Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 1 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as the Devils welcome the Panthers to Cardiff Bay

Join me OJ from 5pm as the Devils seek two valuable points

Score predictions as usual to

All my texters have reported in.

Been watching the Cricket World cup - England and India tied at 338

No score predictions yet

Looks like 2 line hockey for the Devils tonight

Warmup underway at the Tent

Devils have 11 skaters this evening including Tim Burrows

For those of you that didn't know Tylor Michel has been banned for ONE game for accumulatiing too many 10 minute missconduct penalties

Michel took a 10 minute missconduct penalty in the last 20 secs of regulation time last night in Braehead

It would appear to come as a surprise to him but the team should have realised that he was close to a penalty.

Keeping score of such things was a task I undertook previously as Devils Statistican.

Still no score predictions where are you all?

Despite having limited coverage last night from Glasgow MNL managed to notch up 1,264 unique viewers giving us 56,600 for the saeson so far

Warmup drawing to a close

Stephen calls it 6-3 to the Devils

Gareth J calls it 3-0 Devils

Sue & Dick Matzka call it 4-0 to the Devils

Belated Happy Birthday Dick

4-3 Devils says H

Ger-Devils has entered the Tent, I am sure you all wanted to now, he's probably banned from Pizza Hut

Zamboni at work

Devils on ice

Blues have taken lead against Arsenal 2 minutes to go

Teams on the ice

Fans at Tent only now realising that Tylor Michel is banned again

Anthem done

We are off for 1st period

Paul says we have 12 skaters not 11

End to end start to game

Panthers penalty @ 1:11 - Meyers - hooking

Big Kwall stop

Penalty was Hereema not Meyers

Gametime 1:55

Devils penalty @ 2:12 - Adams

Hooking was the call

Panthers return to full strength

Devils go close sh

Finnerty that was

Fighting on bench

Well handbags really

Bellamy on ice Finnerty on bench

Devils penalty - Finnerty - roughing @ 4:05; Bellamy same penalty

Panthers mess up line change, they only had 3 skaters for 10 secs

Panthers icing @ 5:39

Gametime 6:00

Devils penalty - Symmonds - hooking @ 6:01

Darnell losing it aldready

Pelle punched - no call, Adams goes mad

1 Min of Penalty killed with ease

Devils back to full strength

Panthers offside @ 7:51

Panthers penalty - Myers - holding @ 8:21

Get that pp into overdrive u Devils and give us a goal

PP sub standard so far 2nd gear at best

Puck out of play @ 9:24

Panthers kill penalty

Galbraith gets hit by a high stick

Wasn't that bad but goes down as if sniper in crowd

Devils penalty - Matzka - high stick @ 10:39

As soon as whistle went Galbraith jumped up

Half of penalty killed efficiently

Devils return to full strength

Adams creams panther off the puck - no penalty

Devils breakaway whistled down for penalty to Pelle

@ 13:11 slashing minor + 10 minute misconduct

Pelle get no protection from refs

Lyle save @ 14:19

Pelle was checked late into boards and no call from ref thats what led to his frustration

Kwall saves from Weller

Panthers penalty @ 14:46 - Neilson - slashing

Devils penalty - Finnerty @ 15:36 - hooking

Voth big hit on Nikolov who goes down

He is back up

Panthers back to full strength

Big save Kwall

From Birbraer that was

Devils back to full strength

Devils putting Panthers under pressure

Last minute of 1st period

More Devils pressure

Devils fans doing their bit, they are very loud

Panthers icing @ 19:50

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

A very good period from the Devils but sadly nothing to show for it

Panther players having a go at ref as they leave the ice

Darnell now talking to both captains

Darnell better sort this out and get his act together or as JohnWildthing says we weill have an uneven bench clearance as there are 5 more Panthers than Devils

Why do we have the same referee for 4 of the last 5 games

Just like Nico Toemen in the glory years

But as Nico used to say to me why shouldn't the Chief Referee have the best games

Mr Darnell is not the chief referee or the best by a long shot

Panthers out

Officials out

Devils return to the ice

WE are off for 2nd period

SoG in 1st 11 by Devils 9 by Panthers

Panthers icing @ 21:13

Devils had 6 skaters then

Devils too many mern @22:35

Matzka hits pipes

That was at 23:40 whilst sh

Panthrs almost put puck in own net

Devils back to full strength

Darnell has upset Ger-Devils again, I will not post his exact words

Voth penalty @ 25:14 fot nothig(holding)

A stupid call according to all my texters including Paul the impartial Blaze fan

Pelle is now back

Paul says he wouldn't be surprised if it kicks off soon

Panthers penalty Hereeema - slashing @ 25:27

Weller kills Neilson mid ice

It was Neilson trying to check Weller

Devils back to full strength

Panther kill penalty

Panthers trying to get Voth to go

Voth says no, Lepine penalty delay of gamer @ 27:38

Panthers back to full strength

Panthers penalty @ 30:21 - Myers - tripping

Good game despite Darnell says JohnWildthing

Big save by K-wall

Another k_wall save from Hill @ 32:07

Panthers back to full strength

Panthers offside

Big Big save by Lyle

Gametime 33:09

Burrows breakaway leads to PaNTHERS penalty

Lepine - intyerference @ 33:!8

Another big save by K-Wall

Ger-Devils calling Nottingham what I called them all those years ago - SCABS

Devils icing

Panthers return to full strength

devils go close

Thats not good enough

Texters have doubts about how much will be left in Devils tank for 3 period as they have pkayed a high tempo game so far

K-Wall save

Somebody tell his brother wants him in ASDA

Finnerty slashes Panther no call

Huge glove save k-Wall

Gametime 39:02

That last k-Wall save was from elle

Good save Lyle from Bearegard

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

Good crowd at the Tent tonite no figure yet

Teams are back

3rd period underway

Come on u Devils give us a GOAL please

The goals buttons on my keyboard are frozen

Redundant as well

SoG for 2nd period 14 by Devils: 11 by Panthers

Voth mouthing at Panther player who is down on ice

Nikolov it was , hes gone to the bench

Play was stopped for some reason

Now restarts

Tim Burrows doing ok withg the few shifts hes had

Nikolov will make a miraculuos recovery says Paul

K-Wall covers puck

Gametime 44:53

Panthers slowing game down

Devils are creating chances we just need to convert one

Birbraer breakaway, too many dekes loses puck

Now then Devils we want a ppg now

Devils go lose as K-wall goes walkabout

Devils offside @ 47:12

I noticed that latest Panthers p[enalty didn't appear it was Lee - slashing @ 45:30

Panthers back to full strength

Devils offside @ 48:35

One goal can win this game, let it be RED


Puck hit pipes and Darnell gives a goal - no light came on

REf and lino discuss goal given

Goal timed at 49:32

Scored by Myers assist Galbraith & Nikolov @ 49:32

Devils penalty - Finnerty - 10 minute misconduct @ 51:14

Abuse of official is the call

Finnerty smashed his stick on plexi in front of goal judge

Finnerty penalty was at 52:08 I am now told


Voth I think

Yes it was Brad Voth who scored


@ 53:30

Devils 2nd goal scored by Weller assists Matzka and Voth

Macrae got asist on Devils 1st goal

Panthers penalty - Bellamy - roughing @ 53:56

Devils penalty Matzka - roughing @ 53:56

Good save Lyle

Panthers penalty Van Host - hokking @ 55:57

Devils go on pp

Devils go close

K-Wall save at back post

Panthers back to full strength

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:50

K-Wall pulled

Last minute

Devils offside

12 secs left

Time out Panthers

ENG for Devils scored by Matzka

Devils 3rd goal was at 59:58

Final score DEVILS 3 Panthers 1

Panthers MoM - Craig Kowalski

No assist awarded on ENG by Scott Matzka

Devils MoM gven to Stevie Lyle

Devils TV claim it was a shut out for Stevie

Big thank you to our texters at the tent, my regular 1st line of Sharlene, Any, Paul, JohnWildthing and Ger-Devils

This is probably my last game of the regular season as I am off to Tenerife, maybe I will be back for the play offs

Join Chris or Gareth your host on Tuesday night when the Stingrays visit Cardiff Bay on St Davids Day

Its been a pleasure to host MNL so good night from me OJ