Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 0 Braehead Clan

Jpoin me (OJ) from arounfd 6pm as MNL brings you the puck by puck coverage of the Clan's visit to Cardiff Bay

Score predictions plus any other comments to

Welcome to the record breaking MNL

Texters duties allocated and we are good to go

Andy forecasts a 6-2 win for the Devils

Rhys calls it 5-1 to the Devils and wants us to say Hi to his mum Rhian ostler

Good 4-2 win for the Bluebirds so lets get a nice win from u Devils

It will be interesting to see how big a crowd we will have in the Tent tonight

Its freezing again I hope that white stuff is not on its way back.

Waiting for my texters to report

Traffic problems I hear, but that is the norm for midweek and Saturday games

Warmup well underway

Swimming Gala causing major car parking problems

No scratches for the Devils

Stephen thinks that after the Bluebirds effort the DEvils will win 7-2

Final 3 minutes of warmup

Where are Keith, Carl etc with their score predictions?

Maybe they have made the trip from deepest West Wales

Warmup finished and Zamboni hard at work

What we need is another winning streak for the next month or so

13 league games before end of Feb win all those and the League title will be in the bag

I have an unterior motive in all this as I want to get back to Tenerife for Carnival

Apparently there will be a delay in the face off

Parking problems I assume

Trying to find out how long the delay will be

10 minutes delay I am informed

Darnell is the referee

Despite the delay the on ice officials are out there

Its weather like this that makes me question why I returned to Cardiff from Tenerife

To host MNL is the answer

Although I could have done that in sunnier climes

Clan take to the ice

Devils intro

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Nigel Boniface doesn't ref EIHL anymore

10 brave Clan fans have made the trip

Anthem time

Ready for the off

Game on

I am told Clan we late arriving

Clan go straight onto attack

Devils then exert pressure

Devils shooting on sight

Voth goes close @ 1:40

Symmomds taking his regular shift

Devils finishing their checks

Clan nail a Devil - handbags

Finnerty was the Devil

Then K Smith & Cook have words

Clan hit pipes

Superb save by Lyle as Clan player thought he had scored

M Smith smart steal in neutral zone


Scored by Voth

Voth scores from a rebound after an Adams shot @ 4:26

Assists Adams & Finnerty

Perras floors Pelle - no call

Lyle save

Perras x-checks Pelle Clan breakaway led to that last Lyle save

Voth runs Perras, pretends to slide, Darnell believes him, no call

Voth was really pushed by Clan D but didn't attempt to stop until he hit Perras

Macrae not doing well at face offs tonight

Devils go close

Have you heard about big story in NoW

Clan icing

That was @ 7:51

News of the World story involving Devils I hear

Clan penalty - Bostock - hooking @ 8:35

Weller wrist shot saved Perras @ 8:44

Another Perras save

One minute of pp left

Pelle hits pipes

Voth has a chance on another rebound

Clan finally clear their zone

12 secs of pp left

Clan back to full strength

Handbags in Clan crease

Penalties @ 10:41 Birbraer - roughing

Clan penalty - Wathier - x-checking sametime



Assists Michel & Macrae @ 11:39

Both teams back to full strength

Clan are creating chances

News of the World story will rock ice hockey

Symmonds poke checks saves a certail goal

Voth having a good game at both ends of the rink

Pelle left alone in front, weak shot saved

Lyle save from Cook

Michel flattens a Clan

Gametime 17:42

Last 2 minutes of 1st period

Perras makes big glove save

Krestanovich does all the hard work but shoots wide

Devils penalty - Finnerty - slashing @ 19;23

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Clan 0

Devils in control for most of the period but Clan are dangerous as they do create chances for themselves

Apologies - Devils 2nd goal scored by Weller

News of the World have been investigating a complaint involving the Devils

Or an organisation associated with Devils

It involves phone tapping

I believe the SoG for 1st period were 16 by Devils: 7 by Clan

After 1 period the scores in the other games are: Newcastle 0 Dundee 0 Sheffield 0 Belfast 1 Coventry 3 Edinburgh 0 Nottingham 1 Hull 1

Teams back out

Mate says he will e-mail me a scan of NoW story when it gets off the press in 40 mins

WE are off for 2nd period

Devils return to full strength

News that Dundee Stars game abandoned after mass brawl

Devils penalty - Matzka - hooking @ 23:20

Devils return to full strength

Devils penalty - Weller - intefference @ 26:05

Better pp from Clan but no decent shots

Now told that 1st period in Dundee - Newcastle game ended eary after a mass brawl @ 18:52

Penalty killed

Clan icing @ 28:28


Scored by Pelle @ 29:56

Assist Matzka

Stars game has rewsumed after lengthy delay

Clan odffside @ 32:09

Matzka couldn't get on the end of a lvely pass across the crease

Game still end to end but gone a bit flat

Gametime 34:40

Good save Lyle

Devils penalty - Richardson - hooking @ 35:31


1 minute of penalty killed

Ref Darnell takes a tumble

30 secs to kill

Voth has sh chance after Cook turnover Perras saves

Devils back to full strength

Gametime 38:10

Last minute of 2nd period

Lyle save @ 39:11

Big save by Perras

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Clan 0

SoG 2nd period 12 by Devils; 7 by Clan

Steelers winning 4-1 against Giants

My scanned NoW coming through

News of the World have defended their action of scanning MNL texters phones as ice fans all over the UK wanted to know id MNL bias was down to texters or MNL hosts,

it says continued on page 11 but I haven't got that page

It must be about Chris S as he is the most biased host I just upset our Celtic cousins (and everyone else)

Clan return to the ice

Devils return

Off for 3rd period

Gametime 41:00

Save Lyle

Voth nails Cook

Finnerty shot saved by Perras

Capitals have managed just 1 SoG in 2 periods at Coventry

Correction EIHL software can't deal with change of netminders its 7 shots by Capitals

Gametime 42:34

Linesman cocks up another offside call

In many instances the standard of the linos is lower than referees


Scored by Macrae

Macrae beat Perras at near post, skating down the wing

Goal scored @ 43:59

Assist Michel

Clan icing @ 45:35

Devils camped in Clan zone

We are hoping to run MNL on Sunday but if there is anyone out there who can help e-mail me at

Landry throws a big hit on Sam Smith in open ice

Save Perras @ 47:28

Game gone flat

Thats OK keep some in reserve for Stingrays tomorrow

Birbraer is having a nightmare game

Penalties - Adams (Devils) Cook (Clan) roughing @ 50:16

Cuddling would have been a better call

Clan offside @ 51:11

Penalties killed

All Max is having one of those nights when the puck ops over his stick, bounces when he is going to pass etc

I suppose you have to put up with it

Both teams return to full strength

Run the clock dowen lads

2 goal from Maxi would be a good way to finish

Perras saves from Adams @ 54:21

Blatant trip on Birbraer - no call

Gametime 57:20

Glove save Perras - from Voth

Lyle frezzes puck @ 58:02

Clan ice @ 58:35

Have I got this score correct is it 4-0 or 5-0

30 secs to go in game

Game over

Final score DEVILS 4 Clan 0

Page 11 of NoW has come through - Yes it confirms Chris S is the most biased host of MNL

2 points in the bag a new day a new streak

Clan MoM Brendan COOK


Our thanks to our texters - Sharlene, Andy, Paul, JohnWildthing and Ger-Devils

Without them there would not be a MNL

Tonights attendence given as 1,627

Make sure you join Chris for MNL on Sunday as the Devils travel to Hull to take on the Stingrays

As I said if you know of someone who can help us out from Hull email us at

Until the next one that all from me OJ