Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome on MNL as we bring you the Play Off Final between the Nottingham Panthers and your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

OJ your host for this epic game where the Devils are going to round off a great season with silverware

Tension is mounting here in Cardiff and all over South Wales, Nottingham, Port Huron, Sydney, Nova Scotia and all other places where Devils fans might be on Mothers Day here in the UK

Score predictions as usual to before face off at 4pm

Russky predicts a 4-2 victory for the Devils as he prepares for face off at the Queens Inn, Cwmbran

Best wishes to the Cardiff Devils from actor Mathew Rees ( Kevin in USA series Brothers & Sisters). Mathew is a former member of the Cardiff Junior Devils.

Junior game finished at NIC

As per norm NIC awash with rumours of - who is leaving , who has signed etc etc

No news on ref yet

Devils fans chanting as SKY try to do interviews on ice

Carl calls it 4-2 Devils

Referee is believed to be Hanson

Rumours at NIC have Devils signing for every club betweem Timbucto to Alasks

Ice is done

This game will not face off at 4pm, warmup hasn't started yet

Sky TV coverage is from 4pm so my money is on a 4:10-4:15 face off

Warmup started and Devils are in Black

It gives me a chance to do a bit of work which I have to finish by Tuesday

Devils are home team again today

Calum says 5-3 for the DEVILS

My "A" team of texters are on duty again today led by Chris S (the boss), Ger-Devils, Andy, Paul, JohnWildthing and Devils2001

Only Sharlene missing from the squad thats looked after me all season - THANKS TO YOU ALL

12 minutes of warmup left

Chris S is taking his vengence on the ballons floating about.

Thanks Veronica

I will more than likely make a home game at the Tent next season

Stewards took Devils fans beachball but after sustaining booing said ball returned

Devils2001 says you can feel the tension at NIC

No need to tell me Chris is texting me every minute saying how nervous and stressed he is. Let him play with the beach ball I say

Both teams at full strength

For those of you watching on Black & White TVs - Devils are in Black, Panthers in White

WArmup done

Danette Macrae calls it 6-2 to the Devils

Sue in Port Huron loved yesterdays score that shes gone for it again 4-1 Devils

Devils win - last of the ice

Told Craig Weller's family are in Nottingham as are Scott Matzka

Figure skaters on

That display over, now the Trophy is taken around the rink

Zambonis appear

Moray Hanson confirmed as referee for final

Both sets of fans in good voice

Ice is ready

Announced that Play Off Finals will be in Nottingham for the next 5 years

Paul Thompson gets an award as the most successful GB coach

That is a load of rubbish , what about the GB team played in Group A with Canada, Ussr, Usa ettc in Italy in 1994

Officials take to the ice

Dick Matzka goes for a 4-2 Devils win

Panthers out on ice

Devils take to the ice

Teams line up to start, Sky not ready

No Anthems!!!

Teams line up to start, Sky not ready

SKT TV delaying start

Players now gone to blue lines - Anthems maybe

God Save the queen done



Paul Sullivan sings both anthems

Devils starting with 2nd line - Voth, Hill, Finnerty, Weller & Richardson

Another wait!!

We are off

Panthers winning opening face off

Puck out of play @ 1:02

Panthers offside @ 1:14

Gametime 2:02

Devils penalty @ 2:10 - Matzka - high sticks


Great save Lyle

Panthers offside @ 3:11

Devils PK on their game

30 secs of pk left

Devils back to full strength

Devils offside @ 4:29

Devils go very close

Lyle made 3 awesome saves on that pk

Gametime 6:32

Kwall save

Lets get that opening goal u Devils

A much better game than Devils v Giants

Myers nails Sam Smith


Hanson's fault say TCW

Scored by Pelle assist Matzka @ 8:51

Devils offside @ 9:10

Puck out of play @ 9:33

Glove save Kwall

@ 10:04

Lyle gloves puck

Lyle save was @ 10:23

Kwall save @ 11:23


Pelle scored

Correction Weller scored Devils 2nd goal

Unassisted @ 11:30

2 saves by Kwall

Gametime 13:03

Devils icing


Save Lyle

Gametime 13:59

Panthers Goal

Scored by Beauegard, assist Meyers @ 14:03

Goal was against the run of play

Panthers icing @ 15:47

Panthers penalty @ 16:02 - Galbraith - tripping

That tripping penalty was against Kwall not Galbraith

Devils pp firing on all cyninders

Devils go close - thats not good enough

Panthers back to full strength

Ryan tries to take Wellers head off but misses, what a brave lad

Final minute

Devils offside @ 19:18

Puck deflected out of play @ 19:33

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Panthers 1

SoG 17 on Panthers: 11 on Devils

Devils 2nd goal might have been changed to Pelle tip on Weller rocket

Officials are back

Now teams take to the ice

Get that next goal u Devils

2nd period starts

2nd assist on Panthers goal to Thaczuk

The puck was not dropped

It is now


Finnerty assist Hill

@ 20:32

Panthers goal @21:16 Myers

Assists Galbraith & Meyers

Puck out of play @ 21:46

Woeful defence gifted Panthers their 2nd goal

Kwall save as Hill goes close

Next goal please Devils, you have done it once you can do it again

Lyle save from Bellamy

Macrae goes close

Pelle high sticked - not called

Kwall save @ 24:00

Kwall save @ 24:48

Devils icing @ 26:04

Lyle save followed by Kwall save @ 26:27

We want a goal u DEVILS - we want it now PLEASE

Panthers icing

Panthers icing @ 27:29

Devils offide @ 29:00


Panthers Goal - Heerema

@ 29:10 assists Nikolov & Neilson

Panthers penalty @ 30:05 - Neilson - delay of game

Come on u Devils get that PPG get it this time

devils icing @ 30:56

Nobody charging the net or even standing in front of Kwall

Lino gets in the way

Gametime 32:00

Panthers back to full strength

Devils penalty @ 32:26 - Voth - interference

Puck out of play @ 32:58

Devils back at full strength

Gametime 35:05

Panthers penalty @ 35:39 - tripping


Get that PP into overdrive

Weller goes close

Thwarted by Kwall save

Hanson missing many Panthers cheapshots

Kwall save @ 37:19

Panthers kill penalty


Voth scores Devils 4th goal

@38:02 assists Hill & Finnerty

Kwall save @ 38:33

Final minute

Lyle save @ 39:15

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Panthers 3

Just before the buzzer Hill floors a Panther with another massive hit

SoG for 2nd period 8 on Cardiff, 16 on Panthers

Devils outshooting Panthers 33-19

5 minutes to start of final period

Experiencing massive problems with mobile network, worst than Cardiff Bay problems

Both teams are back

Off we go

Devils offside @ 40:19

Panthers likewise at 40:30

41 mins gone

Kwall save

texters suffering extreme stress

Kwall save @ 41:33

Weller barely leaves the ice

Gametime 43:02

Kwall save @ 43:38

Panthers offside


Panthers Goal

Ryan @ 44:50

Assist Meyers

Voth nails Clarke

Kwall save @ 46:16

Puck out of play @ 46:54

48 minutes gone

Get that next goal u Devils

Its end to end as both teams seek that all important goal

Panthers goal

Beauregard @ 48:56

Time out Devils

Assists Heerema & Thaczruk

Panthers icing @ 49:38

Come on u Devils big effort there no point leaving anything in the tank

Panthers penalty @ 50:13 - Thaczruk - slashing

Now then Devils lets be having you

1 minute of pp gone

Puck out of play

Gametime 51:26

52 minutes gone

Panthers back at full strength

Gametime 53:54

53:04 that should have been apologies

Devils offside @ 53:14

Lets be hearing you Devils fans

WE can do it

Puck out of play @ 54:14

Last 5 minutes

Lyle save @ 55:27

Gametime 56:02

Devils penalty Weller @ 57:48 - elbows

Matzka ejected with 10 minute misconduct

Game misconduct - abuse of official

Final 2 minutes

Max get us a SHG

1 minute of penalty killed

Kwall save

Devils penalty @ 59:00 - Finnerty - slashing

30 secs left

Weller back

Final score DEVILS 4 Panthers 5

Thanks to our texters - Chris S, Andy, Paul, Ger-Devils, Johnwildthing, Devils2001

When will the next Devils golden era start I ask?

Final SoG 44 on Panthers: 25 on Devils

Some Devils are very upset, the ones that this Club means a lot to

Devils MoM - Ryan FINNERTY

Panthers MoM - David BEAUREGARD

Thanks from Dick & Sue Matzka

A sad end to a season that had more highs than lows - having a good summer everyone

Thats all from me OJ and the rest of the MNL crew