Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

I am back from Tenerife to bring you the 1st leg of the Play Offs quarter finals against Hull Stingrays

If you have a prediction of tonights score email me OJ at

The Devils were engaged in pre-game warmup earlier in the Hull Arena carpark - playing football

My team of texters are making they way to the Arena at the moment

So grab some tea before the action starts in an hours time

Ruth predicts a 4-3 win for the Devils

Russ James is more hopeful and sees the Devils winning 5-2

Rhian is in postion ready to text - thats keen for you

Reports that Stingrays fans are in fancy dress or maybe that the way they dress normally

John Wildthing, texter supreme - goers for a 5-3 Devils win

Gaz D is very confident and calls a 5-1 for the Devils

Hosting MNL can be stressful but I tell you it is nothing compared to watching/waiting for MNL updates 2,000 miles away

About 20 Devils fans so far at Hull Arena

Kenton Smith icing for Devils

Matti Uusivirta returns for Stingrays after injury

Warmup underway

Devils play off jerseys - BLACK with GREEN numbers

Bring back the green helmets worn in 1986/7 I say

Nice jerseys says Rhian

Craig Mitchell not icing for Stingrays

Andy Carson is the man in charge

Devils at full strength - that makes a welcomed change

I am back in Cardiff to dry out.

I went to Tenerife to celebrate my mates 50th birthday, he is from Tenerife but now lives just inside the Artic Circle in Finland

Some of the customers from his bar came to Tenerife as well and if you have ever seen Finns on holiday you will understand their drinking habits

Pat in Bridgend calls iot 4-2 to the Devils

Steve calls it 6-3 to the Devils

It is nice to hear tonight from a number of our regular texts, whichout these lads and lasses MNL would not exist

Ger-Devils is enjoying the heavy music being played during warmup

Devils fan count now 25

Donna & Megan have agreed on a 6-3 Devils victory

WArmup over at Hull

Calum calls it 6-2 Devils

Callum even

I need more drying out

Zed says he doesn't normally make score predictions but fancies an 8-4win for the Red Army

Make that Black Army tonight

Ger-Devils has spotted some Steelers fans at Hull

I wonder if they are the girls that used to help me out last season with texts from Hull, they said it was more fun going to Hull to see the Devils play that watching last seasons Steelers

Russky I knew it was you

Ice is ready

Chris S just gave me the latest MNL viewing totals they are amazing

For 2008/9 season the total was 21,478 viewers

For 2009/10 MNL had 40,318 viewers

Stringrays mascot retiring after this game

So far for the 2010/11 season we have had a massive 66,417 viewers

Well done everyone - what a service and totally independent

With hopefully 4 games to go we are going to break the 70,000 barrier

Devils fan count now reaches 40

Sue & Dick Matzka in snowey Port Huron calls it 6-12 to the Devils

Officials take to the ice

Followed by the CARDIFF DEVILS

Talking about snow in Port Huron I will tell you a Tenerife snow story (2 weeks ago) when there is a break

Stingrays are out

Correctio the Matzka prediction was 6-1 not my mistyped 6-12

Minutes silence for Stingrays photographers wife who died recently

Anthem time

Anthems done

Puck is dropped

Devils shot deflected out of play

Devils hit post

Devils icing

Devils penalty- Birbraer - hooking

@ 2:06




SHG scored by Michel, assists Macrae & Richardson @ 3:27

We now have handbags

Handbags featured Adams & CLoutier

Stingrays trying to add physicality to game

Devils lets add goals

Devils are back to full strength

Glove save Boucher

Stingrays game plan now obvious - draw Devils into a brawl

Carson is not calling anything as game gets even more physical

Matzka & Cloutier now having words

Cheap shots not being called

Pelle goes close

Play whistled down for freezing the puck

At least it proves that Carson's whistle works

Devils penalty @ 8:38 - Birbraer - hooking

Devils go close on SH chance

Now Matzka goes close

Glynne wants the Devils have a clear win, making tomorrows game a formality

Boucher save

Devils back to full strength

Big save from Lyle @ 10:55

Read puts a big hit on Sam Smith

Devils icing then they go offside

Stingrays intent on rouging up Devils

Devils goal at Hull is the only goal so far tonight in the four games being played

Does anyone know when the Box Office at Tent closes tonite

Boucher save

Stingrays icing

Gametime 17:10

Sam Smith goes close @ 17:20

Boucher manages to push a SoG wide

Stingrays penalty @ 18:19 - Bannister - interference

Get us a PPG u Devils

Last minute of 1st period

So that there is no confusion - current score is Stingrays 0 DEVILS 1

Why the score reverted to 0-0 is a mystery

Panthers leading 1-0 after 1st period making aggregate Panthers 6 Clan 4

0-0 at Dundee at end of 1st period - Stellers 6-1 on agregate

No goal so far in Belfast where the Blaze are the visitors

A Steelers v Panthers semi-final looks likely

Now 1-1 in Belfast

Ice ready at Hull

Officials back on ice - awaiting teams

Both team return to the ice

2nd period underway

Devils start with 9 sec of pp

Stingrays at full strength

Stingrays icing

Sog 6 on Hull, 12 on Devils

Giants lead 2-1 after 1 period

Voth checks Finnerty, Finnerty down injured

Finnerty helped off the ice

I know I have been away but arn't they on the same team

Finnerty did skate off un assisted although it did look like a stretcher job at one time

Big save by Stevie Lyle

Stingrays goal

Error by Lyle who pases puck out from behind net to Cloutier who scores on empty net

Stingrays 1st goal @ 26:25

Devils penalty @ 26:30 - Macrae - slashing

Boucher save

Handbags - no penalties

Home crowd woken up

Stingrays icing @ 29:12


Devils 2nd goal scored by Voth, assists Hill & Finnerty @ 29:34

Pelle a target for Stingrays hits

Dick, Sue - handbags is a minor melee when 2 or more players have a dissagrement and do a bit of mouthing, shoving & pushing

Stingrays penalty - Glaisens - holding @ 30:08

WEller floors Mitchell

Mitchell felt that massive hit by Weller

Boucher save

Voth apparently broke Finnerty's nose

Stingrays penalty @ 32:45 - Dulle - holding

Voth went in hard on Boucher, Stingrays took offence

All I am getting from Ger-Devils is "BOUCHER SAVE"

Michel lays big hit on Coburn

Stingrays offside @ 35:31

Stingrays penalty - Tendler @ 35:27

Devils pp is poor tonight

Yet another Boucher save

Michel hit on Coburn has really upset the home fans

Ruth wants me to remind fans that British Summertime stats tonight at 2am and the clocks go forward an hour

Last minute of 2nd period

Clocks foirward 1 hour or you will miss tomorrows game which has an earlier face off thgan normal at 5:30

End of 2nd period Stingrays 1 DEVILS 2

Now I have everyones attention - two weeks ago there was a big reduction in night temperature on Tenerife and a massive storm, heavy rain etc Well as you can imagine Mt Teide at 12,500 always had snow on it but for the first time ever they had to de-ice the planes at the airport. Tenerife North Airport not that Airport in the tatty South Tenerife (Las Americas etc). There was snow just up the road from where I used to live in La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz much to the amusement of the locals

Sog that period being checked

6 on Lyle, 9 on Boucher

Finnerty is still skating , in fact he got an assist on his very first shift back after been run over by a run away Voth train

Now 2-2 in Belfast

Stars winning 2-1 against Steelers but need another 4 un-answered goals to tie the quater final tie

Pathers now winning 2-0 and 7-4 on aggregate

Zamboni is trying to break the speed recird at Hull

Phil Hill's neice loves the Stingrays mascot

2 more goals and we will all sleep much better even with 1 hour less

Teams back on the ice

We are off for 3rd period

Still 2-2 in Belfast after 2 periods

The winner of Giants - Blaze plays the winner of our q -final

Glynne wants the Blaze , I think I agree with him.

Gametime 41:30

Michel goes close

Sladok thrown out of game!!

Sladok checked a linesman and is given a Game Misconduct

Correct call was 10 + Game - abuse of official @ 43:15

Sladok was having verbals with Hill, and pushed linesman out of the way

Devils penalty @ 43:59 - Michel - charging


I am trying to dicipher some texts bare with me

The texts related to events in the 1st period

Devils Penalty @ 45:55 - Mark Smith

Birbraer goes close

Coburn trying to rough up any Devils, Weller steps in he skates away

Stingrays penalty @ 48:25 - Gaisins - interference

Stingrays did look threatening on pp, Devils now on pp

Hull back to full strength

Stingrays are playing well by all accounts

Both Lyle and Boucher making some big saves

Mark Smith penalty was - delay of game

Devils offside

Gametime 53:41

Steelers beginning tro sweat Stars now winning 4-1 making it 7-5 to Steelers on aggregate

Stingrays icing

Gametime 57:30

Devils go close yet again

Last 2 minutes of game

Gametime 59:10

Final Score Stingrays 1 DEVILS 2


Stingrays MoM - Sylvan CLOUTIER

Our thanks go to Ger-Devils, Rhian, The Stub, Chris K, Gav and DevilDom our texters at Hull

Join me from 4pm tomorrow as we bring you the 2nd leg of this very tight Quarter - Final - remember its a 5:30 Face off and the clocks go forward tonight

Good night, that all from me OJ at the MNL hutch