Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 1 - 3 Cardiff Devils

The team are en-route. They should be refreshed enough, considering the light practice game they had last night.

Good evening!

If the score is showing for 4-0 for everyone else, hit ctrl+f5 and it might/should fix, there's some sort of bug in the system that Gareth is trying to fix

Big queue at the Hull warehouse for tonights game, the Blaze's marketing efforts seem to be paying off which is good to hear

Just to reassure people, before they perhaps run off and try to find out what's going on from the higher echelons of our management *cough* - the score is 0-0 and the game hasn't started yet :)

Possibly a good/bad time to mention it's Chris hosting this tonight and if you need to shout at me/correct me/offer a score prediction, give me a shout on

Ruth predicting a Devils 2-6 victory \o/

Stephen says Devils to win 2-4 :)

Possibly also worth mentioning, if whoever has access to the Cardiff Devils facebook account fancies using our updates again, can they give us a shout first please, you don't want to be copying and pasting 'Sam Davies' again :)

Announced in Hull that the only player missing for the Devils is Tim Burrows...

Hull are only missing Lee Mitchell, i've got a feeling he's out with long term injury?

Donna and Megan saying a Devils 2-5 victory :D

Tonights referee is Andy Carson, anyone know/remember how biased he is when Sheffield aren't involved?

According to the eliteleague website, Pelle hit his 70th point last night, I don't have any stats to hand but he must be nearing an EIHL record for us?

Someone else is predicting a Devils 2-5 win, but they're email has no name on!

Their* email :)

Just incase the Grammar police are out and about tonight :)

Panthers are on the comeback up in Braehead! 4-0 down end of the 1st, now 4-2 :S

Halfway through the warmup in Hull, 25minutes till we begin another victory, hopefully anyway :)

Warmup over in Hull, just over 15minutes until we start our 45th game of the season!

Mark predicting a Devils 2-4 victory \o/

Ok, turns out that big crowd outside the 'arena' wasn't actually that big, crowd estimated at just 6-700 so far...

Neil says Devils to win 3-4, Sladok and Voth to rearrange each others faces, nicely of course...

That's the first prediction of the evening to say the Stingrays will score more than 2 goals!

Ice almost ready to go up in Hull :)

Just over 5minutes to go :D

As we're relying on a Hull texter for tonights coverage, and only 1 of them at that, it's almost certain I won't be bringing anything other than Goals, Penalties and maybe major incidents, but i'll try and talk nonsense to fill the gaps

Officials are on the ice, not sure if to boos or cheers though :)

Devils are on the ice \o/

Stingrays on the ice

I wonder if their mascot, the one and only Hull Sting-bear-cat-teddy-ray, led them on?

Anthem time, don't think there's anyone up in Hull to sing ours though

Final predictions in, Keith says Devils to win 1-5, Chris says Devils to win 1-6 :)

That's a different Chris, it's not me talking about myself in the 3rd person :)

Devils start with the 3rd line, Weller and K Smith in defense :)

No Devils fans at all up in Hull...

I'm not too sure if we've started or not, i'm guessing we have though

Aha, now we're definitely started :)

Stingrays penalty timed at 1min exactly, Silverthorn 2mins for interference

Stingrays kill the penalty, Devils had 3 shots during those 2minutes...

Stingrays penalty at 3:21, Esders 2mins for hooking


Devils 1st goal timed at 3:47, Pelle from Matzka and Macrae :D Powerplay goal

Devils penalty timed at 4:03, Hill 2mins for tripping :(

Devils kill the penalty \o/

7mins gone up in Hell, sorry Hull :P

Fantastic save from Boucher denies Hill a goal :(

Hill really seems to be playing rather well at the moment, granted i've not seen a great deal of the team, but in Sheffield he was unreal!

Thanks for the link Simon :)

Agreed Keith, that really seems to have caused some rage, although it doesn't help that chinese whispers turned it into something it clearly wasn't

Devils very very quick going forwards and puttin lots of pressure on the Stingrays

End to end up in Hull, but it's getting very chippy off the puck

Devils penalty timed at 10:39, Weller 2mins for roughing

That can't have been real roughing, someone would be well and truly broken if Weller had gone for someone

Devils penalty timed at 11:36, Finnerty 2mins for interference

Stingrays 5on3 for 1:03 :(

Weller is back \o/

Devils penalty timed at 13:01, K Smith 2mins for slashing

Another 5on3 for Hull, this time 35seconds worth...

Hull hit the pipes :S

Finnerty is back, now please don't concede another penalty!

K Smith is back, all penalties killed :D

Hull had 4:22 of powerplay then, that's insane!

15:18 gone in the 1st, another goal to see the period out would be good :)

Devils penalty timed at 16:05, Voth 2mins for interference

So the answer to my earlier question about how biased Carson is when the Steelers aren't involved is - Very, to the team that aren't the Devils

It's gone very very quiet...

Voth is back \o/

Once again it's gone very very quiet, i'm assuming it's just end to end

1st period ends, Stingrays 0-1 Devils

Braehead beat the Panthers 6-3, wow the Panthers are falling apart quicker than expected

Confirmed by the Hull texter that Carson is just making calls up for us as he tries to help the Stingrays to victory

Also according to the eliteleague website, tonight was Pelles 40th goal of the season!

Matzka only needs 2 more assists to hit 50!

Shots on goal for the 1st, Devils = 9, Stingrays = 17

Both teams are rolling with 3 complete lines tonight, that's surprisingly good

2mins until we start the 2nd period

Both teams back out for the 2nd, come on Devils :D


Devils start the 2nd with a goal, how awesome :)

Devils 2nd goal timed at 20:15, Macrae from Michel and K Smith :D

22mins gone, Devils all over the Stingrays at the moment, plus our 2nd goal came after we crashed the net and tipped the puck in :D

Attendance down as 933 on the gamesheet, I don't know if that's good or bad?

End of the 1st, Stars 0-1 Steelers, come on Stars, we need you to win!

Another good save from Boucher denies S Smith this time

Devils penalty timed at 24:41, S Smith 2mins for tripping

S Smith returns :D

Time for the Stingrays to put some pressure on us, but the defense holding up and the Stingrays aren't getting many/any shots off

No doubt the person counting the shots on goal will disagree though

K Smith gets close to a 3rd for the Devils, but shot goes high and wide

Carson has lost his mind, he's given the Stingrays a penalty!

Stingrays penalty timed at 28:25, Gaisins 2mins for hooking

Bannister sticks Birbraer, but Carson decide to let it go...

Birbraer crosschecks Bannister back, Carson wasn't watching though...

Stingrays back to full strength, 30mins gone

Stingrays score :(

Stingrays 1st goal timed at 31:38, Read from Coburn and Kalmikov

Turns out the Stingrays goal was announced as Read from Tendler and Coburn, who knows who's right :)

Huge slapshot from Uusivirta saved by Lyle :)

Birbraer gets a breakaway, but Boucher makes the save :(

Stingrays have a goal washed out, Carson has switched allegiances! \o/

No goal timed at 35:14, yay for Carson


Craig Mitchell v Finnerty

Finnerty wins :)

Stingrays twitter calls it a draw, they've clearly no idea what they're talking about!

Penalties coming for both players

Stingrays penalties, Lake 2mins for hooking, C Mitchell 2+5 for cross checking and fighting

Devils penalty, Finnerty 5mins for fighting, all timed at 35:51

That put the Devils on a 5on3 powerplay, but Weller then took a penalty at 36:06, 2mins for interference

All minor penalties have been killed, it's just Finnerty and C Mitchell left in the penalty boxes...

Stingrays penalty timed at 39:41, Uusivirta 2mins for high sticks

But that's the end of the 2nd period, Stingrays 1-2 Devils

Shots on goal for the 2nd period, Devils = 6, Stingrays = 10

Weller seems to be losing his cool and the Stingrays fans think they might be able to wind him up further...

Devils will start the 3rd period with 1:41 of powerplay, hopefully we can convert that into a 3rd goal!

Officials back for the 3rd period

With Dundee having just imploded against the Steelers, and Giants picking up another win we really do need the 2points from tonight!

With a powerplay to start this period, I want at least 3 goals please :E

Here we go with the 3rd period, GOOOOOO DEVILS :D

Finnerty returns :D

Stingrays back to full strength :(

Devils hitting everything at the moment, please let that lead to another goal!


Devils 3rd goal timed at 42:53, Richardson from Pelle :D

Good save from Lyle denies Kalmikov but then we take another penalty...

Devils penalty timed at 43:28, Adams 2mins for slashing

Additional assist on our 3rd, should now read... Richardson from Pelle and Macrae at 42:53

Macrae has been involved in all 3 goals for us so far :)

Adams back \o/

Stingrays putting pressure on us now

48:30 gone

Devils penalty at 48:48, Richardson 2mins for slashing

Devils penalty at 49:59, M Smith 2mins holding

both penalties killed, sorry for delay

7:09 left in the 3rd

Devils playing 4 man D

Hill shoots wide, very very close to a goal

55mins gone, Hull have all the possession, but Devils look comfortable

Apparently this 4 d man nonsense is called a 'trap'

Stingrays penalty coming, Coburn leaves the ice...

Stingrays penalty at 55:54, Coburn 2mins for tripping plus 10min misconduct for abuse of official

2min penalty killed

Into the final 2mins of the game


Result, Stingrays 1-3 Devils :D

Final period shots on goal, Devils = 9, Stingrays = 10

Devils man of the match... Lyle :D

Devils applauded off the ice \o/

Stingrays man of the match goes to C Mitchell

Well, it's another win, with Sheffield and Belfast winning it's exactly what we needed :)

Hope everyone enjoyed the coverage, Chris out :)