Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

I'm glad some of you saw my deliberate mistake

Welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Clan hell bent on wiping out that horrendous defeat earlier this month

It will be a limited MNL as I only have one texter - Chris D a Clan supporter who regularly helps us out at MNL

Score predictions as usual to

Join me OJ from 6:45 after hopefully France have beaten England

Looks like England will win, so jets get down to the serious business

Carl calls it 4-2 to the DEvils

Donna & megan go for a 4-3 Devils win whilst shifty sees it as 5-3 to the Red Army

Ruth also goes for a 5-3 win for the lads

Chris has reported in from Glasgow so its all systems go

Apologies in advance for all rabbitting on by me but with just opne texter there will be silence otherwise

TRy to get news on scratches

Rhys and Laura go for a welcomed 5-2 win for the Devils

Wales won, Bluebirds won, Jacks won so come on u DEVILS

Ice ready at Braehead Arena

Glynne wants us to HIT HIT HIT we will win 5-2 then he says

His computer must be better

Anybody else heard rumour that "debt washing" was back in ice hockey?

Devils finally take to the ice

Why the delay heavens knows

ZERO Devils fans sighted in Braehead Arena

You would have thought some would still be there from the last trip

Bob didn't you leave any behind?

Or are they in Edinburgh?

"Debt washing" is loading a company with dets and then putting it into recievership whilst carrying on under another company - well that how I describe it

Mray Hanson is the ref

WE are underway

Devils penalty @ 1:20 - Symmonds - slashing

Devils penalty @ 1:47 - K Smith - slashing

What a start!!!!

Devils kill both penalties

Gametime 3:55

No mark or Sam Smith for Devils

Tim Burrows on bench

Bethg & david also called it 5-2 to the Devils

I am confused as I am told Michel is not there

Devils penalty @ 8:14 - Finnerty - holding

Ruth, Tylor got % games and he has missed 5 already by my reckoning

Tylor Michel is playing

Devils return to full strength

I hope its EIHL fault as Tylor Michel is not listed on gamesheet

Devils penalty - K Smith - delay of game @ 11:48

4th PK for Devils - come on ref

Devils penalty - Finnerty - netminder interference @ 13:43

Devils back to 4 skaters

Penalty killed

On his return Finnerty goes 1 on 1 on Perras, great save Perras

I have aked my texter to count how many skaters we have


Scored by Michel assists Macrae & Adams

Timed at 19:00

We will soon see if Michel is on gamesheet

One texter gives me ulcers

Told we had scored but nothing since

I hope this doesn't mean what I think it does ie Michel not on teamlist

Michel now added to EIHL gamesheet so maybe he was always on the Devils team list

Goal has been credited

From an alternative source it says end of 1st Period Clan 0 DEVILS 1

Non the wiser on why Michel was not listed as playing originally, he scores and his name quickly appears on the gamesheet, I assume the game scorer left him off by mistake

In my day I had pre printed team lists that listed ALL PLAYERS and scratched them as necessary - if I remembered or was told off by the referee

SoG for 1st period 12 by Devils on Perras; 5 by Clan on Lyle

Steelers winning 2-1 after 1st period

Vipers 2-0 against Stars in 1st period

Vipers winning 3-0 at end of 1st period

Teams are back

2nd period underway

Lets have a penalty against Clan for a change

It worked - Clan penalty - Wedderburn - tripping @ 20:19

Lets have a PPG u Devils

Glynne will be happy as there were some huge hits in the opener

Clan back to full strength

No news is good news I suppose

Devils have 15 skaters

Stars score now 3-1 Vipers

Tim Burrows is the 14th skater haven't a clue who the 15th might be, unless my texter had counted Joe Myers

He said 15 skaters

Vipes score their 4th a ppg

I have more texters at other games than at Braehead

Devils penalty @ 28:37 - Adams - slashing

Clan penalty @ 28:51 - Bruce - slashing

panthers take the lead eary on against Coventry

Scot Matzka family have joined us from snowy Port Huron

Matzka crew are calling for a 4-1 win for the Devils to celebrate Dicks birthday today ( Scot's father)

Now 1-1 between Panthers and Blaze

CLAN Goal @ 32:17 - Krestanovich - unassisted

Apologies DEVILS GOAL at 30:59 Hill assist Macrae

Clan goal

Scored by Campbell assists Cook & Landry @ 32:55

Kenton Smith carried off ice with a bed leg injury @ 34:11

Mystery of how Kenton got hurt as there was noone near him

Texts are arriving out of sequence with a number of texters you can cope but with only one it is impossible

Chris D my texter thinks it was down to the poor ice

Clan called a time out after the Devils 2nd goal

Text just arrived

its 1-1 between Panthers & Blaze after 2 periods

Devils penalty @ 39:48 - Weller - tripping

End of 2nd period Clan 2 DEVILS 2

My texter is doing a great job, the problem is the network

The text on Clan 1st goal came through ages before the Devils 2nd goal scored 2 minutes earlier

Kevin thinks the curse of the Smith has hit us with Mark, Sam and now Kenton on the sick list, I did remind him the Granny Smith was still going strong and John Smith goes down well

End of 2nd period scores elsewhere Vipers 5 Stars 2 Steelers 3 Stingrys 2 Panthers 1 Blaze 1

Still counting at Edinburgh where the Giants are the visitors

Giants won 9 0 at Edinbugh - Nathan Craze getting the shut out - thanks Glenn

Kevin's money is on Pelle to score early in 3rd, mine is on Scott

Blaze take the lead with a ppg

Teams back

Devils start 3rd period on PK for 1:48

Stingrays make it 3-3


Devils back to full strength

SoG for 2nd period 16 by Devils, 7 by Clan

Panthers mnake it 2-2

Stars score now 5-3 to Vipers

End to end at Braehead its anybodys game

Sarich has 5 + Game for slashing

Naughty Steeler

Headmasters room now

Come on u Devils give us a goal

Common Pelle, come on Matzka, come on Michel, come on anybody(Devils only need apply)

Stringrays take lerad thru Kalikov @ 54 minutes

Come on u Devils

Panthers now lead 3-2 after 55 minutes

Clan penalty @ 53:12 too many men

Devils penalty - Matzka - roughing Clan penalty WEdderburn - Slashing @ 53:23

Legue 2+10

Devils penalty - Macrae - x checking @ 54:52

3 on 3 then Clan go on pp

Gametime 55:11

Clan on pp

Clan penalty @ 57:07 - Chaumont - hooking

Get that pp into top gear u Devils

Vipers now lead 6-3

Shoot on sight DEVILS

Panthers 3 Blaze 2 final score

Steelers lose to Hull

Score Devils score

Devils penalty @ 58:44 - Michel - 10 minute misconduct

Devils penalty @ 58:44 - Weller - tripping

End of regulation Clan 2 DEVILS 2

In to O/T we go

Devils start O/T on PK

Weller penalty was at 59:44 not 58:44

Devils therefore have 1:44 of PK at start of O/T

Clan score winner @ 60:41 - Chaumont assist Krestanovich

In 3rd period SoG were 12 by Devils 6 by Clan

We outshot Clan 40-19 and lose 3-2

Our thanks go to Chris D at Braehead for his help tonight

Thats all from me OJ, join me tomorrow night when the Panthers hit Cardiff Bay