Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 7 - 4 Coventry Blaze

Good evening!

Chris here, as always I can be reached before/during the game at

Roughly an hour to go until we hopefully start our victory against the Blaze

I'll be keeping tabs on the Braehead v Sheffield game as well during our game, we only need the Steelers to drop 1 point so hopefully it's doable :D

Provided we win tonight of course :E

First prediction of the evening comes from 3500 miles away, the Matzka's predicting a 5-3 victory tonight :D

30 minutes to go, Ruth predicting a Devils 3-2 victory :D

Hugh queues for parking, sounds like another big crowd tonight

Seems some of the fans are in fancy dress tonight, Ali G has been spotted in block 2...

Andrew from Ontario(!!) predicting a Devils 4-1 victory :D

Awfully quiet from the rink tonight so far, other than hearing about queues down the tent not a lot being said

Perhaps everyone is just too nervous :)

Gareth has no prediction, just a Devils win and a Steelers loss :)

Blaze take to the ice, it's intro time in the Bay!

Devils take to the ice \o/

Supposedly it's a sell out, but I suspect there are seats free once again

Steve predicting a Devils win and a Steelers loss :D

As expected, only K Smith missing for tonights fixture, he's walking around ok but clearly not 100%, a return is likely for the playoffs I believe

Anthem time \o/

Anthems are done, 20 or so Blaze fans in attendance tonight

And the puck is dropped, we're off!

Devils fans not sure what to shout at Carson, so cheering for Braehead instead :D

Blaze called for icing in the opening minute \o/

Thompson has obviously taken Simms advice and put Jaeger back in nets for tonights fixture :)

Devils turn to be called for icing, 1:59 gone, we've gone close a couple of times though

Devils go close and then Blaze called for offside

Good save from Lyle, am guessing 3 or 4 mins in

End to end at the moment, both teams playing well, but Devils ever so slightly better :E

Not so much news coming from the tent, hopefully that means it's a good game :)

Devils called for icing once again, roughly 6mins in i believe

It is indeed Jaeger in nets tonight, pah

Lyle saves after Chambers somehow manages to shoot the puck

please someone score, i'm bored out of my mind!

Devils called for icing once again :/

Devils offside, roughly 8mins gone

Devils close...

Big save from Jaeger denies the Devils :(

Blaze under pressure, but Jaeger making save after save, our forwards can't find a way through him :(


And another!


Devils 1st goal timed at 9:45, Macrae unassisted :D

Devils 2nd goal timed at 10:21, Matzka from Voth and Birbraer \o/

Good save from Lyle roughly 11mins in

Devils very very close

Another save from Lyle

Now it's Jaegers turn to save :)

Steelers are taking penalties in Braehead, but the Clan aren't scoring :(

Blaze penalty timed at 15:00, Robinson 2mins for roughing

How the old man manages to rough anyone up i'll never know

Devils shot is deflected into the pipework by Jaeger, quick thinking from their D clears it though :(

Devils penalty timed at 15:45, M Smith 2mins for slashing

A very dubious call by all accounts

Jaeger somehow finds a way to deny Pelle a goal :(

Blaze penalty timed at 16:44, Weaver 2mins for hooking

It's 4on3 for 16seconds in the Devils favour

4on4 for 45seconds

Then a Devils powerplay for 59 seconds :)

Which it now is, Devils 5on4 :D

Into the final minute of the 1st period, we're back to 5on5 now also

End of the 1st, Devils lead 2-0 :D

End of the first in Braehead... Clan 0-1 Steelers :(

For Lizzie who asked via email, Myers is back as our backup tonight, Lyle must be over his injury :)

Everyone back for the 2nd period

And we're off!

Or perhaps not, Blaze apparently don't think the ice is hard enough...

Now we're away!

Puck straight out of play from a Devils shot, 20:27 gone

Blaze have started the better team this period...

Shots on goal from the 1st period, 8 on Lyle, 11 on Jaeger

Easy save for Lyle, described as an utterly useless shot :)

This time a big save from Lyle

Not having the need to try and find ICWales coverage of this game, I wonder if they've had to borrow any of our details yet?

Blaze penalty timed at 25:06, Nell 2mins for holding

And now the Devils take a penalty, how convenient...

Devils penalty timed at 25:23, Michel 2mins for interference, but...


Devils 3rd goal timed at 25:51, Pelle from Matzka and Weller :D

Now if the Clan could find a way to start winning in their game that would be good news :E

Pass across the crease but we can't get their in time :(

Devils fans go ape as Carson refuses to call two blatent penalties from the Blaze, it's a good thing we're winning...

Devils back to full strength \o/

Apparently ICWales aren't the only people who may need to borrow our updates :)

Devils very very close

Birbraer very close this time

Devils are all over the Blaze net tonight, Ger-Devils says he's never seen us crash the net so much

Devils score, but the stinking Blaze knock the nets off :/

Devils goal washed out because Jaeger kicked nets off

Michel takes revenge by flooring Zanon

Devils penalty timed at 31:24, Adams 2mins for hooking

Blaze score :(

Blaze 1st goal timed at 32:52, Fulghum from Weaver - PPG

Blaze penalty timed at 33:38, Robinson 2mins for interference

Big save from Jaeger to deny Pelle a 2nd

Devils ever so close, but can't seem to sneak the puck in, when they do Carson washes it out...

Deflected shot from Devils goes out of play :(

Blaze penalty timed at 35:42, Selmser 2mins for tripping


Devils 4th goal timed at 36:55, Voth from Michel and Pelle - PPG :D

Jaeger didn't have time to kick the nets off this time inbetween the puck crossing the line and Carson whistling

Blaze called for icing shortly afterwards :)

Weller very very close

Devils penalty timed at 39:24, Matzka 2mins for tripping

Blaze score another powerplay goal...

Blaze 2nd goal timed at 39:56, Fulghum unassisted - PPG

Blaze second goal should have been Fulghum from Weaver and Farmer

End of the second, Devils lead 4-2

With 5minutes remaining up in Braehead, it's Clan 0-2 Steelers :(

5minutes remaining i the 2nd period that is

Teams return for the 3rd period, up in Braehead it's Clan 0-4 Steelers end of the 2nd :(

Not not, it's now Clan 0-5 Steelers with 6 seconds in the 2nd period left *sigh*

9 shots on Lyle, 16 on Jaeger in the 2nd period

We're off for the 3rd period

Blaze score straight away...

Fantastic start for us...

Blaze 3rd goal timed at 40:21, Carlson from Lee and Farmer

Devils take a penalty shortly after

Devils penalty timed at 40:59, Adams 2mins for hooking

Handbags follow the penalty, but nothing additional called...

Blaze penalty timed at 42:15, Weaver 2mins for hooking

Devils penalty timed at 42:54, Finnerty 2mins for holding

Adams returns, I think we're back to 4on4 now

Both teams back to 5

Pelle goes very very close

Big save from Jaeger, by all accounts Lyle is having an absolute shocker tonight


Devils 5th goal timed at 45:27, Michel from Macrae :D

Two big saves from Jaeger deny the Devils a 6th :(

Blaze penalty timed at 46:27, Owen 2mins for hooking

Carson having a very good game, according to other texters, letting the game flow :)

Blaze score a shorthanded goal :(

Blaze 4th goal timed at 47:09, Selmser unassisted - SHG

Devils penalty timed at 47:33, Finnerty 2mins for tripping

Details for the Devils 5th are changed, time stays the same, But Macrae scored, assist from Michel

Another good save from Jaeger

Lyle is playing absolutely dire, Jaeger playing awesome

Devils back to full strength and Blaze called for icing

Gametime 49:38

Attendance announced as 2149

Pelle gets floored, but he gets back up and floors the guy in return - Hurrah :D

Blaze are taking penalties to stop the Devils from scoring

Blaze penalty timed at 50:07, Zanon 2mins for hooking

Devils extremely close


Devils 6th goal timed at 51:30, Finnerty from Macrae - PPG :D

Finnerty batted the puck out of the air to score :)

Blaze penalty timed at 51:56, Carlson 2mins for delay of game


Devils 7th goal timed at 53:02, Adams from Matzka and Birbraer - PPG :D

Murdy replaces Jaeger after the Devils 7th goal I think...

Devils penalty timed at 52:46, Hill 2mins for hooking :(

Handbags follow the whistle...

Easy save from Murdy

Finally a good save from Lyle!

33 seconds left on the powerplay after that save

Devils back to full strength

Devils called for icing at 55:59

Lyle save deflects the puck out of play

57mins gone, well the Clan let us down big time tonight :(

And now we're into the final 2minutes, at least we've won even if Wales are getting hammered

Devils fans in fine voice, although I suspect there's a lot of disappointment at the Clan imploding so spectacularly

Devils penalty timed at 59:35, Symonds 2mins for hooking, but it's all over

Devils win 7-4 :D

Blaze man of the match goes to Selmser

Devils man of the match goes to... MACRAE :D

Another ace performance from him, I really hope he's back next season!

Right that's all from me, i'll be trying to find some texters so we can bring MNL from Edinburgh tomorrow, but it may be a tad hit and miss!

Still, hope everyone enjoyed the coverage tonight :)

Chris out.