Match Night Live
Newcastle Vipers 3 - 8 Cardiff Devils

Hopefully we will be able to bring you MNL tonight with the help of Vipers fans who have volunteered to help us out.

I am waiting confirmation from the texters and as Chris indicated that might happen just as the game gets underway at 7pm

Devils will have the Smith brothers as scratches tonight, Sam Smith is with the team, dressed last night in Coventry but didn't take a shift.

Ruuth predicts or maybe pleads for a 3-2 win for the Devils to brighten her day

Half time - Cardiff 0 Ipswich 0 at the City of Cardiff Stadium

Ruth let me know if that corrected it

The old problem is back with last nights final score being exhibited at the current score F5 usually gets rid of it

Vicki our first Viper texter has reported in so we are all systems go

Score predictions in short supply, they are all at or watching the City game

Still 0-0 at City game

Warmup coming to and end

Devils surprisingly have more players than Vipers (14+2) against (13+2)

Budgie says Devils to win 8-3

Vipers team list is a mystery to me - told some additions whilst others making their debut for the Vipers

Neil Wilson is the referee

He is a regular at Newcastle as Darnell is at Cardiff

Ice being prepared

Donna & Megan call it 6-2 to the Devils

Dick & Sue Matzka in Port Huron predict a 6-1 Devils win

Gaz D predicts 5-2 Devils

Rhys W goes for a 5-1 win for the Red Army

Carl says 7-3 Devils

City losing 1-0

5 minutes to face off

4 Northern League players dressed for Vipers

Anthem time

Anthems done & dusted

WE are underway

As was mentioned earlier tonight coverage will not be the usual 100% MNL coverage as we only have two Vipers fans as texters - Lucy & Vicki who have gallantly stepped into the breach


Scored by Birbraer assists Pelle & Weller

THose of you out there send me e-mails at

Jed are you with us from Lisbon

Giants take 1-0 lead against Steelers

Giants to win at home, Steelers to win a t home 2 pts each that is what we need this weekend

6 points for the Devils of course

Vioers tripping penalty @ 7:54 - Holland


@ 8:40 Pelle assists Michel & Matzka

A nice bright start from the Devils

Pelle now on 99 points for the season

Devils penalty @ 10:40 - holding the stick was the call

Richardson was the culprit

Vipers goal scored by Prpich

'@ 9:43 assists Rezeszulto and Stewart

Devils penalty - Matzka - boarding @ 12:47

Devils Goal - SHG by Macrae

Texters tell me ref missed a blatant trip to give Macrae his oportunity

Gametime 15:49

The lady Vipers are doing great

Ruth D said 4-2 Devils

Jed still in Lisbon and predicts a 6-2 Devils win

Mike corrects me Steelers away to Nottingham om Sunday - HOME WIN Please

End of 1st period Vipers 1 DEVILS 3

Steven B has Devils winning by 6 goals and Steelers losing by 4

SoG for 1st period 12 by Devils; 5 by Vipers

Giants now winning 3-0

It would be nice if the Steelers tram came off the track but we need a Giants loss as well

At Sheffield hopefully

Blaze leading Stingrays 2-0

Devils getting all the luck says Lucy

Neil Wilson is dire according to Viper fans

Teams back on the ice

We are off for 2nd period

4 Devils fans spotted

Save Effinger @ 22:21

Gareth and Steven are bombarding me with scenarios where Devils win league

All I am interested in at the moment is 2 points tonight and 2 points tomorrow

That is me done for the season as I am off to Tenerife on Tuesday

Not to live there like before, grand daughter put paid to that idea

It will be Chris in the chair so I will join you lot as a viewer

Giants now winning 4-0

Gametime 25:03

Its all Devils - Effinger making some big saves

*** ENL Devils 0 Chelmsford 2 start of 2nd

Its Devils v Effinger by all accounts

Effinger making save after save

Gametime 26:03

Ref Wilson eyesight being questioned by Viper fans

Gametime 26:03

** ENL Devils score = Sedlak

Penalties Stewart (Vipers) & Weller (Devils) slashinh and roughing respectively @ 29:03

Devils penalty @ 29:47 - Matzka - tripping

Vipers on pp

All penalties killed, both teams at full strength

Big save Lyle

That woke him up

Vipers bench minor - too many men @ 32:51

Lets have a PPG u DEVILS

Vipers fans see many penalties that thereferee doesn't

Well thats what it looks like

Change gear Devils and put this game to bed

Devils penalty @ 34:31 - slashing - Birbraer

Vipers Goal @ 35:03 a ppg scored by RZeszulto asists Prpich & Stewart

Vipers penalty - Zajac - tripping @ 35:42

Vipers as expected are battling hard

Big save Effinger @ 38:16

Vipers are of course are at full strength

End of 2nd period Vipers 2 DEVILDS 3

A period loss for the Devils - must do better

Anyone in Tenerife watching this so that I can have the lowdown on the weather

Junior Carnival Parade in Puerto de la Cruz today

Burial of the Sardine next Wednesday with Grand Parade next Saturday

As you can see I am demob happy

Racing Ffos Las Monday but will miss my horse running at Exeter on Tuesday

WEll not my horse I own his leg or was or his tail

Blaze winning 4-3 after 2 periods

Lucy says it was a good period of hockey from the Devils but nothing to show for it

*** ENL Devils 1 Chelmsford 2 end of 2nd period

Its 5-2 in Belfast after 2 periods

SoG for 2nd period 11 by Devils: 9 by Vipers

Game so far can be summed up as Effinger standing on his head, Vipers dangerous if give a sight of net

Come on u Devils a couple of quick goals, work to clock down and onto the bus and home to Gods country

Ice ready for 3rd period

Teams return

Long intervals at Newcastle

Finally 3rd period underway

Michel now given assist on Devils 3rd goal

Penalties Tinsley (vipers) & Matzka (Devils) both caslled for roughing @ 41:54

Devils penalty - Finnerty 2+2 accidental high sticks @ 42:27


Its now 4-4 between Blaze and Stingrays

Now 5 on 4 as Matzka & Tinsley return

GOAL DEVILS SHG @ 45:28 Birbraer assist Voth

Sibley who was cut by Finnerty returns after being stitched

Another goal please Devils

Stingrays take a 5-4 at Coventry

Finnerty is back

Gametime 28:44

Lucy & Vicki still texting away

Effinger making a series of saves

** ENL DEvils 2 Chelmsford 2 after 47 mins

Vipers goal @ 49:39 Rzeszultio assists Holland Sibley


Scored by Voth assists Symmonds & Hill @ 50:28

Hull now winning 6-4

Maybe it won't be a bad idea to play Coventry in playoffs they are in free fall

Save by Lyle @ 52:53

Devils GOAL

Voth assist Finnerty @ 53:03

Vipers fans not impressed by Wilson

Gametime 54:03

Coast home u Devils, theres a game tomorrow

Can we have O/T I just reaised Casualty was on and I hate blood

Devils GOAL - Pelle assists Birbraer & Richardson @ 55:38

100 points for Pelle

Voth thought he had scored for his hattrick effinger saved


@ 58:04

Hill from Voth & Finnerty that was

Final minute

Game has turned into the expected rout says Lucy

Still 2-2 at ENL DEvils game

5 minutes left in ENL game

Blaze pull it back to 5-6

Giants win 5-2

Final score Vipers 3 DEVILS 8


Final SoG 41-14

I think those SoG are incorrect

Our thanks to Lucy and Vicki for helping us out, well done ladies

Hull win 6-5 at Coventry

I am waiting for the final score at the Tent where ENL DEvils were tied at 2-2 with Chelmsford

Lets hope there isn't another bench clearance like 2 weeks ago at Chelmsford

Final score ENL Devils 2 Chelmsford 3

THats all from me OJ so join me tommorrow night for the visit of the Clan and Devils seek to bag another 2 points