Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 5 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Sheffield seeking those all importnt two points

Oj here your MNL host for tonight

Score predictions as usual to

Any of my usual texters making the trip get in touch

Not knowing who is on the coach or have made their own way I have to play it by ear tonight

Success - Devils2001 and Andy have reported for duty

With Chris S making his way from Nottingham it is all systems go

Chris S has arrived in the City of Steel

Come on u Devils lets make it a City of Rust tonight

Warmup underway

Very quiet tonight no predictions, I hope the 5pm face off has caught fans out if it has come on u Devils lets give them a pleasant surprise when they join us late

Ger-Devils calls it 4-3 to the Devils in regulation

No Mark Smith in warmup although not yet confirmed as a scratch

Where have all the predictions gone, it was quiet on the e-mail front last night and it is deathly quiet so far tonight

Zamboni at work

There maybe a number of Devils scratches

Face off delayed 15 minutes

Reason for delay unclear

A Sheffield- Cardiff festival of hockey has been announced

Devils will play the Steelers pre seaon in 2011/2 and the games will also feature a game between Ron Shudra Select and John Lawles Select

I assume it will be home and away

No explanation for delay forthcoming

Both Sam Smith and Mark Smith scratches

Devils have 12 skaters

It would appear that the Devils staff aim to blog/twitter or maybe pinch our comments again

Delay caused by big queues at the pay booths

Dave Simms praising Paul Sullivan

It makes you want to vomit

We are the DEVILS they are the STEELERS and we loathe them as we have always done and vici versa

It no secret so why the pretence

Donna & Megan call it 3-2 to the Devils

Big welcome to Callum who has joined MNL for the first time, hope you bring some luck to the Devils

3-2 to the Devils seems popular tonight, Carl goes for that score as well

Intro video time at Sheffield

Come on u Devils lets show them what you are made of.

Darell is referee tonight

The Steeelers Intro Video should go in the Guiness Book of Records it is absurdly long

Steelers take to the ice

Devils are also out

Bigger than usual crowd at Sheffield Arena

Devils have 12 skaters + 2 net minders no ENL lads again

ENL Devils must be a different club

I would suggest that each additional WElsh/British player on the bench puts a minimum of 100 extra on the gate

Steelers have 3 full lines of skaters

I will make a rediction that there will be 100+ PIMs

Anthem time

Steelers over confident playing "WE are going to win"

We shall see

Here we go

Voth, Macrae, Hill, Adams, Richardson start

End to end start

Good play by Pelle, Matzka and Birbraer

Moose save @ 1:22

Hand pass Steelers @ 1:29

Devils icing @ 1:54

Weller hitting every Steeler he can get close to



Assist Voth @ 2:37

Goal was scored by Macrae

Lyle save @ 4:09

If MNL doesn't update hit F5

Ace save by Lyle @ 4:16

Devils icing @ 4:49

Weller playing as forward on 2nd line

Lyle save @ 5:54

Pelle goes close

Steelers goal scored by Dowd

Assist Domish & Campbell

@ 7:21

Steelers icing @ 8:09

Birbraer goes close

He hits pipes

Steelers icing @ 8:30

Dowd tpped in a Domish shot

Gametime 9:03 and it is still end to end

Devils high sticks @ 9:29

Devils icing @ 9:50

Lyle save @ 10:06

Moose save from Matzka @ 10:46

Darnell not calling anything

Another Moose save @ 12:17

ENL DEvils had a horrendous road trip yesterday, coach caught fire and they didn't get back untilk 5am

Moose save @ 14:21

Jon Pelle's aunt in Rhode Island is a belieiver and calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Good save by Lyle @ 15:04

Steelers goal @ 15:44 scored by Globke assists Talbot & Tait

Moose save @ 16:49

Lets get that goal back before the interval

17 minutes gone and the Devils look knackered already

Hill hits pipes

Phil that is not the idea

Big dive by a Steeler

Darnell taken in penalty Devils @ 17:50

K Smith hooking

Final minute

End of 1st period Steelers 2 DEVILS 1

Kenton Smith was back before buzzer

I missed Ruth prediction 4-3 to the Devils

I also missed Russky's prediction of a Devils win in O/T

To pull this one out of the bag will be a miracle with a short bench

Craig Weller is clocking up the minutes he is double shifting if not triple shifting at times

SoG for 1st period 10 by each team

Ice ready for 2nd period

Will miss the end of the season as I am off to Tenerife shortly but hopefully will be back in time for the play offs.

I should have gone last week but put it off until after this crucial weekend

Both teams are back

2nd period starts

Lets hope Devils pull this one out of the fire and I delay my retyrn to the sun some more

Steelers offside

I have to be in Tenerife on 11 March for my mates birthday there ius no escaping that

Kenton goes close

Close is not good enough bury that biscuit

Devils icing @ 21:40

At this rate not only will I miss the end of the season but Cheltenham as well

Mark Thomas down injured

Thomas holding his face, on ice officials looking for his teeth

Pick bounced up of Pelle's stick and hit Thomas in the mouth

That was all timed @ 22:11

Clark attempts to check Voth, misses and floors himself

Moose save from Pelle @ 22:59

You will always remberber when you loose your teeeth, well I do

Being nrevous makes me post gibberish

Devils penalty - Symmonds - high stick @ 23:59

Darnell called it nobody else saw it

Steelers miss open net


Kill DEvils Kill

Callum you still there

Lyle save @ 25:23

Devils back to full strength

Devils PK did well then as Steelers all over us like a chickenpox rash

Panthers 2-0 up at Coverntry

Pelle goes close again

Gametime 28:03

Still end to end stuff

These players are going to be tired after this

Sue Matzka in Port Huron says 5-2 Devils

Voth floors someone, Clark retaliates, Darnell watches does nothing

Moose save @ 29:12

Another hattrick from Scott would do nicely

Richardson nails Simon

Moose save @ 30:07

Weller takes no the whole line, no penalty

Hewitt nails Symmonds

Macrae and Matzka standouts for Devils so far

Moose save @ 32:33

Weller seems to be permanently on the ice

Steelers penalty Legue - slashing @ 33:11

Devils get that pp into top gear and get us a goal NOW

Blaze now losing 4-0

Devils offside @ 33:40

Weller switching from winger to D but staying on the ice

Devils offside @ 34:15

Devils PP is very poor

30 secs of pp left

Steeler kill penalty with ease

Steeelers goal - Legue

Assist Campbell & Munn @ 35:16

Legue comes out of the sinbin nobody picks him up - shambles

This will take some winning now

Devils penalty coming

Correction Steelers penalty - Talbot - hooking @ 36:51

Matzka called as well for cross checking

Both teams return to full strength

Steelers icing @ 38:59

Callum if you shout loud enough the Devils will hear you in Sheffield

The rest of you can shout as well

End of 2nd period Steelers 3 DEVILS 1

SoG for 2nd period 11 by Steelers; 9 by Devils

Apologies for typs but I am typing blind as I read incoming texts I don't want tp proof read what I have typed as it delays the news

Zamboni on its last lap not its last legs like to one at the Tent

Ice ready for 3rd period

Both team return to the ice

Off for 3rd period

THREE unanswered goals we ask for

Hill goes close

Massive hit by Birbraer on Globke

Talk about Northern Lights he will be seeing them for days

Gametime 42:06

Steelers always threatening when going forward

Devils getting in each others way, Voth just floored Matzka

Steelers have called a time out @ 45mins - why

At least it gives Weller a breather

Steelers penalty @ 45:21 - Munn - hooking

Face off at centre ice for some reason

Darnell messes up, he should study the rulebook

Steelers goal - Tait - SHG @ 46:18 unassisted

If the game has gone let the dogs loose

Steelers back to full strength

Devils offide @ 48:06

A number of players underperforming tonight

I will let those at the game to name them

Same as last night in many instances

Lyle save @ 49:19

Vothh & Birbraer now collide

I thought the Sheffield ice was bigger

Gametime 50:12

Moose save @ 51:06

Steelers penalty - Campbell - hooking @ 51:22

Another c*** powerplay says Chris

22 secs of pp left

Steelers back to full strength

Gametime 54:03

WE ice with 4 skaters

Campbell dive

Devils penalty - Weller - roughing

@ 54:25

Campbell was also called for illegal equipment

He didn't have his Speedos on

Devils look better with 4 skaters than 5

Lyle save @ 55:11

Gametime 56:05

Steelers goal @ 56:25 - Dowd, assists Domish & Munn

Steelers icing @ 57:04


Symmonds from blueline

Assist Finnerty @ 57:07

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Crowd announced as 4,651

Final score Steelers 5 DEVILS 2

Concentrate on Play Offs now

Devils MoM - Gerad Adams

Steelers MoM - Robert Dowd

Our thanks go to our texters in Sheffield - Devils2001, Andy and Chris S

Wishing everyone a safe journey home that all from me OJ until the next time