Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the 2nd Semi-Final between the Cardiff Devils and the Belfast Giants

Send your score predictions as usual to

I will check which of my texters are still sober

Warmup underway

Callum calls it 4-3to Devils in O/T

Told Darnell is the referee

Texters leaving Weatherspoons in various states

PAK2305 says 3-1 Devils

Carl in Carmarthen calls it 4-2 - Devils

Warmup finished

Gareth J just wants a Devils victory - score doesnt matter

Awaiting confirmation on team news

Ruth calls it 3-2 Devils

Katherine says Max to score winner in O/T

Russky doesnt want to make a r=rediction just praying for a Devils victory

Megan & Donna call it 5-4 Devils

Beth says 3-1 Devils

Ice is ready

Lights are dimmed

Officials on the ice

Devils fans in good voice

Danetta & Kevin Macrae are going for 5-3 with an ENG to finish it off

Lots of Panther and Steelers fan missing

Where are the Matzka crew from Port Huron, with us earlier

Paul thinks all neutrals are supporting Giants

Giants are the away team and come onto the ice

Hoffman falls over

Devils on ice

Now Anthem time

Dick - Sue says you need to send in your score prediction from your computer

Anthems done

Its OJ at MNL Sue who says 5-3 Devils

We are off

Devils start with Voth, Hill, Finnerty, Richardsob and Weller

Devils icing @ 0:48

Puck out of play 0:52

Macrae goes close

Giants penalty @ 1:36 - Jacobsen - interference

PP into overdrive u Devils

Devils cannot get set up

For those of you who missed it Tom Darnell has the whistle

Giants back to full strength

Giants offside @ 3:35

No SoG during Devils pp

Gametime 3:35

Vipers mascot appears with Devils shirt on

Gametime 5:36

Devils penalty @ 5:48 - K Smith - tripping


Birbraer goes close

1 min of pk left

Hanbags after Lyle got hit after whistle

Lyle save @ 6:53



A gift from the Giants by all accounts

Goal timed @ 7:51 - Michel unassisted

Lyle save @ 9:20

Jacobsen floored by Hill

10 minutes gone

Lyle save @ 10:54

Devils penalty @ 10:54 - M Smith - slashing

Lyle save @ 11:18

Devils penalty @ 11:55 - Macrae - roughing

5 on 3 for Giants

Giants hit post - thats OK

Lyle save @ 12:38

Devils back to 4 skaters

Lyle covers puck @ 13:01


Birbraer a SHG

3 on 2 break, puck dropped to trailer who buries the biscuit

Devils 2nd goal was at 13:18 scored by Birbraer, assits Richardson & Adams

Devils back to full strength

Paul thinks Devils 2 SoG 2 Goals

Awesome shot from Voth rattles Murphy in Giants net

Gametime 15:02

Murphy makes a save

Lyle save @ 15:23

Birbraer nails Gleed @ 16:05

Devils have a 2 on 1 chance but lose control of puck


Darnell not calling anything

Giants penalty Gleed @ 17:09


Good save Murphy

Murphy saves from Macrae @ 18:18

Macrae thriugh on goal gets pulled down - no call

Giants penalty @ 19:13 Astanenko - x checking

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Giants 0

SoG 12 on Giants, 15 on Devils

3 minutes to start of 2nd period

For those of you with me earlier my wifes tip of the day Big Knickers came 2nd at 12/1 so she is happy

Teams returning to the ice

Come on u Devils another 2-0 period would do very nicely

Devils start 2nd period on pp - 49 secs

WE are off

change on Devils 2nd goal Finnerty now given an assist - instead of Adams or Richardson

Giants back to full strength

Giants trying to ruff up Lyle

Giants are putting pressure on Devils

22 minutes gone

Murphy saves from Pelle

Matzka and Birbraer combine well

Devils penalty @ 23:45 - Voth - hooking

Devils have a 2 on 1 chance, saved

1 minute of penalty killed

Matzka shot saved

Devils back to full strength

Devils penalty @ 26:06 - Voth - charging

Puck out of play @ 27:48

Devils back to full strength

Birbraer goes close

Lets get that next goal u Devils

Gametime 29:02

Giants offside @ 30:13

Giants penalty @ 30:48 - Hoffman - 2+2 high sticks

Correction just a single minor, although Adams clearly bleeding

Giants all over Devils, whose pp is awful

Devils offside @ 31:14

and again @ 31:38

Lets chave a ppg now u Devils

Now Pelle hit in the face, no call

Ace save Lyle


a PPG by Finnerty

Discussions but goal stands

Goal timed at 32:47


devils penalty @ 33:37 - Weller - delay of game

I minute of penalty killed

Giants offside @ 34:49

Goal Giants

PPG scored by Jacobsen @ 35:08

Assists Hemminway & Welch

Brett that is

Great save from Stevie Lyle

Gametime 38:02

Lets get another goal u Devils, Cardiff C ity won 4-1

Lyle makes 3 quick saves

Devils are in front due to Lyle

Devils icing @ 39:17

end of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Giants 1

Thanks for your kind words Steve, we aim to please

SoG for 2nd period 10 on Giants; 14 on Devils

Officials return

Just 20 more miles Devils, relaxing evening, glory tomorrow.

We want the next goal u Devils

Both teams return

JohnWildthing thinks its like Wembley in 1990

Assists on Devils 3rd goal go to Michel & Lyle

Here we go for the 3rd period

Finnerty breakaway, save Murphy

Heavy shot from Weller thumps into glass

Hill nails Gleed

Ganetime 42:05

We want a goal from u DEVILS, we want it now

Lyle save @ 42:33

Giants offside @ 43:06

Gametime 45:04

Devils icing @ 45:29

26 minutes gone

Giants offside @ 46:30

Devils defensive game has thrown fans

Shot by Weller

Murphy save @ 47:15

Finnerty & Prudden compare handbags

Both given roughing minors @ 47:24

Devils pe 47:41 - Michel - hooking

Its 4 on 3 for Giants

Gametime 48:33

Now 5on 4 for Giants

Giants offside @ 49:26

Devils now at full strength

Gametime 51:26

Downhill now lads to the promise land

Devils offside @ 51:33

52 minutes gone

Gleed has chance but it goes high & wide

Birbraer goes close @ 53:03

Giants offside @ 53:36


Nothing shot beats Murphy

goal @ 54:18 scored by MACRAE assist Michel

A well taken goal by Stuart

Gametime 56:04

Nets off @ 56:13

RED ARMY chants ringing around arena

Gametime 57:01

Giants offside @ 57:17

Giants icing @ 57:57

Gametime 58:11

Devils penalty @ 58:13 - Richardson - tripping

Time out Giants

Penaltry was against Lyle, Richardson sitting it for him

Murphy pulled

This is were that predicted ENG comes

Final minute

Devils penalty @ 59:08 - Bench minor - too many men

5 on 3 for Giants

Lyle save @ 59:38


Bring on the Pussiecats

People on TCW say that it was boring, but if you have confidence in your D that is the way to play a Play Off Semi-Final

Giants MoM - Mike HOFFMAN


Our thanks go to our texters Devils2001, Andy, Johnwildthing, Paul, Chris S and Ger-Devils

Sue 4pm BST 11am for you I believe