Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 1 Hull Stingrays

Evening all!

Chris with you tonight, apologies for being rubbishly late getting this started, but have only just got home from uni :(

Apparently the score is once again showing the same from last nights game, i'll try and get that fixed ASAP

Just incase anyone is alive out there, I can be reached before/during the game at

Donna and Megan both going for a Devils 6-3 victory tonight \o/

Stephen says Devils to win 6-1 \o/

Gareth says only a 4-3 victory with Pelle or Weller scoring the winning goal

Even worse, Nargoth says we'll be winning on overtime 5-4! Still, if you might win some money off that, good luck to you :P

Devils without all 3 Smiths once again but Stingrays without 6 skaters!

Both teams are out on the ice, Devils came out to the old WNIR intro as DevilsTV not working for new intro

Steve in Wakefield(!!) says Devils to win 6-1! Feel free to post some Welshcakes down to Nottingham mate :)

David in Belfast says Stingrays to win 3-5, what a joke :P

Carl joins us from hospital where he's waiting on his son to be born! Hope all goes well with that mate, let us know what he's called :)

Lee has put money on us to win 1-0 but would be quite happy to see us win by significantly more :)

If some updates aren't showing, hit f5, apparently I put too many updates for the system to cope :)

Stingrays out with 12 skaters plus 2 netminders

Rhys says Stingrays to win 4-5, another joker! :)

Anthem time at the big blue tent!

And we're off! Gooooooooooo Devils!

Tim Burrows is playing for us again tonight and goes very close in the opening minute :D

Stingrays miss an open net! Phew!

Hull called for icing and then on the restart a good save from Boucher

Stingrays penalty timed at 3:23, L Mitchell 2mins for slashing

Pelle oh so close on the powerplay

Devils go offside at 4:39 :(

Powerplay somewhat hit and miss during that penalty, as long as it improves as the Stingrays take more penalties :)

Another texter says Hull really didn't have any problems killing that penalty :(

7:20 in the 1st has gone, scrappy play from both teams so far

Good save from Boucher and then another penalty called on the Stingrays \o/

Stingrays penalty timed at 9:59, Coburn 2mins for hooking


Devils 1st goal timed at 9:48, Matzka from Pelle and Birbraer - PPG :)

That penalty to Coburn should have been timed at 8:59 sorry guys

Seems to be some confusion on the goal, texters feel it was Birbraer who scored with an assist from Matzka, not the way it's been announced

Symonds playing well once again, but also having a dig at Coburn :)

Goal details changed, should now read Devils 1st goal timed at 9:48, Birbraer from Pelle and Matzka - PPG

That opening goal seems to have woken both teams up, it's a little more exciting end to end hockey now

Devils penalty timed at 11:46, Finnerty 2mins for hooking

Pelle shot goes wide on a shorthanded 1on1 breakaway

Finnerty returns, penalty kill saw us have more chances than the Stingrays

Apparently Stingrays barely made it out of their zone on the powerplay

Stingrays penalty timed at 13:55, Dulle 2mins for delay of game - he sat on the puck as Devils had 2on1 breakaway


Devils 2nd goal timed at 14:03, Pelle from Richardson and Weller - PPG :D

That was Pelle's 50th goal of the season \o/

Big save from Boucher as the Devils put more pressure on the Stingrays

18mins gone in the 1st, and we still lead 2-0 :D

Burrows playing very well once again \o/

Delay in game as Esders is helped off the ice after a massive mid ice check


Devils 3rd goal timed at 19:01, Matzka from Pelle and Birbraer \o/

That's all 3 players on the 1st line with a goal now :D, 1+2 for Pelle, 1+1 for Matzka and Birbraer \o/

I'm not too sure what happened to Esders, all the texts say is that he was on the end of a big mid ice hit, no penalty was called from it though

End of the 1st and the Devils lead 3-0 \o/

Diafol says the 3rd Devils goal was the best team goal he's seen all season :D

According to the gamesheet, the Stingrays had 0 shots on goal in the 1st...

Thestub confirms that the gamesheet is wrong, Lyle made some superb saves in the 1st

Both teams are back out for the 2nd, no word on Esders though...

And we're off for the 2nd period!

Devils penalty timed at 20:44, Finnerty 2mins for slashing...

Esders is back on the ice for the Stingrays

Good penalty kill from the Devils so far

And Finnerty returns to the ice \o/

Shot from the Devils very very close, Boucher scrambling all over the place

Huge cheer as Hicks stumbles over an empty patch of ice

Birbraer hits the pipework and then boucher makes another scrambling save

Boucher standing on his head, Devils all over the Stingrays at the moment

Tim Burrows getting a decent amount of ice time \o/

Stingrays go offisde at 25:53

Stingrays penalty timed at 26:55, Sladok 2mins for slashing


Devils 4th goal timed at 27:53, Michel unassisted - PPG :D

Bannister tried to clear the puck, but michel caught it, dropped it and scored straight past Boucher \o/

Crowd estimated as close to 1500 for tonights game

About 300 below our supposed break even figure, and that's with another groupon deal for tonights game...

Weller half-volleys a shot and Boucher doesn't even move, luckily for him it went wide...

Game has turned into a glorified training session according to texters

Good save from lyle at 32:24 though :E

Voth very very close

Stingrays penalty timed at 34:57, Dulle 2mins for hooking

Devils with all the pressure, but a wayward pass sees the puck go outside the enemy zone

Boucher saves on the line, half the crowd seem to think it crossed the line, but no goal light

Devils creating lots of chances, but Boucher really playing well

Stingrays kill their penalty, and now it's the Devils turn...

Devils penalty timed at 37:56, Macrae 2mins for slashing

Gametime 39:00, 56seconds till Macrae returns :)

Penalty killed and that's the end of the period, Devils lead 4-0

At the end of the period, Symonds cleared the puck from the line after Lyle spilled it

Still, we're leading by 4 goals, it's more than I expected so it's all good :)

Shots on goal have now been updated...

Shots on goal for the 1st and 2nd periods - Devils = 12+18, Stingrays = 6+5, am still not sure those are 100% though

Both teams are back for the 3rd period \o/

And we're off for the 3rd period \o/

Devils go offside and then on the restart Boucher makes the save, pah!

Hull finally offer some sustained pressure, but the Devils clear the puck eventually


Devils 5th goal timed at 44:34, Birbraer from Pelle and... Lyle!


Cloutier gets frustrated and decides to take a massive slash at Lyle, Voth steams in and floors Cloutier with 1 punch!

Cloutier laid on the ice for a while but has now been helped off by the physio/doctor

Penalties timed at 45:10, Sladok for the Stingrays and Voth for the Devils both get 2mins for roughing

Weller see's his shot saved, but a Hull dman gets in the way and gets floored anyway

birbraer went forehand backhand for his 2nd goal, unfortunately Dave Simms bingo isn't running tonight :(

Fantastic save from Lyle after a close range shot from a Stingray

Devils called for icing at 48:24

Seems Matzka has picked up a knock and is now lurking by the dressing room with lots of ice strapped to his side

Stingrays called for icing, but not sure what time sorry

Burrows is getting a lot of cheers tonight, seems his workrate and checks are going down very well :)

Gametime 51:58, not a great deal happening it would seem


Devils 6th goal timed at 52:25, Finnerty from Michel and Macrae \o/

Sorry, goal details should read - Devils 6th goal timed at 52:25, Finnerty from Michel and Burrows :D

That's Burrows first EIHL point :D

Stingrays score :(

Stingrays 1st goal timed at 54:15, Kalmikov from Coburn and Uusivirta

Seems Kalmikov was left with all the space in the world for that goal, texters say Adams was to blame for it largely though

Finnerty very very close to a 2nd goal

Gametime 58:39, so we're into the final 2mins :D

Into the final minute and a stoppage at 59:10

Crowd announced as 1440

Devils offside at 59:16

Gametime 59:50, looks like we've won :E

And it's all over, Devils win 6-1, texters less than impressed with the choice of Max Boyce songs though...

Burrows played very very well tonight it sounds

Stingrays man of the match goes to Boucher

Devils man of the match goes to Pelle \o/

That's all from me though, we'll hopefully be covering all 3 games this weekend (Friday counts), but if you're heading up to Newcastle and wouldn't mind helping us out, please give myself or OJ a shout :)

Chris out.