Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Good evening! Chris here again tonight and as always, any predictions before/during the game send to

I'm aware the score is still showing from last nights result, unfortunately the system once again hates me and refuses to reset to 0-0 :(

Or maybe it's magically fixed itself?

Panthers missing Myers, Van Hoof, Hereema and Tkaczuk for tonights game!

Stephen predicting a Devils 4-3 victory :)

Andrew from Ontario(!!) also says Devils to win 4-3 :)

Beth says Devils to win 5-2 :D

Updates seem to be eaten by the system again tonight, so hit f5 :)

Gareths predicting a 3-1 Devils victory, hopefully this will happen :)

Steve is saying a Devils 5-2 victory after last nights performance, thanks for the texts again also :)

An unnamed person from Rhode Island (!!) predicting a Devils 5-2 victory \o/

Hetty says Devils to win 4-2 :)

Panthers and officials out onto the ice, it's intro time!

Hicks has the whistle for tonights game

End of the first period in Newcastle... Vipers 0-2 Steelers :(

We only need the Steelers to drop one point providing we win all the rest of our games, please someone beat them!

Trying to find out whether Lyle is starting for us tonight, there were rumours from last nights game he was injured but i'm hoping they're not true

Lyle is indeed starting for the Devils tonight, wahay \o/

Lyle starts with Clarkson as the backup, must be the random number generator for our netminders this weekend

It would seem that Lyle is potentially carrying an injury, Clarkson was signed to play as #1 should Lyle be injured, hopefully Lyle lasts the game!

Anthems are done, it's almost time to win!


Devils called for icing in the opening minutes

Unfortunately I have a lack of texters for tonights game, so time details may be a little sketchy

Now it's Panthers turn to be called for icing

Seems that Panthers icing was timed at 1:45

A massive crowd in the tent it would seem

Lyle saves an easy shot from Clarke \o/

End to end play at the moment, both teams playing hard though

Panthers score :(

Panthers 1st goal timed at 3:42, Clarke from Galbraith and Levers :(

A weak turnover in our zone led to that goal :(

Bellamy checks Weller, hopefully it won't be long before the reverse happens :D

Michel flattens an unnamed Panthers \o/

Panthers seem to be the slightly better team at the moment :(

A big rebound from Lyle and the Devils steam in to stop the resulting shot

Big save from Kowalski, but the Panthers are all over us :(

Penalties coming to both teams...

Penalties timed at 8:49, Michel and Lepine both get 2mins for roughing

Devils close, first real chance they've had/created

Good save from Lyle, come on Devils...

Both teams back to full strength, just after a save from Kowalski

Vipers 0-3 Steelers now in Newcastle :(

12minutes gone, Panthers still the better team :(

Panthers penalty timed at 12:17, Lepine 2mins for interference

Come on Devils, put that powerplay into action!

Kowalski save :(

Panthers save a shot on the line :(

Kowalski making save after save :/

Panthers clear the puck to a big sigh from the Devils fans :(

Lepine returns, bah


Devils 1st goal timed at 15:01, Birbraer from Richardson and Lyle :D

Delayed penalty goal, but Birbraer skated in with one Panther hanging off his back and managed to score despite facing the wrong way \o/

Birbraer had 2 Panthers hanging off him! Hah!

Devils come close, but then on the clearance somehow called offside

Vipers score! Vipers 1-3 Steelers now, please keep going :D

Panthers penalty timed at 17:57, Ward 2mins for high sticks

I have no idea who Josh Ward is...

Michel gets floored :(

Hicks missed the tripping call...

Final minute of the 1st, it's all Devils...

Devils very very close

Penalty killed and it's the end of the 1st period, Devils 1-1 Panthers

End of the 2nd in Newcastle, Vipers 1-3 Steelers :(

Panthers return for the 2nd period

Devils also return :D

And we're off!

Roughly 21minutes gone, Devils putting some pressure on the Panthers...

Panthers called for offside, not sure of time though :(

Voth very very close, Kowalski making save after save once more

Devils penalty timed at 23:32, Adams 2mins for interference :(

Details on Devils 1st goal have been changed, should now read Birbraer from Richardson and Pelle

Panthers hit the pipework :o

Panthers penalty timed at 24:55, Galbraith 2mins for slashing

Just before the penalty, Devils hit the pipework :(

Penalties timed at 25:21, Michel 2mins for high sticks, Bellamy 2mins for roughing

I think that makes it 3on3 for 11seconds?

Or not, apparently it's now 5on4 as Adams returns

Neilson floors his own player to the amusement of our fans :D

Galbraith returns, it's 5on5 but i'm not sure why

Lyle makes a save, Michel and Bellamy both return

Good save from Kowalski after a mistake gifts Devils possession

A missed 'too many men' call on the Panthers doesn't please the Devils fans

Devils called for icing at 29mins (roughly)

Symonds playing well and taking his chances, unfortunately someone got in the way of his latest attempt, still he gets a round of applause for it :)

Panthers penalty timed at 31:00, Ryan 2mins for cross checking

Devils very close, puck slides across the crease but no one there to bury it, Devils fans were half way to celebrating the goal

Devils hit the pipework again! This time the fans were celebrating a goal!

Panthers back to full strength, couple of good chances for the Devils on that powerplay

Hicks watches a Panthers player continually slash a Devils player but refuses to call it, crowd going ape

Devils playing much better than they did in the 1st period...

Devils called for offside...

Strachen doing his best to put as many players on the ice as possible, linesmen apparently can't count

Devils hit the crossbar, what the heck!

That's 3 times we've hit the pipework in this period :S

Lyle saves a shot from Neilson

Devils hit the pipework for the 4th time...

Puck out of play after Weller blocks a shot

Finnerty hits the pipework, 5th time...

Good save from Kowalski after Devils miss the pipework

Good save from Lyle after Panthers win the faceoff

Panthers called for icing

Now it's the Devils turn to ice the puck

Another save for Lyle from Neilson at 39:00

Now Kowalski saves, at least we missed the pipework i guess

And that's the end of the second period, it's still Devils 1-1 Panthers

Both teams back out for the 3rd...

Shots on goal for the 1st and second, Panthers = 7+7, Devils = 15+11, so says the gamesheet anyway

And we're off for the 3rd, come on Devils!

Devils very close just seconds in

Devils called for icing :(

Good save from Lyle

Puck out of play

I wish there was something slightly more exciting to say, but so far the 3rd doesn't seem half as exciting

Kowalski shoots the puck out of play, Devils fans go nuts at no delay of game call

End to end at the moment

Another save from Kowalski and then the Devils go offside

Another save from Kowalski

puck out of play yet again

Devils seem to be creating the most chances but we can't find a way past him...

Devils offside once again

Devils shot goes too high

50mins gone, fans at the tent are very tense

Devils penalty timed at 49:53, Finnerty 2mins for slashing

Apparently when they say 50minutes gone, they mean just under 50mins gone...

Devils called for offside on a shorthanded breakaway :/

Big save from Kowalski to deny us once again

Penalty killed and Devils are back to full trength, just over 8mins remaining...

Another save from Kowalski and then Galbraith misses an open Devils net, phew :E

Big save from Lyle

Panthers called for offside

It seems to be a very end to end game, but i can't say i'm at all excited at the moment, it's like hosting a capitals or stingrays game...

Devils penalty timed at 54:14, Matzka 2mins for slashing

Devils gift Panthers possession in our zone again, but luckily Lyle makes the save

Panthers player takes a puck to the face trying to block a clearence

I'm not sure who the player was, but he got onto the bench ok

Matzka returns, Devils at full strength

And just as he returns, Lyle makes a save

Just under 4minutes to go

Another save for Lyle

Devils called for a hand pass and faceoff takes place in Devils zone

Devils called for icing

Into the final 2minutes

Panthers called for offside

Final minute of the 3rd...

Devils very very close

Panthers called for icing

End of regulation, Devils 1-1 Panthers, into overtime!

I hate overtime :(

And we're off

Weller, Mark Smith, Pelle and Matzka start

Panthers player has breakaway, but magically falls over?

Bellamy shoots the puck out of play, Finnerty enters the ice and tries to wind the Panthers up

Puck deflected out of play after a save from Lyle

Now Kowalski makes a save

Another save from Kowalski, if this goes to penalties I may cry

64mins gone, final minute of overtime and Kowalski saves from Pelle

Puck out of play for the 506,786th time

Overtime finishes, we're going into penalties :(

Panthers to take the first penalty...

Galbraith scores :(

Macrae scores \o/

Ryan misses :D

Pelle saved :(

Beauregard scores

Birbraer scores!

Into the 2nd round!

Galbraith misses



Devils win Devils win :D

Panthers man of the match goes to Kowalski

Devils man of the match goes to... Lyle :D

That's all from me tonight, hopefully next weekend will see the Steelers drop a point or 2 :)

Chris out