Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 7 - 1 Cardiff Devils

All set up and ready to go, join me (OJ) from 6pm as we await the forst leg of the Devils Scottish trip

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Texter making their way to the Arena

We can always depend on Donna & Megan being confident a 6-3 win for the Devils they say

Simon reperts there are 100's of Welsh rugby fans in Glasgow

Carl calls it 5-3 to the Devils

It doesn't look as if I can bring you that exclusive story tonight

Been taking to an investigating jourrnalist contact today who believes he has the basis of a hot hockey story but the papers don't want to buy.

One paper said that nobody is interested in ice hockey

I must admit that afterwards I thought I was been quizzed for info not the other way around.

Carl maybe that why irs quiet in Wales they have all gone to Scotland

I hope that those on Bobs Tours have a great weekend in Scotland, what a pity there are not more of them thesedays

In my days we would have 3 or 4 in Scotland plus 1 or 2 in the North East.

The team were always amazed at how many fans ould make thse long trips

JphnWildthing is impressed with the rink and facilities in Glasgow

PAK2305 calls it 3-2 for the Devils

Stephen goes goes for 5-3 as does Ruth

Ruth says that those with a rugby ticket can get 5 off for the Capitals v Devils game on Sunday

There are a number of Devils fans at Glasgow that have travelled independently

A few hundred rugby supports attending the game would be a great help

3.30 a pint - that should keep my texters sober

The shops in the Mall are distracting my texters

Ger_Devils says it was 3.70 a pint last weekend at the Odyssey

Warmup over

Paddy Power has Devils at 10/11, Clan 9/5 and 100/30 for a tie at end of regulation

Devils winning after scoring 6 or more goals seems to be good value at 4/1

Devils seating plans being restricted

Most of the seats in rink taped off for some reason

Very weird

Have asked by Clan texter why seats are taped off

5 minutes to face off

Referee is Wilson

Close on 100 Devils fans at Glasgow

Chris my Clan texter is at a loss to explain taped off seats

Tylor Michel spoken to, he is not a happy bunny

Finally mystery solved, seats taped off as there is no net behind Devils goal

Anthems done & dusted

We are away

Clan penalty - tripping @ 0:19

Clan penalty @ ):24 = Delay of Game - Walthier

Devils 5 on 3

Pelle goes close

Campbell - hooking was the 1st Clan penalty @ 0:19

Clan kill both penalties

Gametime 2:33

Hectic start to game

Devils offside @ 5:15 - Birbraer

Keith having 2nd thoughts on his 5-2 Devils win after their failure to capitalise on a 5 on 3 for close on 2 minutes

Gametime 5:55

Fairly even game so far

Krestanovich goes 1 on 1 on Lyle

Lyle picks his pocket

Ice looks bad

Like a morgue in the Arena

Only noise coming from Devils fans

Clan are finishing their checks and hitting

Looks as if it could be the biggest attendence so far for the Clan

Weller takes a shift on D

Blaze take the lead in Belfast

Devils are playing a very conservative on the road type of game

Gametime 16:09

Weller double shifting

Clan goal

Clan goal scored by Richardson assist Bruce

Clan goal was against the run of play - but it counts I am sorry to say

Additional assist Noel, goal timed at 17:22

Devils penalty - K Smith - x- checking @ 19:48

It appears that the Devils have come up against a hot goalie once again

End of 1st period Clan 1 DEVILS 0

Devils dominated that period but failed to create clear chances

SoG Clan 14 Devils 10

Hard to believe say texters

I think those SoG are the other was round ie 14 by Devils 10 by Clan

Devils need to up their game this period

Worringly there seems to be a lack of confidence in the team this last couple of weeks

We need to snap out of it quickly

Clan return to the ice

Followed by Devils

We are off for 2nd period

Clan score 2nd

Error by Lyle

Clan goal

THe wheels have come off the bus

Time out DEvils

2nd Clan goal @ 21:09 scored by Bostock assists Krestanovich

Clan 3rd goal scored by Chaumont assist Hayward @ 22:00

Devils seem to be half asleep, correction they are in a deep sleep

Devils seem to have stayed in dressing room

Scottish mountain to climb now

Clan goal @ 26:25 scored by Landry

2 on 1 shot through Lyles 5 hole


Scored by Matzka assist K Smith

@ 27:31

Devils now seem to be half asleep, half awake

Coach Adams seems to be on a mission to wake up team

Walker clear for Clan but misses badly

No passion, no heart says JohnWildthing, where are the Devils who went on that winning streak

In bed asleep it seems

Clan have closed up shop, happy with what they have

Gametime 37:00

Lets have a goal u Devils before the buzzer

Devils seem to try to up their game but no chances created

Chaumont goes clear and misses

Please note the subtle difference these are misses by Clan not saves by Devils

Handbags @ 39:15

Devils penalty - Voth @ 39:53 - roughing

A stupid penalty I am texted

That penalty was at 39:13

Bruce was at the other end of Voth roughing

I cannot post what my texters are saying about the Devils performance

As DevilsDom puts it - "10 hours on a coach to watch this rubbish, can't see a way back for the Devils now"

End of 2nd period Clan 4 DEVILS 1

Bob Coaches puts it as " Our D has gone AWOLagain. They are thinking of their night out after"

These is a remedy for this - ask the rink management if the Devil can have a post game skate and skate them till they drop, they will be too knackered to go out then.

These are pro hockey players whose efforts are less than what Rec players put in after a hard days work

SoG in 2nd Clan 12 Devils 8

Simon says it is the worst ever he's seen the Devils play

Devils are taking a hammering

Claire that is an interesting thought, the Devils are having a practice on how to come back from 4-0 down befire 2nd leg of CC Semi

3rd period underway

It will be a good game to win BUT


I should have kept my mouth shut

DEvils are shocking

Clan 5th goal scored by Bostock @ 40:43

I will be shot for saying it but when a team implodes like the Devils have in recent weeks the puck stops with one man - coach

That 5th Clan goal is now credited to Cook, asists Bostock & Krestanovich

In ice hockey since Noah played the coach carries the can

I was unfortunately in the dressing room twice when the Devils coach resigns because his team failed him

No passion, no desire - NO BEER

I am told Adams is trying to gee up the team, Symmonds is the only player that is blameless

Devils penalty @ 45:31 - Weller - slashing

Clan penalty for hooking at sametime

Now 4 on 4

Clan penalty was against Wedderburn - hooking


Voth in sinbin along with Adams

5 on 3 for Clan

I am told that Adams got a double minor for interference and Voth a double minor for roughing @47:53

Sinle minors they were

Clan Goal

It is so bad that this is embarrassing

ppg for Clan

Texters are laughing instead of crying

Some Devils fans are leaving

6 th Clan goal scored by Landry assist Richardson & Cook

More handbags

My texters are beginning to desert their posts, who can blame them

The question being asked is Where is Finny to defend this load of ****

This is going to kick off any minute now

Devils maybe frustrated but what about us poor sods

Or those dedicated Devils fans that have soent 200+ to see this load of rubbish

Devils penalty Smith 2=2 - holding & roughing, Clan penalty - Walker - roughing

@ 51:44

Half the Devils fans have left to chants of "Cheerio" from the home fans

Gametime 52:13

Clan score 7th goal

DEvils fans bus driver has said he is leaving @ 9:45

7th Clan goal scored by Krestanovich, asists Hayward & Chaumont

That last goal was @ 55:21

My texters organising has gone to pot, some have left the building with Elvis

Big pile up in front of Clan net, when dust settles roughing minors for Phillips (Clan) and Smith (Devils)

Those penalties were at 56:11

Devils penalty - Finnerty - high sticks

There was a tripping minor to Bostick @ 58:00

Finnerty was 2+2 for accidental high sticks @ 58:55

DevilsDom says he feels ashamed to be a Devils fan

Teams do lose but not in this gutless fashion

Last minute of game

Come on ref put us out of our misery

Walthier slashing minor @ 59:15

Final score Clan 7 DEVILS 1

No news on MoM well MoM for the Clan anyway

Thats all from me OJ until the next MNL on Sunday as the Devils take on the Capitals

Clan Mom - Krestanovich; Devils MoM - ? Smith