Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 1 - 5 Cardiff Devils

We shall bring you MNL this Friday evening as the Devils travel to Coventry to take on the Blaze

Those of you without access to Sky join me - OJ - from 6pm for this televised game.

Those fortunate to have Sky can also join me

Score predictions - before face off to

I have had reports that MNL is showing the score from the last game if so hit F5

My texters are now reporting in so coverage will kick off soon

Donna & Megan think Devils will win 5-4

Matthew S calls it 4-1 to the Devils

PAK2305 thinks Devils will win 4-2

Jed in Lisbon calls it 5-4 to the Devils

Jed I will wave to you Tuesday morning as I fly over Lisbon

People are asking if I am in Cardiff or in Tenerife. I had planned to be in Tenerife by now but family matters caused a weeks delay. I'm off on Tuesday in time for CARNIVAL

Scott Matzka in warm up

Sam Smith is icing

Only scratches therefore are the Smith brothers Mark & Kenton

5 mins of warmup remains

That 5 minutes went quick now told warmup over

A thank you is called for my gallant band of texters at Coventry - Rachael, Ross , Viv, Abs, Devils99 and Jimmy Snels

Thanks also to Paul and his brother in Coventry riding shotgun for us tonight

Some doubt on whether Mark Smith is a sratch or nor - will check

Zamboni chasing its tail

Claire confirms no Mark or Kenton Smith

Tim Burrows icing

I think I am going to be busy tonight with my new gang of texters

I left budgie of my list of texters on duty

For Blaze no Tom Ledgard or Owen Fussey but James Griffin added

Mr Carson is the referee

So no dissent from you Devils as he gets touchy about that

Ice ready

Ross calls if 4-1 to the Devils

I must ask Chris is there a rule banning texters from score predictions

Jimmy Snels says 4-1 to Devils and that Tylor looks up for it

3 a pint has dampened my texters

They should drink it not spill it

Budgie has been on the beer he predicts 8-3 to the Devils

Matzkas in a rainy Port Huron calls it 6-1 to the Red Army

Devils take to the ice

Derek says 5-3 to the Devils

Blaze oon ice

About 40 Dvils fans in Coventry

Ceremonial face off

Anthem time

I hope not all 40 Devils fans are going to text me

Puck dropped we are away

Voth Hill, Finnerty, Weller and Richardson start

Burrows nails Robinsob

Sorry Zanon

Birbraer goes close

Gametime 1:46

Lyle save

We now have handbags by Blaze goal after shot by Finnerty

Zanon hits Hill into goal thats what started it

Voth stepped in

Seems Burrows is getting a regular shift

Devils putting pressure on Blaze

Devils penalty @ 4:52 - Hill - slashing


Blaze ppg @ 5:30

Scored bu Fulghum assist Farmer

Blaze icing @ 5:47

2nd assist for Weaver

Lyle save @ 6:33

Hill goes close

Hill smashes Cowley

Sam Smith hasn't iced yet, Burrows taking his place

Good save by Lyle @ 7:54

End to end at the moment

Big Michel hit followed by save from Lyle

Birbraer and Zanon having words


Scored by Hill, assist Finnerty & Voth

Jaeger in Blaze net appears to be injured

Jaeger OK for now

Lyle save @ 9:32

DEvils goal was scored at 9:04

Jaeger rumoured to have laddered his tights

Birbraer shot @ 10:07 goes out of play

Lee egging Voth

Jaeger save from Weller @ 11:25


Weller @ 11:30

Assist Michel

Slap shot from Weller that Jaeger never saw

Birbraer offside @ 11:47

Gametime 12:02

Jaeger save

Gametime 12:44

Handbaga as lines change

Blaze nets off at 15:12

Burrows getting rave reviews from my texters

Jaeger save @ 15:57

No big hits so far

Gametime 17:30

Last 2 minutes



Voth @ 18:24 assist Richardson

Blaze time out

2nd assist for Hill on Devils 3rd goal

Final minute

Last 20 secs

Lyle save @ 19:44

Devils penalty - Symmonds - hooking @ 19:44

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 3

General view of texters - Devils on top in almost total control of game

SoG for 1st period 18 by Devils 13 by Blaze

Teams return to the ice

Sam Smith did not ice in 1st period

2nd period starts with Devils on pk

Net off its morrings

Pressure from Blaze on their pp

Devils penalty - Weller @ 20:48 - delay of game

Lyle save

Gametime 21:29

Devils back to 4 skaters

Now 5 on 4

Adams clears puck

Devils back to full strength

Gametime 23:11

Devils penalty n- Symmonds - roughing

@ 24:27

More Devils fans have appeared

Gametime 24:58

Chambers didn't ice in 1st period, appeared for Blaze 5 on 3 but now seems hes done for the night

Lyle save @ 25:46

Gametime 26:00

20 secs of pp left

Devils penalty - Finnerty - hooking - @ 26:24

Its Lyle save after Lyle save

Macrae fantastic pk

Devils back to full strength

Now keep out of the sinbin

Lyle save @ 29:16

Devils penalty - Symmonds - hooking @ 30:15

Huge save by Lyle

Birbraer clears

Brilliant save by Lyle

Devils back to full strength

Blaze icing @ 33:04



@ 33:40

Assist Birbraer

Blaze penalty

@ 34:10 Soderstrom - holding

Lets have a ppg you Devils

30 secs left on pp

Jaeger save

Gametime 35:44

Blaze back to full strength

Gametime 36:33

Blaze penalty - Owen - hooking @ 36:30

Jaeger save @ 36:38

Blaze fans very quiet

Jaeger saves from Macrae

Last 2 minutes

Blaze back to full strength

Lyle save @ 38:49

Jaeger save @ 39:01

Devils are playing as if they are in a practice session

Gametime 39:40

Sam Smith has had the odd shift

End of 2nd period Blaze 1 DEVILS 4

Time to check e-mails

Hope Thommo is noticing how good our Brits are

If there are any MNL viewers out there going to the Vipers v Devils game tomorrow give us a shout - e-mail to

I am now told that Sam Smith has not iced tonight

Both team back

3rd period starts

SoG 18 by Devils 12 by Blaze

There would be total silence if Devils fans keep quiet

Blaze offside @40:46

Jaeger save from Symmonds

Jaeger save @ 41:16

Finnerty laughing at Blaze players trying to wind him up

Gametime 41:55

Blaze penalty @ 42:03 Robinson - tripping

Gametime 42:40

Jaeger save @ 43:50

Blaze kill penalty

Lyle save @ 44:28

Puck out of play @ 45:07

Lyle save @ 46:24

Jaeger save from Michel

Gametime 48:04

Pelle shoots high

Gametime 48:30

Michel looking for a goal

All we need now if for a Devils fan to win the 50/50

51 minutes gone

End to end but no clear chances

Then Finnerty hits pipes

Lyle saves at 2nd attempt

Gametime 52:33

53 minutes gone

Jaeger saves from Voth

Gametime 54:04

Devils cruising to 2 points

Blaze penalty @ 56:03 - Soderstrom - interference

Devils playing to conserve energy

Last 2 minutes

Other than Devils fans chanting it is qi=uieter than a library

Blaze fans leaving

Lyle save @ 58:07

Devils penalty @ 58:50 - Symmonds - hooking


SHG by Birbraer

@ 59:11

Assist Macrae

Final score Blaze 1 DEVILS 5


Blaze MoM Luke Fulghum

Thats all from me as the Devils go on to Newcastle for tomorrow nights game

Join us on Saturday night for the next edition of MNL thats all from me OJ GOOD NIGHT