Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 4 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

Chris with you tonight, and as always I can be reached before/during the game at

Incase people aren't aware, tonight's game counts as both a league game, and as the 1st leg of the Challenge Cup semi final

Which is pretty much a big, crap joke. How can a semi-final of a competition be doubled up with a league game

Ruth predicting a Devils 3-4 victory tonight

Stephen says he's hoping for a draw in the CC part of the fixture, with the Devils coming out on top in the league bit

Rhys predicting a Devils 1-3 victory, and i've been asked to say hi to his mum :)

Mark predicting a Devils 2-5 victory \o/

Jack says a Devils 5-6 victory, with the winner being scored in the last 5mins!

Would be nice to see Pelle get another 4 goals from tonight's game :D

And Mark just says the same thing, great minds think alike and all that :)

Congratulations to Dan who passed his driving test today, he's also predicting a Devils 2-3 victory :D

Should I be making a rubbish joke here about everyone staying in their houses now you can drive? :E

Donna and Megan predicting a Devils 4-5 victory :D

Couple of texters caught up at the entrance to the Odyssey as some of the Devils fans are trying to take flags into the arena with them

Just over 15minutes to go, no news on any scratches from warm up yet

Texters are in the building, but as they missed warmup, nothing to report

Around 40-50 Devils fans have made their way over for tonights game

Jester, the Giants fan who's helping us out tonight thinks face off may be delayed, will try and confirm one way or the other

The ice is ready, but i'm still not sure whether the game is delayed slightly or not

Block 3 posse predicting a Devils 3-4 victory :)

Crowd still coming into the arena, very busy tonight it would seem

Lights are off, it's intro time :D

Faceoff delayed by 10-15mins it would seem

Maybe they've just turned the lights off to save energy, unless the Giants have a new 10minute long intro

Ger-Devils says the hen party at the game are wearing somewhat revealing outfits, the Giants players have already been caught staring :D

Lights are still off, Kelman is just doing his best cowboy impression, i hope he still does it anyway

The hen party has traveled over from South Wales :)

Officials are out, trying to find out who the ref is

Dean Smith is the ref for tonight, Jester says at least 4000 in the arena for the game

Devils on the ice \o/

Giants also out, apparently it's only the 8th time this season they've had a full import quota

Hopefully they can do a Panthers with that full roster and implode spectacularly... :P

ceremonial faceoff time

here we go!

We're off!

Devils started with the 1st line tonight, anyone know how we make a decision which line to start with?

Easy save for Lyle

End to end in the opening few minutes

#17 for the Giants has gone off looking hurt, i'm not too sure who that is though

Wait, seems it was Giants #12 who's gone off with a bad cut, Smith didn't call a penalty though

Seems it was Colin Hemmingway who went off injured

or Hemingway before the Giants fans get angry :E

Giants offside at 2:55 and then another save from Lyle :)

Giants really putting us under pressure at the moment

Another good save from Lyle, unsure of time sorry


Penalties to both teams coming

Those penalties were timed at 4:29, I think to Adams and Benedict both for roughing perhaps

Devils penalty at 4:40, K Smith 2mins for hooking, Giants 4on3 for 1:49 :S

Mark Smith , not Kenton Smith, it's a good thing we don't have 4 smiths playing for us. Oh wait...

Michel very very close!

Adams and Benedict return, 11 seconds later M Smith returns, back to 5on5 :)

puck goes out of play, don't think there's a penalty coming

Good save from Lyle, Giants are shooting at every opportunity

Texters report they're still sober, good to know i guess :)

Michel almost kills a Giant, then the Devils get called for icing at 9:17

Devils creating a number of chances, but haven't found a way past murphy yes

Giants penalty timed at 9:17 it would seem, bench penalty for too many men, Peacock sits the 2mins

Giants PK very very good

Save from Murphy, 43 seconds of PP left. Weller took the shot

Penalty killed, as Peacock comes out Giants get a breakaway but Lyle saves \o/

Save came at 11:40 :)

or rather, another save came at 11:40


Giants trying to wind Voth up, but he just keeps laughing at them :)

Penalties coming for both teams, but not for Voth...

Finnerty and Walton are the players with penalties, but not sure for what yet

Devils penalty timed at 12:20, Finnerty 2mins for delay of game

Giants penalty timed at 12:20, Walton, 2mins for delay of game

Devils set up very well, but Richardson sees Murphy save his shot :(

Another penalty coming for the Giants I think...

Devils penalty timed at 13:55, Lambert 2mins for hooking

That will give the Devils 25seconds of 4on3 powerplay, come on Devils!

Smith lets a Giants cross check go unpenalised

Devils penalty timed at 14:03, K smith 2mins for slashing

It was 3v3, it's 4v4 and when Lambert returns for the Giants, they'll be on the powerplay for about 7 seconds...

Giants get a very lucky bounce off the board which sets them up for a 2on1, but Richardson dives across the net and stops the shot :D

Devils turn, Murphy gets a glove to a shot from Pelle

Giants back to full strength, and very shortly afterwards so are the Devils

Devils D gifts the puck to the Giants, Lyle makes the save fortunately

Devils shot from neutral zone almost trickles over the net after Murphy spills

Devils called for icing at 16:32

Another big save from Lyle, Giants come steaming in and we have more handbags!

No pens this time

Lyle making save after save

This time it's a shot from Shields

Final minute of the 1st period!

Lyle made another save, Giants crash the net and we come in to defend

Giants penalty timed at 19:22, Welch 2mins for hooking

Come on Devils!

Devils very close, Murphy finally stops the puck after a fantastic shot from Finnerty

but that's the end of the period, Giants 0-0 Devils

Shots on goal for the 1st, Giants had 14, Devils had 5...

So a very good game by all accounts so far, both teams playing well, but the shots on goal may be ever so slightly biased :) Jester thinks with the way the game was heating up, it could kick off in the 2nd

5mins until we start the 2nd period

Devils will start the 2nd with 1:38 of powerplay as Welch continues to sit his penalty

Hopefully we can capitalise on that and get the 1st goal :)

Ice is done, both teams are back out for the 2nd period

officials are also out of course :)

And we're off! Come on Devils!

Big save from Lyle

Giants are still on the PK, but have started the stronger team

Devils come close, but the powerplay is over and we're back to 5on5


Fight! Voth and Hoffman, no idea what's started it

God damn this thing, my updates are still going missing :|

Penalties coming at 21:46

Seems Birbraer was on the end of a massive check from Hoffman and has been helped off the ice to the changing rooms, Voth went for Hoffman

Seems Voth may have picked up a big penalty here

Voth is given a game penalty, no idea what for, but it will have been timed at 21:46

Voth has a 5+game for something, Symonds is sitting the minor, or the 5min penalty

Ok, seems Voth has 5+game for something, Hoffman has 5mins for fighting

Scrub that, Voth gets 5+5+game I think, we're on a penalty kill either way

Ok, finally have penalties sorted, they should read...

Giants penalty at 21:46, Hoffman 5mins for fighting

Devils penalty timed at 21:46, Voth 5mins for cross checking + 5mins for fighting + game

2more penalties coming for the Devils, how ever so smart of us...

Devils penalties timed at 23:31, Hill 2mins for slashing, K Smith 2mins for cross checking

It's 5on3 in the Giants favour, no idea how long they have that for though

Lyle making save after save again

We now have 3 players in the penalty box, 2 are in the changing room...

I might as well copy and paste 'another big save from Lyle'

K Smith back! 5on4 for Giants i guess

No, apparently it's still 5on3, i have absolutely no bloody idea what is going on

There are people on the ice, but it is an unknown quantity for an unknown length of time

Another good save from Lyle

I Think Hill is now back, but it's still 5on4

I'm going to rename this to... Mystery Night Live!

Devils back to 5 skaters, thank heavens our PK works

Devils called for icing at 28:57

It's taken 20minutes to play 8minutes of ice hockey


Hoffman decides to take on Michel this time

Michel sucker punched Welch, Hoffman then went for him

2 fights started, only 1 finished, it's like Mad Max!

lots of talking between the officials

Also, in good news, Birbraer is back on the ice :)

Sounds like only penalties coming for us, can't have been a fight then if Hoffman hasn't picked up a penalty

Giants penalty timed at 29:04, Welch 5mins for fighting

Devils penalty timed at 29:04, Michel 2mins roughing + 5mins fighting + 2+10 for instigating

So Michel just picked up 19mins worth of penalties, how fantastic

Giants all over us, but Lyle still making save after save

Holy monkey balls, the Giants have a penalty!

No, Smith decides Mason doesn't deserve a penalty for being an utter ba......

Devils are back to 5 skaters, please let us stop taking major penalties now!

Devils trying to kill some enemy players

Penalties at 63:13 for both teams

Giants Lambert and Devils Adams both get 2mins for roughing

Holy actual monkey balls, we really do have a powerplay this time!

Giants penalty timed at 33:54, Gleed 2mins for cross checking

Penalties at 63:13 should really have been at 33:13 :)

Good save from Murphy, his first in a long while

Devils are on a 4on3 powerplay for 1:19

Massive save from Lyle as the Giants once again get a shorthanded breakaway

Weller is playing more as a forward it would seem, taking shot after shot

Adams and whatshisface return, Devils powerplay for 41seconds

Another good save from Murphy and now the Giants are back to full strength

Giants called for icing at 36:42

37mins gone, Devils very close once again

Weller absolutely nails a Giant :D

Damn you to hell Dean Smith

Devils penalty timed at 37:26, bench penalty for too many men

Hill sits the bench penalty

Giants score :(

Giants take the lead at 38:15 :(

if Smith gives them anymore powerplays we might as well just go home

Giants 1st goal timed at 38:15, B Hemingway from Prudden and Welch - PPG unsurprisingly

Into the final minute of the 1st period

Big save from Lyle at 39:54

That should have been the 2nd period sorry, but it's the end of the period and Giants lead 1-0

Someone find Dean Smith and give him a slap

He's either forgotten he's supposed to be on our team, or he's trying to prove Thompson is wrong :(

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About 9 people we need to sort it all out, plus if you're reading this and haven't yet paid, please give James a pm :)

Shots on goal for the 2nd period, Devils had 6, Giants had 16...

We're being outshot 3to1 tonight :(

This is where the 3rd is going to get interesting, with the game counting for 2 different things, if we're still losing 1-0 in the dying minutes, do we pull Lyle and risk everything?

Steelers are currently tied with the Blaze 1-1 in Coventry, if they win or even get a point tonight we really need to be looking at a win to hold onto our lead

3minutes until the 3rd period, officials are back on the ice i believe

Both teams out for the 3rd

Seems we had handbags at the end of the 2nd, but there doesn't seem to have been any penalties called

Here we go with the 3rd, come on Devils!

Forgot to say thanks to all of those who have paid already for the player sponsorship :)

Giants score a 2nd :(

Giants 2nd goal timed at 41:07, Lambert from Garside and C Hemingway

Prudden gets nailed by one of ours and goes down hurt...

Prudden was on the end of a high stick from one of the Devils, but not sure who

S Smith gets nailed, but gets up and then comes very close to scoring

Giants called for icing at 42:24

Devils shot blocked on the line :(

Weller is everywhere, Jester says he's looking absolute quality on the ice

Matzka very close after a pass from Weller!

Another good save from Murphy

Shot came from Weller :)

Giants offside, or icing, i have no idea which as my texters are saying different things

Devils called for icing at 45:25

Giants go offside coming back into the Devils zone, they're all over us again :(

Murphy save and then a Giants icing call

not sure what time sorry, but Ger-Devils also says the penalties we took in the 2nd really hurt us...

Couple of Giants go off looking hurt, Smith calls no penalties

He's gone from being penalty crazy in the 2nd to letting things go in the 3rd, madder than a sack of badgers are the texters!

Big save from Murphy, that's the closest we've come to scoring it would seem

Seems we scored, but murphy took the nets off as the puck crossed the line, goal judge put the light on, but now says no goal

Giants penalty timed at 47:53, Gleed 2mins for delay of game

Smith has lost his mind, he's given us a powerplay

Giants score a 3rd, shorthanded no less...

Why the hell are we suddenly letting in so many shorthanded goals

We lost the puck in the Giants zone and they proceded to skate leisurely down the ice and score...

Giants 3rd goal timed at 48:54, Mason from Benedict and C Hemingway

Giants penalty timed at 49:15, Welch 2mins for tripping

That gives Devils 5on3 for 38seconds

Devils shooting, but Murphy saving practically everything

Well no, he's clearly saving everything

There was a post or a thread asking on the forums if we'd been found out, i'd say the answer to that is a big fat yes

Giants score another shorthanded goal

Michel got nailed, B Hemingway took a 2+10 penalty for checking to the head at 51:05 and then the Giants score a 4th

Giants 4th goal timed at 51:19, Gleed from Prudden and Welch - SHG

That Giants goal came when Devils had a 5on3 powerplay

So not only have we been found out big time, our defense is non existent and we're now being embarrassed, oh yay

Steelers tied the game at 2-2 with the Blaze to take the game into overtime, they're not equal on points with us

Giants back to full strength

Murphy save at 53:20

Straight from Belfast - "our D is a joke and we're being embarrassed, can we play excuse bingo?"

Oh yeah, to make things worse, before Giants score their 4th, we used our timeout to work out how quickly we could gift them the puck when we had 5 players to their 3...

Giants very very close to scoring a 5th

Welch goes through the nets at 57:20, no penalties called

Another good save from Murphy, and we're into the final 2mins

Michel still trying to create something, but we're into the final minute

and it's all over, Giants win 4-0

12 shots for each team in the 3rd period, but the Giants managed to score 2 short handed goals and an even strength one to our zero goals :(

Devils man of the match goes to M Smith

And to top it all off, Sheffield beat Coventry on Penalties and go top of the league, with a game in hand as well I believe

Giants man of the match goes to Murphy

I'm off now, possibly to wait for excuses to be rolled out on the forums, hope people enjoyed the coverage before we started playing so utterly crap anyway

Chris out.