Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 2 - 6 Cardiff Devils

Hey hey all, welcome to another installment of match night live! Don't forget to give us a shout!

Don't forget folks that Vrad Voth is still out with a shoulder injury and Marc Fulton is yet to arrive in this country!

Already some people on the email! Emily from Barry says Devils to win 5-3!

Keither on the email from way out west in Aberystwyth is tuning in again! Thanks mate :)

Dwoods is on the ol email as well! 1st Devils goal to be scored by Jay after 5 mins 32 seconds. Anyone else got some predictions? Email us!

Simon from rainy Plymouth says Devils to win 4-1! Let's hope you're right tonight :)

Steelers are 2-1 up in Manchester after 5mins. Let's hope Phoenix can hang on in there and get a win tonight!

Word from up north says Robinson to be starting Netminder for tonight. He's currently working his 2 weeks notice and has put in a string of decent results, let's hope we can crack him tonight!

About 10-12 Devils fans have made the long old journey up, doesn't sound like many Capitals fans though :(

Anymore score predictions out there guys? Don't forget to email us!

And the referee for tonights game is Andy Carson!

Speaking of which, does anyone know if Hinks recovered after he got injured when refereeing a game at our rink?

It's warmer outside than it is inside up in Edinburgh! "Coldest rink ever" infact.

And the Devils are on the ice! Come on you devils!

Owen on the email says Devils to get a 4point weekend, Calzaghes done it so it's our turn now :)

And the Devils are followed by the Capitals!

Just a warning folks, for some reason virgin like to timeout the-inferno on me sometimes, so if all goes quiet don't panic, i'll be back in a few minutes! Alternatively you can check the forums for latest updates!

And we're off! Prpich, Silverthorn and Campbell are the starting lineup tonight!

Drummer-Ricky on the email says Devils to win 6-5 in overtime! I hope not mate, almost had a heart attack last night with the amount of goals :)

Capitals have released Jacey Moore for this weekend, Pasi Raitenen has signed as backup for them until Robinson has completed his 2 weeks notice! Jacey is playing for Manchester as Murphy is off on Team GB detail!

Capitals putting the Devils under pressure from the very start!

Aubry fumbles..........but saves the puck! Huzzah!


Devils goal scored by Campbell! Get in!

Devils goal Campbell at 3:30. Assists to Latulippe and Prpich!

Devils penalty! Hartwick 2mins. Details coming!

Devils penalty was Hartwick at 3:51. 2mins for holding!

So anymore score predictions out there guys!?

Devils successfully killed the penalty! Rah!

Edinburgh penalty! Called at 6:09. Who and why coming :)

Oops, forgot to add the first Devils goal! Sorry :D

Capitals penalty called against Rajcak 6:09. 2mins for slashing!

Oooooooh. Devils come close but Robinson gets his glove to it!

Don't forget guys, the last time we played the Capitals, we came out 9-0 winners!

Carl and snogdog on the email! Carl says Devils to win 5-3. Snogdog says 4-2 Devils!

Capitals successfully kill the penalty!

Hello to Pete again! He says Devils to win 6-2 and Campbell to be the player of the evening! I really hope so mate :)

At the end of the first period, it's 2-2 for Steelers vs Phoenix. Come on the mancs!

Steve says Devils to win 4-1! Prpich to get a Gordie Howe hat-trick!

Sounds like a caps player has gone down. Trying to find more details out!

Mark Hurtubise has been carried off on a stretcher! Let's hope he's alright and it's not the same player that was carried off when the Capitals played down here!

Unfortunately our texters didn't see who hit Hurtubise!

Capitals on the powerplay at 11:15! Hartwick 2min penalty!

Hartwicks penalty was for holding!

Big shout out to Marc Fulton! We hope/think he's watching anyway :)

Devils kill another penalty! Why can't we do this against Coventry eh :(

Another capitals penalty coming!

Coincidental penalties! Cingel gets 2mins interference, Stefishen gets 2mins slashing. Both timed at 13:25

5on3 for 2minutes, we best get some goals!

Another capitals player gets a penalty! What the deuce!?

David Nimmo gets 2mins for high-sticking at 14:30!

Capitals can't have many more players left on their bench!?

Capitals kill the 5on3! Our powerplay is very poor apparently :(

Devils still on the powerplay for another minute or so i guess!

Anymore score predictions out there?!! Email us!

Oooooooooh. Big pad save from Aubry!

Capitals penalty! Cingel 2mins hooking at 16:57!

Capitals are taking an awful lot of penalties, but why oh why can't we capitalise on them!?

Commentators on the webcast are suggesting that Hurtubise was injured from blocking a shot. I hope he's not badly injured!

Another goalless powerplay for the Devils :( Come on Devils, give us a goal!

Sarah on the email says it doesn't matter what the score is, as long as we win!

Danny on the email says Devils to win 7-3! MacIver to fight Stefishen and win, naturally :) The game to end with one player being sent off the ice and the rain not to stop till next week!

And that's the end of the 1st period folks! Capitals 0-1 Devils.

Devils are playing ok, just need to take more chances on the powerplay!

PIM for that period. Capitals=10 Devils=4. Sure sounded like like a lot more for the Capitals!

Shots on goal for the first period. Capitals=6 Devils=15. Why oh why can't we score!?

Anyone out there with any period break entertainment for me? Any score predictions!?! Email us!

Rebecca on the email says Devils to win 4-0. Towe and Voth to score. But Voth isn't even icing I hear you say... He doesn't need to be on the ice to prove his awesomeness :)

And both teams are back out on the ice! Come on Devils!

And we're back off for the 2nd period!

Good point Stanley on the email! Who's doing banners for next weekends clash against the Liars, sorry the Steelers!?

Luke on the email says Devils to win 4-1! 2 for Campbell 1 for Silverthorn and 1 for Prpich

Hurtubise is back on the ice for the Capitals! Good to know he's ok!

Joe on msn says score to be 4-1 as well!

Another Capitals penalty! Details coming!

Martin Cingel again! 2mins slashing at 22:54!

Oooooooo. Robinson makes a save from Hill!


Apparently the puck hit Robinson in the face before crossing the line. Capitals complaining to Carson!

Campbell scores again!

Campbell goal at 24:37. Assists to Prpich and Latulippe! Any takers on a Campbell hat-trick!?

Devils penalty. Silverthorn 2mins interference at 24:52

Forgot to say that Devils 2nd goal was on the powerplay!

Ooooo. Puck hits Aubry in the face and play is stopped. Capitals players and fans going ape!

Good cool from Russky on the email. Dean Smith to ref next weeks game against Sheffield!

Devils penalty. Towe 2mins delay of game 26:34

Damnit. Capitals powerplay goal!

Capitals goal Dustin at 26:40. Assists Christie and Hurtubise

Broken plexi! Not sure who or why, but hopefully details coming!

Devils killed the rest of the penalty!

Prpich broke the plexi! Must've been a hell of an attempt at checking!?

Guys, if the score isn'r refreshing, you need to hit F5 and it'll show it as 2-1 Devils!


Devils goal Latulippe at 31:08. Assist to Cowmeadow!

A rocket of a shot from Latulippe!

That's what we like to see! Massive hit from Campbell!

Anyone alive out there!? Predictions? Advice? Insurance?! Email us!

Ooooo. Nice save from Aubry!

Russkys saying a Devils 5-2 victory for tonight. Calzaghe to fight one more time in the Millenium Stadium to thank all his fans!

4minutes to go in the 2nd period! Everything seems to have gone quiet!


Devils goal Prpich. Unassisted at 36:25

Devils penalty. Details coming!

Keith says it'll be a bad move for Calzaghe to fight at the Millenium Stadium. Finish at the top!

I say Keith fights Russky at the Millenium Stadium. Battle of the fans!

Ooooooooooo. Huge save from Aubry!

Devils penalty MacIver. 2mins holding at 36:47

Devils killed the penalty with no problems! Now that's what we like to hear :)

And it's the final minute of the 2nd period!

Ruth on the email! Damn right it's a good score! Just need to keep it up for the 3rd period now!

Devils penalty. Hartwick 2mins interference at 39:08

Email from Ricky! Campbell to get the hat-trick goal at 54.32 assist by Prpich. Prpich to get the Gordi Howe hat-trick fight at 58.50 V's Steffishen

And that's the end of the 2nd period guys. Capitals 1-4 Devils!

Emily in Barry says she'd pay to watch Brad Voth fight anyone in the Millenium Stadium!

Drummer-Sean on the email! Devils to win 6-2!

Word is the Capitals fans are less than happy with Carson!

Shots on goal for 2nd period! Capitals=12 Devils=7

Afraid Russky will only fight you Keith if he gets to mimic Calzaghe :)

Drummer Sean says Silverthorn and Hill to get the 2 goals to complete his 6-2 prediction :)

Liam on the email says Devils to win 6-1! Extra 2 goals from Campbell and Prpich!

Sean says Steffishen to be thrown out! There's always hope mate :)

Both teams back on the ice! Capitals fans extremely unhappy with Carson!

Capitals start the 3rd with 1:08 of powerplay!

Devils kill the Capitals powerplay! Come on Devils!

And the nets off for Devils! Not a whole lot happening at the moment :(

Handbags! Handbags infront of Robinsons net!

Phoenix get a goal with 3mins left. 5-4 Steelers. Come on Phoenix!

Absolutely NOTHING happening in our game! Anyone got any good jokes?!!

Devils penalty. Francis. Details coming!

Devils penalty! Francis 2mins delay of game 47:55

Stone is hurt! Trying to find out how!

Devils killed the Capitals powerplay!


Devils 5th goal from Latulippe. Stones injury leg related but seems to be ok!

Devils 5th. Latulippe at 50:20 Assists Towe and Campbell!

Bugger. Steelers win 5-4 vs Phoenix :(

Don't forget to hit F5 if the score isn't showing as 5-1 Devils!

Stone is back on! MNL told you he wasn't injured badly!

Devils penalty. Campbell 2mins interference at 52:05

Capitals penalty! Hurtubise 2mins hooking at 52:29!

Devils will have 35seconds of powerplay after this 4on4! Let's pray for a goal!

24 seconds of powerplay sorry! I'm only the messenger!

Capitals penalty! Rajcak 2mins hooking 54:05!

Final 5mins left of the 3rd period!



Campbell hat-trick goal at 55:38. Assist Tyson!

Devils 6th goal n the powerplay!

Myers replacers Aubry in nets for the last 5mins. COME ON JOE!

Oooooooooooooooooooooooo. Big glove save by Robinson!

Just a reminder that Latulippe only needs 1 more goal to get his 2nd hat-trick of his Devils career! GOOOOOO DEVILS!

Final 2mins of the 3rd period! Wonder if there's enough fans to RED ARMY the rest of the game!?!

Capitals goal!

Not sure who scored the Capitals 2nd goal. Think it came at 59:06 though. Hopefully details coming!

Cingel had the Capitals last goal!

and that's it folks. Devils win 2-6!

Capitals 2nd goal Cingle. Assist Hutchins at 59:06!

Latulippe man of the match! LET'S GO DEVILS!

Thanks to all for joining us tonight. Bring on the Liars, sorry the Steelers for next weekend!

Thanks to all our texters! Catch you all next week!