Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 2 - 7 Cardiff Devils

Good evening! Chris hosting tonight and as always, any comments/predictions before during the game to

Warmup underway in the spectacularly average 'arena' that is the Stingrays home

Mark and Sam Smith both warming up which is good news

1st prediction of the evening is in, Donna and Megan say a Devils 4-7 win :D

A 1-6 Devils win say the Matzka family \o/

Warmup over and Finnerty beats Silverthorn to become the last player off the ice :)

Angela going for a 3-5 Devils win :D

Claires going for a Devils 3-5 win with the final and 5th goal being an ENG :)

Viv says Devils to win 3-7 :D

And Beth says Devils to win 2-7, lots of predictions for the Devils to score 7 goals tonight!

Around 30 or so Devils fans in Hull, a new record is set :D

Wales beat Ireland 19-13, would be nice to see the Welsh (and Canadian/American/Kazakhstanian-Welsh) continue to win :)

Lights are down, it's intro time in Hull!

Devils come out to the Adamms family theme tune...

Stingrays come out to about 3 people clapping, Devils fans made far more noise!

Anthem time in Hull, as usual no one sings the anthem...

Hetty says Devils to win 3-6 :)

Lloyd is also predicting a Devils 2-7 victory \o/

And we're off!

Devils win the faceoff, but Stingrays regain possession and Lyle makes a save only seconds into the game...

End to end at the moment...

A terrible line change from the Stingrays gifts the Devils a breakaway...

But Boucher makes the save on the line :(

Devils penalty coming :(

Devils penalty timed at 3:30, S Smith 2mins for slashing

A very weak call so says TheStub, Darnell wows us all once again...

Stingrays score :(

Puck took a massive bounce as it slid towards Lyle and bobbled over his pad :(

Stingrays 1st goal timed at 5:17, Kalmikov from Dulle and Uusivirta - PPG


Devils 1st goal timed at 6:09, Birbraer unassisted :D


Voth and Sladok try to rearrange each others faces...

Apparently Sladok started the game trying to get Voth to fight...

Both players have received 5mins for fighting, but I have no idea what time...

Aha, both penalties timed at 7:42

Announcer at Hull appears to be next to useless

Stingrays penalty timed at 9:03, Coburn 2mins for hooking

Boucher gifts Weller 3 rebounds in a row, but Weller can't find a way to get the puck across the line :(

Both teams playing well, but Devils appear to be the better team so far


Finnerty from Richardson and Macrae we think...

Devils 2nd goal timed at 10:41, Finnerty from Richardson and Macrae - PPG

Weller and Macrae taking it in turns to shoot, but now the Stingrays take a penalty...

Stingrays penalty timed at 12:26, Lake 2mins for hooking


Despite the scoreline, Boucher is keeping Hull in this...

Devils 3rd goal timed at 12:41, Birbraer from Pelle - PPG

Stingrays have reverted to 3 d men...

Voth and Sladok return

Sam Smith has been seen playing, no one has spotted Mark Smith yet though...

Michel gets taken out on a breakaway and it's another Devils powerplay...

Stingrays penalty timed at 14:57, Gaisins 2mins for hooking...

Mark Smith takes to the ice \o/

Stingrays find a way to not concede on this penalty kill :(

Boucher save at 17:18

Devils constantly attacking and always looking dangerous :D

It's gone awfully quiet...

And there it is, end of the 1st... Stingrays 1-3 Devils :D

Stingrays managed to break through the Devils on their own, but Devils are skating through the Stingrays defense as a team...

Devils almost always camped in the Stingrays zone and looking the better team by far

Devils also appear to be coasting, possibly trying to save energy for tomorrows key game?

Shots on goal for the 1st, 18 on Boucher, 7 on Lyle...

Devils back out for the 2nd period :D

Stingrays also return :(

And we're off!

Boucher saves the puck at 20:29

Stingrays are trying the old Devils tactic of dump and don't chase

Seems an additional assist has been given on the Devils 3rd goal...

It should now read - Devils 3rd goal timed at 12:41, Birbraer from Pelle and Weller - PPG

Bannister and Silverthorn playing well for the Stingrays

Devils hit the pipework :(

Devils seem to be trying to set Pelle up, Boucher has made 2 good saves on easy opportunities for us to score...

Devils go offside on 3on1 opportunity :(

Stingrays get as far as the red line and then dump the puck every single time...


Devils 4th goal timed at 25:47, S Smith from Michel and Macrae :D


Devils 5th goal timed at 26:20, Birbraer from Matzka, hat-trick goal for Birbraer :D

28minutes gone and lyle makes his 1st save of the 2nd period

Weller helps lyle save another dodgy bounce

Sladok and Voth having words again

Boucher makes a save at 30:33, Stingrays getting wound up

Voth misses an open net :(

Clouthier and Voth having words now...

Penalties called to Voth and Clouthier now...

Voth had 2mins for cross checking, Clouthier 2mins for slashing, but the times are all over the shop

I think those penalties were timed at 34:17

Devils penalty timed at 37:15, Richardson 2mins for tripping

Devils back to full strength and now the Stingrays have a penalty...

Stingrays penalty timed at 39:52, Read 2mins for hooking

Not had any texts, but I assume that's the end of the period...

Devils appeared to be coasting more in the 2nd than they did in the 1st!

Devils will start the 3rd with 1:52 of powerplay, hopefully we can convert that into a 6th goal :)

Ice is ready, officials are out...

Both teams are out and as before, Devils start with 1:52 of powerplay :)

Myers replaces lyle... hmmmmmm...

We're off for the 3rd...


Devils 6th goal timed at 40:45, Matzka from Weller - PPG :D

Stingrays called for icing at 41:12

Stingrays appear to have given up...

Myers makes his first save of the evening \o/

Another big save from Boucher

Voth chases a shot and despite Boucher making the save, Voth collides with the pipework :E

Good save from Myers at 43:37

45mins gone...

Hull keep putting the puck into the crowd when trying to pass...

It'll be like Edinburgh soon where the stewards come around asking for the puck back :)

Devils called for icing at 45:38

2 big saves from Myers \o/

Hull gift another puck to the fans...

Matzka hits the crossbar and then Pelle glances the pipes on the rebound :o

Stingrays keep giving possession away in their own zone, Devils could be even further ahead but appear to be taking it slightly easy

Devils penalty timed at 30:18, Hill 2mins for slashing

Matzka shot saved on the line by Boucher :(

Stingrays hit the puck out of play once again, this time it destroys a speaker hanging from the roof...

Devils back to full strength, 32mins gone...

Myers made 2 or 3 good saves during the pk :)

Hull Arena is quieter than even the MRA was, every single word the players say can be heard...

Michel gets taken out on another breakaway

Stingrays penalty timed at 54:17, Uusivirta 2mins for hooking

I suspect the people counting the shots on goal can't count

In the first two periods, Devils had 18+10, Stingrays had 6+17, somehow they tripled their shots in the 2nd?

Boucher with another big save, Finnerty winding him up


Devils 7th goal timed at 55:42, Pelle from Richardson and Weller :)

That was another powerplay goal by the way :)

Devils penalty timed at 56:41, Michel 2mins for tripping :(

That's 4 powerplay goals for the Devils so far tonight...

Stingrays penalty timed at 57:41, Lake 2mins for hooking

Into the final 2minutes

Devils back to full strength

Stingrays score somehow...

Stingrays 2nd goal timed at 59:34, Tendler from Dulle and Cloutier - SHG

Final score, Stingrays 2-7 Devils :D

Devils man of the match goes to Birbraer :)

Stingrays man of the match goes to Sladok

That's all from me though, hope everyone enjoyed the coverage :)

Chris out.