Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Basingstoke Bison

Hi Guys Matt here tonight providing your updates for you. I'll be doing my best to provide you with all the action from the tent as we witness tonight's Challenge Cup encounter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome one and welcome all to the first home Match Night Live of the 2008 season.
Those of you tuned in last night will have enjoyed text updates from your friend and my colleague Chris. He did an excellent job bringing you comentary from Basingstoke, where Cardiff beat Basingstoke 7 to 2 in a fiesty encounter!

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Folks you will be delighted to hear our first texter for the night - Chris - has arrived safe and sound at the rink and is currently employed in putting up his banner. What he has written on it is anyone's guess :-)
As you are dying to know, I'll see if I can find out.

Chris says that the ice in the tent has been repainted. Looking nice and crisp

Don't forget folks you can email in your views on this game or anything else you'd like to get off you chest. Drop us a line on

Chris has done a bit of basic counting and can only see 10 players dressed for Bison including backup n/m. Of course they may be keeping warn in the changing room. We'll let you know.

Your referee tonight is Nigel Boniface
By the way Chris' banner says "FREE BRAD VOTH!" attaboy Chris

You'll be pleased to hear folks that I've just ordered my pizza.
What's that? You want hockey updates too? Oh alright then we'll have some of them too I suppose.
10 Minutes to face off

Right then gang, we are in blackout mode at the tent. Almost ready to go. To make up for their short bench Ryan Aldrige is icing to make up for their short bench

Game On!!!
make the tea mart.. oops wrong game on

Smallish crowd tonight maybe 1000
With Voth's ban in full effect (boooo) Hinks is Devils Captain
Bison have 13 dressed players

Devils top line is Hinks, Silverthorn and Prpich

Bison goal at 2:23

Bison goal was a beauty from Hughes. Assited by Read and Chambers. Lovely set piece goal.

Campbell shot trickles across the crease!

Some know him as Officer Dibble, some know him as Fubar, MNL know him as a pest!! Either way he's tuned in tonight!

Devils Penalty Campbell boarding minor at 6:47

GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL Devils Goal. Shorthanded goal scored by Mike Prpich at 7.09, assisted by Jason Silverthorn

Bison Goal Goal scored by Stewart at 10:21. Assisted by Bowers and Read

Bison Penalty Cornish 5+game at 11:06
Devils Penalty Prpich 10 Minutes at 11:06
Looks like those are connected. Will try and find out details for you folks

Bison Penalty Reiter Delaying the Game minor to be served by Goulet at 12 minutes

Devils Penalty Jay Latulippe Slashing minor at 13:42

Brilliant save from Peter Aubry. Both sides 5 on 5

Devils Penalty Jason Stone, Hooking Minor at 16:16

Bison Goal Scored by Read, Delayed penalty goal scored at 17:16. Assisted by Bowers and Hughes

OK that last goal may have had an assist by Stewart instead of Bowers. We'll try and find out at 1st Intermisson

End of First Period A blinding period from Reiter in the Bison net. Although take nothing away from Basingstoke who are looking good for their lead.

Anyone out there tonight folks? I'm not typing this to myself am I?

I'm not on my own thank god. Ade is tuned in, nice to hear from you Ade.
Sorry some of the updates are not lightning quick, the announcing is a little bit slow in Cardiff at the moment

Don't forget folks you can email your views to

Good News My Pizza has arrived. If anyone wants some drop me a message and I'll email you a slice ;-)

Start of 2nd Period

Bison start this period with just 10 outskaters available

All Devils at the start of this period. Prpich returns to play

Reiter standing on his head tonight. Another beautiful save this time from Silverthorn

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL Devils goal scored by Silverthorn at 25:12. Assisted by Hinks

Two more outstanding saves by Reiter. What a game he's having

GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL Devils Goal scored by Campbell at 28:47. Unassisted Goal

Latulippe tries a mid ice hip check. Fail! Easy Jay, Easy

I haven't gone to sleep folks - It's all quiet at the moment

Time Check - 33 Minutes Gone.

I know this might sound like I'm just cutting and pasting these messages but another fabulous save from Reiter

The bounces are just not falling for the Devils at the moment. The third goal line bounce to stay out in the last 5 minutes. 35 Gone

I can't wait to see the shots in this game. Devils are massively out shooting the Bison tonite

Aubry saves a break away by Stewart at 28 mins. Apart ffrom that it's been all Devils

Bison Penalty Hughes hooking minor at 28:45

Oops make that 38:45

End of the most frustrating period in hockey ever... End of Second 3-3

Intermission entertainment is freestyle football. Chris thought it was dancing girls :-p

Hey I've just realised I haven't posted about Cornish. He got 5+game for butt ending

Devils shots 17 in 1st, 21 in 2nd Bison shots 10 in 1st, 6 in 2nd Reiter really keeping Bison in the game

Devils will start penalty with 5 on 4 powerplay.

3rd Period underway

Bison kill the remains of the powerplay.
Rhodri says there are lots of Inferno t-shirts around the rink - Nice!

Devils Penalty Prpich tripping minor at 42:57

Bison Penalty Chambers hooking minor at 43:12

Hey Hey. Guess who's tuned in, our friend Theresa is on board. Nice to hear from you lovely. Hopefully you'll get your enthusiasm back - we all miss you down the rink xx

Penalties killed sucessfully.

It's 5 on 5 for once - makes a nice change!

Not much action to report at the moment. Goulet tries to throw his weight around by Latulippe just dances around him

Several stunning saves from you know who! For all of you who ordered some Pizza, well I'm afraid to say I scoffed the lot - pepperoni - stunning it was!

Carl I can only assume the inferno t-shirts are home made cos I haven't seen any!

Aubry has a save to make! Will wonders never cease? Time 48:37

51:36 gone. Reiter saves again! Damn You!

How long can this go on? The man is amazing.

53 minutes gone. Arrrgggh!

Hill shoots over the Bison net. 55 mins gone. Tension on the rise at the tent now.

Bison Goal I can't believe this. Stewart scores at 55:53, assisted by Hughes and Read

It's unreal that Devils haven't scored again. What a game Reiter has had tonight.

Puck cleared off the Bison line. 2 mins remain in the game

Last Minute. Come on Devils!

Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Basingstoke Bison, Final
Amazing work tonight from a incredible goalie. Don't forget to go over to the Inferno forums for post match chat
Massive thanks to Chris and Rhodri for your excellent texts
Thanks for joining me tonight, Matt out!