Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 1 - 12 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Capitals at Murrayfield Ice Rink

OJ your host tonight

I have checked that my texters are all sober and not too depressed after Friday nights nightmare in Glasgow

Shane and the boys upped their spirits yesterday

Score predictions to

Just hope the texters get to the game on time, bus driver hasn't got a clue how to get to Murrayfield

There is light at the end of the tunnel coach has Murrayfield in its sights

Rhys says 5-1 to the Devils

PAK2305 sees the DEvils winning 3-2

It would appear that its not only the team that is low on confidence PAK2305

Ruth says 2-2 but hoping for better

Ruth, I know that you are new to this game, but we can't have ties in a league game

A BT typing error I assume

Pathers and Clan tied at 2-2 late in 2nd period

Ruth meant 3-2

That Ruth is an example how our confidence has dived in recent weeks

I don't normally make prediction but there will be more than 10 goals and the Capitals will not score many

Neil Wilson has the whistle

6 minutes of warmup remaining

Keith calls it 7-1 to the Devils

Donna & Megan predict a 6-2 Devils win

Carl says 12-2 to the Devils as they bounce back from Fridays

Paddy Power has us at 50/1 on to win at home

Warmup over

There are more Devils fans than Capitals fans at Murrayfield so far

Its 4/7 with Paddy Power for 10 or more goals in game

As usual PA system is atrocious

Texters are in position and raring to go

So come on u Devils and ensure that the fans have a happy and safe trip home

100+ Devils present and correct (so far that is)

Ice is ready

Devils take to the ice to be greeted by Devils fans more interested in their newspapers

Fans utter disappointment made clear to one and all

Capitals take to the ice booed by their own fans

Capitals have 9 skaters + 2 netminders

The had 12 skaters last night

WE are off


@ 2:26

Assist S Smith

Weller on 2nd line instead of Voth

Voth is Michel place on 3rd line


Assist Pelle

That assists might have been Macrae

Devils playing as if they have had a rocket placed in a strategic place

All Devils

Assists for both Pelle & Macrae on Devils 2nd goal


Matzka @ 8:38

Assists Birbraer & Hill

Panthers v Clan gone into O/T at 3-3

Constant pressure by Devils

Texters feeling sorry for Capitals

Told more Capitals players expected

So long as they are on the gamesheet they can play

Although I think they have to make an appearance before end of 1st period

Gametime 13:02

DEVILS GOAALLL - Sam Smith @ 13:35

Assists Macrae & Voth

Penalty shots at Nottingham



2-2 on penalties in Nottingham after 2 rounds

Panthers win 4-3 after penalties

Capitals fans overjoyed when they have a shot whether its on goal or not


@ 16:52

Assist Symmonds

DEVILS Goal - Pelle

@ 17:50

7th goal was by Hill assist Finnerty

Weller got 2nd assist on Hills goal

I believe Pelle got assist on Kenton Smith goal

My mobile is red hot I can't lift it

Thank God its the end of 1st period Capitals 0 DEVILS 7

Dev ils 6th goal was scorted by Pelle assist K Smith I am now told

End of 1st period 7 Devils goals and no penalties

Sog Devils 17 Capitals 4

Carl it looks like we are the only true believers although your 12-2 is now in doubt I would say

Chris just gave me the updated MNL viewing figures, Friday night was our 6th consecutive game with in excess of 1,000 unique viewers

No extra players appeared for Capitals

Over 50,00 viewers so far this season, last season at this stage (ie after 51 games) our viewing total was 27,756

With the Giants on Wednesday and then back to back games against the Steeles MNL will reach levels we could never have dreamed about

We we do need is 7 un-answered goals in the 1st period on Wednesday

That would do nicely as the Lady from American Express would say

Unfortunately I will not be with you on Wednesday as I have a family funeral in Wild West Wales (Milford Haven) in late afternoon so will not be back in Cardiff until late

Teams are back on the ice

2nd period underway

Capitals register their 5th SOG

Capitals are playing better


@ 24:24

Assist Finnerty

Gone quiet At Murrayfield

Nothing happenning, Devils seems to be using game as a practice session

Thats OK if it irons out the problems we have had the last couple of weeks

I am trying to get confirmation that Jon Pelle scored Devils 6th goal

Devils penalty - Finnerty - slashing @31:18

Capitals have changed their net minder apparently

NO name sorry

A bit of PK practice

What we need is a PP so that we can practice not coughing up SH goals

DEVILS GOAL - Pelle @ 33:23

That I belive is Jon Pelle 's 50th of the season

Unassisted that goal

Scott Matzka needs one goal for his 50


Assist for K Smith

Devils have upped their game and peppering the Capitals net

Devils penalty - Finnerty - hooking


Finnerty penalty was @ 58:07

Capitals goal was @ 39:03 scored by Safar

End of 2nd period Capitals 1 DEVILS 10

Capitals goal was a ppg scored by Safar assist Cingel

Mark Richardson doesn't seem to be icing

There is confusion over whether Pelle has reached 50 goals. I am going by EIHL stats

Who is a prat OJ thats who, I had missread Games Played (GP) as goals. Jon Pelle is now on 27, Scott is on 23 bless him

It lets lonely in a little room on your own

I must concentrate on the game and stop twittering about yesterdays sad events at Newbury racecourse

yes Ger-Devils Pelle is on 48 goals as 6th has been credited to him

My texters tell me that the PA system is so bad that only the official game sheet can be relied upon especially for assists

We have now all agreed that Jon Pelle is on 48 goals for the season

Come on Jon get 2 more and you have a personal record of 5 goals in a game

Corrections as I have had them

Extra assist on Goal 5 - Matzka Symmonds & Matzka assists on Goal 6 Matzka & Symmonds assists on Goal 9 Birbraer assist on Goal 10

I hope that helps, I am not so sure

Devils fan wins chuck a puck and gets on oversize haggis

I have 2 texters on Capitals penalties, they must be bored as hell

Teams return to the ice

I hope Bob's coach driver is not going to leave before end of the game like on Friday night

I am reading Bruce Boudreau autobiography at the moment " Gabby - Confessions of a Hockey Lifer"

Brilliant it gives you an insight into Minor leaue hockey in North Americam ECHL, AHL etc

We are off for the 3rd period

Boudreau coached in the minors for years before becoming Head Coach of the Washington Capitals

A bit like me fat & bald but shorter

Capitals fans chanting "We want Myers"

Devils piling up the shots

Where have all my texters gone

Capitals netminder playing a lot better

Trying to get chapter & verse on who is now in net for the Capitals

JohnWildthing is asking why Lyle is still in net

Van de Poulke in currently in net

Whether he started, was lifted and has gone back in is anyone guess I am sorry to say

Amazing save by Lyle

Thats why he is still in net to get his confidence back

About 200 Capital fans and 120 or so Devils fans

What a difference fron the old days

Gametime 56:00

3rd period has flown

Lets get the team home, Chill out Monday and a good training session on Tuesday


Finnerty assist Weller @ 57:08

Correction that was Sam Smith's hattrick

I am totally confused two texters say Finnerty scored another 2 say it was Sam Smith

Devils goal @ 59:55

Pelle assists Birbraer

That last goal was @ 59:07

Final score Capitals 1 DEVILS 12

I think some of my texters were drunk, still a 10 hour coach trip will sober them up unless they party all the way home

Devils MoM - JON PELLE

Jens van de Poucke MoM for Capitals

Sog 3rd period Devils 20 Capitals 4

Correction it was Holland in the Capitals net who got MoM

I believe van de Poucke was lifted after 1st period as I or=iginally reported

A big thank you to our texters in Scotland - JohnWildthing, Devils2001, Kevin, Simon, DevilsDom, Devils99 and Bob the Driver plus everyone else who contributed

Thats all from me OJ if you can't get to the Tent on Wednesday log into MNL, I'll be back with you for the Sheffield games next weekend