Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 2 Braehead Clan

Welcome to MNL as theBraehead Clan visit Cardiff Bay

OJ is your host for this evening as the Devils seek 2 points to round off a great weekend of hockey

Score predictions as usual to

Panthers are winning 1-0 against Steelers

Panthers now winning 2-0

LKets not kid ourselves that the Panthers are doing us a favour - they hate the Steelers - strong word but apt in this instance I believe

Mid-way thru 2nd period and it is Panthers 2 Steelers 0

It is rumoured that we will have a substitute referee tonight - a non EIHL official

Now 3-0 at Nottingham

It is suggested that lino Keiron O'Halloran will referee

David in Belfast predicts a 6-3 win for the Devils and says the Giant fans are happy

We will see, I'd rather the Devils run in than either the Steelers or Giants

Ger-Devils should be in the Diplomatic Service he now on his way to Tent with 6 Clan friends

WArm up drawing to a close

End of 2nd period Panthers 3 Steelers 0

Very quiet on e-mail front I suppose it will be hectic just as the game starts

Teams leaving the ice after warmup - no urgency shown

Zamboni doing its business

My texters are in place its my A Team tonight - Sharlene, Andy, Paul, JohnWildthng and Ger-Devils

Dean Smith will replace Michael Hicks as referee this evening

No Kenton or Mark Smith, Sam Smith announced

Both teams on the ice

Tim Burrows playing

Panthers now winning 4-0

A bit of confusion over Sam Smith one texter says hes dressed another says he is a scratch

Anthem done

Stephen says 5-2 Devils

Devils start with 2nd line

Sam Smith is playing

Away we go

Burrows shoots wide

Noisy crowd tonight at Tent

Steven says Devils to win in O/T

Devils penalty @ 2:14 - Birbraer - hooking

Good save Lyle

Now 4-1 at Nottingham

1 minute of penalty killed

Clan offside @ 3:33

Clan have started well but cannot establish their pp in Devils zone

Lyle save @ 4:10

Devils back to full strength

Clan penalty @ 4:45 - slashing - Phillips

Good save Perras

Lets get this pp working early

Perras saves a Voth tip at 6:11

Clan return to full strength

Devils go close

Devils 2 on 1 - poor pass

Devils offside

Devils peppering Clan goal - nothing to show for it though

Pam calls it 4-3 to the Clan

Clan penalty - Richardson @ 10:49 - x-checking

Marzka misses net when open in front

Michel goes coast to coast - Perras saves

Jed calls it 5-2 Devils

Clan kill penalty

Burrows goes close

Devils penalty @ 13:03 - Matzka - interference

Birbraer goes close with sh attempt

Devils PK in control

Good save Lyle

Devils back to full strength

Only reason it is 0-0 Perras

Clan get away with too many men


Voth scores

Voth assist Hill @ 17:02

Bad bounce off boards led to Devils goal

Perras catches puck, Michel runs him and the Clan jump on Tylor

Perras punches Richardson

Penalties coming

Panthers win 4-1

Minor penaltyies to each team

Michel - netminder interference & roughing

Clan penalties - Perras roughing, Landry - roughing all at 18:16

Last minute

Its 5 on 5 as penalties are coincidental

Clan offside @ 19:58

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Clan 0

Just noticed this game not due to start for 30 minutes - old age catching up on me

6,508 at NIC for Panthers v Steelers game

Sog G - 12 by Devils; 10 by Clan

Clan return to the ice followed by the officials

Devils now also back on ice

Devils 2nd line start the period

They have earned it over the last few games

Dick & Sue Matzka call it 4-0 to the Devils

Clan ice @ 20:46

Ger_Devils overjoyed - Domino Pizza vouchers being given out at Tent

Devils penalty @ 21:35 - Matzka - hooking

Sue & Dick my texters tell me ref clearly doesn't like Scott - we do

Clan back to full bench

co-incidentals released

Voth playing well

Clan offside @ 22:21

Devils offside @ 22:43

Devils go close on sh chance - Michel

Devils return to full strength

How Michel was on the ice I don't know as he had a 2+2

Perras save

Alan W says Clan to win 3-2

There is no truth in the rumour I was packing in the interval and that was the reason I was late giving the predictions

I have a maid who does the packing

Woops I thought Barbara was coming into the office then

Some of the former players tell me they still have nightmares over when Barbara was team mum

Clan penalty b- Campbell for tripping


Campbell penalty was at 25:06

Devils 2nd goal scored by Birbrar, assists Matzka and Pelle

@ 26:08 a ppg

Handbags after Weller did something

Devils penalty - Weller @ 27:00, Richardson (Vipers) both get roughing minors

Apologies Weller gor hooking minor + cross checking minor

Total confusion wit texts - network

Clan Goal scored by Landry @ 27:28

That was a ppg

Clan offside @ 28:10

Assists on Clan goal for Krestanovich & Cook

Michel on D whilst Weller in sinbin

Clan Goal

Clan 2nd goal scored by Chaumont, assists Bruce & Cook @ 30:11

Weller returns

Clan penalty - Bostock - interference @ 31:05

Perras saves from Macrae @ 32:45

Clan kill penalty

Clan penalty - high sticks - Pelle shows blood but referee calls a single minor


Voth a ppg

@ 34:05

THe high stick call was against Bostock

Assists for Richardson & Weller on devils 3rd goal scored by Voth

Burrows doing very well I am told

Clan stay creating chances

Clan icing @ 36:12

I hope this score is correct as Ger-Devils just texted with amazing Devils goal = 3rd I assume

Devils looking tired says JohnWildthing

Last minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Clan 2

Check on e-mails called for

Gone very quiet on e-mail front

I am starting to get de-mob happy, racing on Monday, Tenerife on Tuesday

I will be your side of the MNL fence for the remaining league games, I will try and get back fot the play off quarter finals if I can get a flight

SoG for 2nd period 17 by Devils, 6 by Clan

Thats what I was told

The wheels have come of the Blaze bus, they are losing 2-0 at Dundee

The official EIHL gamesheet is full of errors

Teams out for third period

WE are underway

Lets hope the texts in this period arrive in the correct order

Clan penalty for hppking - Waltier @ 40:48

Big pad save by Perras

Give us a goal u Devils

Perras saves a Weller slapshot @ 41:38

Devils go close, biut close is not good enough

Devils hit pipes

Clan kill penalty

Game delayed for repair to ice in Clan goal crease

Game back on

Devils offside @ 42:58

Perras save

Get the next goal Devils

Get it now

Save Lyle

Darren late with his 5-4 win for the Clan

Perras makes big save on a backhand flick

Adams floors Richardson

Richardson, bless him, wanted to fight Weller earlier, Adams had a quiet word with Weller

Devils penalty - Finnerty - interference @ 45:44

Max goes close on sh attempt

Devils offside @ 46:37

Now Matzka goes close

Devils back to full strength

Pelle hits pipes

Perras save on breakaway

Clan are looking for tieing goal

Clan offside @ 49:41

10 minutes to go and it is still end to end

Adams now goes close

Is this a new phrase for my texters

Birbraer hits cross bar

Down a bit, shoot

Clan ice puck to relieve pressure

Gametime 51:48

Devils offside @ 52:07

Pelle almost scores

I will have to ask them what these terms mean

Gametime 53:01

Perras saves a rocket from blue line

Clan could mess up Panthers in play offs

Its still end to end

Devils looking very tired

Devils icing : 55:22

Clan pressure

Perras save

Gametime 57:10

Gametime 57:29

Last 2 minutes

Clan icing @ 58:40

Last minute

Perras pulled

Lyle covers puck @ 59:10

Time Out

Clan Time out


ENG by Michel @ 59:27

Assist Weller on Michel eng

Final score DEVILS 4 Clan 2

Clan Mom - Jon Landry

Finnerty & Voth texters candidates for Devils MoM

Devils MoM - BRAD VOTH

Big thank you to my texters - Sharlene, Ger-Devils, JohnWildthing, Paul & Andy

6 points in the bag after a hectic 3 days

Make sure you join us MNL next weekend

That all from me - OJ - I am now off to the sun