Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 8 - 4 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL for the final home game of the 2010/11 season

OJ here as your MNL host for the 2nd leg of the Play Offs quarter final against the Hull Stingrays

Devils have a slim ONE goal advantage from the 1st leg

Score predictions as usual to before the 5:30 face off

Early prediction from Russky a 4-2 for the Devils whether that is for aggregate score or just 2nd leg he doesn't say

Texters are ready to bring us this all important game

Andy has been speaking to the players and they are really up for this game

Dan calls it 5-1 Devils

Andre thinks Devils will win tonights game 6-2 with a hat-trick for Max

MNL will tonight display the aggregate score to avoid confusion

2nd leg score when given will be as { 0-0}

Gareth says any Devils win (or or draw I assume) will be fine by him, he is also shouting for the Blaze

warmup underway

MNL will be staying on air after the completion of the game to bring you upates of the Blaze v Giants game which faces off at 6pm

Dick & Sue Matzka in Port Huron predict a 4-1 victory for the Devils

And it has stopped snowing there

Warmup completed

Referee tonight is Mr Darnell

I can be polite to officials when I try

Where are the Rhode Island Pelle crew thesedays?

Comments as usual to

You can be as biased as you want, just like me

Sue, Dick I wouldn't worry about the lack of noise tonight I just hope that baby Reese has ear mufflers on

Where are the rest of my regular emailers? Maybe they have made the long trip to Cardiff Bay for the last home game of the season.

Vidoe of season being shown on the screens at the Tent

Face off at Coventry has been delayed to 6:10

Irish Sea levels too high for the Giants to walk over

Steve sees Devils winning by 4 goals

Lets hope he is right

Stingrays take to the ice

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

David wants to know what happenned to Belfast - I don't know and predicts a Stingrays win

Bec & Si at the Pilot predict another 2-1 win for Devils

Intros done

Ian thinks Devils will only scrape through in O/T

At least he will not suffer the stress as he's on his 5th pint already

Anthem done

Problem with Devils bench door

Officials trying to fix

Over the top lads and onto war

Hares running

WE are away

Stingrays penalty @ 0:10 -Uusivirta- slashing

Stingrays net off moorings @ 1:14

Crowd very noisy - a good sign

Decils icing @ 1:50

Devils cannot set up pp

Its end to end

6 secs of rubbish pp left

Rays full strength

Save Boucher

Gametime 2:14

Rays on attack as soon as they had killed penalty

Devils can't hold onto puck

Puck out of play

Rays have brought their physical game

Devils miss open net

Pelle dekes netminder but shoots wide

HaNDBAGS @ 5:29


Finnerty has taken a dislike of Bannister

Michel hitting all and sundry

Devils penalty - K Smith @ 6:43 - hooking


Michel floors Dulle

Easy kill for Devils so far

Michel is like a runaway train as usual

Rays bench minor at 8:06 - too many men



Awaiting details

Assists Pelle and Richardson on Voth goal scored @ 9:05




Powerful shot by Sam Smith Michel nets rebound

Assists S Smith & Macrae @ 10:47

Game score {2-0}

Devils 2nd goal was on a delayed penalty

Devils penalty @ 12:12 - Finnerty - delay of game


Rays icing @ 13:55

Stingrays Doal

Goal on delayed penalty

Rays 1st goal @ 14:12 - Tendler, assists Silverthorn & Bannister

Game score {2-1}

Devils penalty @ 14:45 - K Smith - slashing

Boucher save

Boucher save @ 15:29

Rays goal was not a ppg

Rays offside @ 16:03

Devils back to full strength

Rays fans loud and warned for swearing

Rays penalty coming

Hooking the call @ 17:40 - Gaisins


A tap in for Devils at far post

Will tell you who in a sec

Finnerty scored

Assist Michel & Macrae @ 18:41

A ppg of course

End of first period {DEVILS 3 Stingrays 1}

Still no face off at Coventry

Thanks for joining us Keith

Puck has been dropped at Coventry

Keith we are all saying "Come on Blaze"

One of my regular texters is Paul who covers every home game and many on the road, an out and out Blaze fan so lets make him happy as well

Comments to

Love to hear from you, especially if you are in some exotic place such as Canada/USA, Far East or even Newport

Chris S I assume is in Nottingham working on his uni work

Gametime at Coventry 8:02 still 0-0 (2-2 on aggregate)

Chris will be the advance party for the finals next weekend

Come on u Devils lets maintain our unique Play Offs Fina record

Devils are the only Elite team to make every Finals since EIHL created

Teams are back

2nd period underway

Voth takes stick to the face

Goes stright to dressing room

Tosh doesn't agree that Rays were over physical last last

He also calls us sad people

Well we are happy at 5-2 bet you aren't Tosh

Gone very quiet for some reason

Devils penalty @ 22:53 - Birbraer - cross checking

SoG 1st period 13 on Rays, 8 on Devils

Hull penned in their zone whilst on pp

Devils return to full strength

Amazing save by Stevie Lyle after Voth deflection

Rays penalty @ 25:58 - slashing - Sladok

Blaze score

Cowley for Blaze @ 16:04

Michel & Silverthorn wrestle

Rob & Chelle in Abu Dhabi qualifies as exotic

Both Michel & Silverthorn get roughng minors @ 27:46

Jury out on whether Port Huron is exotic, I wous ask Scott but he is busy right now



Weller skated in shot, rebound and he buries the biscuit @ 28:20

Assists Hill & Finnerty

Game score {4-1}

Boucher save

I am sure Ger-Devils has that on his quick texts becauuse thats what he sent me all game last night

Devils icing

End of 1st period Blaze 1 Giants 0 (3-2 on aggregate)

Lyle save

Game gone very flat at Tent

I don't care just make the clock go faster

Devils offside

Boucher gove save

Thats a new one Geraint

Gametime 32:37

Devils penalty @ 32:33 - Finnerety - hooking


Text says Devils havescored shg awaiting confirmation

Delayed text that was

Devils back to full strength

Good double save by Lyle

Devils offside @ 35:05


@ 35:34 - MATZKA

Assists Richardson & Pelle

Devils offside @ 35:59


@ 35:51 - Pelle

Assists Birbraer & Matzka

Devils offside @ 36:55

Game score {6-1}

Jaeger standing on his head at Coventry - Blaze out shot 14-8 in 1st period

Tosh where are you know, who is sad?

Giants score after 22 secs but goal washed out as net was off its morrings

End of 2nd period {DEVILS 6 - Stingrays 1} aggregate score 8-2

Devils penalty @ 59:53 - Weller - hooking

Brad & Barb I will check for you

Welch scores for Giants @ 25:02 game tied at 1-1 3-3 on aggregate

Brad Voth iced in the 2nd period and looked fine

North Bay, Ontario might qualify as exotic but at -16 I will give it a miss this hoiliday season - Andrew

Stephen wants to know if there are any tickets left fot the Finals in Nottingham

He was asking aout Sunday really, tickets usually come available from fans of losing semi-finalists especially those who travel each day eg Steelers or Blaze (if they make it)

I will be locked in the MNL hutch to give you blow by blow accounts of the Devils games

Stephen I am told that there are tickets left ring NIC box office

Anthony I applaud you, I agree all is not lost until the fat lady sings, but I think the Rays need a bit of help

Teams return to the ice

SoG 2nd period 14 on Rays, 6 on Devils

3rd period underway

Save Stevie Lyle

Lets run that clock down and start planning this weeks practice sessions

Weller returns as Devils are back to full strength

Rays shoot wide when Lyle was down

Puck out of play

Stingrays Goal

@ 44:05

Soft goal by all accounts

Scored by Kalmikov, assists Sladok & Gaisins

Game score {6-2}

Boucher saves from Matzka at back post

Rays offside @ 46:51

Gametime 47:24

Pad save by Lyle

Crowd in Tent gone quiet, saving their vocaL chords for next weekend

Most of play in neutral zone at the moment

Gametime 49:36

Rays icing by Dulle

10 minutes left

End of 2nd period Blaze 1 Giants 1 so 3-3 on aggregate

A very close game my texter tells me

Both teams very nervous

Rays panalty @ 51:00 - Dulle - slashing

Lets have a ppg u Devils

Devils content to run the clock down

Save Lyle

Cowd bored so start a Mexican wave

Gametime 53:02

Rays are at fuull strength

Its not a Mexican wave the fans are waving goodbye to the Stingrays

Devils penalty - Richardson - slashing @ 53:27

Stingrays goal @ 54:01 - Coburn assist Silverthorn & Read a ppg

Gamescore {6-3}

Lee Mitchel got the asist not Silverthorn

Rays penalty - Dulle, Devils penalty - Adams both roughing @ 55:35

Time out Stingrays

Devils penalty M Smith -slashing @ 55:43

Its 4 on 3

Adams & Dulle return

Devils back to full strength

Final 2 minutes

Saddle the horses , feed the cat we are off to Nottingham

Gametime 58:24

RED ARMY chant

Rays penalty Dulle - slashing @ 58:24

Last minute

Final score {6-3} aggregate score DEVILS * Stingrays 4

Nottingham here comes the RED ARMY

Stingrays MoM - TENDLER


Our thanks go to my regular team of texters at the Tent who have been brilliant all season - Sharlene, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthing, Andy, Devils 2001 and Paul

MNL wilkl stay live as hopefully we can bring you updates from Coventry

Gametime at Coventry 51:22

Gametime at Coventry 57:30

O/T beckons me thinks

Looks like O/T at Coventry as they enter final minute

End of regultion at Coventry Balaze 1 Giants 1 (aggregate 3-3)

5 minutes of O/T

Tension unbearable by all accpounts at Coventry

Both teams frightened to make that crucial mistake

Giants get called for bench minor @ 62:11 - too many men

A brave call by Hanson

Gametime 63:02

Blaze penalty @ 64:20

Giants Time out

Penalty was against Carlson - slashing

End of O/T - now penalty shots

Shooters N Hemmingway, Mason 7 Welch for Giants, Owen, Fulghum & Chambers for Blaze

Mason scores

Owen misses

Everyone else misses I believe so Giants win

Still trying to get result confirmed

Confirmed Giants win on penalty shots

So its Devils v Giants in 2nd semi-final on Saturday

If you are not going to Nottingham join me (OJ) here on MNL as the Devils seek some much deserved silverware