Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 5 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the Devils visit to Coventry

OJ here in the MNL hutch, score predictions as usual to

Early indications are that well in excess of 100 Devils fans have made the trip

Still trying to get more texters as I think I will need all the help I can get for this eagerly awaited game.

Paul & Samidevils are on duty plus hopefully Kevin

Don't know what is going on in Glasgow, game between Clan & Giants was due to FO at 4pm but delayed until further notice

No score predictions so far

I don't want to tempt fate by having a prediction myself but a DEVILS win of course

Away block filled by the RED ARMY

Awaiting team news

James tells me that its like some creppy serial killer convention with carboard Blaze goalie masks on all seats

Tom Darnell is the referee

both teams out or warmup

Giants ferry delayed - revised FO at 5:15 - we shall see

Tonight I will be bring you updates of the ENL Devils at Bristol - preceded as usual by ***

Jaeger not stopping many in warmup - lets hope he is not keeping his saves for the game

We have to beat him a couple of times early in the game

PAK2305 calls it 5-3 to the Devils

I have had a message that the scoreline shows 13-2 ie last night score I have checked and find its OK

Refresh if it does and 0-0 appears

Coventry have put up the volume on their PA - to drown out the RED ARMY's - WE are Number 1 - maybe

Thoomo will be complaining that his poor Blaze players have to take on a full bench and the RED ARMY

Ruth calls it 3-2 - Devils

Warm up over

Russky predicts an OT win for the Devils

Donna & Megan are going for a 4-3 win for the Devils after a very tough game

Clan v Giants hoping to start at 5:45

No scratches for the Devils

Blaze scratches - Lee, Ledgard & Fussey

Blaze have Ryan Selwood added

Game at Glasgow underway

Panthers winning 4-0 at home to Vipers

Ice ready for the teams

Lights are dimmed

RED ARMY welcome their DEVILS onto the ice

We must play the theme from Fireman Sam when the Blaze come to the Tent

Blaze finally make an appearence

Stephen calls it 5-4 to the Devils

Ceremonial puck drop done & dusted

1 minute applause for a Blaze fan who died recently

Anthem time

Anthem done

The hares running

Game on

Devils travelling Red Army estimated as 200+

Lyle freezes puck @ 0:13

Early pressure from Blaze

Devils icing

Birbraer misses a check and goes hard into boards

Blaze offside

Devils haven't won a face off yet

Blaze offside @ 2:04

Devils offside @ 2:20

Good save by Lyle

Blaze penalty @ 2:54 - Carlson - hooking

SHG for Blaze scored by Owen

Goal was @ 3:15

Assists for Robinson & Zanon

Save Jaeger

Another save by Jaeger

3 secs of pp left

Devils pressure leads to nothing as Blaze return to full strength

Devils going offside regularly

Cowley goes close

Devils playing 2nd fiddle at the moment

Blaze icing after some Devils pressure at last

Another Blaze icing

Bad miss by Matzka

Save by Lyle

*** ENL Devils winning 1-0 after 5 minutes

Gametime 9:25

Devils shooting way off target

10 minutes gone

Very open - end to end game so far

Weller throws a big hip check

Lyle save

Devils penalty @ 10:09 - Finnerty - hooking


Michel block on Blaze pp shot

Pelle breakaway , shot deflected wide

Devils back to full strength

Jaeger save

Lyle saves a point blank shot

*** ENL Devils - Now 1-1 at Bristol after 8 mins

Blaze penalty @ 13:48 - Jaeger - delay of game

Get that pp into overdrive u Devils

Devils offside @ 14:34

I know you are keen but you are on pp

I am having conflicting messages re last penalty

Blaze penalty - Robinson @ 15:20 - slashing

Game whistled down as Jeager hit in mask



Scored by Weller @ 16:15 - ppg

Assists to Macrae & Matzka

Devils pressure @ 17:33


Blaze penalty @ 18:42 - Owen 2+2 - accidental high sticks

Michel it was who got sticked in the face

*** ENL Devils 2 Bristol 1 after 15 mins

Soderstrom gifts turnover by Devils player can't get a shot away

Lets have another ppg

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

Devils will start 2nd period with 2:42 of pp

Pretty even period, most Devils shots were high & wide

Sam says Devils won 3 face off at most in period

Owen high sticks penalty was at 17:42 not 18:42

** ENL Devils 2 Bristol 2 after 17 mins

Devils start 2nd period with 1:42 of pp

*** Enl Devils now winning 3-2

Teams return for 2nd period

*** ENL DEVILS winning 3-2 after 1 period

SoG Blaze 11 Devils 14

Devils outshot the Blaze!!!

We are underway


PPG for DEvils @ 20:51 scored by Macrae, assist Pelle

Devils penalty - Voth @ 21:21 - interference

Stupid penalty to take as Devils had possession

Lyle save @ 22:04

Blaze ppg scored by Fulghum @ 22:43

Assist Weaver

additional asist on Devils 2nd goal goes to Michel

Devils survive Blaze pressure


Pelle, assist Matzka @ 24:55

Robinson turnover led to Devils 3rd goal

Lyle save

Puck out of play @ 26:48

Jaeger save

Blaze goal scored by Carlson @ 27:13

Assists Weaver & Nell

Blaze goal - Owen @ 29:21

Assist CruickshaNK & Soderstrom

Jaeger save from Hill

Network gone crazy I am not getting updates from 1st period

** ENL Devils 4 Bristol 2

Weaver shoots wide @ 32:44

Jaeger called upon to make 3 saves one after the other

Blaze player down, crowd going mad

Devils exerting constant pressure on Blaze

Voth is the villain of the peace

Voth shot goes wide

Its all Devils but Blaze look dangerous on the break

Blaze penalty - Owen - holding @ 35:55

Voth collides with Jaeger but penalty called against Owen

Net off its moorings

Owen was holding Voth when he collided with Jaeger

Lets have a PPG u Devils

Soderstrom leaves the ice

Devils penalty @ 37:03 - Voth - charging

4 on 4 for 35 secs

Jaeger save: followed by Lyle save

Blaze on pp

Lyle keeping Devils in game with save after save on Blaze pp

Devils back to full strength

** ENL Devils 4 Bristol 3 after 32 minutes

End to end

Lets tie it up before the break U Devils

No such luck

End of 2nd period Blaze 4 DEVILS 3

Devils are the stronger team

Lyle had a shakey 2nd period although he was put under a lot of pressure by his D corps

Panthers beat Vipers 15-0

The EIHL is going downhill very fast

And whose fault is it I ask?

My money is on the Arena teams having too much pwer and influence

*** ENL Devils 5 Bristol 3 after 37 minutes

*** now 5-4 at Bristol

That would be a nice scoreline for the Devils at Coventry

*** Now 6-4 at Bristol

*** ENL Devils 6 Bristol 4 after 2 periods

Teams back on the ice

SoG Devils 21 Blaze 14

Devils are outshooting Blaze by a mile and we are behind

Hull are doing their bit 2-2 after 2 periods against Steelers

We are off for 3rd period

Devils penalty @ 41:12 - Matzka - high stick

Lets KILL this penalty Devils

22 secs of pk left

Devils back to full strength

Back post tap in saved by Lyle

Devils D all over the place

Birbraer and Pelle mess up

Blaze icing

Gametime 45:23

Steelers take the lead at Hull

Devils offside

Sodestron now wearing a full mask after losing some teeth in 2nd

Voth nails Robinson, handbags follows

Blaze penalty @ 46:22 - Robinson - delay of game

Lets have that PPG u Devils now

Glove save Jaeger

Blaze penaly - delay of game


Cruickshank that was

Devils time out

5 on 3 for 1:11

Nice shots from Devils but Blaze clear

Now 5 on 4

Weller messes up chance

11 secs of pp left

Blaze back to full strength

Reports that Sodestrom lost 6 teeth in 2nd period


Blaze goal

@ 50:42

Scored by Nell assists Fulghum & Carlson

Jaeger save

Blaze penalty - Sodestrom - tripping @ 52:11

Claims Devils player tripped over his teeth

1:20 left on pp

Devils shoot stight at Jaeger

WE need to score on this pp to have any hope

Blaze knocks net off, Voth gets the blame, Voth furious

56 secs of pp left

Voth is on the lookout for someone to fight

Blaze back to full strength

Devils shoots are consisently either wide or at Jeager

Gametime 55:02

Big hit from Weller

Pelle shoots high, and holds head in hands which sum up the night

A bit of a scuffle between a Blaze fan and a Devils fan

Devils fan ejected

A few Devils fans being ejected but Blaze fan(s)involved are left alone

Michel sticks Zanon in back - no call

Blaze fan now ejected as well


At 58:44 - Weller, assists Pelle & Matzka

Lyle pulled

38 secs left

Devils offside

22 secs left

Blaze icing

13 secs left


Devils lose face off

Final score Blaze 5 DEVILS 4

Weak D and shooting plus poor face off wins let us down badly

Devils MoM - Craig Weller

Sog Devils 16 Blaze 8

** ENL Devils 7 Bristol 4 after 52 minutes

Haven't got Blaze MoM they are still doing bithdays etc

Finally Blaze MoM - Brett Jeager

Our thanks to Sam, Paul and Keith out texters at Coventry

*** ENL Devils 7 Bristol 5 after 55 minutes

Waiting for the final score at Bristol

Last 2 minutes at Bristol ENL DEvils winning 7-5

Now 8-5 at Bristol

I have had a busy night I have had e-mails from the advanced guard in the USA for the Super Bowl

ENL Devils 8 Bristol 5 - final score

Thanks to Ger-Devils our texter at Bristol

Thats all from me OJ until the next one