all night

Save by Aubry with the Bison recording their first shot on target

Bison blow a golden 3on1 chance, Devils defence is holding up well when put under pressure

Ade from Basingstoke says hi to all Cardiff and Basingstoke fans tuning in and says that Reiter is earning legend status at the Bison. I'm not suprised by the way he's playing

Blaze due to start in their game against Bolzano foxes in the continental cup

Campbell lining up one of his beauties but unfortunatley missed the hit, 2 minutes remaining in the first period

Devils resorting to dump and chase tactics, maybe a sign of the Bison clawing their way back into the game?

Bison penalty 2 mins, Braff : 17.46 Hooking

Reiter saving the puck with his face, anything that will get the job done i suppose

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Final minute of the first period with the Devils squandering a hatful of chances

That's the end of the first folks, 1-0 Devils

Reiter the star of the period, and looks like another awsome performance is on the cards. If the temperature in the rink gets any colder frostbite may set in

Carl from Carmarthen believes the Devils either next season or this season need to sign a clinical finisher as all the devils seem to do is pass the puck around. I agree carl if we had that finisher we could be leading the table

Lindsay from wokingham says hi to everyone tuning in and thinks that the bison may be able to pull this off. Maybe lindsay maybe, welcome to match night live

Alice from Reading says hi to everyone and is predicting a 4-2 win for the Bison

Here we go ladies and Gents the 2nd period is underway

Lisa from Plymouth is supporting the devils tonight and hope they beat the Bison, Well done Lisa and welcome

Carl says that maybe a new coach could fire the devils up on the powerplay and get them playing the right way as there never seems to be anyone their for the deflections or tap ins. I agree Carl i agree

Both teams starting slower for the 2nd period a few saves by Aubry but no real chances. Something needs to happen to spark this game back into life

The first chance of the period goes to the Devils, and guess what? another great save by Reiter

Phoenix 3 -0 up against the Capitals, Tony Hand with two quickfire goals in the 2nd

Bison have a great chance on the breakway, but Aubry saves and the Devils ice the puck

The worst pass of the season goes to Stone 50 yards away from any player

Bison player makes an empty net save with his knee and they clear

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Devils penalty Maciver 26.56 - Interference

Devils performing well on the penalty kill denying any Bison players the chance to shoot

Devils successfully kill the penalty \0/

Another great save by Reiter, he is something special


Devils goal 29:53 Latulippe assisted by Jarvis. Carl you prediction for goal scorers is proving to be a good one

Capitals pull a goal back against Phoenix

Prior to the Latuilppe goal a Towe deflected shot sent high into the plexi bounced down and into goal but was disallowed

Stewart hits Aubry's pipes at 31:06

Towe floors Braff with a huge hit. 33 Minutes gone

Lindsay emails in once again to congratulate the inferno on helping her to get rid of her hangover after a night of university shannanigans. Your welcome Lindsay hope your enjoying the feed

Reiter playing brilliantly once again, saving from Faulton and Campbell as well as deflecting a shot from Hill to which Bison break away and score

Bison goal 33:49 Hughes assisted by Chambers and Stewart

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Campbell on a breakway falls and hits linesman head first, 5 minutes left in the 2nd

Alice from Reading emails in delighted at the Bison scoring and pulling themselves back into the game and says if Bison win she will buy everyone a drink, cheers Alice

Devils penalty Fulton 36:09 2 minutes - Interference

Towe on a breakaway, goes wide no where near

Aubry bizzarely stumbles into his own net at 37.30

Phoenix now 4-1 to the good against the Capitals

Devils kill the penalty. GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devils goal 38.23 Campbell assisted by Silverthorn and Prpich. Carl's prediction is becoming strangley accurate

Reiter again making a number of wonderful saves at the end of the 2nd period

Capitals pull another goal back against the Phoenix

End of the 2nd period, Devils leading 3-1 at the break, not alot more to say about the 2nd period really apart from how cold it is inside the rink

Blaze are playing well against Bolzano, 0-0 after the first

Harvey a Bracknell bees fan drops us a line and says he is extremely happy with the score and would like nothing better than to see the devils score a few more, Cheers Harvey i hope that is the case too

Peter a Devils fan from Wellingborough in Northampton has emailed in saying he is delighted with the score at the moment and is delighted with the way that Campbell is playing and will name there first son Derek in honour. Well done pete that is dedication

Ade from the Bison believes that Reiter will be legless if he carries on winning any more man of the match awards

Keith emails in from Aberystwth wil a simple message of RED ARMY RED ARMY. Things are going well at the moment Keith hopefully they will keep it up

Here we go people start of the 3rd period, Thompson not having much to do tonight

Jeff Campbell sends us an email to say hi to all of the devils fans and lloks like the team is playing well like we knew they would, I totally agree Jeff they are playing well at the moment and hopefully will keep it going. He also says that he will tell derek of peters plans. Cheers Jeff

Capitals pull another goal back against the Phoenix in the 3rd, looks like it's going to be an interesting finish in that game

Devils playing better than the Bison in the 3rd with 2 minutes gone

Prpich misses a sitter, come on Mike you can grab yourself a goal


Devils goal Prpich 43.32 assisted by campbell and silverthorn, ah seems my words have worked their magic, well done boys

Great goal by Prpich, doing what he does best

Pete from Rushden contributes to the night by saying that the Bison always makes things harder for themselves but is going for a 4-3 overtime win for the Bison. (Note. the email came in before Prpichs goal) .

Sorry people it isn't 4-3 to Phoenix it's 5-2 to Phoenix with Hand grabbing a hat trick

That Prpich goals seems to have taken the sting out of Bison, they don't seem to be troubling Aubry any more

Hill manages to beat Reiter but the puck somehow sails wide, 15 minutes left in the game

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Blaze losing 1-0 in the 2nd

Devils creating loads of chances especially the Latulippe, Prpich and Campbell line surely another goal is on the way

Latulippe setting up a number of chances for Francis and Towe but they just cant beat Reiter and the Bison players on the line

The Steelers lead the Vipers 4-2 in the 3rd with the Panthers beating the Stingrays 5-4 on Pens

Vipers pull a goal back, it's going to be a tense finish there

Reiter pulls out an unbelievable save against Prpich who just looks at him in utter disbelief

Blaze pull level with a goal by Weaver

However hold on the referee has changed his mind and weaver's goal is disallowed

Devils penalty Fulton, 54:58 2 minutes Elbowing

Bison on breakaway however the Devils defence remains strong

With 4 minutes to go it's time people, Keith from Aberystwyth has started for us RED ARMY RED ARMY RED ARMY


Were gonna win is echoed around the rink Aubry saves at 59.03

Capitals pull back and now only trail by one goal with 5 minutes left to play

That is the end of the game, Devils win 4-1

Game finishes 4-1 Devils never really got out of first gear

Bison mom - Eric Braff Devils mom - Jay Latulippe and well deserved too

Cheers Everyone another great win for the Devils, hopefully we will be able to keep this up over the christams period. Hope everyone has had a nice weekend, See you next week