Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 5 Nottingham Panthers

Welome to MNL on a windy Wednesday evening as the Devils take on the Panthers

Oj here your host for this evening all set up and ready to go with face off some 90 minutes away

Score predictions as usual to

Texters have been allocated their tasks and are raring to go

Texter Andy tells me the Devils are going to win 5-3 with Jon Pelle bagging a hat-trick

John Wildthing has promised us 2 points - that will do nicely

Warmup underway in Cardiff Bay

A hat-trick for Jon Pelle tonight will be a great birthday gift for his grandfather who celebrated his 90th birthday las Sunday

That bit of inside information came from Jon's aunt in Rhode Island

We are now all shouting for a hat-trick from Jon Pelle and of course a win for the Devils

Out of interest have you got snow in Rhode Island I have just been speaking to my brother in law in Ottawa who was saying that the US was suffering from its worst snonstorm for many years

Warmup has 7 minutes left

Gareth J calls it 2-0 to the Devils with the 2nd goal being an ENG

Warmup completed

We are safe, Rhode Island has all the snow, we don't want anymore this winter

Zamboni hard at work

My texters are in position, well most of them

Stephen calls it 4-3 to the Devils

A win tonight and a win in Belfast on Saturday would do our title hopes a lot of good.

Another reason I don't want any snow is that Saturday is Welsh Champion Hurdle day at Ffos Las racecourse

Can horses play hockey?

Before yoy say I know we have had our fair share of shire horses on D over the years

Farmer, Heavey, Burnicle and Vander Horst come to mind

I hope Heavey doesn't read this blog with me calling our former captain and coach a cart horse

Not a big crowd at the Tent tonight

A mid week game against the likes of the Panthers is stupid

You now realise the efforts made by the Red Army that travelled to Sheffield recently

Lets hope that more fans are on their way

Traffic in Cardiff at this time of night can be a nightmare

Gareth H says it was be terrible to falter after doing so well with that win streak

Panthers take to the ice

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Car parking problems I hear

The Tent is filling up

Anthem time

Unconfirmed reports that Michael Hicks is referee

Anthems done

1st line starts for Devils, Pelle, Matzka & Birbraer

Puck is dropped

Panthers offside after 8 secs

Finnerty almost thru

Panthers clear

Panthers penalty @ 1:14 - hooking against #20

Devils penalty @ 2:29 - Michel - roughing

Hicks is the referee

Panther #20 is Thaczuk

Lyle save @ 2:52

Panthers penalty @ 3:28 - Neilson - tripping


Mark Smith from point I believe

Devils penalty Finnerty

Devils goal scored by M Smith assist Finnerty @ 3:33

finnerty penalty was tripping @ 3:52

Devils offside @ 4:52

Panther kill penalty

Devils penalty - Adams - delay of game

Panthers goal

Adams penalty was at 5:48

Panthers goal scored by Beauguard @ 6:16

Assists Galbraith & Neilson

Network problema are immense

Devils offside @ 7:04

Devils offside again @ 7:47

Devils D out of sorts tonight

To clear up everything Panthers goal was a ppg: Devils goal wa a 4 on 4

Panthers putting a lot of pressure on the Devils

Panthers trying to windup Michel off the puck

Easy save by Kowalski @ 10:53 from a Weller wrist shot

Panthers penalty - Myers - boarding @ 11:24

Devils go close on pp

Devils now exerting pressure

Panthers goal - Lachowicz - shg @ 12:40

Assists Nikolov & Meyers

Lyle saves from a sh breakaway

Panthers full strength

Devils icing @ 14:02

I am told Ryan got the assist not Nikolov

Devils are awful says Andy

Panthers goal - Heerema assist Beauguard @ 15:07

Devils are shocking says Ger-Devils

Finnerty coughs up puck to give another clear chance for Panthers

The Tent is quiet, I can well believe it

Devils icing @ 16:26

Panthers icing @ 17:24

Devils can't put two passes together

Panthers icing @ 17:48

Finally Devils establish themselves in Panthers zone for a few seconds

Voth shots wide instead of passing to unmarked Devil at far post

Devils have a 3 on 2 break but shoot stright at Kowalski

Gametime 18:14

Weller checks Myers hard

Gametime 19:10

Devils pressure bu Matzka shoots wide

Pelle shoots, save Kowalski @ 19:29

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Panthers 3

In the old days this is when I go to fill the water bottle on the bench and stay out of the dressing room - coward I know

Scott Matzka mom been in touch from Port Huron, plenty of snow there, wishes she was in the Tent shouting at the boys

She predicts a 6-4 win for the Devils - I think we would all take that

Good idea Andrew Kowalski from now on will be Kwall

What about #20 - Daniel Thaczuk what can I call him

SoG for 1st period 9 for each team

Steelers winning 1-0 after first period against Stingrays

A hat-trick from Jon Pelle would come in hany tonight - so fingers crossed everyone

Panthers back on the ice

So are Devils

2nd period underway

Lyle save from Panthers breakaway

Bad line change led to that breakaway

Devils penalty @ 20:47 - Weller - slashing


Bad line change led to that breakaway

Server problems - hope they have gone away

Puck out of play @ 22:17

Puck out of play @ 22:17

Devils back to full strength

If you think updates are overdue hit F5 button

Panthers goal

Scored by Myers assist Bellamy @ 23:51

Weller got turned over but Lyle should have saved slap shot

Panthers penalty @ 24:48 - Nikolov - holding

Nikolov tackled Phill Hill

1 minute of Devils pp gone

Panther kill penalty

Come on u DEVILS Give us a goal

Panthers offside

Devils couldn't get shots away on that pp

Panthers offside @ 27:11

Clarke all alone in front, Lyle saves

Panthers clear winners in every facet of game

Pelle chance, shoots over

Panthers penalty @ 28:42 - Lepine - hooking

Get that pp into overdrive u Devils


@ 29:11 ppg

Assists Weller

WE need another goal u Devils - now please

Lyle covers loose puck @ 30:34

Whether its because we have a high viewing total but server is slow tonight

Devils bench penalty - too many men @ 32:08


Lyle save @ 32:37

Adams takes a dislike to a Panthers who boarded him

Myers it was who boarded him

Panthers penalty @ 32:42 - Myers - boarding

Myers it was who boarded him

WE need a PPG

Keep hitting that F5 button

Devils now full strength and go on pp

Weller dekes 2 Panthers but pass fails to reach target

Panthers penalty _ Thaczuk - slashing

@ 34:41

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Panthers back to 4 skaters

Adams goes close

Apologies massive server issues

Devils 3rd goal scored by Weller assist Pelle & Matzka @ 36:36

At the end od 2nd period DEVILS 3 Panthers 4

Galbraith wet to dressing roo m @ 38:00

Kwall had a delay of game penalty @ 36:52

Problems almost certainly caused by level of unique hits

Chris S if you are out there call me

If you lose MNL e-mail me at at least that it not overloaded

Teams back on the ice

3rd period starts

Levers hit if face by puck, he gets up ok

Devils pressing

Devils 3 on 2 break thwarted

Panthers offside @ 41:32

Come on U DEVILs give us a goal - NOW

Devils penalty coming

@ 43:11 - Finnerty - hooking


Panthers goal a ppg

Scored by Bellamy assist Thaczuk @ 44:31


Devils goal @ 45:00

Pelle, assists Birbraer & Richardson

Devils offside @ 45:23

Galbraith is back on Panthers bench

Puck out of play @ 47:13

Devils offside @ 48:39

Lepine & Voth look as if they will go


A hattrick for Pelle


Assist Weller

Devils icing @ 50:16

Can we be greedy and ask for a Pelle 4 timer

Devils penalty @ 50:50 - Finnerty - holding


Devils hit pipes

Panthers penalty - Clarke - roughing @ 51:42

Panthers penalty - Neilson - slashing @ 52;30

5 on 3 for 20 secs

20 secs of pp left

Panthers back to full strength

Devils icing @ 54:12

Gametime 54:35

Steelers win 3-0

Devils penalty - S Smith - hooking @ 55:15

Neilson dived for that penalty

Devils creating SH chances

Panthers offside @ 56:23

Devils back to full strength

Last 2 minutes

Lyle covers puck @ 58:43

Weller flattens Panther

Panthers penalty coming

Devils time out

Neilson - tripping @ 59:28 was the Panthers penalty

End of regulation DEVILS 5 Panthers 5

O/T here we come

Devils start O/T with 1:28 of pp

O/T starts

Panthers clear their zone

30 secs of pp left


Who else but Pelle

Devils win 6-5

Our Rhode Island supporters seem to have deserted us, go and tell Jon grandfather that he got 4 not three

Devils winner scored at 62:10

Panthers Mom - Bellamy

Assist to Voth on game winner

Devils MoM - JON PELLE

For those of you who weren't with us earlier Jon Pelle family ask him to get a hat - trick and dedicate it to his grand father was was 90 last Sunday.


Our thanks to our merry band of texters - Sharlene, Andy, Paul (on SamiDevils mobile), JohnWildthing and Ger-Devils

Without you guys there wouldn't be MNL

I hope the break in service late in 2nd period didn't spoil your night, it will be interesting to find out later what our viewing figures were.

I have a suspicion that we might have set a new record

Thats all from me, make sure you join us on Saturday night when the Devils are in Belfast to take on the Giants in a League and CC Semi-final 1st leg

Good night from me - OJ