Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 2 - 9 Cardiff Devils

Good Evening!

Chris hosting once again tonight, as always I can be reached before/during the game at

Ruth predicting a Devils 2-10 victory \o/

Russky also says Devils 2-10 victors and hopefully the Clan winning 2-3 in overtime :)

Donna and Megan going for a 2-14 win, that'll be sure to wind Simms up with his 'code' nonsense

12 or so Devils fans have made their way to the frozen wasteland that is Murrayfield

Both teams out for warmup

Now upto 20 Devils fans freezing to death in Murrayfield, still they made more noise than all the Capitals fans when the teams came onto the ice

The Matzkas are predicting a Devils 1-11 win to finish the league with :)

Neil also predicting a Devils 2-14 win :)

The Matzkas are also hoping/predicting/waiting for a Steelers loss by 2 goals :)

Stephen says Devils to win 1-14 :D

Someone who doesn't want to reveal their name still says Devils to win 2-10 :)

Devils look very fired up for tonights game, fans at the rink predicting 20+ goals for us...

Whilst the Capitals players skate around with a banner saying 'thanks to you all'

Bethan predicts a Devils 1-12 victory

Tom says Devils to win 3-15, Pelle to score 5 to get 60 goals total and the Clan to win 2-3 :D

About 25 Devils fans, about 50 Capitals fans...

15mins to go, warmup is over and the dodgy looking zamboni makes its way onto the ice

Apparently the banner wasn't being paraded around, the players stuck it up on the wall themselves instead...

Bec and Si predicting a Devils 0-12 win, sounds like a lot of Devils fans have made their way to the pub to celebrate :)

Depending on how unexciting this game is, i'll either put the Steelers v Clan score up at the end of the period, or put updates as the goals happen

Keith doesn't care what the score is provided we win and the Steelers lose :)

Max Beerbarrell says Devils to win 2-15, and this will indeed be the last MNL of the regular season, I think OJ is back for the playoff quarters though, and i'll be in Nottingham avoiding getting shot or stabbed to text for that :)

Which reminds me, this is the first season we've managed to cover EVERY league and CC game of the season, home and away!

Officials make their way onto the ice in Edinburgh, we have random bloke called Ashton as ref...

Devils come on to a massive cheers, Capitals enter to a slightly less awesome cheer

Apparently our fans cheered more for the Capitals players than their own fans

Angela says Devils to win only by 6 goals! 2-8! Shameful!

No anthems or intros in Edinburgh, they've launched straight into the game to the surprise of everyone...

Final estimation of attendance... 30 Devils fans, 250 Capitals fans, we're still louder though :)

Capitals start the stronger and get 2 good chances

First big chance for the Devils comes from Michel, somehow it's saved though...

So does anyone know who this Ashton is? Or is it someone Andy French pulled out of his magic hat of nonsense to try and stop us winning another game?

Capitals have 13 players including 2 netminders for tonight

Devils apparently have 18, including 2 netminders and Burrows? Is he a permanent addition to our squad now then?

Hah, Mark666 has just put up some awesome images for potential Devils t-shirts for the playoffs, check out the thread here --->

It's gone very very quiet from Murrayfield, either everyone has frozen, or the game is less unexciting than we all thought was possible

Capitals penalty timed at 3:50, Hutchins 2mins for hooking



Devils 1st goal timed at 5:36, MacRae from Finnerty and Michel - PPG


Devils 2nd goal timed at 7:28, Voth from Finnerty and Hill

Francis takes his shoe off after the goal and joins in a rendition of 'shoe off if you love Brad Voth' :D

Apparently i'm supposed to wave at all the people who are lucky enough to be in Wales, in the Pilot in Penarth... Does my wave have to be nice seeing as i'm stuck in Nottingham? :P

Burrows is all over the Capitals, seems the players may be trying to feed him some chances

Devils penalty timed at 9:15, Symonds 2mins for interference

Apparently Ashton is one of the better linesmen we have in the league and should do well stepping up tonight :)

That's fortunate, there's a linesman from Cardiff who might as well not bother being on the ice he's so absolutely rubbish

McKenzie is trying to wind Adams up, Adams just keeps laughing in or possibly at his face

Penalty killed with ease, Symonds returns \o/

Steelers take the lead in Sheffield at 7mins :(

Cingel tries to take out Weller with predictable results

Somehow this Van Poucke guy keeps saving the puck, this time from Michel and then MacRae

Capitals are playing surprisingly well, Devils aren't playing badly either :)

Voth and Hill get a breakaway, but Hill shoots wide :(

And now the Capitals score!? What the $%&^

Capitals 1st goal timed at 16:18, Horne from Cingel

Capitals penalty timed at 16:56, McIntyre 2mins for holding

MacIntyre sorry

Safar takes a massive hit from Michel and goes limping off

Blood on the ice, play stopped at 17:49

I was expecting at least 7 goals for us by this point!

Game restarts and the Capitals are back to full strength

Into the final minute of the 1st

End of the 1st, Capitals 1-2 Devils...

Steelers go 2-0 up after 14mins :(

Capitals fans are celebrating like they've won the league apparently

Shots on goal for the 1st period, 9 on Lyle, 14 on Holland

End of the 1st in a rusty shed somewhere near Yorkshire, Steelers 2-0 Clan

Bruce Richardson, you're letting the world down :(

Everyone back out for the 2nd period, hopefully the Devils can score slightly more goals than they did in the 1st...

And we're off!

Weller denied :(

Very very quiet from Edinburgh once again :(

Devils apprently playing well, but Holland is saving everything we throw at him

There may or may not have been another penalty called on the Capitals, everything is arriving out of order :(

Capitals penalty timed at 22:58, Hay 2mins for slashing



Devils 3rd goal timed at 24:05, Matzka from Pelle - PPG

I have heard nothing from anyone in Edinburgh now for 5mins or so, but apparently we had a penalty called at 26:26, Symonds 2mins for boarding


Devils 4th goal timed at 29:44, Richardson from Pelle

Holland is indeed in nets for the Capitals tonight, and apparently the ice rink in Edinburgh is rubbish for sending texts out of

Steelers are now 4-0 up, if one more person tells me to celebrate finishing 2nd, they're going to get a slap


Devils 5th goal timed at 31:12, Burrows from Sam Smith :)


Devils 6th goal timed at 31:22, Burrows from Weller and MacRae :D

The following people are all banned, James, Skippy, Ger-Devils, Soundwave and Iceraider. *******'s.

Score should now be updated, we're winning 1-6, Steelers are winning 5-0, how fantastic...

MacRae gets an additional assist on our 5th goal, should now read Burrows from S smith and Macrae

Seems the Capitals had a penalty called at 35:01, Cingel 2mins for tripping and then we had a penalty called at 36:23, Finnerty 2mins for hooking

God damn this is annoying, nothing is arriving properly and the system keeps eating my updates, i may just give up it's driving me insane

Right, Capitals had a penalty timed at 35:01, we then scored at 35:21, Weller from Birbraer and Matzka - PPG, then...

We took a penalty at 36:23 and the Capitals scored a 2nd at 36:50, Cingel from Safar - PPG

It's now the end of the 2nd, the 3rd period updates will be entirely random and filled with swearing.

At some point in that period, Myers replaced Lyle, no idea when though

The Capitals second goal was scored on Myers...

Shots on goal for the 2nd period, Lyle faced 1, Myers faced 2, Holland faced 18

End of the 2nd, Steelers lead 6-0, I think that's the final update needed from that game

Officials make their way back onto the ice followed by the teams

And the third period begins, finally...

Nothing arriving from Edinburgh, absolutely anything could be happening

There's been no penalties all goals, but i'm now receiving all the texts from the 1st and 2nd period, yay

Devils penalty timed at 44:01, M Smith 2mins for holding

I wonder if at the playoff quarter final home game they'll be talking about the steelers again?

Absolutely nothing from Edinburgh still :(

Not sure what to type, not receiving any texts from Edinburgh at all now :(

Apparently we've scored an 8th goal though, so...


Devils 8th goal timed at 49:52, Matzka unassisted

Apparently Holland somehow scored that 8th goal on his own, but they had to find someone on our team to gift the points to

Holland was replaced after that goal :E

Well this is exciting...

Seems like a good time to start removing steelers supporting 'friends' from facebook

There's been no goals or penalties, so that's a positive i guess

Devils had a penalty on Voth called at 51:53, but how recent that might be is anyones guess

Apparently it's 9-2 and we're in the final min of the game?

No wait, the game finished several minutes ago it would seem, wow what a service i brought tonight :/

Apologies for the coverage tonight, network problems have made this an absolute joke :(